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  • Day40

    Some days are simply meant for playing

    May 18 in Fiji ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Today was a day of play for big and small! Guido kitesurfing, Quinten finding and painting shells with the kidsclub. Julius building a crabhouse with his friend Riley for the hermit crabs, Lucia had her first slide experience on Quinten's lap and a dance with dad. Mum had a massage (lovely mothers'day present!). We've all been swimming, can't get enouh of that! To finish the day Guido and me played a fun game of volleyball; Fiji vs The rest of the world!Read more

    Ab Van de Kraats

    Wat schattig zeg, die twee!

    Ab Van de Kraats

    Daddy wordt ook nog eens heel soepel in de heupen met zo'n dansende dochter!

    Janine Sikkens

    haha! dat is mooi meegenomen!

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  • Day28

    Bula Fiji!

    May 6 in Fiji ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

    Bula! Today we flew to Fiji! Now we know where paradise is 🏝🏝🏝... What a gorgeous place and friendly welcome by the local people.

    It was Lucia's first flight and she did amazing during the 3 hrs we were in the air. We even watched a movie 🤗😂👶. The kids are beyond exitement about Fiji so far, Julius said: 'mum, I want you to know this feels really good!'

    For our first dinner we had some fresh fish, yum 😋 whilst having our feet in the sand. Keep you posted from paradise 🗺
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    h berkhof


    Cora Sikkens

    Zo netjes aan de tafel !

    Cora Sikkens

    Die kleine doet maar met alles mee!

    Janine Sikkens

    ja, die wil alles wat wij doen en eten 😂

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  • Day48

    Lautoka, Fiji

    March 11, 2020 in Fiji ⋅ 🌧 82 °F

    Lautoka is our last stop in Fiji. It is the “sugar city” as that is it’s primary industry.

    It was pouring rain this morning. Jeff and I booked a tour that had several stops, but the best was the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. This was an orchid garden that simply took our breaths away.Read more

  • Day47

    Savusavu, Fiji

    March 10, 2020 in Fiji ⋅ 🌧 82 °F

    Another unscheduled stop for us, and it turned out to be one of our favorites. This is an “off the beaten path” island. Lush, green, craggy mountains surround the beautiful, calm bay.
    The flora along the quiet roadside is vibrant and colorful, the people greet us with huge smiles and cry out “bula” as a welcome. We would even hear people say it from inside their houses as we walked by.

    Jeff and I decided to be on our own today. We took a taxi a few miles to a beach and snorkeled and swam for a couple of hours. It was sunny and gorgeous out, with big, puffy clouds and crystal clear waters. We saw some nice coral and lots of colorful fish. We like to just hang in the water over a rock complex for quite a while. After a bit, the action starts to happen and all the fish come out, zipping around like people in town going about their business. Jeff and I agreed that our favorite fish are the brilliant cobalt blue fish that are about
    2” long and their gloriously turquoise counterparts
    that are just a little smaller. The colors and patterning of the fish are magnificent and it’s hard to tear yourself away from such special world.

    After soaking up the quiet beauty of, basically, our own private beach, we decided to walk back to town along the quiet road to catch the tender back to the ship. This was just great until it started to rain. One thing that we’ve learned is that rain in the tropics is like no rain we have known. You can see it coming from a distance and it comes down in buckets! We were able to wait it out in a cute bus stop shelter and got back to the ship tired and happy and just a little wet.

    One more stop in Fiji tomorrow before continuing on.
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  • Day46

    Suva, Fiji

    March 9, 2020 in Fiji ⋅ 🌧 81 °F

    After crossing the International Date Line, we lost Saturday, so that means we had an alcohol-free, fasting day!! Woohoo!!

    Today we are in Suva, Fiji, an unscheduled stop for us since we are dodging the Coronavirus and this was an island that would let us visit. It is certainly becoming more challenging each day.
    I’m sure we will need to make some sort of a decision soon about whether or not to continue our cruise.

    We did have a nice, but rainy day here in Fiji as this is the start of their rainy season. We visited a spice farm which was quite interesting. I know I take for granted the packaged spices I buy, never thinking back to the actual plant that they came from. The Fijians did a Kava welcoming ceremony, served lunch that was cooked in an underground oven, toured us through the spice trees and bushes, and shared their traditional dance and stories. They are a warrior culture, often fighting other tribes on their own island. They were also a cannibalistic culture, sometimes killing and then eating their enemies.

    Suva is a large, bustling city with modern stores and people and vehicles everywhere! The fruit and vegetable market was one of the prettiest and cleanest we’ve ever seen. Hundreds of watermelons, peppers, taro, eggplant, tomatoes, coconuts and long beans were all on beautiful display. The vendors were full of smiles and saying “bula” as a greeting.

    Many of the men here where a type of wrap-around skirt with a formal shirt and sandals.
    It was an interesting stop and a nice contrast to a very small town we’ll visit tomorrow on a neighboring island.
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    Cheryl Hassan

    We are anxiously following you as so many ports have turned ships away. Too bad you had to fast from Pisco on Saturday!!

    Franz Rosenboom

    Enjoy the time! Mr. Trump has made the decision as to when I can come back. So I have to wait....

  • Day828

    Ab ins Paradies - it's Fiji Time

    February 26, 2020 in Fiji ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Nach 3 Stunden Flug, schlägt die Uhr für uns die kommenden 19 Tage 'Fiji Time'.

    Tobis Kindheitstraum geht endlich in Erfüllung und wir sind super gespannt, was uns erwartet.

    Mit dem ersten Schritt aus dem Flugzeug rannten wir gegen eine von 90% Luftfeuchtigkeit geschwängerte Wand, die uns kurz den Atmen nahm - was für Klimawandel 😉. In der Früh trug Andrea noch eine lange Hose und Pulli, weil es in Christchurch kalt war und nun haben wir 32 Grad, Sonne pur und leben dauerhaft in einer Sauna.

    Begrüßt wurden wir mit einem musikalischen Empfangskomitee Einheimischer. Sie spielten mit Okulele, Gitarre, klatschten in die Hände, sangen und haben mit einem lauten 'Bula' uns willkommen geheißen. Was für ein toller Startschuss. Die Passkontrolle war sehr aufregend für uns - nach einer Stunde langen Wartens und Registrierung der Drohne durften wir den Flughafen verlassen.

    Sava, ein Fidschianer, mit dem wir über Facebook in Kontakt getreten sind, holte uns ab, fuhr mit uns zu seinem Haus und organisierte für uns eine 11 Tage Insel Tour, an der Westküste der 'Yasawa Groups'. Wir lernten seine Familie kennen, schliefen und aßen dort für $30. Er führt ein sehr einfaches, jedoch glückliches Leben und lehrte uns einiges aus seiner Kultur.

    Die ersten 3 Nächte sind auf der Insel Mana geplant, wo wir in dem Ratu Kini Backpackers and Dive Resort übernachten.

    Auch hier wurden wir nach einer 50 minütigen Bootsüberfahrt mit einer tollen Gesangseinlage und einem lauten 'Bula' in Empfang genommen. Die Insel ist traumhaft schön und das Wasser hat Badewannenniveau, unvorstellbar nach 9 Monate kaltem Meereswasser in Neuseeland.

    Pünktlich zum Abendessen ging die Sonne um 18.30Uhr unter und tauchte den Himmel in wunderschöne Farben. Es gab ein traditionelles Essen: Fisch, Hähnchen, Spinat in 🥥-milch, Taro, Süßkartoffel, Salat und Melone - das war super lecker.

    Im Anschluss stand 'Kava' an, ebenfalls eine Tradition auf Fidschi.
    Aus Pflanzenbestandteilen (meist getrocknet und pulverisiert) wird ein traditionelles Getränk hergestellt, das vor allem als Zeremonialgetränk bei religiösen und kulturellen Anlässen konsumiert wird. Es schmeckte gewöhnungsbedürftig, so wie es aussah, nach Schlammbrühe. Es soll eine nakotisierende Wirkung und ein Taubheitsgefühl im Mund hervorrufen. Im Koma lagen wir nicht, allerdings fühlten wir eine kurzweilige Taubheit. 😁 Wir unterhielten uns währenddessen mit anderen Reisenden und gingen anschließend ins Bett.

    Wir sind gespannt, was uns die nächsten Tage erwartet, ob wir uns an den Wetterumschwung und das Schwitzen gewöhnen werden. ☺
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    Daniel Biermann

    Genial! Bin gespannt was die kommende Zeit bei Euch passiert. Genießt die Zeit !

    Andy Taubmann

    Ein wirklicher Traum

    Claudia Rüppel


    Claudia Rüppel


  • Day105

    Preparing for Australia

    February 19, 2020 in Fiji ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    We stayed in bed long this morning. Our stomachs were not too happy for already a while. So we decided to take it slow with food now that we actually could decide the eating times ourselves and had to pay for it by choice of meal rather than for a daily package. After a late breakfast and Susanne being addicted to a book, it was time to face reality. In less than 24 hours we were gonna be in Melbourne and apart from the first 4 nights, we had nothing booked and no real plan on what to do and how. Panic set in, especially when we realised that no matter how we looked at it, it was gonna be more expensive than our daily budget.

    We researched anyways and got a global idea of what we wanted to see in the coming 7 weeks. Currently that means 3 weeks for the route Melbourne - Great Ocean Road - Adelaide - Ayers Rock - Alice Springs, then a magic transfer to Broome or Perth and then another 3 weeks for the route Perth - Broome or Broome - Perth. We haven't decided yet nor booked anything. So we'll see in the next days what we end up with. We had a late small dinner at the hostel restaurant, packed our big backpacks again and got ready for our early flight tomorrow.
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    Suzanne Schönbeck

    Yayy Melbourne fun!

    Lida Schönbeck

    Is that you Machiel, climbing in de palm tree?

    Martijn van Brink

    So, strictly between us, how did you like it? 😉

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  • Day104

    Back to Nadi

    February 18, 2020 in Fiji ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    An early alarm at 5:00 because we wanted to try and see the sunrise on the other side of the island. So we set of in the dark with our headlamp on. We heard it would take 40 minutes, but it only took us 20 minutes. There were a few other people on top of the hill, and the clouds had already turned red in places. Unfortunately there were also a lot of clouds on the horizon, so we weren't experiencing a true sunrise, but by now we're used to that. It was nonetheless nice enough to have a look at the island besides the resort, and also the islands around us.

    We'd leave Nacula Island today, but not before some more snorkeling in the nice reef in front of the resort. We spotted a couple of new fishes again: triggerfish and a kind of anemonefish. Also what we believe to be porcupine fish, but we're not really sure. And with that our relaxing time on the beautiful Yasawa Islands had come to an end.

    The boat picked us up around 1, and with our ordered lunch wraps to go we had to settle to spend the rest of the afternoon on the water until we'd reach Nadi. We were a bit worried about getting seasick, but it turned out alright. To pass the time we read books, and talked to people that we had met earlier at the island resorts. In Nadi the fancy bus took us back to the hostel area. There we spent a long time queueing to check in, but this time we were also smart to in the meantime buy water for the rest of our stay here. Our hostel room wasn't as good as the one we had last week, but it was alright.
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  • Day103

    Making a beach basket

    February 17, 2020 in Fiji ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

    The day started with our favorite breakfast - crepes with maple sirup. Yummy! After some digesting time it was time to try out our handcraft skills. We joined the free activity of basket weaving. We all got part of a coconut tree leaf, some very brief explanation - 'take every second one' - and there we went. We figured out the weaving part, but it was still a miracle on how to transform this flat part into a basket. Turns out it 'just' takes some braiding and a knife and there you go. Ready is your new beach basket. It wasn't all that simple though but with some help we got there. It was quite a lot of fun.

    With our new baskets we then made out way to two shaded sunbeds and went for some snorkeling again. We just don't get tired of it. This time we spotted some weird plants that looked like underwater versions of the land based meat eating plants. Sometimes it moved a bit as if it was breathing. We also spotted some interesting fish that looked like a mix of fish and jellyfish or so. We stayed in the water for quite long so when getting out we were really tired and ready for a nap. The night also gave us a great sunset sky.
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    Lida Schönbeck

    Nice workshop

  • Day102

    Going to church

    February 16, 2020 in Fiji ⋅ 🌬 30 °C

    Today was Sunday so we went to church. A boat took us to a beach near Nacula village, the largest on the island. Because it was Sunday, our boat was apparently not allowed to go to the beach at the village itself. Which was nice as it meant that after a small walk through the forest, we also walked through part of the village. Most houses were in poor condition, but everyone seemed to be happy. The church was quite big for how small the village was. And it was one out of three churches in this village. The service itself was a sweaty version of the church services we know except that we didn't understand much because of the language. We had secretly hoped the happy spirit of the Fijian volk would show through a bit more, but as it turns out that's more the case at one of the other two churches in the village.

    In the afternoon we went snorkeling once again. At one point we saw two rays on the ocean floor. Very cool. And again we saw plenty of colorful fish. It just seems like every time we spot some more cool fishes. We are still in the process of learning their names. So far we identified the Bluebanded Surgeonfish, Moorish Idol, several kinds of Butterflyfish, Bicolor Parrotfish and Bullethead Parrotfish. Susanne also spotted a lion fish, which we later found out can be venomous. Only when touching it though.

    Before dinner the staff performed some Fijian songs in a choir. Dinner was a la carte, and after that it was movie night. The people voted for Ford vs Ferrari, which Machiel was very happy about. It was an interesting experience to watch it on a canvas sheet hung up between palm trees, with the waves crashing right behind it. Susanne wasn't too interested and instead enjoyed the company of an Israelian couple who are on a similar trip as us.
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    Martijn van Brink

    It seems that you have really taken a liking to marmite 😲

    Susanne and Machiel

    It's amazing, right? You probably miss being able to eat it 😋

    Lida Schönbeck

    Sang gospels? Like they left the church.

    Susanne and Machiel

    No just normal singing


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