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Curious what backpackers do in Ecuador? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • I arrived in Ecuador and made some French Canadian friends on the plane. We figured out how to get to the city and then I caught a bus to my couchsurfer's place.

    My Couchsurfer Nicolas is awesome and the first night was spent just chatting as I was pretty tired. We went to the top of his apartment building where you could see over the city and all the lights.

    I'm in an area called La Floresta which is artsy and close to most everything.Read more

  • I walked through town to the historic center where I met my two friends from the airplane. We walked around the old streets filled with people selling fruit, sharpening knives, and polishing shows. We saw the presidential palace and a photography exhibit with photos from all around South America.

    I got lunch at the Mercado Central and it was a mix of meats, rice, egg, avocado, and beans fof $2 can't beat that (well actually you can pay less)

    We went back to their hostel to drink beer on their rooftop and play pool. We then met up with another Couchsurfing friend Michell who took us to a tienda (kiosk) and to an area called Plaza Foch to drink Cannelazo a hot Ecuadorian drink made with Narajilla.
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  • The weather forecast looked good so I decided to climb Pichincha which is a volcano just outside of Quito. To get there I took a cab to the Teleferico which is a cable car that goes up the side of the mountain. From the top you can see the entire city and from there begin the ascent on Pichincha.

    On the Teleferico I met two guys one from Canada and another Australia and we started to hike the volcano together.

    Because Quito itself is high up in elevation being so high made the hike must harder than expected. It was cool to see the peak in the clouds and work our way closer.

    Eventually We climbed to a height of maybe 15,500 ft and the weather was freezing. But from there towards the top you could see the city, the countryside, and the trail we took way down below.

    We met another group of hikers from Sweden and made our way back down. The elevation change was very noticeable.

    I can't say it was easy but quite rewarding and nice to get out into nature.

    That evening my Couchsurfer took me to get some street food "tripa" or tripe (lamb intestine) it was quite good. We then met some of his friends Daniella and Alejandro and hungout at a closed bar called Misquilla which is a Kichua word that means "the feeling you get when you play traditional Ecuadorian music (Pasillo)".
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  • Vorgestern ist Pedro zur Familie gezogen und Angelos nach Kolumbien gereist. Seitdem ist es ziemlich still hier und auch ein wenig langweilig.

    Mittags bin ich noch mit Pedro etwas essen gegangen, danach habe ich eigentlich kaum etwas gemacht, da ich starke Halsschmerzen hatte. Ich glaube in Quilotoa habe ich mich erkältet.

    Aufjedenfall hab ich den Tag und Abend im Hostel verbracht und war nur kurz etwas mit Paolo aus Kanada essen. Die schlechteste Pizza der Welt (Brot mit Käse und einer Tomate).

    Am nächsten Tag ging ich es wieder ruhig an. Mir ging es schon besser, Halsweh hatte ich keins mehr nur der Husten ist bis heute da.
    Ich versuchte zu shoppen. Fuhr 15 km zum Quicentro nur um festzustellen, dass es einfach viel zu teuer ist (chucks 180$).
    Dann begann es auch noch zu regnen nachmittags und hielt den ganzen Tag so an. Also ab ins Hostel. Chillen.
    Irgendwann bin ich noch essen gegangen und hab den Nachmittag mit lesen verbracht.
    Und da uns so langweilig war, gingen Paolo und ich zum Friseur. Einfach so.

    Ich wollte die Haare färben. Da es aber verschiedene Rottöne gibt, dachte ich, dass ich nochmal gefragt werde. Aber.. falsch gedacht. Es wird einfach drauf losgelegt.
    Es kümmerten sich 2-3 Leute nur um mich. Während etwa 10 warteten um drankommen.
    Anschließend wurden mir die Haare geschnitten, Augenbrauen gezupft und die wollten mich schminken. Ich war die einzige weiße dort und die konnten kein Englisch.
    Mit dem Ergebnis war ich aber sehr zufrieden. Die Farbe gefällt mir :)

    Abends wollte ich eigentlich noch weg, aber Pedro konnte dann doch nicht. Also ging ich recht früh ins Bett. Um 11.

    Heute entschloss ich mich zum falschen Äquator zu fahren. Der Richtige liegt einige 100 m nördlich. Die Fahrt dorthin dauerte mit dem Bus ca 1.5 Stunden. Ich Musste einmal umsteigen. Die Kosten für den Eintritt waren 7.50 die sich aber gelohnt haben. Alles ist Parkähnlich aufgebaut und es gibt mehrere Museen, ein Planetarium und es wird viel erklärt. Außerdem viele kleine Shops und Restaurants.

    Es ist wirklich sehr schön dort. Als ich dann heim wollte, begann es zu regnen. Ich nahm also den Bus von dem ich dachte dass er dahin fährt, wohin ich sollte. War leider nicht so. Ich kam irgendwo in ner Art Ghetto raus. Ein Einheimischer meinte ich solle nicht allein da rumlaufen, da es gefährlich sein, sondern ein Taxi nehmen. Er wartete mot mir und prüfte auch die Nummer des Taxifahrers.

    Und nun sitze ich wieder im Hostel und langweile mich etwas, weil keiner da ist. Aber es regnet und ich will nicht raus 🙈
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  • We started the day easy and after a good breakfast we set out around 10. The road went up and down all the time. Our leggs are not used to climbing anymore so it was kinda hard. But at noon we reached the equator and made all the pictures. Finally back in the northern hemisphere.

    We found a smaller road as a shortcut for the Pan-Americana. But off course that meant a lot of climbing again. But after 90 km we made it to the town of Ibarra. After dinner we are quickly went to bed. Tomorow is gonna be tough.Read more

  • Visiting the Lama Museo "Sumak Lawsay" of a poor but very friendly cummunitiy. After a short walk in accompany of a one year old lama, we had an amazing view of the Chimborazo. This volcano is inactive and with its 6310 meters above sea level the highest mountain of Ecuador.

  • At least 20 manta rays we spotted during our 2.5h sailing to Bartolomé Island!

    After a walk from zero to 100m above sea level, we appreciated the spectacular landscape and famous Pinnacle Rock, a rock formation that resembles an obelisk. What a view!

  • My last night in Baños I had a bus at 1:00am. So there I am at the bus station, its 12:30am, waiting for the bus. 1:00 came and went. So did 2:00 and so did 3:00. It also began to rain. Pour really. One of the girls waiting for the bus with me stopped a passing bus and had him call the company. Turns out the bus broke down and another was on its way, it would arrive three hours late.

    The bus ride was a lovely 8 hour drive to Guayaquil and then another four hours to Montañita, a little, rather ugly town on the coast of Ecuador.

    The first day I did a bit of exploring. I walked down to the beach and met a group of about six Israelis that were about to take a surfing lesson. I felt kind of awkwardly there so I left them to their lesson, hoping to bump into them again.

    My hostel, Hostal Iguana consisted of two floors of dorm rooms and a loft. My bed was on the loft which basically meant I was sleeping outside on a mattress with a net to keep out the bugs around it. It was kind of awesome.

    Back at the hostel I met another Israeli. He invited me to come chill with his friends at another hostel, Chichi Babylon. I met a bunch of Israelis and after a few drinks we went dancing. Went to bed around 3:00am.

    The next day, I went down to the beach and took a surfing lesson. Highlight of Montañita. I didn't do much until later when I found myself playing beer pong with a few British kids. I ended up going out with them, dancing and drinking and stayed out until five in the morning.

    The next day was too cold to take another surfing lesson and I quickly realized that there really wasn't anything to do in Montañita but eat, sleep, surf and party. I was bored and already planning to leave the next day when a different Israeli from my hostel told me he was heading off to Moncora, Peru with a few other Israelis that night. I decided to pack my things then and there and join them. Little did I know this would be one of the better decisions I made on this trip.
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  • It was definitely worth it to get up early in the morning to see the sun touching this beautiful lagoon in the crater of a volcano and to climb again up to nearly 4'000 meters above sea level! Worth mentioning is the hotel Samay Quilotoa Lodge with delicious food, nice rooms and friendly staff.

  • The last weeks we spend recovering in quito and lying on the beach in tropical colombia. Now we are back in quito and ready to start the last part of our trip. We found an old train track that was converted to a cyclepath. Although halfway trough it was more traintrack than cycle path. But it gave us a nice route out of quito.

    We started late and stoped early we dont want to push our legs to far on the first day. But afterall we made 62 km which is only 8 short of what we have to average to make it to Medellín in time.Read more

You might also know this place by the following names:

Republic of Ecuador, Ecuador, Ikuwadɔ, ኢኳዶር, الاكوادور, Ekvador, Эквадор, Еквадор, Ekwatɔr, ইকুয়াডর, ཨི་ཁྭ་ཌོར།, Equador, Ekvádor, Ecwador, Ekuadɔ nutome, Εκουαδόρ, Ekvadoro, Ekuador, اکوادور, Ekuwatoor, Équateur, Eacuadór, એક્વાડોર, Ekwador, אקוודור, इक्वाडोर, Էկվադոր, エクアドル共和国, ეკვადორი, Ekwado, អេក្វាឌ័រ, ಈಕ್ವೆಡಾರ್, 에콰도르, ئیکوادۆر, Ekwatɛ́lɛ, ເອກວາດໍ, Ekvadoras, Ekwatele, Ekvadora, Ekoatera, ഇക്വഡോര്‍, အီကွေဒေါ, इक्वडेर, Eqüator, ଇକ୍ୱାଡୋର୍, Ekwateri, Ekuatëre, ඉක්වදෝරය, Ikuwadoor, Ekuator, ஈக்வடார், ఈక్వడోర్, เอกวาดอร์, ʻEkuetoa, ایکواڈور, Ê-qu-a-đo (Ecuador), Orílẹ́ède Ekuádò, 厄瓜多尔, i-Ecuador