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Curious what backpackers do in Finland? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day1

    Design is a huge part of the local culture, and with the sunny season finally starting, it is quite common to walk past markets, pop up stores and booths.

    Today we checked out the one day event "Design District Market" at Diana-puisto.

    Fashion, jewellery, design items, art and much more for sale from the members of Design District Helsinki.

    If you have missed out on it, but still want to have a look at their stores, both online and brick and mortar, here's a list:

    Miia Magia Design
    Sakari Sauso Oy / Sauso Helsinki
    Handmade by Micas
    MORI Collective
    Luo Collective
    Madeby Helsinki
    Galleria Mafka&Alakoski
    Uploud Audio
    CraftCorner Helsinki / Knitworks
    Harakanpesä Shop - Finnish Design for Kids and Grown-ups
    Common, Helsinki

    I am really happy with the earrings and necklace I have purchased from MORI Collective <3
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  • Day1

    What a beautiful sunny day! People might think Finland is all snow and darkness, but we do in fact get a beautiful sunny season too!

    Roihuvuoren Kirsikkapuisto is a park situated in the East of Helsinki and this was my first visit. The official event for the Cherry Blossoms is on Sunday, with a picnic, dances and an introduction to the Japanese culture.

    As I am not able to go on Sunday, I figured I would drop by anyway on Saturday and it was the best idea! It was not crowded as much as on an event day and the blossoms were beautiful!

    Definitely a great find :)
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  • Day33

    Exploring some of the 1952 Olympic venues today, among other sites.

  • Day29

    As I wait to disembark from the ferry, I have a quiet moment to think about the pleasures of visiting friends in far away places. The friends we visited the past days are contemporaries of our sons. We once knew them as teenagers who lived or hung out in our homes. It is satisfying to visit with them and their families, in their homes. Some are the age now that we were when we first meet them. Easy for us to think about, hard for them, because we were "so old" when we meet.

    Love, Rissa
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  • Day29

    1st picture: The sky as we went to bed at 9:30 last night on the ferry to Helsinki.

    Picture 2: Statue of Czar Alexander ll, when Finland was a Duchy of Russia. The current Independent Finland came into being in 1917.

    Picture 3: Seal fountain seen on the way to harbor tour boat.

    Pictures from the boat tour:
    Kingsgate built to commentate a Swedish king's visit when Finland was part of Sweden.
    Cannon emplacement. An outside swimming pool with people swimming in 53 degree weather. I hope the pool was heated!
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  • Day1

    Een prachtig zonnige vrijdag en een zaterdag met sneeuwstorm, waardoor onze boot niet wilde vertrekken.. Maar wat een prachtige stad! We zaten in een schattige airbnb studio die me erg deed denken aan mijn oude huisje in Utrecht ♡. We hebben ontzettend lekker gegeten in een Midden Oosten eettentje en door de vertraging van onze boot ook nog in een lief Nepalees restaurant. Oh en niet te vergeten de rendierburger, die heul lekker was. Helsinki is een erg dure stad, maar ontzettend de moeite waard, zeker als je van design (shoppen) houdt. Loved it.Read more

  • Day8

    This morning started with uncertain skies as we left early from our lodge to get some distance before the rain was scheduled to hit (all afternoon, according to weather reports).

    As it turns out, the rain shower was more of a momentary drizzle, but after having our lunch on the roadside we took the opportunity to warm up and dry off in a Sami cafe 10km further on (50 cent for coffee and a doughnut!)

    After that, the sun broke again and we sailed though the last 40 km without much incident, even though by today our joints were aching and bums were increasingly sore.

    As it happens, the only available accommodation was a cabin with it's own sauna. When in Finland..!
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  • Day8

    Following a moment of inspiration, yesterday (, for a change) we have opted to take a rest day and take ourselves (and our bikes) to Tornio by coach.

    This means we skip some of the Finnish-lapland wilderness (very pretty, but also a bit repetitive) and get to the Swedish border and coastline two days earlier.

    Plus, with Simon developing 'cycling palsy' in his hand from all the hours of gripping handlebars and my knees feeling tender, it gives us a good chance to recover.

    It's a bit of a zig-zag, as we had to take a bus further into Finland before getting anotherback towarda Sweden, but we'll arrive in Tornio, fresh and cycle-free, by mid afternoon.
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  • Day6

    Our longest single day of riding yet...and possibly the best. The roads have evened out compared to Norway and, despite some fierce wind, the weather has stayed mild.

    We are both in the rhythm of cycling now, and got through the last of Norway easily enough. After stops in Finland at passport control and a restaurant (meatballs and mash with free, refillable coffee) we pushed on to Hetta, along some beautiful Road - the forests turned from bare branches to lush green and the wind dropped away, allowing us to free-wheel much of the last 27km

    We were expecting to arrive in a town without any accommodation, but we are now sitting in a log cabin, surrounded by forest and mild, dry weather.

    So, Finland is great so far! But tomorrow may be our first day of cycling in the rain. Stay tuned...
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Republic of Finland, Finnland, Finland, ፊንላንድ, Finlandia, فنلندا, ܦܝܢܠܢܕ, Finlandiya, Finnlånd, Фінляндыя, Финландия, Finilandi, ফিনল্যান্ড, ཕིན་ལན྄ཌ།, Finska, Finlàndia, Finsko, Fińskô, Финлянди, Y Ffindir, ཕིན་ལེནཌ, Finland nutome, Φινλανδία, Finnlando, Soome, فینلاند, Fenland, Suomi, Finlande, Finlân, An Fhionlainn, Suòmaidh, ફીનલેંડ, Finnlynn, Finlan, Pinilana, פינלנד, फ़िनलैण्ड, Fenlann, Finnország, Ֆինլանդիա, Pinlandia, Finlando, フィンランド共和国, ფინეთი, Ufini, Финляндия, Finlandi, ហ្វាំងឡង់, ಫಿನ್‌ಲ್ಯಾಂಡ್, 핀란드, Šuomi, Pow Finn, Finnia, Filandɛ, ຟິນແລນ, Suomija, Filande, Somija, Finlandy, Финска, ഫിന്‍ലാന്‍ഡ്, फिनलंड, Finlandja, ဖင်လန်, Pinrand, फिन्ल्याण्ड, Fînlande, ଫିନଲ୍ୟାଣ୍ଡ, Pinlandya, فېنلانډ, Finlândia, Finlanda, Suopma, Fëlânde, ෆින්ලන්තය, Fínsko, பின்லாந்து, ఫిన్లాండ్, Finlándia, Финланд, ฟินแลนด์, Finilani, Pinlan, فىنلاندىيە, Фінляндія, فن لینڈ, Phần Lan, Suomiyän, Finlandya, פינלאנד, Orílẹ́ède Filandi, 芬兰, i-Finland

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