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  • Day137

    Auto Hotel adventure

    January 22, 2020 in El Salvador ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    As we couldn't get anything for a normal breakfast last night, we had bought some more purpusas for takeaway. We were also lucky as a young guy on a motorcycles past, selling: fresh French bread. Exactly what we needed and better and cheaper than in a bakery here. Love this service!
    The cycling day started as the last one ended. A rolling coastal route, lots of curves, beautiful ocean views. We made the 11000km after 1 hour of cycling.
    After about 25km, we stopped in San Blas for a swim as we would leave the road would go inland again. It was difficult to find a public access to the beach, so we just went to a restaurant, had a drink and could use their shower after the swim which was convenient.
    We continued via La Libertad, a harbour town which looked a little dodgy, so we just passed it. The road went inland and got relatively flat. We could see more volcanoes and many sugarcane fields. Other than that, the ride was uneventful. Even for lunch, we just stopped at a roadside shop which with a tyre shop next door. Nothing special...
    We were going to stop at a motel, but full night rates only started after 5pm (before you could only stay for some 3-4 hours). As it was before 4pm, we decided to go on for a while, bought some food for dinner and continued for another 20km.
    In Jiquilisco, we found another motel and wanted to stay. They looked a little confused, we are obviously not the standard visitors in this type of hotel. Anyways, we got our own garage to put the bikes in. From the garage, we could directly go into the room which had a condom on the table and a mattress surrounded by a layer of plastic. We cooked our dinner in the garage with the garage door open so we could look outside. This totally confused as the whole place is designed for coming and leaving completely anonymous.
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  • Day133

    Entering El Salvador

    January 18, 2020 in El Salvador ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Our last morning in Guatemala started with a great breakfast of tamales (traditional dish on Saturday), bread, frijoles and coffee. Thus, we were ready to hit the road.
    From Asuncion Mita it's only about 20km to the border of El Salvador, but there was lots to see: love motels, a Panamerican nightclub, a beautifully decorated cemetery like you can see it quite often in this country, and nice landscape with a view of a volcano.
    Border crossing was easy and fast, it took us only about 10 minutes to leave Guatemala and enter El Salvador. From the border, we had to cycle about 35km to Santa Ana, our destination for the night. Santa Ana is a colonial with beautiful houses. We checked into our hostel (also a nice colonial building) and explored the city where we - like in the other Central American countries before - ran into a parade with loud music. We also went to the market to buy vegetables for dinner. The markets are similar as the ones we know, but weird to pay in US$ again, the currency used here.
    First impressions of country number 6: relatively good roads, low but crazy traffic, similar landscape like on the other side of the border, people a little more reserved, lots of security guards with rifles. Let's see what we think tomorrow.
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    Thanks for the continued updates! Jim and Lisa ❤️🚲❤️🍻

  • Day134

    The vulcano ride

    January 19, 2020 in El Salvador ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    What do we do when it's hot? Climb a mountain to get into nicer temperatures! Today, we decided to cycle to Volcano de Santa Ana. After some busy kilometres on the CA-1, the panamerican highway, we turned onto a smaller road that lead around Lake Coatepeque, a crater lake. The road was awesome: smooth asphalt and stunning views of the lake and the volcano.
    At the end of the crater rim road, we had to climb to Cerro Verde from where the hike started. That road was in a pretty bad condition, so the elevation gain of 1000m was tough work. At the top, we checked with some locals where we can start our hike. They told us that the next guided tour would start in about 15 minutes. We didn't want to hike in a group (worst case scenario for us), but they convinced us by saying that it's for security reasons and groups are accompanied by an armed security guard. Plus, other travellers had raved about the views from the summit.
    So we took part in a group hike with about 15 participants - and REALLY didn't like it. People just walked too slowly and stopped every few metres. Furthermore, our guide was a 20-year-old girl and no armed guard walked with us. Interesting security, more of a tourist scam I think. However, there were quite some armed officers based along the route, so they do take care of the visitors.
    Interestingly, our guide saw that we got impatient after stop number [stopped counting] and told us we may as well go on our own - which we did straight away. So hiking up got more fun! Until we got close to the top - that was when we saw those hundreds of people who had the same idea for their Sunday activity. No fun at all! Plus, when we got to the top, we saw: NOTHING! It was VERY windy as well as the clouds had come in. So we quickly took a photo and went back down - as fast as possible with hundreds of people on the way.
    Finally back on the bikes, we were happy to have escaped the masses. Downhill on the crappy road wasn't fun but at least quick. Then we were back on the amazing crater rim road which calmed us down. We didn't have enough time for a swim in the lake, but stopped for a cold coke and enjoyed the view before heading back to Santa Ana.
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  • Day135

    Ruta de las Flores

    January 20, 2020 in El Salvador ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Today, we left Santa Ana to get to the Ruta de las Flores, a nice mountain road with several cute colonial villages. In order to get there, we headed West again. On the way, we detoured some 5km on a dirt road in order to swim in Salto Malacatiupan, hot spring waterfall, we had heard about. And what a great place! Apart from 2 friendly dogs, 4 goats and the family living there, no other people. The water was very warm and we went for a bath. Very relaxing, although with almost 30 degrees outside, a cold waterfall would have been ok as well 😉
    We then continued to Ataco, the first village on the Ruta de las Flores. Just after Ahuachapan, we saw a bad accident which had just happened. 2 guys on a motorcycle crashed into a car that came out of a smaller road. The guys didn't look good, but they were alive. As several people were already busy calling the ambulance and taking care of securing the scene, we quickly passed by and let them do their job.
    We then had to climb for about 900m in the middle of the day, so we sweat a lot. Ataco is a little touristy, but has colourful murals and colonial style houses. It's quite pretty and we stayed a while, mainly to sort out our local SIM card (we had found out that they had sold us one without credit before...) and buy food for dinner.
    Then we went on and climbed a little more until we got to a small hotel we had found on AirBnB. The place is owned by Dave (US) and Sonia (originally from El Salvador), who welcomed us warmly. We wanted to get something a little cheaper, but the 20$ we paid in the end were well worth it: a perfectly neat and clean room, a washing machine we could use for free, regional coffee in the room, a roof terrace, a kitchen we were alllowed to use and a great discussion on the Salvadorian culture.
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  • Day138

    Mirador Esperitu de la Montana

    January 23, 2020 in El Salvador ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    As the love motel wasn't too cosy and as it was going to be hot again, we were on the road by 6:30am. Furthermore, we didn't have breakfast, so we had to stop in Usulutan to buy some bread and bananas.
    The road was pretty busy but at least relatively flat and the asphalt was good, so we could complete this stretch quite fast. All the time, we could enjoy the views on the volcano de San Miguel.
    After 50km, we could finally leave the busy road. This however came with a deterioration of the asphalt and a 450m climb. We also had to share the road with some cows who didn't care about cyclist who wanted to pass at all...
    We had heard about a great lookout where you could also camp. Apparently, there's transport available every day at 3pm from the village Conchagua and you can take your bikes. We didn't know if we could make it on time, so didn't organize anything in advance. When we realized we can make it, I called Luis, who runs the tours, and he told us we can go up with him. So we went to the central square in Conchagua and bought food and water for the night while waiting for Luis. Once he arrived, we put our bikes and luggage on the truck and jumped on the back as well. The ride to the top took about 45min and the road was very steep and bumpy, so it was an adventure itself. However, the lookout is absolutely amazing. You can see the bay of El Salvador, Honduras and all the way to Nicaragua. And we can put up our camp right on the wooden platform, so we can see the stars and the sunrise out of our sleeping bags. Really looking forward to the night and the morning - but definitely not to ride down!
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    Elisa Köppl

    🤩 super geniales Bild! Gemacht mit einer schwebenden Kamera? 😉

    CundA aus NY

    Ein traumhafter Platz, habt ihr euch ja auch hart erkämpft. von dort könnt ihr vielleicht sehen, wo es als nächstes hingeht?

    Her Bert

    Die Kamera hatte zwei Beine und war aus USA 😂

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  • Day136

    Back at the Pacific Coast

    January 21, 2020 in El Salvador ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    After a breakfast of good coffee, beans, bread, egg and lots of fruit, we cycled the second part of the Ruta de Las Flores. We stopped in all the little villages on the way: Apaneca, Juayua and Salcoatitan. In Nahuizalco, we decided to have our lunch and tried purpusas, the traditional street dish in El Salvador. These are basically filled tortillas, very yummy!
    Afterwards, we had a long downhill to the Pacific coast, taking CA12 before heading South onto CA2. The coastal route is very pretty, but as we are back at sea level, we have to fight with almost 40°C again. It's also not flat at all, lots of curves, hills and even tunnels. First, we stopped at a beach restaurant, but they didn't want to serve us for no reason. So we continued and stopped at a road side shop for coke. The guy who owns it, Omar, was very friendly and we stayed for a chat about cycletouring and his family.
    By about 4pm, we made it to Taquillo, a quiet surfer beachtown and went for a well deserved swim in the ocean. Unfortunately, there's pretty much nothing here, so we had to improvise our dinner a little with what we could get from the corner store: chicken soup with additional spaghetti, avocado tuna paste as a side, a banana and a beer. Plus some more purpusas, as the corner store was also a "purpuseria" 😉
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    CundA aus NY

    Was ist das für ein Riese von Baum?

    CundA aus NY

    Den Teil in der Hängematte mit einem Bierchen würde ich auch mitmachen.

    Anne-Kathrin Ernst

    Wunderschön ! Was für eine eindrucksvolle Landschaft ! Danke für eure Berichte und Bilder ! Es macht Freude, euch zu begleiten !

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  • Day559

    Las Playas de El Salvador

    December 5, 2020 in El Salvador ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Die Strände von El Salvador, mit schwarzem Vulkan Sand und grossen Wellen, ein Surfer Paradies. Am Wochenende herrscht Hochbetrieb von einheimischen Touristen, sonst bin ich fast alleine da kaum Ausländer hier sind. Wunderschön und gemütlich.Read more


    Mensch Ruedi, geht's dir gut. 😘


    Prost 🍻


    Du wirkst tiefenentspannt. Gut haben wir mit dir einen Pfadfinder!

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  • Day563

    San Salvador City

    December 9, 2020 in El Salvador ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    In die Stadt San Salvador wollte ich eigentlich nicht, musste aber hin um den Covid Test zu machen, damit ich weiter nach Guatemala reisen kann. Um die Wartezeit bis zum Resultat zu überbrücken, unternahm ich eine kleine City Tour. Die historische Altstadt ist recht klein und überschaubar, doch durchaus sehenswert.
    Mit dem neuen Test in der Tasche kann nun die Reise weiter gehen.
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    Dann gute weiter Reise 🙋‍♀️

    Berni Maria Südamerika

    Hallo Ruedi wir können jetzt auch wieder herumreißen fahren nochmals in den Süden von Argentinien 👍 Gute Reise 👍🤗

    Ruedi Kuhn

    Super, das freut mich. Euch eine gute Reise und viele tolle Erlebnisse.

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  • Day561

    Lago de Coatepeque

    December 7, 2020 in El Salvador ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Der Lago de Coatepeque ist ein über 24 Km2 grosser Kratersee und zählt wohl zu den schönsten Naturseen Mittelamerikas. Auf 750 m hoch gelegen, bietet er ein grosses Freizeit Angebot und ist dadurch ein sehr beliebtes Ausflugsziel.Read more

    Berni Maria Südamerika

    Man könnte meinen du bist im Tessin, von der Landschaft her 😉sehr schön !

    Roman Giacometto

    Bezaubernd, so toll!!!

  • Day98

    El Tunco, El Salvador

    April 8, 2019 in El Salvador ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Die ständige Hitze zieht einen ganz schön runter denn bereits um 9 Uhr früh herrschen 28°C und bestimmt 90% Luftfeuchtigkeit!
    So lege ich mich nach einem üppigen Frühstück erst mal in die Hängematte und mache mir tatsächlich Gedanken wie es weiter gehen soll .. das nächste Ziel ist jedenfalls gesetzt ... Santa Ana (El Salvador). Der Plan ist morgen früh mit den Chickenbuses dahin zu kommen ... ich überlege mir ein Weg damit man nicht über San Salvador fahren muss!
    Ansonsten schlafe ich in der brühenden Hitze in der Hängematte ein und wache erst gegen 13 Uhr schweißgebadet auf! Uuuuu ein böser Fehler den ich hatte keinen Sonnenblocker drauf! Die Haut hat zwar schon etwas Farbe bekommen und ist nicht so anfällig aber es war einfach zu viel... am meisten aber im Gesicht!😑 bitte nicht schon wieder Sonnenbrand.
    Ich kühle mich erst mal im Ozean ab.
    Nachmittags schaue ich mir gemüdlich einen Film an!
    17 Uhr treffen wir uns alle gemeinsam am Strand um gemeinsam den Sonneuntergang zu genissen!
    So werfen wir mit der Frauke einige Steine auf ein Treibholz ... nur so zum Spaß. Und da es von der Seite wohl sehr interessant aussah gesellen sich immer mehr Leute zu uns und das Steinewerfen wird weiter und weiter modifiziert! Am Ende ist ein ein lautes Gelächter bei jedem Treffer! Echt lustig mit was und wie einfach man Menschen zusammen bringen kann!
    Gegen 19 Uhr gehen wir uns was zu Essen suchen!
    Heute fiel die Entscheidung nicht auf BBQ sondern auf die traditionellen Pupusas und Burger!
    Auf dem Rückweg besorgen wir uns paar Bier und Chillen mit den Jungs aus dem nachbar Hostel.
    So wird Lautstark gelacht 🤩👍😁😉
    Unsere Runde "USA, Frankreich, Kanada, Deutschland, Brasilien und Israel"
    Weil sich so wieso keiner all die Namen merken kann .... wird man nur mit "Hey Dude" angesprochen!🤣😅
    So wird die Runde gegen halb 3 von dem Besitzer des Hostels aufgelöst weil doch einige Leute in Ruhe Schlafen wollen!😅
    Da fällt das wegfahren aus El Tunco schwer wenn man solch coole Leute kennen lernt!
    Aber es muss weiter gehen!
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Republic of El Salvador, El Salvador, Ɛl Salvadɔ, ኤል ሳልቫዶር, السلفادور, Сальвадор, Ел Салвадор, Salivadɔr, এল সালভাদোর, ཨེལ། སཱལ་ཝ་ཌོར།, Salvador, El Salfador, El Salvadɔ nutome, Ελ Σαλβαδόρ, Salvadoro, السالوادور, El Salwador, An tSalvadóir, એલ સેલ્વાડોર, El Salbador, אל סלבדור, अल साल्वाडोर, Սալվադոր, Salvadoria, エルサルバドル, სალვადორი, Elsavado, អែលសាល់វ៉ាឌ័រ, ಎಲ್ ಸಾಲ್ವೇಡಾರ್, 엘살바도르, ئێلسالڤادۆر, Salvatoria, El salivado, Savadɔrɛ, ເອຊາວາດໍ, Salvadoras, Savadore, Salvadora, എല്‍ സാല്‍വദോര്‍, အယ်လ်ဆာဗေးဒိုး, Ersarbador, एल् साल्भाडोर, Lo Salvador, ଏଲ୍ ସାଲଭାଡୋର୍, Salwador, Ël Salvador, سالوېډور, Eli Saluvatori, एल-साल्वाडोर, Salvadöro, එල් සැල්වදෝරය, Salvadori, Салвадор, எல் சால்வடார், ఎల్ సాల్వడోర్, เอลซัลวาดอร์, ʻEle Salavatoa, ئەل سالۋادور, ال سلواڈور, Salvadorän, Orílẹ́ède Ẹẹsáfádò, 萨尔瓦多, i-El Salvador