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Curious what backpackers do in France? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day36

    Wow lovely day for 'sailing', we don't obviously actually use the sails but as it is a yacht I suppose that is the correct term. So today we went further west then south then east. From l'aber wrac'h along towards the Le four lighthouse and being as this is JVK, we had to do it on the inside passage, and then south through the channel around point St Matieu, I will add photo. Then we crossed the Gullet of Brest going southeast to Camaret. The cats as you can see are happier but not relaxed about the engine. The final I should have taken on way into L'aber it is of Smiley on the bunker who greets you on your way into port, when we arrived however I was not smiling. 😁Read more

  • Day9

    Flew 14 hours overnight to land in Paris Wed morning about 7.30. Got to the hotel by about 10.30. The lady who picked us up for our hotel transfer told us about a gallery near the hotel. Seems that about 1913, a bloke with lots of money decided to but major artworks and build a house to hold them. The worrks include some from , Gris, Gaugauin, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Picasso and others. The whole place is amazing. We walked there and also had a scrumptious lunch in its little cafe. Having a little time left before our 6.00 pm meet and greet drinks, we walked to the Arch de Triomphe. After the drinks we asked the concierge to recommend and book us a restaurant. Probably a 20 minute walk with a beautiful meal of Rockling. Tomorrow morning it's the Eiffel Tower and at night it's the Moulin Rouge.Read more

  • Day10

    After breakfast, onto a coach for a tour of Paris. Turned out that today is a public holiday so very little traffic. A lot of people take the Friday off too and make it a long weekend - how very Aussie. Shops may not open on a public holiday here. If a shop is to open the staff must volunteer to work and will be paid double time. If there aren't enough staff, they don't open.
    The tour was excellent with the most interesting commentary from our guide. We had tickets to the Eiffel Tower for 11.30, and being a tour group, we got fast tracked past the queues. Hard to describe what it's like to be somewhere like that. The coach was to take us back to the hotel and then have free time. We elected to stay as there is a museum near the Tower - Musee du Quai Branly - which hosts a very large Australian section. The museum had a lovely cafe so we decided to have lunch before viewing the exhibition. One photo of the tower is taken from the cafe. We had to queue to get in - short staffed - in hot sun. This week has seen Summer arrive. We said we were happy to share a table, so we lunched with two delightful Parisienne ladies, one of whom spoke fluent English. Whoever you speak with here, one thing comes across very strongly - they are passionate about Paris, France, their history, everything. After lunch we did a quick look at the Aussie section then down to the River Seine for a one hour boat cruise. Paris and the Seine are famous for its bridges and the cruise went under 22. It's a great way to see a different angle on the many landmarks around Paris.
    Evening saw us have dinner and show at the Moulin Rouge - spectacular!
    One photo shows couples ballroom dancing by the river.
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  • Day3

    Hot - 32 degrees this pm.

    Met Richard on his ICE trike. He's been adjusting his holiday plans after an unexpectedly hilly and wet first week. On his recommendation I had a four course lunch with cider and coffee at the place where we met. Worked well and gave me the energy to extend my ride to 85 miles. Max speed 33mph. Average 12.3. Likely to be a record day this holiday.

    Vitreous looked interesting but comprehensively shut, even McDonalds.

    Nice bunch of people clearing out the Office du Tourisme in Craon. Practised their English on me and took my photo with bike.
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  • Day5

    If every day could be like this...

    Stayed last night at a B&B; how far could I get on a bread and croissant breakfast?

    Thanks to a kindly breeze, my average speed was 13mph for the day. Delightful mid morning stop at Airvault to rehydrate and pick up stuff for lunch. More convenience stores than on previous days so provisions have been topped up.

    Beautiful and cheap €5.25 campsite by a river with frogs croaking for company.

    Soldiers on war memorials have been painted. Workers planting melons.
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  • Day7

    A leisurely start due to a "short" day. Visit to Rochechouart chateau with an exhibition of contemporary art. This mixed in with 16th century frescos and beautiful wooden floors.

    Classic 2cv in Brantome. Pretty doorway.
    33 degrees this pm. Weather due to break soon.

  • Day2

    Dry, sunny and warm although caught in a headwind all day. It took an hour to lose all the other cyclists from the ferry.

    Dipped the wheels in the sea after struggling down the beach - the tide was out.

    Not too much open on a Sunday but I managed to get a goats cheese baguette for my lunch - delicious!

    Fougeres busy with stalls and a nordic walking challenge - where this band was playing.

    Camping in Fougeres. Tea from Domino's Pizza.
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  • Day6

    Ascension Day - a 'jour de fete' -so only a few businesses open and just in the morning.

    Countless fields of poppies.
    Curious Limousin cattle.
    Man struggling to fit plants on his Harley Davidson.

    Staying at Camping de la Meteorite - this area hit by meteorites millions of years ago - in the rock formations.

  • Day11

    We're absolutely buggered - I don't think we've wasted a minute. The morning today was taken up with a tour to Montmartre, the area where many of the famous artists - eg Toulouse la Trec, Renoir - lived in the late 1800s. It is the highest point in Paris with the basilica, Sacre Cour, on the peak. Montmartre village is centred with a village square with shops and cafes all around. The centre is filled with cafes surrounded by artist stalls leaving a walkway between them and the shops - photo might show this. We wandered around and found a cafe with some room. We had coffee and a crepe - more food. We were taken up to the peak in a little tourist train. While waiting for the return trip down the hill, we watched the most amazing West Indian guys busking. They had the crowd singing and dancing with them - very entertaining.
    We didn't take the coach back to the hotel, choosing instead to take the Metro to take us to Luxemburg Palace and gardens and the Latin Quarter. We walked through this area, which is also the centre for research centres and universities, to another Metro line for the ride back. I think we reached the far side of Paris. The Metro is very user friendly and very efficient.
    After all our walking in the last few days, we went for dinner and went into the first Bistro we came to. Lovely food!
    Back to the hotel to pack for the morning. Our bags have to be outside our rooms by 7am. We will travel to Amsterdam by very fast train.
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