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  • One 28 hour bus journey and a stopover for a night in Guayaquil we have made it to the beach! Been in Montañita since Tuesday and have been enjoying doing absolutely nothing apart from lying on the beach and sipping ice cold beers. Just moved hostel from an 'Eco-lodge' with incredible views but a slightly wacky owner - woke us up at 12:30am to help with a bamboo delivery (not that pleased) - to one that is right on the beach.

    Montañita is a crazy surfing town which is likened to Ko Pha Ngan and it's full moon parties with streets lined with rows of cocktail stalls all for 2$ - off to sample them later. Haven't risked the beach vendors selling ceviche yet though; something about 32C and raw fish that seems like a bit of a gamble.

    Here until Monday and then we are heading back to Guayaquil to catch our flight to Panama City - the 4 month long beach holiday has officially begun!
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  • We started the day easy and after a good breakfast we set out around 10. The road went up and down all the time. Our leggs are not used to climbing anymore so it was kinda hard. But at noon we reached the equator and made all the pictures. Finally back in the northern hemisphere.

    We found a smaller road as a shortcut for the Pan-Americana. But off course that meant a lot of climbing again. But after 90 km we made it to the town of Ibarra. After dinner we are quickly went to bed. Tomorow is gonna be tough.Read more

  • Riding (!) at an altitude of above 4000m a.s.l. along the ridge on a narrow path above Lake Quilotoa, an impressive defunct volcano, is a unique experience. It's my first time on horseback, though, and the beginning of my ride isn't very promising, as I'm rather overwhelmed and paralyzed by the whole thing at first. My guide, Bernardo, does a good job, however, and I start to relax after a while - but I still shudder at the memory of the narrow, uneven pathways we trod. The overwhelming beauty and the peace and quiet easily made up for that - and for the sores I felt after the 5-hour ride.
    'Cloud Forest' Hostal is one of the more basic accommodations on this trip. Their breakfast, however, is delightfully rich and, also thanks to Vanessa, my bubbly and sociable teacher, we have some animated conversations with backpackers from all over - meeting so many different people is one of the beauties of this trip as a whole, I'm sure.
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  • Back in Cuenca, the sun comes out and I explore the old part of the city some more - the new Cathedral, coffee time, sunbathing by the river - a most attractive town! Time is short, however, and in the evening, we start another epic bus ride back to Quito - I'm wasted when we get to Quito at 5 am😴😴 - and it's goodbye to my Spanish teacher. I really enjoyed Vanessa's company and lessons in week one - in week two, relations cooled off a bit😏...Read more

  • Visiting the Lama Museo "Sumak Lawsay" of a poor but very friendly cummunitiy. After a short walk in accompany of a one year old lama, we had an amazing view of the Chimborazo. This volcano is inactive and with its 6310 meters above sea level the highest mountain of Ecuador.

  • At least 20 manta rays we spotted during our 2.5h sailing to Bartolomé Island!

    After a walk from zero to 100m above sea level, we appreciated the spectacular landscape and famous Pinnacle Rock, a rock formation that resembles an obelisk. What a view!

  • My last night in Baños I had a bus at 1:00am. So there I am at the bus station, its 12:30am, waiting for the bus. 1:00 came and went. So did 2:00 and so did 3:00. It also began to rain. Pour really. One of the girls waiting for the bus with me stopped a passing bus and had him call the company. Turns out the bus broke down and another was on its way, it would arrive three hours late.

    The bus ride was a lovely 8 hour drive to Guayaquil and then another four hours to Montañita, a little, rather ugly town on the coast of Ecuador.

    The first day I did a bit of exploring. I walked down to the beach and met a group of about six Israelis that were about to take a surfing lesson. I felt kind of awkwardly there so I left them to their lesson, hoping to bump into them again.

    My hostel, Hostal Iguana consisted of two floors of dorm rooms and a loft. My bed was on the loft which basically meant I was sleeping outside on a mattress with a net to keep out the bugs around it. It was kind of awesome.

    Back at the hostel I met another Israeli. He invited me to come chill with his friends at another hostel, Chichi Babylon. I met a bunch of Israelis and after a few drinks we went dancing. Went to bed around 3:00am.

    The next day, I went down to the beach and took a surfing lesson. Highlight of Montañita. I didn't do much until later when I found myself playing beer pong with a few British kids. I ended up going out with them, dancing and drinking and stayed out until five in the morning.

    The next day was too cold to take another surfing lesson and I quickly realized that there really wasn't anything to do in Montañita but eat, sleep, surf and party. I was bored and already planning to leave the next day when a different Israeli from my hostel told me he was heading off to Moncora, Peru with a few other Israelis that night. I decided to pack my things then and there and join them. Little did I know this would be one of the better decisions I made on this trip.
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  • Arriving in the late morning at Santa Cruz, walking with our backpacks at 32 degrees under equator sun to find a hotel, proper brunch and a cruise for the next eight days. We found all of it...but when we found a good offer for a luxurious cruise, all we had hoped for, we remembered that we are on a backpacking trip, turned down the offer and decided to explore the islands on our own.
    So after planning the week, we rented out bikes and forced ourselves up to the highland of the island to visit the famous giant turtles in their natural habitat...almost didn't make it, riding 20 km uphill, at 36 degrees and burning equator sun is serious sports (good that it was Isa's idea otherwise Ulf would have ended up hanging from a banana palm tree after this almost suicidal plan) .
    But seeing the animals in the end...was absolutely amazing, they are incredibly huge!
    taking the bike back was great fun, 20 km downhill in an amazing landscape is just fun, so we had time to go scientific and visited the Darwin research center with rare Galapagos species in breeding centers.
    there we actually realized, that we had followed the young Darwin on his trip during our sabbatical: we had been like him in Tierra del fuego, sailed the beagle channel named after his ship, stayed in paragons at the bottom of mount Fitzroy, named after his captain, we survived like Darwin an earthquake in Chile (well, ours being ridiculous in comparison to his) and now meet him again in Galapagos (where even the wifi passwords in hostels are the dates of his arrival)
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  • Last day on the Galapagos islands, time for a special trip to one of the small uninhabited islands exploring some more of the unique species of the Galapagos islands, like the frigate birds whose males look like flying red balloons with their inflated throat to attract females, yellow land iguanas and the Galapagos shark.
    We saw all of them and even more; we were on a boat with an very cool, small ornithology class from the Minnesota University and their professor on a field trip, making sure that no questions were left unanswered (and by the way leads to serious complaints by both of us, because neither of us in university was ever taken on a field trip that was only half as cool as this one). After hardcore birdwatching, we enjoyed an excellent lunch on board of our ship, closely monitored by four Galapagos sharks (2-5 meters) who also showed interest in our delicious tuna dish and were circling around the boat for more than an hour! After a very relaxed snorkel trip to another white sand tropical beach, it was time to return to Puerto Ayora for a delicious seafood lunch and a sundown cocktail in order to recall an amazing week on those enchanted islands.Read more

  • We spent the day at Casa de Fe orphanage yesterday. We had the joy of putiing up a fence. Some of the team working on cutting back grass that gets over 6 feet tall (with Machetes). Some had the privilege of working with kids in their physical therapy amd others had toddler time. This is an amazing ministry and we are so thankfull to be partners with them in the gospel.
    We finished the evening with a tour from our friends Chet and Katie Williams of The Nate Saint House, a good ecaudorian bbq for dinner and an orientation about partnership in short missions feom our incredible hosts
    Today we will go back and work on the same projects and of course spend time with the sma e beautiful children.
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