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Curious what backpackers do in Egypt? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • We had a blast all hanging out together and the kids together is priceless.

    Hala went all out. Really good foul, eggs, every kind of cheese, sausage, fiteer and yogurt I'm sure I missed some.

    Highlight of the evening . . . Soccer ball kicked in bedroom, bounces off door jamb knocks mirror off its clasps lands on Em's head and shatters into a million pieces.

    What a cleanup! Glass everywhere kids everywhere. Em came out screaming as if she were dieing. AhA just a few cuts here and there bad headache from where it hit and an impromptu shower that started fully clothed to get the glass out of her shirt and hair without further cutting her.

    Ultimately got it all out of her hair which happened to be ridiculously braided tonight.

    Did I mention I had to handle all this myself because Hebah was home with extreme kidney pain. It's got to be a stone because she has the pain plus she hasn't been able to pee in over a day. Ureter clearly blocked by a stone and short of an injection and pills she got tonight won't go to a hospital.

    Otherwise ahA all the kids came out of it relatively unharmed with the Exception of Em and Yahya, who had a cut on his foot. We were all very lucky ahA.
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  • Went to Beano's tonight. Had a good time.

    They made us leave early because they "don't serve sohoor"

    Whatever that means. They actually kicked us and everyone else out.

    Greatest thing was that there was an entire playground for the kids. They had a blast.

    When we left, mostafa tipped some random dude after we backed out of our parking spot. He said random people assign each other certain blocks to "protect" your car and you tip them for their "services". This is a really bizarre system of organized begging for doing nothing.Read more

  • There's good and then there's ridiculous.

    Straight up with nuts . . . great!

    Pinched at the bottom, open at the top like a scoop, deep fried, and dropped in the syrup just to get that classic taste.

    Now take this and put a spoon of vanilla ice cream inside and top it with a dollop of real whipped cream and you have the greatest dessert I've ever tasted.

    Hala, hebah's cousin learned this from her neighbor.

    You must try it at least once in your life.

    All you foodies should be salivating by now.
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  • This was my breakfast as served to me.

    We stayed at maha's villa as previously mentioned.

    Of course they don't travel without their maids.

    Marwa would make me whatever I wanted for breakfast everyday.

    Served as seen below. She was awesome. I wanted her to come to America. One night I made dinner for the 17 people staying in this 6 bedroom villa. She helped me prep everything. I'm not going to lie, it was nice. She was a sweetheart. 22yo and all she wanted when asked, was to be famous and popular.Read more

  • We had a great evening tonight in a really nice setting. All had a blast girls payed in the pool and played pool downstairs in the basement game room.

    Never saw a basement in Egypt. It was really nice but the funniest thing was that the entrance was from a marble staircase around the backside of the house. Only entrance from the backyard.

    Basement, 1st, 2nd and a penthouse suite as he called it.

    Greatest thing were two oscillating 40 inch outdoor industrial fans.

    The whole city was really nice every building was clearly built with a master plan and all flowed nicely. Very rare to see this in old egypt.
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  • The way it was meant to be. So good! I got foul eskandarani. That's basically with the works. It was phenomenal.

    This trip has truly made me realize we miss out on so much of our culture that truly is amazing.

  • I think too much of the item pictured below has put me in the bathroom way too much. That coupled with flu like symptoms, body aches, fever and cloudy head make for a wonderful way to experience Egypt.

    Par for the course, it happens to us all, at least once.

    5:10 am means it's time to get into bed.

    Goodnight to all.

  • We went there tonight. Us and ABD thought we'd try it because uncle mo told hebah about it. And Mostafa also recommended it.

    On the Nile, really nice scene. Food not so much.

    I love Egypt menus when they are written in English. So entertaining. See if you can spot the peculiar menu item in the photo below.

    Hints: it's a one word item, it's 75EGP.

    Good times!

  • I'm not harping on the bad but just pointing out the funny in general. But there a lot of good things this country has to offer. Most importantly the fact that I can order this at 2 in the morning and someone comes up to my door and delivers it is phenomenal.

    Fact that a falafel sandwich amounts to less than $0.22 is even more impressive.

    Apparently my daughter's love the french fries with cheese sandwich on pita that one is a whopping 5 pounds but of course I ordered the dynamite for myself which is basically a mixture of every possible Egyptian food item in one sandwich. By the way it's pronounced "deenameet" in case you ever want to order it.Read more

  • This is how the girls came back for the ride home. . . So safe!

    Of course we saw a bunch of men huddled around a dead guy that had just been struck by a car. That's how safe it really is. Drivers are crazy, pedestrians even crazier and no value for life.

You might also know this place by the following names:

Arab Republic of Egypt, Ägypten, Egypt, Egipte, Nisrim, ግብጽ, Echipto, جمهورية مصر العربية, ܡܨܪܝܢ, Exiptu, Misir, Егіпет, Египет, Eziputi, মিশর, ཨི་ཇིབྚ།, Egipt, Egipat, Єгѷптъ, Yr Aifft, Egypten, ཨི་ཇིཔཊ, Egypte nutome, Αίγυπτος, Egipto, Egiptus, مصر, Ejipt, Egypti, Ijipta, Egyptaland, Égypte, Èg·ipte, Egypte, An Éigipt, An Èipheit, Exipto, ઇજિપ્ત, Yn Egypt, Masar, Misira, מצרים, मिस्त्र, Egyptowska, Ejip, Egyiptom, Եգիպտոս, Egypto, Mesir, Ehípto, Egiptia, Egitto, エジプト・アラブ共和国, ეგვიპტე, Misri, អេហ្ស៉ីប, ಈಜಿಪ್ಟ್, 이집트, میسر, Ejyp, Aegyptus, Misiri, Ezípite, ອີຢິບ, Egiptas, Mushidi, Ēģipte, Ejypta, ഈജിപ്ത്, इजिप्त, Eġittu, အီဂျစ်, Idjipt, Naggitto, इजिप्ट, Êgypte, Jegiptu, ଇଜିପ୍ଟ, Мысыр, Ejiptu, Egito, Egipta, Eggittu, Egypta, Kâmitâ, ඊජිප්තුව, Aikupito, Egjipt, Египат, எகிப்து, ఈజిప్ట్, Миср, อียิปต์, Ehipto, ʻIsipite, Mısır, مىسىر, Єгипет, Ai Cập, Lägüptän, עגיפטן, Orílẹ́ède Égípítì, 埃及, i-Egypt