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  • Day73


    June 15, 2016 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 8 °C

    My expectations were not great for skiing at the Cordrona resort, however, thanks to a few heavy snowfalls the previous week, we were rewarded with open pistes and no queues! Having been skiing countless times in the French/Italian Alps it was nice to experience another area. Saying that, the size of the resort was not a spot on the likes of Les Contamines, however, skiing with Sarah made it one of the most enjoyable. For someone who only had three days experience, sarah was extremely competent and in no time was tackling some icey blue slopes. The only slip up being when commander Brown believed we were following a green slope which in fact turned out to be a tricky red...oops. Sarah did however traverse and even turn down it magnificently. Having been thrust into a similar situation years ago, I can say she outperformed me like the All Blacks outperform Mansfield Paviors. It was here that we also picked up our first ever hitch hiker, the less said about him the better. He was a man who when describing his travels to us used the phrase 'I lived in Vietnam for 2 month's', he himself was lucky not to be taking his own little detour off-piste soon after that remark. We then proceeded to aprez ski at a trendy bar in Wanaka, needless to say we got off our rocker on 3 dollar cokes. We have grown fond of Wanaka, it is a very small town but possesses a lot of character-without the crowds. We spent our next day just relaxing next to lake Wanaka, skilfully skimming stones and even more skilfully eating peanut butter and jam sandwiches. After a night watching 'A Winters Tale' (utter garbage), Sarah received the news that her grandfather Sam had died at home. So our day travelling to Queenstown has been spent talking to family and remembering an absolute gentleman. Having met him several times in the past couple of years I can honestly say he was a force for good in the blink of an eye that is our existence and will truly be missed by friends and family. On a different subject, Queenstown has a second hand book shop specialising in sci if and fantasy - jackpot! Also, as a town it seems to have an energetic atmosphere with lots of drinking establishments. However, i can't help but feel like Wanaka was a nicer area. We are currently sitting in Macca D's, taking advantage of their free Wi-Fi in order to talk to family and receive updates about her grandad. Tomorrow Holly is joining us as she fly's down from Auckland and will spend a few days with us before our time in NZ draws to an emotional close.Read more

    Yo chaps. Looks like you're having a great time 😄 cheers. From Paul F