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Faroe Islands

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  • Day28

    Where - Tórshavn Faroe Islands
    Weather - blah! Misty rain on and off 15°C
    Distance - 300km

    After about 30 hours crossing the North Atlantic (remarkably smooth too), we arrived at Tórshavn, possibly one of the world's smallest capitals, at about 11pm. This is where the fun started...tried to type in the address of our hotel into the GPS and guess what!! No maps for Faroe Islands!! And... my phone wouldn't pick up any reception either. So there we were, armed with a tourist map of Tórshavn, in the middle of the night, trying to read signs of street names that must be required to have a minimum of 10 letters per name and are impossible to pronounce in English, and not even sure what street we were in, in the first place. By this time Brad was getting a bit antsy (...no, not a bit, read VERY antsy). We eventually found our way after asking some random people who were wandering the streets in the middle of the night. Then, the hotel room (which is fine), could not get further away if it tried and down a couple of flights of stairs and no lift, so when it's nearly midnight and struggling with heavy luggage, our stay on the Faroe Islands was not of too a good start.

    In the morning, a heavy misty fog had rolled in and could not see very far so the Faroes were failing to impress us yet. However, we started to explore, and this place is AMAZING!! I have never seen countryside like this. Brilliant green grass covered mountains, waterfalls everywhere, plenty of rocks but NO trees anywhere (except a few in the villages). We travelled out to the north eastern islands today which meant travelling under the sea through a sea tunnel and through several long tunnels, some of which are only single lane tunnels with areas to drive into if you met oncoming traffic. These roads were pretty freaky. The villages are so idyllic, the scenery fantastic, this place is beautiful. Unfortunately, the heavy misty fog rolled in again so we couldn't appreciate fully some of the areas we went to, so we called it a day and hoped the weather would be better tomorrow.
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  • Day30

    Where - Faroe Islands
    Weather - mostly cloudy / part sunny - around 20°C
    Distance - 200km Steps - about a million (not really, but it was about 20000, 12 km and 90 storeys climbed)

    Today was a much better day weather wise and we saw some of the most incredible scenery. We drove to a beautiful village where a waterfall tumbles into the ocean, overlooking some spectacular rocky crags rising out of the ocean...it looked wonderful.

    We were following routes on the tourist map called the Buttercup Drives as these were the ones that were most scenic. However, I think buttercup may be code for treacherous skinny one lane roads that may or may not be sealed. The reward at the end though was usually worth it with picturesque villages offering stunning vistas. It seems that it doesnt matter how small the village, there was always a church.

    Farming practices here see like very hard work. At one of these secluded villages there were a couple of farmers who are cutting the grass by hand (scythe I think), raking it up and collecting in large bags, rolling them down the hill and loading them into the Toyota. I spoke with them to ask what they did with it. It is used for fodder to feed the sheep in winter. Not dried like hay, he said compressed so I imagine a bit like silage. The sheep have to be brought in for winter and they would have to do it on foot - too steep for motorbikes or horses. I'm not sure but I think the sheep have tracking devices around their necks, otherwise I don't know how the farmer would find them. The sheep are used for meat as there is no money in wool (about 2 Danish Kroner per kg or about 40c)

    We had a lovely 3 days on the Faroe Islands and found it a very interesting place. Very lush and green but that would be because it rains all the time. We catch the ferry to Iceland next for a seven day trip around the country. I imagine it may be quite similar to Faroe Islands.
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Faroe Islands, Färöer-Inseln, Faroëreilande, የፋሮ ደሴቶች, جزر فارو, Islles Feroe, Faro Adaları, Фарэрскія выспы, Фарьорски О-ви, ফ্যারও দ্বীপপুঞ্জ, Inizi Faero, Farska ostrva, Illes Fèroe, Faerské ostrovy, Ynysoedd Ffaröe, Færøerne, Faroe ƒudomekpowo nutome, Νήσοι Φερόε, Ferooj, Islas Feroe, Fääri saared, Faroe uharteak, جزایر فارو, Färsaaret, Føroyar, Îles Féroé, Iles Fèroè, Oileáin Fharó, Illas Feroe, ફૅરો આઇલેન્ડ્સ, Farski Otoci, פרואר, איי, फरोए द्वीप, Färöer, Feröer-szigetek, Insulas Feroe, Kepulauan Faroe, Færeyjar, Isole Faroe, フェロー諸島, ფაროს კუნძულები, Фарер аралдары, Savalimmiut, ಫರೋ ದ್ವೀಪಗಳು, 페로제도, Giravên Faroe, Ynysow Faroe, Faeröer, Farerų salos, Fēru salas, Фарски Острови, ഫറോയി ദ്വീപുകള്‍, फरोए बेटे, Gżejjer Faroe, ဖာရိုး ကျွန်းစုများ, Færøyene, फारोर टापु, Færøyane, Illas Feròe, ଫାରୋଇ ଦ୍ବୀପପୁଞ୍ଜ, Wyspy Owcze, Ilhas Faroe, Inslas Feroe, Insulele Faroe, Фарерские о-ва, Fearsullot, ෆැරෝ දූපත්, Fersko otočje, Ishujt Faroe, Фарска острва, Färöarna, Visiwa vya Faroe, ஃபெரௌ தீவுகள், ఫారో దీవులు, หมู่เกาะฟาร์โร, የፋሮይ ደሴቶች, ʻOtumotu Felou, Faroe Adaları, Острови Фаро, فروئی آئلینڈز, Quần Đảo Faroe, Feroe nga Islas, 法罗群岛, i-Faroe Islands

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