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  • Day23

    Hans Christian Andersen

    June 26 in Denmark

    The Hotel Royal, Gothenburg offered a delicious breakfast, including several varieties of my favourite pickled herring - tasty. I made my way to the Stena ferry terminal to catch the 08.00 ferry to Frederikshavn in Denmark. The ferry was very busy and the ship well equipped with facilities including a discount store and duty free shops. I tried out a liberal spray of the Dolce and Gabbana eau de toilette spray, only to discover it was the ladies version. Well hello, honky tonk!

    It was a cooler, cloudy morning and the first time I’ve had to use my zipper, but the sun came out during the 3 hours 15 minute crossing to the top of Denmark. I caught the connecting 11.33 train to Odense. I couldn’t be in Denmark and not visit the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen could I? Again I was glad to have a place in 1st Class. The stewardess brought a flask of hot water and left it for us with a variety of coffee and teas (even green tea, Anne), and delicious violet flavoured chocolate marzipans. You don’t get that on ScotRail.

    In the warm evening sunshine I had a lovely walk around the old town and a delicious steak dinner with a large glass of Merlot. Denmark, like the rest of Scandinavia, is certainly not cheap. As I walked back to my hotel I spotted a sign saying ‘Pee not here’. How did they know I was about to?

    Odense really is Hans Christian Andersen town. With a dedicated museum, his birthplace and his childhood home all there to visit, I really enjoyed this charming town on the island of Funen, bang right in the middle of Denmark. It brought back happy memories of being in the show Hans Andersen with the Apollo Players at the King’s Theatre, Glasgow in 1987 - can you believe it was 31 years ago! John Sinclair was Hans, Jim French was Otto, Jane Macdonald (Waterfield) was Jenny Lind and I was Max Claus. My niece Jennifer appeared as one of the children singing Thumbelina. Happy days.

    The lady in the birthplace museum was delighted to hear I was from Scotland. She smiled and recalled how she had had a happy school camping trip there in the 1970s. ‘We stayed at the beautiful village of Luss’ she explained ‘and every day I would stare at the lake, but I never did see her. I never saw my Nessie.’ I hadn’t the heart to tell her that that would be hard as she was at Loch Lomond.

    Well time for the off again and continue my train travels down through Denmark and then via Hamburg, Germany to Cologne. It’s been nice, Odense - thanks for all those lovely reminders of these great fairy tales.
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  • Day779

    Fjellerup Strand

    August 14 in Denmark

    A red tractor is towing a small grass cutter up and down the hay meadow we are parked beside. It is followed by a hoard of House Martins, plucking unsuspecting insects from the air seconds after they escape from their fallen homes.

    Stepping outside the van onto the gravel car park, seaside aromas fill our nostrils. The sandy beach is only a hundred metres or so in front of us and to our right, a pine forest hosts a myriad of trails, accessed throughout the day by cyclists, joggers and dog walkers. Will spent the day fishing and swimming while Vicky had a few short strolls, crocheted and enjoyed the views from the van.Read more

  • Day780

    Hampen Sø and Himmelbergjet

    August 15 in Denmark

    Regular readers of this blog may by now be getting bored of descriptions containing the words 'woodland' and 'lake'. Sorry to disappoint, but we are once again settled in a woodland car park on the edge of a lake with a picnic area and access for swimming. We are making the most of these Danish facilities while the sun shines!

    We started the day off by driving to an Aldi and getting the shopping in, then filling our tank with water and emptying waste at motorway services. Vicky has been using gallons to hand wash the laundry and we actually ran out of water this morning!

    Today is our 9th wedding anniversary and we'd planned to visit Himmelbergjet. 'Himmel' means 'sky' and 'berg' translates as 'mountain', but the name Sky Mountain regularly has fun poked at it by the Danes themselves, because it only reaches 147m towards the sky. Parking was provided just 300m away from the summit and cost 10kr an hour. The Danish school holidays are at an end so the place wasn't busy but it was very touristy by Denmark's standards. There was a hotel, icecream stands and souvenir huts. We followed the wooden signs and wide gravel track, choosing the steeper of the two options that told us it wasn't suitable for wheelchairs. A slight incline and 300m later, we arrived at the peak; a gravel topped mound surrounded by wooden post and rail fencing and supporting a brick built tower with a square based pyramid roof which charged a further 10kr for entry. The tower didn't hold our attention for long and we wandered past it to the edge of the fenced off area. The downward sloping foreground had been deforested to open up the view and was covered with a mix of purple heather and low bilberry bushes, their glossy green leaves gradually turning to orange and red. Beyond this were far reaching views over forested valley sides in which sat the long Julsø lake; one of a network of waterways that make up this country's Lake District. We watched various boats come and go before we saw one puffing out a plume of black smoke. We realised this must be Hjejlen, the oldest operating coal fired paddle steamer in the world.

    After staying on the mountain top to take some anniversary photos, we mulled over our impression of Himmelbergjet. We liked the views over the lake and valley but had been put off by the fencing and tower. For us, much of the joy of being at the top of a mountain is having pushed ourselves to climb it; the 300m gentle slope didn't exactly challenge us. We also love the wide open feeling of being at the top of the world, in somewhere wild and wonderful. The fence and brick built tower both conspired against this feeling, so although we were very glad to have visited, we left with mixed feelings about Sky Mountain.

    A short drive later we arrived at Hampen Sø. It was just off a main road so there was traffic noise and usually one or more people parked up around the clearing but it had a lovely view of the lake and we could open our door straight into the forest for Poppy. We celebrated our anniversary with roast chicken, courtesy of Will, a bottle of bubbly and the 'finest selection' of dark chocolates, courtesy of Aldi.

    In the morning, Poppy enjoyed a paddle in the shallows and the two of us indulged in a spot of wild swimming. The bed was sandy and the water clear enough to see a shoal of perch swimming lazily in front of us as we waded out. We stopped and watched as they came to investigate these strange new additions to their environment, coming within a few centimetres of our toes!
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  • Day2

    Abstecher nach Kopenhagen

    June 16 in Denmark

    Nachdem wir an der Ostsee Utensilien für unsere nächste Challenge gesammelt haben, sind wir noch für einen Kurztrip in die City von Kopenhagen gefahren. Jetzt geht es weiter nach Schweden, wo wir unser Nachtlager aufschlagen werden.

    In Kopenhagen haben wir die Traubenzucker Goodies gegen einen gebrauchten Lipgloss getauscht.

  • Day15


    May 17 in Denmark

    Heute der letzte Tag: erstmal länger schlafen und das buchstäblich letzte Frühstück mitnehmen. Es ist schon erstaunlich, wie manche Menschen "geiern" , aber das kann man ja in jedem Hotel beobachten... und dieses Hotel beherbergte über 2000 Gäste!
    Nachdem der erste Koffer gepackt wurde, nochmal die gute Seeluft und den Ausblick genossen und dann : Kopenhagen, eine kurze Stadtrundfahrt mit Micki, dem Busfahrer und Marie- Luise, einer deutschen Politik- Studentin, die nach Ihrem Auslandssemester hier hängen geblieben ist.....Man kann es auch verstehen, wie in Stockholm atmet diese Stadt eine unbeschreibliche Leichtigkeit und Fröhlichkeit, die Menschen genießen das gute Wetter nach einem langen Winter: sie sitzen in den Cafés, liegen auf der Wiese oder wo sonst Platz ist. Mit dem Platz ist das so ne Sache: ich habe noch nie so viel FahrradFahrer auf einem Radweg gesehen wie hier... und ich habe in Erlangen gewohnt! Die Regierung hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt bis zum Jahr 2020 emmissionsfrei zu werden und heute beträgt der Anteil der erneuerbaren Energien über 50 Prozent, man konnte auch im Meer viele Offshore Windparks sehen!
    Das hat natürlich alles zwei Seiten, z.B. bedeutet eine fahrradfreundliche Stadt nicht unbedingt eine rollstuhlfreundliche! Und die Radfahrer sind oft genauso rücksichtslos wie manche Autofahrer, leider!

    Schloss Amalienborg mit seinen schicken Wachsoldaten , die sehr beindruckende Oper, die sehr stilvollen königliche Jacht, natürlich die kleine Meerjungfrau und der wuselige Stadtteil Nyhavn mit seinen bunten Häusern direkt am Kanal, alles sehr schön und es macht Lust auf mehr, wir kommen also wieder!😊
    Zum Abschluss noch ein schöner Spaziergang am der Promenade direkt am Wasser vorbei zu unserem Schiff, wir haben wie immer wunderbares Wetter und geniessen, nur für Andrea war das ganze leider wg der Rollstuhlschieberei eher ein Kraftsport😫😕
    Abends dann noch letztes Essen im Freien,ein letztes stimmungsvolles Auslaufen, ein Sonnenuntergang wie gemalt, sogar das Vorbeifahren am Flughafen wurde zum Erlebnis, weil ungefähr 10 Flieger über uns gestartet sind....
    Und die Verabschiedung durch die Crew mit Poolparty... AIDA ist eine gigantische Urlaubsfabrik, aber eine sehr professionelle .... und man lässt durchsus auch als skeptischer und kritischer Gast mitreißen! GUT GEMACHT AIDA!🤗
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  • Day2


    July 17 in Denmark

    Nachdem wir in unserem neuen Zuhause kurz aber sehr gut geschlafen haben, geht es wieder weiter und nach vier Stunden Fahrzeit kommen wir in Hirtshals an. Dort bleiben uns noch 2 Stunden Zeit in denen wir mit unseren Rädern die eher ärmlich und verlassen wirkende Hafenstadt und den Strand erkunden.

    Später checken wir mit dem WOMO ein und nach einer Stunde Schlagestehen dürfen wir endlich auf die HSC Fjord Cat - vorwärts mit Wendemanöver - als eines von ca. 200 Fahrzeugen!

    Als endlich alle Autos und auch viel Bier und Süßes an Bord ist, geht's in einer zweistündigen Fahrt endlich auf übers Meer nach Norwegen!
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  • Day46


    July 20 in Denmark

    After a crazy train ride with cancelled, crowded and very late train through Germany yesterday, we finally made it to Kopenhagen. The first train we used which was not cancelled or delayed was a Danish train... Poor Germany!

    Today we explored Copenhagen. It is a really nice but also very expensive city. Funny thing: Almost 5 years ago on July 21, 2013 we have been here before. Tonight we continue our trip by train to Gothenburg.

    Nach einer mal wieder verrückten Bahnfahrt mit ausgefallenen, überfüllten und viel zu späten Zügen haben wir es gestern Abend bis nach Kopenhagen geschafft. Der erste pünktliche Zug den wir bisher genutzt haben war übrigens in Dänemark...

    Heute haben wir uns dann Kopenhagen angesehen. Eine wirklich coole Stadt, die aber auch ziemlich teuer ist. Fast auf den Tag genau vor 5 Jahren waren wir das letzte Mal hier...

    Heute Abend geht es dann mit der Bahn über die Öresundbrücke bis nach Göteborg.
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  • Day30

    Sooooo many steps!!

    July 17, 2017 in Denmark

    So this morning we walked the bell tower/spire of the beautiful Lutheran 'The Church of our Saviour'. There were 400 yes that's 400 and just to reiterate that- 400 steps up to the top and then 400 coming down! Views from the top worth it as you see all over Copenhagen, including Sweden in the distance - connected by a bridge. The spire at the top is black and gold. When we finished the church was open and the organist was practising on the pipe organ- magnificent. (Even though I could hardly walk at that stage!)Read more

  • Day41

    Copenhagen - Christiania

    July 17, 2017 in Denmark

    Forgot to mention we went to Christiania on our last day. It is a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood of about 850 residents, covering 84 acres in the borough of Christianshavn. Christiania has been a source of controversy since its creation in a squatted military area in 1971. Its cannabis trade was tolerated by authorities until 2004. In the years following 2004, measures for normalizing the legal status of the community led to conflicts, police raids and negotiations. The people in Christiania have developed their own set of rules, independent of the Danish government. The rules forbid stealing, violence, guns, knives, bulletproof vests, hard drugs and bikers' colors. Famous for its main drag, known as Pusher Street where hash and skunk weed were sold openly from permanent stands until 2004, it nevertheless does have rules forbidding 'hard drugs'.

    There was definitely something in the air when we were there....and I was asked to put my phone camera back in my bag by a mysterious man hiding behind a tree!! Very interesting place.
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  • Day38

    Copenhagen Denmark

    July 14, 2017 in Denmark

    Arrived to an overcast and now wet Copenhagen but did manage to take a few pics before we got drenched. We have been to Copenhagen before for about half a day and managed to see a lot but looking forward to seeing it tomorrow at a less frantic pace.

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