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  • Day11

    10.50pm and it's still light- Hirtshals

    July 12 in Denmark ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    Started the day in Copenhagen with a visit to the Design Museum. Followed this with a 7 hour bus trip to Hirtshals for the sunset... and preparation for our ferry trip north tomorrow.
    Amazing sunset from our balcony although the 20 hour daylight is a bit disconcerting.... and the fact we were told we get served liquor at breakfast the old Danish way!!!Read more

  • Day10

    Copenhagen- full day

    July 11 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    5 hours at the National Museum learning about Viking history and also Ghengis Khan and Mongolia (a little research for later in the trip!). The museum had so many excellent exhibits we just didn’t have enough time.
    Spent a v lovely evening at Nyhavn- historical harbour area before a v expensive pizza and wine for dinner. Copenhagen is v lovely and needs more than 1 day..., and we picked up a bottle of Marlborough Sav Blanc.... with a pic of Moeraki boulders on the label!!! Too funny!!!Read more

  • Day9


    July 10 in Denmark ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

    15 hours later we arrive in Copenhagen!! The highlight of the day was when the train drove into the ferry, we had to disembark up to the ferry deck and then after 45 mins of sailing we all re boarded the train and off we went again!! Amazing seeing the train parked on the car deck!!!
    A quick walk and a beer and it was back to the Airbnb. Copenhagen seems full of beautiful young people on scooters and bikes... we r going to fit right in!!Read more

  • Day51

    Saturday in Copenhagen

    Yesterday in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    We have left Norway. Woke this morning to a grey drizzly morning, and were very thankful for the lovely rain-free day we had yesterday exploring Oslo. So after breakfast and leisurely packing up we went to the airport, as no point hanging round, and getting wet. Oslo airport very organised and not to large. We did have one drama though - Amr, very unusually, made a crazy mistake....we were at the self-serve bag drop, had had boarding passes and bag tags printed, and Amr put his bag up before he tagged it, then scanned the tag (which was still in his hand) and off went the bag away on the belt before he could catch it!! General panic (by us) but SAS are very efficient, and assured him that they would catch it and tag it before it got any further....but it was a moment of horror, and we didn’t feel totally secure until it came out, actually one of the first! at Copenhagen.

    So all was well, and it was SO easy to get into the city from the airport - the metro goes right to the airport and took us to right near our hotel. We knew which stop, and it is quite in the centre with many shops, restaurants and hotels nearby. So easy, and even cheap by Norwegian standards! About equivalent to $15 for the 2 of us. The train to Oslo airport, which was very handy and easy also, was about 4 times the price, and even had seniors from 67, so Amr just missed out!!

    Our hotel is great. It is another of these Scandinavian modern minimalist hotels. Small spotless rooms, everything works, everything fits, no nonsense! If there are 2 people there is a second doona, pillow and set of towels in a drawer under the bed (you always get a doona each here it seems). And amazingly great wifi in all the hotels, and even on the boat.

    So, once we had dumped the bags we went out to get a feel of the city. It is mountains in Denmark. Also, just remembered, we saw what I think was “the Bridge” as we flew in! We had left the clouds over Oslo, and it was even sunny here, though has descended into rain this evening. Reasonable forecast for tomorrow though. We can’t help noticing all the absolutely beautiful young Scandinavian girls...they all have perfect skin, and are remarkably gorgeous - maybe from lack of sun!

    We walked around, it was Saturday afternoon, and a clear day, so everyone was out and about, walking in the cobbled pedestrian streets. Saw the royal palace (slot, which I realise is a Schloss)..but am not sure if this is the royal residence, or just a show place, as there were no visible guards like Buckingham Palace, but maybe the Danes are more casual!! Will find out more...Amr plans to find the Danish design museum tomorrow, and also we found another Viking museum here which should be good! So if it gets rainy there is plenty of inside stuff to do. Had dinner at a restaurant along a canal were there are many eateries. It was lovely...I actually had a very nice steak, and Amr had Danish meatballs. Cold by then. We had come south, and when we arrived felt too hot in thick jackets, but it certainly cooled off. Not much photo taking this afternoon.
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  • Day42

    Helsingør, Denmark

    July 3 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Day 2 We took the train to Helsingør, also known as Elsinore, a port city in eastern Denmark. Staff at Central Station recommended this trip to us. It was a lot bigger than we expected. Overlooking the Øresund strait, the 15th-century Kronborg Castle provided the setting for Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” Nearby, the M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark illustrates 600 years of Danish seafaring history. On the pier is “Han,” a polished steel sculpture of a man. Lots of clothes and jewellery stores and cafés - lots of tourists too, but not enough to be uncomfortable. It is a beautiful port and well worth the visit. It has a regular ferry service to Sweden which we were tempted to take but we thought you probably needed to show passports and we didn't have ours with us. It only takes about 15 minutes to get to Sweden - you can see it from the port. It was a lovely day for our last day in Denmark, cold and windy again, but lovely!
    Tomorrow, we make our way to the Cruise Terminal to begin our 9-day Baltic cruise.
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  • Day43


    July 4 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    It has been a rainy start to our cruise but we are happy to just sit back and relax.  We have two days at sea before arriving at St Petersburg, Russia, and there is plenty to do on board this enormous 16 storey ship! It will take us two days to find our way around! There are approximately 4,000 passengers and 1600 crew on board. The logistics of feeding that many people is mind-boggling! Alan is happy because he has located the two ice-cream self-serve bars! Life is good!Read more

  • Day1

    Vorbereitungen für die Wikinger-Weihe

    June 15 in Denmark ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    Bevor es über die Öresundbrücke nach Schweden ging, mussten wir in Dänemark noch schnell Sand von der dänischen Küste, Wasser aus der Ostsee und Luft vom Meer für die bevorstehende Wikinger-Weihe besorgen.

  • Day37

    Die Ostsee umrundet

    July 25 in Denmark ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Die erste Etappe unserer Reise ist nun abgeschlossen. Wir hatten lauter besondere Momente und Begegnungen beim Meeresmalen in 10 Ländern. In unserem Kreativbüro im Vorzelt entsteht unterwegs ein besonderes Bilderbuch über die Landschaften, die gemalten Bilder und die Menschen und ihre Geschichten, die sie uns beim Malen erzählen. Für dieses suchen wir nun einen Verlag und es soll im kommenden Jahr erhältlich sein.
    Das Leben draußen und im Bulli, ein Hund, der ständig im Meer schwimmt und die Nächte mit Meeresrauschen, - das alles ist ein großes Glück. 🍀
    Wir sagen dem schönen Norden jetzt Farvel und freuen uns auf die rauen Nordsee- und Atlantikküsten im Nordwesten Europas, die nun auf uns warten.

    The first stage of our journey is now completed. We had many special moments and encounters while painting in 10 countries. In our creative office in the awning we create a special picture book about the landscapes, the painted pictures and the people and their stories they tell us while painting. For this we are now looking for a publisher and it should be available next year.
    The life outside and in the Bulli, a dog, which swims constantly in the sea and the nights with sea noise, - all this is a large luck. 🍀
    We now say Farvel to the beautiful north and look forward to the rough North Sea and Atlantic coasts in the northwest of Europe that are now waiting for us.
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  • Day4


    July 25 in Denmark ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    Frisch geduscht ging es weiter nach Skagen. Hier besuchten wir den nördlichsten Punkt von Dänemark. An diesem Punkt treffen 2 Meere aufeinander, die Nordsee und Kattegat. Wir schlenderten den Strand entlang und genossen die Meeresbrise. Am nördlichsten Punkt war es recht überfüllt, da die faulen Menschen mit "Traktortaxis" 🚜 dorthin chauffiert wurden. 🙆🏻‍♀️
    So zog es uns bald weiter in Richtung Hirtshals. Kurz vor dem Hafen fanden wir einen schönen Strand an dem wir die Nacht verbrachten.
    🏖 🚐☀️😍
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  • Day20

    Storvorde - Glesborg

    May 18 in Denmark ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    Die Nacht war ruhig, aber immer noch ist das Wetter sehr bedeckt und manchmal regnet es.
    Wir haben über Nacht hier mit einem weiteren großen Wohnmobil vermutlich aus Polen gestanden.
    Seit dem frühen Vormittag war reges Treiben auf dem Parkplatz. Hier haben sich viele Lauf- und Wandergruppen für den Samstag Sport getroffen und auch Vogelkundler sind von diesem Parkplatz auf Erkundung gestartet.
    Wir haben auch eine kleine Wanderung auf den Berg unternommen und die frische Wald- und Wiesenluft genossen.
    Auch wegen des nicht so tollen Wetter sind wir heute ein bisschen weiter gefahren.
    Unser Stellplatz lag heute nicht weit vom Wasser gerade noch so mit Meerblick auf einem Parkplatz am Ende einer Straße in einem Feriengebiet.
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