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  • Day30

    LA part 2

    May 3, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    Hello it's my turn to write again (Aiden), thought I would do it as Sarah is attempting to zip her ruckack shut in preparation for Fiji! I'll let you know how it goes....
    Saturday saw a return to our usual habits, sleeping until 10.30am, eating and reading all afternoon, this travelling malarkey is really hard work sometimes ☺. We then headed back to Hollywood in order to catch a shuttle up to the Griffith Observatory. This was the largest telescope in the world until the mid 20th century and is now a centre of astronomy education along with having a large planetarium, I owe Sarah big after letting me drag her round here all evening. We ended up with a great sunset view of LA and the Hollywood sign as well as getting a nice view of a distant star cluster and Jupiter along with 3 moons. Sarah had to drag me away from the telescope so we could run and beat all of the Chinese to the last shuttle of the night, white men can't run, but we can run faster than our Asian friends! The next day saw us return to the beautiful Pasedena to buy some more clothes and books along with having a date at the Cheesecake Factory. Sarah's mushroom burger and my veggie burger were absolutely delicious but both dwarfed by the Oreo cheesecake we shared - yes me and my lactose intolerant girlfriend shared an Oreo cheesecake, this allergy confuses me too! We spent the evening drinking our host's alcohol and chatting American politics and Trump TV.
    This couple are genuinely lovely and would whole heartedly recommend looking them up on Air bnb. Myanna particularly has an interesting blog on global energy consumption which is an interesting listen, 250,000 hits so far! The weather is now starting to get really hot so the next day saw us lazing about, taking one trip to fetch the next book in a series that Sarah is reading and generally just chilling out and eating healthy salads.....
    LA has been an unexpected highlight for me, just proving that staying in a nice area and with great company is the key to getting more enjoyment out of a trip like this. Having previously visited this city and stayed in the slums and not branched out, I can tell people who say that LA is a dingy place, need to evaluate where they are staying and where they visit - needn't bother with areas such as Venice beach. We have had a lovely stay and a nice break from the mad dash that was our first month! We are now heading off to what is a roasting Fiji for 12 days, the WiFi will be dodgey so apologies if communication is a bit rare, but if you're a member of my family - pretty much the same old! Love and miss you all xxxx
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