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  • Day448

    Today we left the Danish island of Zealand via the Øresund toll bridge and drove over Funen island to the mainland. Our overnight spot was in a grassy car park at the end of a quiet road. There were a few pastel coloured holiday cottages on the approach but at the far end, where we parked, a track led down over a field to a thin strip of white sand that separated the land from the sea.

    A wooden pontoon stretched out perpendicular to the beach and had a couple of ladders for people to access the water. Will had brought his swimming trunks but sensibly measured the water temperature before taking the plunge. At 14° it wasn't inviting enough and we opted intead for a stroll along the tree lined shore before sitting on a picnic bench while Will flew his kite.

    We were still missing Sweden but the friendly people we met, the beautiful views and the large flocks of sparrows chirping happily in the bushes, all helped to make our stay very enjoyable.
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  • Day34

    Today it's Ib's turn to show us his special places. He takes us for a bit of a tour of Aarhus, some bits we've seen already with Karen but we have Ib's interpretation, plus a few others. Also we go for a chemist run to top up on cough medicine and panadol etc for us with colds. It looks like Karen may have caught it too :(
    We go and see Moesgaard Strand, a beach that is very nice and looks as it would be very busy in the summertime. Then we drive through the forest of beech trees to get to the museum. We were here 5 years ago but the museum today was not there then. Then, it was a weekend get together of viking re-enactment people/festival that we could go and visit.
    This museum is built into the hill and has grassed roofs that you can walk on. The museum is not just about the vikings, it is an archeological and anthropological museum as well, so many of the exhibits are about other cultures. Aarhus Uni also have something to do with it. Ib has done work there too.
    There was an Australian Aboriginal Christmas room!! There were very clever technological interactive stations right through the museum. We spent 3-4 hours but could've spent more.
    Home for a late lunch and the usual arvo rest. This cold really makes you tired by the afternoon.
    Poor Karen, I feel bad that she may have caught our bug
    Thor is on his way home on the bus but is held up by a 12 car accident on one of the bridges so we may not see him tonight
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  • Day52

    We all slept in a bit this morning in Vejle thanks to the great dinner and lovely company last night.

    It's a totally different day today, grey and raining. We went for a little driving tour of town and a walk around the harbour with Pia and David. Some brave souls were out in the rain with us but not many. There is a lovely gated forest in Vejle and we walked through there, just in time to see the deers being feed. I haven't seen a wild deer yet and these are technically wild although they do have a fence around their very large forest, and someone to come feed them every day.

    On then to Smorrebrod lunch at a typical Danish restaurant with Johanna's parents and Aunt and Uncle. Smorrebrod is different toppings on rye bread. I had the curried herring which according to everyone was a brave choice... Um had me a bit worried, but it was delicious and they were all so proud of me for eating it.

    Off for a couple of hours drive up to Jonas's parents place in Hunstrupvej near Thisted. Lovely place in the country with dairy farms, grain farms and small crop farms all around. They had cake and coffee waiting for us and then we went for a quick drive before dinner to see the worlds tallest windmill! They were over 200 meters tall. Huge, and they had a great display building there explaining how the windmill works and how it's made!

    Back home then for a 3 course beautiful dinner Jonas's Mum had ready for us. Oh my goodness we have had some beautiful food and tonight was no exception!
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  • Day15

    Our B&B,called Skovridgaarden, is located about a mile from the town center. We decided to rent bikes to get around as bike trails are scattered through out the town and are part of a local and national bike trail
    System. It is flat here ....but put our legs to test today,

  • Day451

    We had entered Sweden via the Øresund bridge so we decided to leave via the ferry. We had a vague hope that it might be cheaper but at 1010 SEK (£100) the 20 minute crossing from Helsingborg to Helsingør, on the Danish island of Zealand, was even more expensive than the bridge toll. None the less, it was fun to do it a different way and the boat had been waiting for us to drive straight on to after we'd handed over our credit card. It was a larger ferry than we'd been used to in Scandinavia, with two car decks, a café bar and shop. We did our usual trick of heading straight towards what they optimistically called the 'sun' deck. There was no sun but we got a good view of the flags lining the harbour wall as we left and the wind was exhilarating as we sailed further into the channel. A horn sounded to mark the point at which we crossed the Swedish / Danish border, signalling the end of our time in the country. We were sad to leave and felt trepidation about returning to a comparatively busy central Europe but determined to try and make the most of whatever lay ahead.

    The number of cars on the roads increased noticeably once we were over the channel and people seemed more rushed. We had decided to overnight at Koge nature reserve; a spot we'd stayed at previously. On the way we passed several wind turbines. Sweden had relied on hydro electric but it appears that wind is the dominant form of renewable power generation here. The coastal nature reserve was in no way busy for Denmark, but we still noticed the dog walkers, joggers, volunteers and evening strollers that hadn't been present in the many isolated spots we'd found in Sweden. At one point we spent several minutes sitting in the van trying to figure out what the strange humming noise was, before realising it came from the cars driving by on the main road, several hundred meters away.

    There was however, more warmth in the air, large numbers of birds congregated and some juicy ripe plums that we foraged. Things we wouldn't necessarily have found up North.
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  • Day54

    Goodness we are being looked after well in Denmark. Another delicious breakfast and then a trip to Henning's brother in laws place to see their Windmill. Sounds like an odd thing to do but Karson owns a share of this windmill and was going to take us up to the top for a look.

    Graham and I climbed into the little lift and Henning, Karson and Johanna's climbed the hundreds of steps up the ladder. We felt really bad especially for Johanna's, she doesn't like heights and it was such a long way.

    It was absolutely amazing! Karson opened the hatch on the top and we could stand up there and watched the blades spinning around. It was such a beautiful day we could see for miles. Then there was a hatch in the floor and he opened that, yeah I didn't like that one so much. 100 or something meters straight down yikes!

    We'd passed a dairy the day before, Jonas told us belonged to his Aunt and Uncle and was fully automatic. We wanted to have a look so they rang them up and off we went for a tour of the dairy. The cows come in, get washed, feed, then milked, washed again and then are let out for the next one. All the data goes on the computer to see how much milk each cow is producing, how many times they are being milked, how much feed they are eating. Incredibly efficient!

    Henning and Randy came for a trip over to the Thy National Park with us, it's on the coast and is all grass and heather covered dunes down to the ocean. Beautiful! We spent a few hours there, walked on the beach, had some lunch, watched the surfers.

    The kids had been listening to our music so driving back to Silkeborg that evening, Johanna and Jonas gave us an education in Danish music. We couldn't understand most of it but catchy tunes and they had a great singalong. Keep us all amused on the way home.
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  • Day54

    So this morning we are in Silkeborg at Jonas and Johanna's. Nice relaxing morning and a walk around the lake and a bit of the town.

    Jonas is in navigation training while we are here, and today his flight goes over Silkeborg. So we had to be at a certain spot at a certain time to watch them fly over. It is only a little plane and they were flying really low, was very exciting actually, they wagged their wings at us when they saw us waving.

    We went off to find some lunch and have a look at the church they're getting married in. At the end of the square and beautiful of course.

    Jonas come home about two and we took a trip out to Aqua which is an very small zoo Johanna works at some times. Good deal because she got us all in for nothing just in time to watch the otters being feed. They are so cute and so greedy!

    Then off to visit Himmelbjerget, Sky mountain. There are not many mountains in Denmark and this one is a big hill really but beautiful views out across the river and we'd taken a picnic so we enjoyed the views with our cake.

    Johanna is making us a special soup tonight from potato, pesto, bacon, tomato and some vegetable which none of us could really figure out what it was in English. Jerusalem Artichokes, the root of the sunflower surprisingly enough. Delicious with a few wines and scrapbook memories of South America. Great night!
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  • Day33

    We go to book train tickets back to Copenhagen on Monday, with booked seats this time! !
    Aros (the name of yesterday's museum) is actually the viking name for Aarhus. Visited a small underground viking museum where they actually excavated the exhibits on site in the 60's. Skeleton and all - murdered man
    Domkirk-lovely. Built over viking stones when Christians took over but now reference to that in the church. The decorations here are a lot more colourful than others but done in chalk type paint
    Also visit the Botanical gardens in big glass houses. Very nice. They have some Australian trees there too.
    Arvo snooze. Getting better.
    Ib is back. Thor is in Copenhagen
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  • Day37

    Thor drives us to island of Funen
    To Odense- Hans Christian Anderson museum. This is a great museum even though we did have trouble finding it! Still.. we got a scenic tour of the city.
    Further east is Egeskov Castle. This is a great complex with castle, outbuildings, gardens, play areas and car and motorbike museums that the owners have collected.
    Tea at Aarhus Street Food

  • Day38

    Back to Copenhagen.
    We're put on the train back to Copenhagen by Karen and Ib.
    We then get to Danhostel City and chill for the rest of the afternoon. We stayed here 5 years ago when we brought all the family over. Still a great place to stay

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