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  • Day1

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  • Day5

    Gestern und heute nur geschnorchelt. Kay hat den dreh gut raus. Leider festgestellt das die sim karte von der go pro noch zuhause im computer steckt. Also da erst mal ne neue kaufen. Heute. Auch nemo gesehen👍👌 gestern abend lybisch essen gewesen noch zu meinem geburstag 😀

  • Day7

    Das hotel ist sehr gross und man braucht sich hier eigentlich nicht zu langweilen. Gestern am pool gesessen und abends show von einer sandmalerin und feuertaenzern. Kay fans es toll. Morgen gehts den ganzen tag aufs boot. Dan wird wieder gesnorchelt und wir hoffen natuerlich unterwegs delfinen zu begegnen.😎👍

  • Day9

    Nachdem man sich im Hotel und außerhalb mit der Umgebung bekannt gemacht hatte ging es zur Abwechslung mal in Eigenregie auf Mini Tour. Ziel Senzo Shopping Center. Etwa 3-4 km weg vom Hotel. Taxi war schnell hergewunken, Fixpreis im Kopf vorher überlegt und einsteigen. 50ÄPfund, ca. 2,40€. Wenig später war man schon da, jedenfalls bis vor die Security Absperrung. Im Center das selbe, ab durch den Scanner. Dabei sollten die froh sein dass überhaupt jemand kommt. Vorteil auch, angenehm klimatisiert. Der Rest, zum vergessen. Preise bei den Klamotten Läden europäisch angepasst. Einzig ein riesiger Supermarkt lohnt für Kleinigkeiten, dazu günstig. Dose Coke, 4,65 ÄPf, ca. 25cent. Nach einer Stunde, großzügig aufgerundet hat man die etwa 80 Miniläden geschafft. Nun wieder ein Taxi schnappen und ab zurück. Klingt einfach, sollte anders kommen. Also meine ausgemachten 50ÄPf abdrückte gabs Ärger mit dem Fahrer. Der alte Hütchenspielertrick... Er behauptete ich gab ihn zu wenig Cash. Egal nicht weiter beirren lassen und schleunigst in den sicheren Hotel Bereich. Eh nichts verstanden was er brüllte. Er dachte wohl, ein leichtes Opfer. Doch nicht mit, "Achtung Abzocke" seih dank.
    Ab an den Pool, endlich was zum erzählen für zu Hause
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  • Day9

    South & St John's

    Nice boat and good crew. Cabin 11 on the top deck a bonus with windows and door open to the outside 😃

    Although we had lots of wind and choppy seas the diving was good. However, the viz wasn't great, mostly 5-10m and water temperature around 27/28 degrees.

    Fish seem to be less than I remember, but we had a friendly Oceanic White Tip at Elphinstone who stayed with the boats for most of the day - close enough to touch 😲

    Spending the next 2 nights on land with no rocking and rolling 😃. Then back onboard on Saturday for the 2nd trip.
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  • Day8

    After a 4 hour flight from Frankfurt, we landed in Hurghada, Egypt, on the Western coast of the Red Sea. There were some cool sights below, including the Adriatic coast, the Greek island Crete, and the Nile river delta. It's pretty amazing to see the landscape change from desolate to lush greens, and shows just why the river was so important to the earliest civilizations.

    The airport is quite large and new, but we were the only plane in sight at arrival. Even with plenty of jet bridges available, we deplaned far from any of them and took a bus to the terminal. Inside was equally quiet. The first stop was to get visas which cost $25 each - when we walked up to the stand, the collector shouted "cash! money!" once we handed him our passports. The remaining part of the airport that we walked through was the same, eerily quiet, but employees were still eager to get everyone out of the building.

    We had booked a desert quad tour to fill the time until we would get picked up for our liveaboard, but even for the quad tour, we were looking at an hour wait. Not having eaten since breakfast, we started to get hungry. We didn't see any options in the arrival terminal, so Nico decided to try our luck for food in the departures terminal. However, he was declined entry because he didn't have a boarding pass for a departing flight (security is pretty tight). Luckily, we had a small portion of a pretzel left to hold us over.

    We finally got on our way for the quad tour after our guide, Ahmed, showed us to our bus. Admittedly, there was a bit of trepidation on whether this was a legit tour because the only branding we saw was on the shirt that he was wearing. Adding to the anxiety, we were told at the airport exit that a police officer would have to ride along with us for safety purposes. However, Ahmed spoke to them and eventually returned to tell us that it wasn't necessary since we wouldn't be going far.

    We were still hungry, so we asked Ahmed if we could stop somewhere to get something quick to eat. He offered to pick up some beans and falafel, a typical quick Egyptian lunch. We stopped at a small shop off a busy street and were brought 4 small pitas: filled with beans in 2, falafel and veggies in 1, and another with potato chips and veggies. The beans pita was chased with pickled veggies which was pretty good. We didn't care much for the potato one, but the falafel pita had a lot of great flavor.

    After quick (unnecessary) instruction on how to ride a quad and picking up (very much necessary) bandanas to cover our faces, we were off riding through the Eastern Arabian desert. Unlike the Sahara, there are more rocks than fine grain sand. We started seeing the Sinai mountain range appearing in the distance which was unexpected but pretty cool given the jagged features and nice backdrop behind the sandy air. It felt serene to cruise through this landscape with no life, just sand, for miles in any direction.

    After 22 km of riding through the desert, and some odd photo poses for the guide (see photos), we arrived at a Bedoin village. Bedoins live a rudimentary lifestyle in the desert. We skipped the camel riding and sheesha smoking since we were limited on time and not particularly interested, but opted for some tea and a quick scramble up one of the nearby hills.

    We cruised back and got dropped off at the airport for our shuttle to take us 200 km South to Port Ghalib, the departure point for our liveaboard. While writing this just after the sun set, on a remote stretch of road, the van just came to a screeching halt due to a pack of camels crossing.

    Note to our eager readers that the next post may be several days out since we don't expect to have WiFi on the boat.
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  • Day2

    3 hours by car from Hurghada to Port Ghalib to get the boat.

    Got to love the petrol pump 😐. Not sure if the numbers specify litres purchased or money due 😂.
    If it is money due ... Is that Egyptian Pounds, Euro's or British Pounds ... I guess it depends on the rate of the day 😃

    Got to love Africa 😂

  • Day16

    Daedalus and Elphinstone

    Had a great 2nd week on Elite, a very well run boat with great crew. Great food, good diving, many laughs and interesting company.

    Met divers from countries including Slovenia, Honduras, Holland and the UK.

    Although the viz was still not great, we saw loads of Hammerheads at Daedalus Reef 😲

  • Day10

    Day 2 was the start of the real diving. We cruised north 7 hours to the Brothers Islands in the middle of the Red Sea. First up was the smaller of the two, Little Brother. The current was quite strong and required a negative entry, in which one enters the water with a fully deflated BCD and descends rapidly in order to not miss the dive site due to the current. At around 30 ft, the reef provided enough protection from the current. The reef was in great shape but we didn't see any big pelagics on this first dive.

    Brittany skipped dive #2, so Nico buddied up with a 5-pack of dudes. He was thrilled to get the first glimpse of a hammerhead shark, one of the larger species (~12 ft long) with the distinctive face, which congregate in the blue near off-shore reefs. The shark was at least 10 meters away, but circled just below the divers for a little while. Seeing hammerheads was one of the goals of this dive trip.

    The third dive started on a wreck at around 100 ft, a transport vessel called the Aida which sank in the 1940s. The stern sits at 180 ft, outside of recreational dive limits, so we could only check out the middle half. From there, we swam along a beautiful coral wall. A juvenile Napoleon wrasse followed us the entire way, opportunistically looking for prey loosened by the bubbles. The wall was unbelievably colorful and abundant with marine life. There was also a scrawled filefish down below, and numerous cornetfish along the way.

    After the third dive, tuneage was bumping on the top deck and the bar was open for cocktail hour. It's great comradery to enjoy some cold beverages while watching the sunset after an accomplished day of diving. The Thai delegation was leading the party train, and had stocked up on hard stuff at the airport duty free, so we enjoyed chatting with them all night long. Probably a little too long since we didn't get the best sleep that night...
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  • Day15

    Today was primarily a travel day. We woke up at 6 after only 5 short hours of sleep from the night before. We said our goodbyes to the other divers over breakfast and then took off on our 3 hour transfer to Hurghada airport. The Red Sea was in view almost the whole drive; other than that, there were multiple unfinished buildings that sporadically dotted the desert landscape.

    While there are lanes on Egyptian roads, they're regarded only as suggestions. Our driver spent a lot of time driving in the left lane, and only cutting over to the right lane to avoid oncoming traffic. Fortunately the van's ceilings were high because he rarely slowed for bumps which would send us up in our seats. Nico's phone once flew out of his hand on one such bump. Needless to say, we didn't get to catch up on sleep on the drive.

    When we arrived at the airport, we said goodbye to our fellow diving friends from Denmark and Germany who were dropped off at the international terminal before we were taken to the other terminal. Our terminal was eerily quiet (it was the same one we arrived in) with only a few airport staff and security lingering around. To our surprise, we were denied entry and told that we needed to go to the other terminal by taxi. When we pointed to a sign that read "Free shuttle bus between terminals" he shook his head no and said "taxi!"

    We proceeded to the lower level where we found a taxi driver who wanted to charge us 20€ to get back to the other terminal. As we were walking away, we haggled a lower price down to $5, but it was still too much for the distance. We would have walked, but there was no easy pedestrian access (perhaps by design - taxi drivers need work) and in the 40C heat, it wouldn't have been pleasant. Once aboard the plane, we fell fast asleep on the short flight to Cairo.

    Our drive to the hotel in Cairo was just as exciting, or possibly more so, than the drive earlier that morning because of the additional traffic and lack of lane compliance. We fit between spaces that didn't seem possible and somehow made it safely to the hotel. It reminded us of the taxi ride in Jakarta and we were happy to have arrived at our cocoon in the chaotic city. We had a great view over the Nile river from our room.

    We ventured a short distance out of the hotel for dinner at a quaint little pasta shop in the 26th of July district. Crossing the street was a fun challenge. We also noticed several youths riding bikes without a front tire. It was an early bedtime for an early tour start to see the pyramids the next day.
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Arab Republic of Egypt, Ägypten, Egypt, Egipte, Nisrim, ግብጽ, Echipto, جمهورية مصر العربية, ܡܨܪܝܢ, Exiptu, Misir, Егіпет, Египет, Eziputi, মিশর, ཨི་ཇིབྚ།, Egipt, Egipat, Єгѷптъ, Yr Aifft, Egypten, ཨི་ཇིཔཊ, Egypte nutome, Αίγυπτος, Egipto, Egiptus, مصر, Ejipt, Egypti, Ijipta, Egyptaland, Égypte, Èg·ipte, Egypte, An Éigipt, An Èipheit, Exipto, ઇજિપ્ત, Yn Egypt, Masar, Misira, מצרים, मिस्त्र, Egyptowska, Ejip, Egyiptom, Եգիպտոս, Egypto, Mesir, Ehípto, Egiptia, Egitto, エジプト・アラブ共和国, ეგვიპტე, Misri, អេហ្ស៉ីប, ಈಜಿಪ್ಟ್, 이집트, میسر, Ejyp, Aegyptus, Misiri, Ezípite, ອີຢິບ, Egiptas, Mushidi, Ēģipte, Ejypta, ഈജിപ്ത്, इजिप्त, Eġittu, အီဂျစ်, Idjipt, Naggitto, इजिप्ट, Êgypte, Jegiptu, ଇଜିପ୍ଟ, Мысыр, Ejiptu, Egito, Egipta, Eggittu, Egypta, Kâmitâ, ඊජිප්තුව, Aikupito, Egjipt, Египат, எகிப்து, ఈజిప్ట్, Миср, อียิปต์, Ehipto, ʻIsipite, Mısır, مىسىر, Єгипет, Ai Cập, Lägüptän, עגיפטן, Orílẹ́ède Égípítì, 埃及, i-Egypt

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