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  • On my way to Germany, I got to hang out with my friend Johanne in Copenhagen for a few days.

    What a beautiful city and what a lovely time together even moreso! And we weren't lazy - on the day I arrived, we visited the original Lego store, a theme park, rock concert and a house music "concert". The rest of the long weekend, we explored the city by bike, skates, foot, longboard and boat. Copenhagen has a lot to offer in the summertime, and I had the perfect tour guide to show me her home town. One of the perks of hanging with a local is that they know where to eat the best authentic food. Thanks, Johanne, for introducing me to the best Smørebrød in the world :)Read more

  • Very comfortable, time flew by, nice to relax for a bit. Got a bit lost on the cobblestone streets but we made it! Small room for a lot of money but its in a lovely location ( red light district not far haha) but for real its a good location

  • Transfer to Oslo.
    (Mum's there 🙄)
    7-11 🙈 confused by the currency at first LOL
    We had dinner(?) in yo!sushi (don't ever ask me why we had japanese food in Copenhagen airport it's just mum's idea
    And something serious happened...

  • A day in Copenhagen. Drifting down the harbor & canals was the perfect introduction to this vibrant city. Certainly less stressful than strolling, where one must always be on the lookout for cyclist which are almost as numerous as cars. A lovely outdoor cafe for lunch before visiting Christiana, a squatters heaven turned hippie/artist community. Evidently, while selling marijuana is illegal, no one really enforces it. So, in Christiania there are guys wearing bandanas & masks selling it in with all of the artist goods. By the way, there are signs everywhere stating "NO PHOTOS". We only got a shot of the entrance. Idea to transplant to US, outdoor cafes provide blankets!! Rebecca's normally great sense of direction failed today, will ahopefully, be restored tomorrow. We are forever greatful to kind strangers. Next up: Gdank Poland.Read more

  • Copenhagen is a beautiful city. But expensive. Is it worth a visit? Yes. But here are some things you should know about Copenhagen.

    Which would you like to hear first? The good or the bad news? The bad ones? Ok, well here they are:

    The Københavener. They are way too good looking. Even if you’re a Heidi Klum or Brad Pitt look-alike, compared to the Copenhageners you just look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
    The Traffic. Crossing a street in Copenhagen is quite similar to committing suicide. No car or bicycle would stop for a pedestrian. If you dare to cross the street at red light it’s about 99% sure you gonna be killed.
    The Weather. Summer is just like a summer breeze. The same moment when you notice it it’s already gone. If it’s a good winter you have one hour sun a day. And it’s cold cold cold.
    Nightlife. Everything is damn expensive. For a beer you have to pay about 6 Euro. A café latte costs up to 8 Euro. Dinner for two persons with one not so good bottle of wine will be from 50 Euro.
    Shopping. You see all these cool clothes and wanna buy something? Besides the fact that it’s also quite expensive you have to hurry cause shops are already closing at about 6 p.m..
    You still wanna visit Copenhagen? Good choice! Cause here are 5 things that you’ll really love about Copenhagen.

    The Københavener. Besides that everyone is really good looking (and who doesn’t like to look at pretty people?) they are very friendly and humorous.
    The Traffic. Copenhagen is a city you can easily explore by foot. The public transportation is also very good and using the very modern subway, busses and water taxis will bring you all-around the city for about 3 Euro. Special Tip: ride a bike.
    The Weather. If the sun is shining (and not only then) it’s such a beautiful city. And even when it’s not shining and it’s really freezing cold outside the Danish still sit outside the bars, drinking and partying all night long. (BIG PLUS: so you don’t have to care what to wear under your jacket -> saves time, ladies!)
    Nightlife. If the Danes do know one thing then it’s how to party. The nightlife in Copenhagen is full of opportunities. Concerts, parties, dinner-shows, fancy cocktail-bars and cool design restaurants.
    Shopping. If you wanna look as fancy as the Copenhageners you can buy really cool clothes in the designer-shops all over town. Speaking about Danish design… yes, if you love design you have to own at least one piece of a Danish designer.
    What do you think about Copenhagen? Do you like it or not?
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  • We didn't stick around in our cramped campsite, and instead went into the town of Helsingor to grab a Danish breakfast (Apple Strudel in my case, which is the closest thing I could find to a savoury option).

    Following breakfast, we were cycling onto our final path, which runs along the coast and all the way into Copenhagen. It was a nice, relaxed final ride with some great views of the sea, dotted with sailing boats, bathers and SUPs.

    Aside from a stop for lunch, the ride was fairly consistent and soon we were wheeling onto the cycle lanes of Copenhagen city; joining the crowds of local cyclists in one of the world's most bike-friendly cities.

    So that's it! We made it to Copenhagen, through 4 countries and across hundreds of miles.

    Nothing left now but to enjoy the city from our luxurious Air BnB flat, and figure out how to get my bike home with me.
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  • There's not much to note for our single, whole day in Copenhagen. We spent the morning enjoying the comforts of our Air BnB apartment. This included lying in as best as we could (which was made difficult because of the heat and lack of curtains), eating a proper breakfast and sorting out our belongings that were liberated from our panniers.

    Heading into the city at midday, we were on the hunt for packing materials for the journey home. Simon needed a suitcase and I was looking for a bike box and gaffer tape. This proved to be a lot trickier than expected, as we had arrived in Copenhagen on 'Constitution Day' weekend and all of the shops were shut. Simon decided to on a different solution for his baggage and I managed to scavenge a small bike box and some clingfilm from the supermarket to wrap it with.

    After getting back to the apartment we wrestled with my bike, mummifying it with clingfilm and plastic sheeting kept from the previous train journey through Stockholm before strapping it into the box. After that we headed back out and straight to the same Indian Street restaurant that we enjoyed the night before, and finished the night with a final drink.
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  • Back in Cooenhagen for the night waiting to leave for the Netherlands in the AM...just chillin at the hostel. Fun fact just now found out that some German rail employees are on strike So now we have to take a 13 hour bus ride tomorrow because we cant take a train through Germany! Ughh thanks Germany!!

  • This will be fun!. Adventure beginning 2015.

    Kyrgyzstan (formerly Kirghizia) is a rugged country with the Tien Shan mountain range covering approximately 95% of the whole territory. The mountaintops are perennially covered with snow and glaciers. Kyrgyzstan borders Kazakhstan on the north and northwest, Uzbekistan in the southwest, Tajikistan in the south, and China in the southeast.