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  • Day76

    Our host's son thought he would light his first fire today to clear some farm land. The wind decided to pick up and the fire spread across half the island. We had to run up the hill with machetes and water buckets to prevent it reaching the village. The smoke was pretty bad so we had to retreat and hope it didn't reach the village.

    A couple of hours later we were able to rest and we were treated to a free lunch of noodles and kasava.Read more

  • Day146

    After New Zealand we spent 10 days relaxing on Fiji. Firstly we spent 5 nights on the island of Mana. Here we relaxed on the beaches and snorkelled. We had a boat trip to the island where castaway was filmed but unfortunately when we got there they were doing more filming so we weren't allowed to set foot on the island. Another day we visited cloud 9, which is a floating bar in the middle of the ocean - this was great fun. We made some great friends on this island and all the Fiji locals were great fun. The rest of the time was spent exploring the mainland but to be honest this didn't compare to the islands. Im afraid this will be the last blog post for a while as we now fly to Australia to work and earn some much needed cash!Read more

  • Day19

    Day 16

    Fiji is heaven. Honestly it's just paradise.

    Our flight was 10 1/2 hours and although the airline was brilliant and so lovely the seats were so uncomfortable. We didn't really sleep.

    We left L.A. on Monday September 11th and landed in Fiji Wednesday 13th September which was cool. It was so early we saw the sun come up when we landed! Walking into the customs part of the airport we were greeted by the singing and dancing and guitar playing of the locals. It was so wonderful!!! Our transfer to the hostel left without us which was a bit annoying but thankfully he did return and we were on our way to Smugglers cove! We couldn't check in because it was so early but we didn't mind as we could store our luggage. We grabbed a coffee and the best loungers on the beach and spent the morning snoozing and chilling in the sun. After a while we made more friends (amazing! Who knew we were so sociable!!!), this time it was a couple from New Zealand, Catherine and Brad. She was originally from Ireland and he, Devon. We had an absolute blast with them, we just swam and drank Fijian beer and chilled out in the sun.

    We wandered to the shop to get provisions for our island hopping that started the next day then showered and changed for dinner.

    Sadly dinner was a real disappointment. We ordered pretty sharpish, local fish soup for starters and fish for main, but everyone around us who ordered after got all their food first. Callum was all but flipping the table he was getting so hungry and after 45mins waiting for the starters I did eventually ask where our food was. It came out ten mins later and the starters were great but the mains were badly cooked and clearly not fresh fish. Needless to say when the bill came and no discount or compensation was offered I was not impressed. Callum persuaded me to go complain, he still hadn't really shaken his hulk-like green rage so I thought it was best that I did the talking. Didn't fancy trying to get him out of Fijian jail for a hunger related attack!!! Thankfully, if i learnt anything from the terrible customer service in America, it was that silence and a smile on my face whilst flatly refusing to cooperate worked well... We got a 10% discount and complimentary drinks. Not great, but better then a poke in the eye, as mum would say. We also got to watch the sunset which was just stunning, so not all doom and gloom! They did a traditional dancing entertainment piece that night too. There was hula dancing and fire dancing which was just incredible and definitely super dangerous. So food aside, it was a really lovely evening!

    Day 17

    We slept so well that night, and were up early for our transfer to the port. The queues were long and I was carrying my rucksack and both mine and Callum's large rucksacks to check onto the boat when it happened... I was VISCIOUSLY attacked by Callum's STUPID bag and it snapped the toenail of my big toe. I was VERY brave and didn't cry, but I was sad. Stupid bag.

    We got to South sea Island around 9.30. The island was stunning, so small that you can walk around it in 5 mins! We bagged the best loungers on the opposite side of the island from the day trippers and even had our own dorm room!!! Our window faced east, and we had a lovely breeze rolling in as all the windows here are open, but have bug netting over them. We spent the day on the beach, did a "submarine" boat trip (like a glass bottom boat but you sit in the glass bottom) and went kayaking. The day trippers left at 5 and there was only 8 of us on the island for the night!!! We ate dinner after watching the sunset and headed to bed. The room was so so wonderful and the pillows were the best pillows EVER! Day one on a Fijian Island over. Utter bliss.

    Day 18

    We were up at 6.45 and took our coffee out for a walk along the beach before breakfast. They rake the sand on the beach before people arrive so our footprints were the only ones on the beach. It was so beautiful. You just can't believe how blue the water is. When the sky is blue in England, and its a really hot day you can see how the spectrum of blue changes across the sky, that's what the sea looks like here.. like all the aqua and turquoise and sapphires you've ever seen are liquid. It's amazing. We left around 9.30 to catch the boat to our sailing trip, we started off an island about an hour from Southbeach. The crew were so fantastic, they sang to us and played guitar as we were given free champagne and told all about the islands around us - and we saw a turtle!! We got the the first island and Callum and I were the first to leap off the side of the boat and into the water. We mucked around with the GoPro in the sea and did some snorkelling before swimming to the island and walking around exploring. It's the island where they filmed Castaway, so we went hunting for iconic symbols from the movie and found the "Help me!" In coconuts!!! It was so much fun and SO beautiful! We swam back to the boat and had lunch on board before heading to a local island village. The tribe on the island performed a Kava ceremony and Callum was one of two guys from our boat who represented the boat as chief.. he had to drink a full bowl of kava and take part in the ceremony. He did really well! We didn't spend long on the Island, just browsed the village ladies stalls and visited the school where all the children (ALL of them...) insisted on giving us all high fives which was pretty cute. Then we headed back to the boat for more drinks and our trip back. Callum set about drinking the boat out of free beer and I nursed a half bottle of champagne on the gentle trip back. Suddenly there was a huge splash and we saw a whole school of dolphin swimming and jumping along next to us!!! It was incredible. There were even baby ones!

    We got back to the island for dinner and had a chilled evening drinking and looking at the stars before heading to bed. Amazing second day, and our last day on South sea.


    16 - Not much to add to Fi's comments. The plane was nice but highly uncomfortable to sleep on. Who knew!!

    Smugglers cover is nice except from the food and we even managed to make friends who were doing the same trip as us. But sadly in the opposite direction.

    17 - omg it is amazing out here so glad I have finally made it. Beautiful hardly captures what it is like here. South sea Island is just a little (literally) sliver of bliss/paradise and beauty, at least until the day trippers arrive and turn it into manic heaven, with their kids and photo taking. But they leave at the end of the day and that was really nice as we got to stay on our loungers and watch them leave 😁😁😁.

    18 - off on the day cruise we go. Free beer, unlimited free beer. Challange accepted 😄. Went to the island they filmed castaway on and had lots of fun, a really yummy lunch and then onto the village. I was a chief (obviously, they recognised my male dominance and level of authority/the amount of beers I had already consumed). We had the Kava ceremony, it tasted ok and made my tounge go a bit fizzy. Then popped into the school to high 5 all the children. Back on the boat and headed home. My cue to start chugging more beer.

    Had a lovely dinner again and then to bed ready to move to a new island in the morning.
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  • Day21

    Day 19

    We woke up and moved to the top bunk near the window to watch the sun come up. It was just utterly beautiful and we could hear the staff setting up for breakfast and laughing and joking with each other. One of the staff members called Moses had the most infectious laugh you have ever heard. You could help but smile whenever you heard it!

    We said our goodbyes after breakfast and headed to the boat to make our way to Waya Lai Lai (why-ya-lie-lie). It took about an hour and a half until the boat stopped in between two islands and we took the smallest little boat at about 40mph speeding towards the shore. We were welcomed to the island by the staff/locals who live here with singing and dancing and shown to our room. Because we are here out of season the islands are so quiet, it's wonderful. We have a whole room to ourselves - complete with veranda and an ensuite!!! It's amazing! After lunch we wandered down to the beach and did some snorkelling and chilled in the hammock. There were a couple of people that we knew from Southsea (Judith and Dom - Dom is incidently Freddie's doppelganger and only 4 days older then Henry!) who are travelling a day ahead of us, so we spent some time catching up with them and in the early afternoon I went with Judith and the local women to their village and we sat with them and made shell bracelets and drank fresh coconut water from green coconuts. It was the most traditional "tropical-holiday" moment so far!! We had dinner and watched the sunset.

    Day 20
    Today was Sunday, so there are no organised activities. We had a very chilled day on the beach hammocks, sunbathing and listening to music. In the evening before dinner the resort put on a proper kava ceremony for us and explained all about the traditional artefacts that they had on show. In Fiji most islands are experts in one particular craft, the lady who ran our resort came from an island where her father was the best wood worker in all of Fiji. She showed us a beautiful traditional club he had made and explained that historically Fijians were canabals. Ew. She also showed us the stunning mats that had been made by the wayalailai women. They are all weaved by hand from banana leaves! In traditional Fijian weddings the mothers of the bride and groom have to collect as many mats as possible for the wedding to spread out around the ceremony. We had dinner and went to bed as we had an early start the next day....

    Day 21
    We got up at five to do the hike up to the highest point on wayalailai to watch the sunrise. It was an hour hike straight up through some pretty tough rocky terrain and we were seriously sweaty by the time we reached the top!! It was so worth it though. The sunrise was was so stunning and we could see for miles. It was a pretty awesome moment, watching the horizon turn from pink to orange to gold. We are so lucky to have seen it. The sun looks so huge here too. It's amazing.

    It only took us 15mins to get back down the mountain and we grabbed a swift breakfast before heading off to go swimming with the sharks! The tour guides kept swimming down and encouraging the sharks up to the surface so they would swim among us. They weren't huge, the biggest was maybe a meter and a half, but they still look pretty scary when they are heading straight at you! Apparently you can upgrade your shark experience to free swimming with bullsharks. We didn't do that because we don't have a death wish.

    We caught the boat to our next island, white sandy beach. We had heard some bad things about this Island, but we're determined to put on a brave face..

    There is one redeeming feature here and its the ability to go swimming with mantarays, which we did when we arrived. We saw three and they were just incredible. I hadn't realised how HUGE they are!!! There was a black one, a grey/blue one and a white one. We must have spent a good half hour in the water with them. They came so close I could've reached out to touch them! It was a day full of incredible activities. White sandy beach is an experience in itself...

    Day 22
    You all know I can be a bit snobby, but I've thought that the accommodation we have had here has been pretty good. Yes, its very basic and a bit dirty in places. We haven't had hot water since we arrived and I've shared the bathroom with a lot of creepy crawlies but this place is something else...

    The food is utterly inedible, I'm writing this on the evening of our second day and I haven't eaten anything yet (probably no bad thing after all the food we ate in the states!), the beach is dirty and the rooms are awful... It says a lot about a place when you won't shower for fear of getting dirtier... We have both been ill despite the fact that we've used an entire tub of antibacterial hand sanitizer.

    To sum it up... sitting in the hammock earlier, being eaten alive by ants and dealing with hideous stomach cramps, the son of one of the staff members got up on the wooden shacks used to house the snorkelling equipment and took a pee over the edge onto the beach....

    It's put a bit dampner on the trip here to be honest... fingers crossed the resort tomorrow is better!!!!


    19 - woke up and watched the sun rise. Had a tasty breakfast then jumped on the boat to Waya Lia lia.
    This resort was just as beautiful as the last. We had a little welcome party. Which included the locals and also Dom and Jude from South sea resort who are travelling a day ahead of us.

    Spent the day chillaxing on the beach and had a tasty dinner of curry.

    20 - today was Sunday so nothing happens. Whole day spent on the beach in a hammock and a bit of swimming.

    21 - this was going to be a busy day. Up at 5 to climb a mountain to watch the sun rise (all Fiona's idea). It was beautiful at the top just bloody early to do a hike.
    A quick breakfast and then off on the boat to swim with sharks. This was awsome, they were only small but it was cool to see them and the Fiji boys diving down and bringing then to the surface.

    Then it was back to the island a quick check out and then back onto the boat to move onto White Sandy Beach Resort.

    We had already heard negative things about this resort but were determined to have an open mind about it.

    We got off the boat and into the little speed boat to take us to the island. The boat couldn't take us to the shore as the tide was low so we had to walk over the rocks to get to the beach.

    We checked into a less than clean dorm room and had an unappetizing lunch. But then headed off to swim with the mantarays which was amazing. They are massive and swam so close to us. Definitely the only reason to go to White Sandy.

    Dinner was an interesting affair. We had vegetable soup (hot water with some cabbage floating in it), followed but a mound of rice some veg covered in oil and some chicken nuckles (I say this because it was all bone and no meat).

    I had decided to get drunk so didn't much mind not eating.

    22 - woke up with a banging headache and feeling very hung over, so decided to spend the morning in bed to sleep it off. Which was a good idea as it meant I didn't have to see the filth they served us for breakfast. It also meant I used up a lot of the day sleeping, which is what I spent the rest of the day doing as there was nothing else to do on the island, you couldn't even swim in the sea because of how shallow and rocky it was around the island.

    We made it through day two and had another disappointing but at least edible dinner.
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  • Day1

    Hallo zusammen, oder wie man hier so schön sagt, Bula.

    Nun bin ich endlich auf den Fiji Inseln angekommen. Doch bis dahin war es ein langer Weg.

    Am 17.08.2017 ging es morgens um 4:30 Uhr los Richtung Flughafen Frankfurt a. M. Dort startete mein Flieger um 11:15 Uhr über Abu Dhabi und Melbourne nach Nadi. Bis Melbourne lief alles nach Plan, doch dort hatte der Anschlussflug leider Verspätung. D.h. ich durfte statt den normalen 5 Stunden Aufenthalt 8 Stunden warten.

    Insgesamt war ich dann von dem Punkt an, an welchem ich morgens das Haus verlassen habe bis Nadi, ca.43 Stunden unterwegs.

    Leute ich kann Euch sagen, das ist echt lange...

    Meine Unterkunft, das Nadi Bay Hotel in Nadi, war sehr schlicht und ich habe in einem 9-Bettenzimmer geschlafen. Zum Glück waren wir allerdings nur zu zweit. Gesellschaft leistete mir eine nette Engländerin.
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  • Day2

    Am nächsten morgen nach dem Frühstück, welches ausschließlich aus Toast bestand, da der Rest nicht im Paket dabei war, ging es weiter mit dem Bus zu dem Hafen Denarau und von dort aus mit dem Katamaran ca. 3 Stunden bis zu der Insel Barfoot Manta.

    Auf dieser Fahrt lernte ich das nette Pärchen Joe & Rachel aus der UK und Karen aus Deutschland kennen. Joe & Rachel sind auf der selben Insel wie ich und daher mache ich immer wieder etwas mit ihnen :)

    Doch nun zurück zum Katamaran. Dieser konnte uns nicht direkt bis zur Insel bringen, weshalb wir auf dem Meer auf ein kleineres Boot umsteigen mussten. Am Strand wartete schon ein Bewohner und begrüßte uns mit Gesang und Gitarrenklängen.
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  • Day2

    Leider regnete es immer wieder leicht und deshalb wollte ich nicht ins Wasser. Stattdessen machte ich mit Birgit, welche über die selbe Person gebucht hat wie ich, Fotos.

    Man könnte wirklich jedes Foto auf Leinwand drucken, da die Umgebung so atemberaubend ist.

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