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  • Day28

    LA - part 1

    May 1, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 13 °C

    We left Santa Barbara by train and made our way to sunny LA. We managed to navigate our way to the bus stop and follow the directions our Air bnb hosts had sent us. We did good, we got off at the right stop and there was David kindly waiting for us. He decided to drive us up the hill because he didn't want us to carry our backpacks up it, which was a very nice and an unexpected surprise. This was Aidens first time doing Air bnb and my first time staying in someone's house with them, so we both didn't know what to expect. And the result is...we are right jammy bastards!!! You should all be extremely jealous of us and hate our guts, because we are living the dream!
    Finally we are living a bit healthier, we did our first supermarket shop... But then went and treated ourselves to a doughnut and ice cream. We can't go without the bad food cold turkey! After a very nice uninterrupted sleep, we had our first day in LA, and did nothing. It was heaven, we had a lazy day and did our washing (a very happy moment and we had managed to make our sparce amount of clothes last 3 weeks, yep, gross). David mentioned there was a few events happening at his uni so we decided to go to an open mic night. Not quite what we expected. We turned up and found ourselves sitting in a very overpriced café on campus, sitting amongst a bunch of 19 year olds, and tried desperately to blend in. The stand up comedy turned out to be an amateur university club and it was their first ever night, and most of it was dreadful!!! So dreadful it was funny. There was one girl that went up though, called Kylie, who was hilarious. Wouldn't be surprised if she's a famous name around the comedy circuit one day. The most funny part of the night though was the surreal experience of sitting with a bunch of children, who are technically adults, and trying desperately to look 7-10 years younger, and hope we weren't caught out...I think we went relatively undetected.
    Thursday we decided to be the ultimate tourists and went to Hollywood boulevard to see the walk of fame, the Hollywood sign and the theatres where the movie stars walk the red carpet to Premier movies. It was all pretty commercial and a day reminiscent of Skegness/Felixstowe beach, but it was nice to walk dangerously face down along the pavement to spot out favourite stars on the floor - cue awkwardly touristy photos. We did see a famous personality, but it wasn't who we initially thought it was - we need to get out more. We were convinced this lady bring interviewed was Cindi Lauper, she was having her star installed onto the walk. We couldn't see her because this old man would not move out of the way. Turns out the woman was actually Barbara Bain (we dont know either) and the old man was none other than Dick Van Dyke....hilarious! Another bus later we were walking through Rodeo drive in Beverly Hills and looking at all the shops we couldn't afford or dare to walk in. Beverley Hills is an odd place. 10 miles from a Poverty stricken central LA, it is a clean, ludicrously wealthy area where even the homes have an armed response and the taxis are blue....yes, blue!!! We took a walk into the hills to view the beautiful homes of the wealthy foreign investors, musicians, actors and other lucky bastards. They were stunning, and all very different, which was refreshing. When we got home we found out Taylor Swift had been lunching on a street 2 blocks from where we were having lunch...gutted!!
    Yesterday we took a bus ride to the affluent area of Pasedena to have a walk around Old Town, see City Hall, shop for much needed clothes and of course...get a photo outside the Cheesecake Factory - we are 'Big Bang' fans. Then we got an absolute treat from the Air bnb hosts. They started by taking us down town to China town and Little Tokyo, then the first ever Street built in LA ( think it was called Arabela) the market was pretty good for souvenirs but we had to rush to meet David back at the car, so no presents of puppets and wrestling masks - sorry guys. David and Myanna then took us to LAs currently number 1 ranked trendy restaurant B S Taco, and treated us to some very yummy tacos. And then took us to a trendy rooftop bar to watch sunset over the city of LA with cocktails. This was pretty trendy and a bit surreal for us - especially since we hadn't opened our wallets yet despite our insistence. They are going to get a VERY nice leaving present. You can all continue to be jealous of our Air bnb experience!!!
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