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  • Day10


    May 18 in France

    Nachdem auf der gestrigen Fahrt der Keilriemen sich auf der Autobahn verabschiedet hat und wir ihn auf der Autobahn gewechselt haben. Sind wir im Nationalpark Camargue angekommen.
    Dort haben wir am Campingplatz ein Paar getroffen, das die gleiche Reise vor sich hat wie wir.
    Wir haben viele Flamingos und andere schöne Vögel gesehen. Die Landschaft dort ist sehr sumpfig, und daher gibt es dort leider sehr sehr sehr viele Mücken.
    Die Stadt Saint Marie-de-la-Maire ist ein nettes Örtchen mit weißen Häusern, wie in Griechenland.
    Abends war die Stadt voll mit Gypsis, da eine Hochzeit stattfindet.
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  • Day14


    May 22 in France

    Heute waren wir in Perpignan. Zu erst hat Moritz ein neues Fahrrad beim Decathlon bekommen, da sein altes den Geist aufgegeben hat. Somit können wir jetzt auch wieder radeln.
    Ein schönes Städtchen, aber nichts besonders.
    In einem Antiquitätenladen hat Moritz sich eine Pfeife als Souvenir gekauft.

  • Day4

    The start of the Camino. Tomorrow is a 17 mile walk mostly up hill and down the other side of the Pyrenees into Spain. I awoke this morning in Biarritz and found some breakfast...a croissant and an espresso, typical for here it seems but it worked. I made my way into the center of town and met up with two women from Denmark who were headed to the same place, joined them and made my way here around 1pm. So, St Jean Pied de amazing town. Lots of outdoor cafe’s. I went to the Pilgrim office, got my passport validated, checked into the municipal alberge, bought a walking stick and checked out the town. I had dinner tonight with my bunk mates from the Netherlands, Italy and France....a “pilgrims meal” which is a high protein inexpensive meal that is commonly served along the way. A shower next, organize my pack and to bed. Almost 9pm here. Thank you everyone for checking in! A special thanks to Damian Brockway for all his help with cameras and technical stuff!Read more

  • Day1


    May 4 in France

    Wake up late -> take a nap -> go out for a beer and walk around

    Trying to get in the new mindset of having no schedule and no obligations, but it’s not that easy! We are formatted to be busy and productive. We’ll need a few more beers to get there :)

  • Day4


    May 18 in France

    Changed plans for today as everything booked up by motorcycle fans coming to the Le Mans GP.
    Before we left Honfleur we had a last walk down to the harbour to eat Pain au Chocolat and drink our 4.80 euro a cup coffees! So it was at 11am before we set off to fill up with petrol where we met a group of English classic car owners. We were charged over £130 to fill up the tank at the automatic pump then some time next week we will get a refund of the difference between what it actually cost and £130 which I think is a rip off. I hear Asda UK are going to try the idea 😀
    Now we are in Alencon 85 miles from last nights stop. The centre of town is quite pretty but we found nearly everywhere closes early on a Friday which is weird. However we did find a nice market and a really good Algerian restaurant where we had a great meal.
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  • Day5

    A trip or a pilgrimage

    May 19 in France

    Today was a day of meeting pilgrims. This morning we met a couple of motorcyclists who had stayed at our hotel, I wrongly assumed they were on their way to the GP. They were heading back to Switzerland from Spain and hope to get home tonight. The lady was riding a BMW GS which is my favourite modern bike and the man was in a enduro KTM and will compete in his first long distance enduro later this year.
    Then at lunch time we deviated to a beautiful little village called St Catherine-de-Fierbois which is where Jeanne-d-Arc got her sword and we got a lovely meal at the Auberge Jeanne d Arc. As we were leaving we got chatting with a couple of cyclists who had cycled from Amsterdam and are heading for Santiago d Compostela in northern Spain following a route of pilgrims.
    When we arrived here at Chenay we met a man called Han walking past the hotel.... would you believe on the same pilgramage route as the cyclists!. He was so interesting to talk to that we joined him for dinner and discussed many things. It was another good day.
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  • Day7

    Saturday evening we stayed at the 3 pigeons at Chenay about 60 miles west of Limoges which was close to our friends Derek and Jan who we met on Sunday morning and joined them on a classic car club run to a park. Almost everyone in the run was English and two of the drivers were also musicians so out came an accordion and a hurdy gurdy.
    Here is a link to a short video of the English man playing accordion
    Here is a link to Brian explaining how the Hurdy Gurdy works
    Sunday night we stayed with Derek and Jan. We admired his classic car collection and then enjoyed a lovely barbecue. Whit Monday is national holiday so no trucks on French roads. The day started sunny so we asked the sat nav to take us to St Emilion in the heart of the Bordeaux wine region and over lunch checked for places not too far away because although warm it got overcast and threatened thunder in the afternoon We found a room in a old chateau vineyard where the owner insisted on moving his car out of the garage come wine store for us to park Blubelle. Finding a place to eat in a national holiday was tricky but we found a really nice pizzaria which also offered some of the nicest wine I have had in a long time.
    Tomorrow we should enter Spain.
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  • Day2

    Ready and excited :)

    May 19 in France

    After the longest trip for Leo to get to Corsica (cancelled flights + sleeping in 3 airports + bad rerouting), we're finally together and all prepared for our hike!

    We ran some last errands yesterday and are now ready for our bus to take us south for the trailhead of our 2 week journey across Corsica.

    Off we go!

  • Day8


    May 16 in France

    Nach kleinen Startschwierigkeiten (ein platter Fahrradreifen) haben wir eine circa 1 stündige Fahrradtour entlang der Côte d'Azur bis nach Nizza gemacht. Sehr schön. Zunächst hat uns die Stadt optisch nicht gefallen, da man vom Strand aus fast nur Hotels und Casinos sieht, doch auf den zweiten Blick ist vor allem die Altstadt sehr schön mit sehr vielen kleinen Geschäften. Wir sind über einen kleinen Kunstmarkt geschländert und haben uns die Altstadt angeschaut. Auf dem Rückweg hat dann auch noch das andere Fahrrad Probleme gemacht, trotzdem haben wir es zurück zum Bus geschafft.Read more

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