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Curious what backpackers do in Fiji? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • BULA!
    Right fae entering da airport we knew it wis going ta be great- greeted we live music as we came through arrivals. We hiv been a week in Fiji and don a mix o lots o things. Spent da first couple o days chilling oot by da pool and beach. We went on a boat trip ta Schooner Island, dis very relaxing. Also did some snorkeling in crystal clear water!

  • On Wednesday we joined da Feejee experience which took wis on a tour seeing da 'Real Fiji', it first took wis ta Robinson Crusue Island whar we spent a night, here dir wis fire dancing, games and beach time. We dan started a tour o da main island whar we went on a trek ta a waterfall and went swimming also met some o da local bairns which wis great fun, we visted da capital- Suva and went ta da market here, we spent time at a local village whar da fok did a traditional Kava ceremony and pit on a spread o dir local foods fur wis, we went bamboo rafting and ended up in da middle o a thunderstorm and lastly yisterday we visited mud pools. We toured aroond we a great bunch fae all ower da world.
    Da Fijians are so friendly and happy! It wis really good ta experience da beach life but also see da true Fiji culture.
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  • Cruise day 17 in Fiji

    Colo-I-Suva Forest Park provided us with a nice 1.2mile hike alongside a beautiful river stream and plenty of small waterfalls.

    Next was a visit to a traditional local village where I was privileged to be our tour chief, this meant I got the first taste the cava they prepared during the traditional cava ceremony. This is their custom to do when ever they welcome dignitaries to Fiji 🇫🇯.

    Cava is made from some pepper plant root powder mixed with water. To be honest it taste like a muddy water, not really what I will be ordering at the bar tonight. 😜
    They also entertained us with some Fijian fire dancing and food prepared in what they call an earth oven. The food was actually very good and tasteful, not bland like some other local dishes we we have had in places like Cuba and Mexico.

    Again everyone is so interested to know if I play rugby and the minute I say yes they want to take photos with me. They really love the game!

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  • I have never experienced a place where they love rugby as much as they do in Fiji 🇫🇯!

    The country is littered with bill boards with photos of the Fiji sevens team who won the gold medal at the Olympics. As they call them now the "Fiji Heroes".

    To prove how much they love rugby, take a look at the dive shops post on Facebook about me. Clay (Kiwi friend we made on the cruise) mention that I played for the springboks (he did not specifying which level 😜) and immediately I had celebrity status, everyone wanted to take a photo with me and after the dives they asked if the crew can take a photo with me for their Facebook page, i did not think they will really post it but they did, haha.

    They love God slightly more than rugby judging by the number of people you see with "Jesus" arm bands and bill boards with scripture next to the roads. Wonderful to see how a country can be so open about their faith in Christ.

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  • After the shark dive, Clay negotiated to go out again, this time with a bunch of Japanese models who tried snorkeling & diving. What a spectacle!! Roedolf went for a couple more dives but I chose to chill on this beautiful island. The ladies & I cracked ourselves for the athleticism of the models in their " let them eat glitter" tights attempting snorkelling. I snorkeled from the shore, the corals are very close, I spotted a sea snake, nasty yet intriguing!! I must admit I was a bit scared. Blessed to encounter Nemo once again.

    It's evident how the cyclone destroyed the coral, but they are doing a great job to restore it. They use wire triangles & squares to enhance the coral growth.

    The sun disappeared behind the clouds, I walked on the beach with Annie and Nicki to warm up a bit. The guys took longer than planned, but we got a bonus sunset from the water.

    Arrived back in Suva at 8.15pm. It was Great to wash of the saltiness after being out at sea since 8am.

    What an incredible day! I bargained on one afternoon dive given the arrival time of our ship, but we managed to do the 2 shark dives & spent the afternoon on an idyllic location. The day was topped with dinner with our new friends.
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  • The pride and sincere friendliness of the Fijians will stay with me forever, we visited a local village where they welcomed us with handmade flower lays and fresh watermelon. The Cava ceremony & fire dancing was an interesting experience.

    We browsed through town, amazed by the way they cut pineapple. I bought fresh Fiji coconut oil from the market to try & save my hair, from all the chlorine and seawater. Must be honest I am looking forward to a shower on land with "normal" fresh water.

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  • Bula (Hello) friends!! Another adventure which I can't describe adequately. The french say "incroiable" which means unforgettable. The thrill, emotion and beauty that I experienced today left me teary and overwhelmed. It was one of the best days of my life if not the best. I am so blessed to share this with my "celebrity" rugby husband (Everyone young and old big and small wants take pictures with him - I believe they confuse him with the side angle of Francois Louw LOL)

    I remember what a panicky diver I used to be and now I jump into the middle of the ocean with these giant creatures without thinking about it. We saw white tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, massive bullsharks and I loved the suckerfish. Oh and meeting nemo in the wild was magical.

    The Fiji 🇫🇯 Shark dive is definitely a must do! The very friendly dive crew have a passion for their environment and we learned so much from them & their culture whilst being on the boat.

    I am thankful that all our stars aligned so we experienced the Shark feed. Life works in incredible ways; We met Clay, a fabulous Kiwi guy, all thanks to Roedolf's beyond rugby t-shirt. He has been to Fiji many times before and knows the ropes so he sorted the dives for us, regardless of all the variables out of our control.

    The only thing that can make this better, is to be fortunate enough to have this all over again & visit beautiful Fiji again.

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  • You know you are in the right country when there is still a bible in the hotel room bedside drawer!!

  • Da es auf der Insel nur dieses eine Resort gibt muss man zu den 20€ für die Unterkunft (32 Betten Dorm) ein Essenspacket für weitere 40€ dazu buchen. Es war den Preis aber total wert, denn das Essen war unglaublich gut, morgens buffet, mittags und abends a la carte mit großer Auswahl. Generell war das Resort super schön.
    Die meisten machen hier das Inselhopping, das heisst das sie auf jeder Insel nur 2-3 Nächte bleiben und dann von einem Resort zum nächsten fahren. Ich war da anscheinend die große Ausnahme. Aber ich habe das aus guten Grund nicht gemacht, denn alle Inseln sind sich sehr ähnlich und überall macht man das Gleiche: sonnen,schwimmen,schnorcheln,lesen und essen. Da muss ich mir den Stress nicht antun immer wieder den Ort zu wechseln und zudem ist die Fähre sehr teuer.
    Wie schon gesagt macht man hier eigentlich die ganze Zeit das gleiche, daher kann ich alle Tage hier zusammen fassen. Ich habe die ganze Zeit das Lied von Eis und Feuer gelesen, bin viel geschwommen, jeden Tag geschnorchelt(daher habe ich jetzt einen ordentlichen Sonnenbrand auf dem Rücken) und habe einfach irgendwo gelegen und das Leben genossen. Besonders das schnorcheln war super, denn die Korallenriffe und unzähligen Fischarten vor der Insel waren atemberaubend. Hätte ich nur eine Wasserfeste Kamera gehabt..
    Da nur leider das Wetter schlechter wurde und die Gefahr eines Zyklon aufkam wurden für das Wochenende die Fähren gestrichen, daher mussten wir am Donnerstag(15.12) von der Insel runter und auf die Hauptinsel. Ich kann gar nicht beschreiben wie furchtbar die Überfahrt war, klatschnass und gequetscht saßen wir auf der Fähre bei einem Seegang, das kann man sich gar nicht vorstellen, ich glaube mir war noch nie in meinem Leben so schlecht. Jetzt sitze ich in Nadi im überfüllten Hostel. Da es ununterbrochen regnet und ich endlich wieder Internet habe, hatte ich jetzt die Zeit mal alle Einträge nachzuholen.
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  • 11 Stunden Flug und wie viel habe ich davon mit bekommen? Nicht viel,denn ich hatte zum Glück zwei Plätze für mich und habe bestimmt 7 Stunden geschlafen. Der Flug verlief also super, nur sind wir leider statt um 5:10 um 6:10 gelandet und meine Fähre ging um 8:30 am Port Denarau. Dazu kam dann noch, dass alles Ultra lange gedauert hat, sodass ich den shuttle zum Hafen verpasst habe. Also bin ich in ein Taxi gesprungen und der hat mich rechtzeitig zur Fähre gebracht. Nach weiteren 3 Stunden mit der Fähre bin ich endlich am Manta ray island resort angekommen. Da natürlich keine der über 20 kleinen Inseln eine Anlegestelle für die Fähre hat, hielt die Fähre jedesmal in der Nähe der Insel und kleine Boote kamen angefahren und man musste halb bei der Fahrt darauf springen.Natürlich gab es erstmal Mittagessen, ich bin dann vollgefuttert in eine Hängematte gefallen und erinnere mich nicht an den Rest des Tages.
    Funfact: aufgrund des Nachtfluges und der Überschreitung der Datumsgrenze bin ich am 8.12 los geflogen und am 10.12 gelandet
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Republic of Fiji, Fidschi, Fiji, Fidji, Figyi, ፊጂ, Fichi, فيجي, Fici, Фіджы, Фиджи, ফিজি, ཕི་ཇི།, Fidži, Fidzi nutome, Φίτζι, Fiĝioj, Fiyi, FidĪi, فیجی, Fijji, Viti, Fidj·i, Fidsí, Fìdi, Fixi, ફીજી, פיגי, फ़िजी, Fidzsi-szigetek, Ֆիջի, Fídjieyjar, Figi, フィジー, ფიჯი, ហ្វ៉ីហ្ស៉ី, ಫಿಜಿ, 피지, फिजी, Insulae Vitienses, Fidzi, ຟິຈິ, Fidžis, Fuji, Фиџи, ഫിജി, Fiġi, ဖီဂျီ, Bidji, ଫିଜି, Fidżi, فېجي, Figgi, Fiži, Fidyïi, ෆීජී, Fixhi, ஃபிஜி, ఫిజి, ฟิจิ, Piyi, Fisi, فىجى, Фіджі, فجی, Phi-gi, Ficiyuäns, Orílẹ́ède Fiji, 斐濟, i-Fiji