El Salvador

El Salvador

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  • Day92

    We were up at 5:30am, the view from my bed out to the ocean was stunning.
    We then caught a boat with our belongings and had to carry our bags across the mud as the tide was out very far. We then travelled for a couple of hours with a stop for breakfast at a gas station. We waited two hours at the boarder from Nicaragua for a boat. The boat then took two hours and I was on the side of the boat in the sun which seemed a good spot but I ended up getting splashed with salt water most of the trip so was quite wet. Another girl on the boat was drenched from it. We then arrived in El Salvador!! We put our passports in at immigration and went to a chicken shop for lunch/dinner. After we got our passports, I had to pay US$10 to get in as an Aussie as they said it was a bit tricky to swap passports mid way through travelling.
    We then drove for 4 hours in torrential rain with massive lighting strikes. It was like driving through a river on the main streets. We stopped at a servo which was guarded by two people holding guns.
    We arrived in Suchitoto after a long 15.5 hour travel day! We had some beers at a bar across the road listening to more Spanish tunes!
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  • Day93

    This morning we checked out the market for breakfast. I had scrambled eggs with sausage and grilled banana. I also ordered a smoothie but got scared to drink it as was originally made from tap water. We walked along the streets were people were sitting lining the footpaths. I found a chocolate coated frozen banana which was quite exciting. We then went to a 98 year old lady's house who rolls her own cigars with tobacco leaves. We all had a try which was quite fun. We then piled into the bus to drive to Ataco.
    Stopped at lake for lunch
    Arrived at town and it rained heaps
    Went to wine bar, ate pizza
    Caught in rain
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  • Day94

    Breakfast this morning was at little cafe in town. Food was yummy scrambled eggs, rice and beans with grilled plantain. The coffee was even a little strong which was good. We had a look at shops before heading to the bus stop for a local bus stop, then a short tuk-tuk ride to a local waterfall. The falls were beautiful but we had extra security on board with guys with machetes and police to make sure it was safe. We then got a tuk-tuk and bus back to town. I went for a walk around town at the streets and did some shopping. For dinner we all made pupusas for dinner which is a flour batter with different fillings. I had pork, mushrooms and cheese. It comes with a pickled cabbage and tomato sauce.Read more

  • Day62

    Beach town número dos un el Salvador. Bit more of a party town with locals flocking from San Salvador, the capital, for the weekend. Didn't get a whole lot of surfing in, the waves were pretty heavy for me, did enjoy watching the locals shred on one of the heavier breaks - including one of two female el salvadoreña surfers I met. So glad to see some local girls out there...there were zero in Nicaragua. Had some fun nights out though....you learn to love the Reggaeton!Read more

  • Day63

    Took a day trip to Taminique waterfalls just north of El Tunco. Incredible hike through beautiful forest. Did some cliff jumping at the 'local swimming hole' - the beauty of it being Sunday was it was full of el salvadoreños which was lots of fun! More impromptu Spanish lessons, a couple even gave us a lift to Santa Tecla, 1hr away, where we needed to get the bus to Santa Ana - that is El Salvadoreño hospitality for you!Read more

  • Day65

    Santa Ana - the regional centre of the north west department of El Salvador, a city full of lovely people and hire possibly one of the best hostels in the world (Hostel Casa Verde- Carlos knows exactly what backpackers need, including a kitchen kitted out with a full spice rack!). Great base for exploring the region!

  • Day67

    Got a ride with some Slovenian guys who live in New Zealand to hike up to Volcan Santa Ana. Unfortunately lots of clouds meant no great views on the way up but the clouds managed to clear for us to see into the crater lake full of boiling water, made green by the sulfur. Checked out the beautiful Lago de Coatepeque on the way back. Volcanoes certainly make for some stunning landscape!

  • Day349

    Mein Flug ging nach El Salvador, von wo ich nach Managua geflogen bin. Ironischerweise liege Managua auf halbem Weg zwischen San Salvador und San Jose, die Fluggesellschaft schien aber zu meinen, dass es viel besser ist, mir auch das Land zu zeigen.
    Das nahm ich natürlich an und ging aus dem Flughafen, zumindest wollte ich das. Aber siehe da, ich brauchte noch Passierschein A38. Nein, nicht ganz, aber einen Beleg, dass ich über die Fluggesellschaft Steuern gezahlt habe, der auch nuuur 15 US$ kostet. Danach durfte ich aber raus, also aus dem Flughafen. Und ich wollte auch gleich wieder rein. Es war unglaublich warm und schwül.
    Nichtsdestotrotz ging ich noch einen Geocache suchen und hielt ein Event ab. Es waren vermutlich alle Geocache El Salvadors da, nämlich genau null. So hatte ich dann etwas mehr Zeit, das Flughafen WLAN zu nutzen, was erschreckend gut war.
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Republic of El Salvador, El Salvador, Ɛl Salvadɔ, ኤል ሳልቫዶር, السلفادور, Сальвадор, Ел Салвадор, Salivadɔr, এল সালভাদোর, ཨེལ། སཱལ་ཝ་ཌོར།, Salvador, El Salfador, El Salvadɔ nutome, Ελ Σαλβαδόρ, Salvadoro, السالوادور, El Salwador, An tSalvadóir, એલ સેલ્વાડોર, El Salbador, אל סלבדור, अल साल्वाडोर, Սալվադոր, Salvadoria, エルサルバドル, სალვადორი, Elsavado, អែលសាល់វ៉ាឌ័រ, ಎಲ್ ಸಾಲ್ವೇಡಾರ್, 엘살바도르, ئێلسالڤادۆر, Salvatoria, El salivado, Savadɔrɛ, ເອຊາວາດໍ, Salvadoras, Savadore, Salvadora, എല്‍ സാല്‍വദോര്‍, အယ်လ်ဆာဗေးဒိုး, Ersarbador, एल् साल्भाडोर, Lo Salvador, ଏଲ୍ ସାଲଭାଡୋର୍, Salwador, Ël Salvador, سالوېډور, Eli Saluvatori, एल-साल्वाडोर, Salvadöro, එල් සැල්වදෝරය, Salvadori, Салвадор, எல் சால்வடார், ఎల్ సాల్వడోర్, เอลซัลวาดอร์, ʻEle Salavatoa, ئەل سالۋادور, ال سلواڈور, Salvadorän, Orílẹ́ède Ẹẹsáfádò, 萨尔瓦多, i-El Salvador

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