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  • This has to be the most beautiful island I have ever seen. It is the definition of a South Pacific Island. Maybe Bora Bora will be better but it will take some effort. We pulled in through a very small opening in the reef and settled into a bay with steep sheer green cliffs rising straight up. The land was so lush. We taxied over to a little hotel beach on the Tahiti side of the island and everyone agreed it was some of the best snorkeling anywhere. We had great weather all morning and then the rains came hard and socked the whole side of the island in. Not a big deal though as it is hot and the rain feels kind of good and it dries almost as soon as you step inside so it didn't do much to our mood since we were through snorkeling and needed to find a place to eat anyway. We ate the hotel and it wasn't near as expensive as some people make it out to be. It could have been that our expectations were so high that reality was better then our imaginations. We came back home are napping watching it rain. You can't even see those beautiful mountains that were so pretty when we came in.
    Tonight we are going over the Papeete, Tahiti. Just 11 miles or so away. It will be our first overnight port and we are looking forward to see what a Friday night on the town will be like.
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  • We sailed into Moorea this morning and it is evrerything that you would envision French Polynesia as. It is dramatically mountainous and the water is crystal clear. BTW, as we were sailing here, the captain's report was that the ocean was 3 miles deep. That's a little too much to comprehend while on vacation.
    Moorea is the island that "Bali Hai" refers to.
    We spent the day doing the best snorkeling
    we have ever done. The colors of the coral were fantastic and the fish are different than
    any we have seen before. We also learned that the sun is unforgiving here no matter how much sunscreen you have on.
    We sailed to Papeete, Tahiti this evening and will shop at the local market tomorrow.
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  • We finally got the rain that was due us for coming in the rainy season. Still Tahiti was a beautiful island and even the rain couldn't dampen the experience. We went to the local market in the morning and had a great time. The rain let up and we walked the town in the afternoon. They have a great waterfront walking park. The town was closing down on saturday afternoon but some shops were still open and you we got a great baguette for 53 cents so how can you pass that up. We didn't think bread got better then the fresh baked stuff we have on the ship but this was definitely better. Nancy found some black pearl earrings she needed so that made the trek even more productive. As you can see the girls are getting right into the spirit of Polynesia.
    We had a great dinner and left Tahiti bound for Bora Bora.
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  • Land ho! We finally sighted land this morning while walking on the deck at sunrise. The lovely island of Nuku Hiva came into view rising out of the sea. We anchored in one of the two great bays off the town of Taoihea. It was a quaint little town that had maybe 30 sailboats in the bay and a little grocery store and a couple little restaurants. Not much else but great to get off the boat and walk around the town. The locals would surf their canoes behind the ships tender for fun. We didn't feel too wobbly after 8 days at sea. The beaches were black sand (lava) so didn't look as inviting as the white sand beaches we are coming to on the next few islands.Read more

  • Msw has forgotten to warn about 10ft freaksets that came almost every 10min and clean the reef with me surfing on my own, getting caught inside or getting ripped out to the sea... tomorow is supposed to be smaller again.

  • Today we are in Rangiroa. A beautiful atoll in the Tautamous Island chain. The atoll is so big you can't see the other side from sea level. There are a couple passes into the central lagoon. They are fairly short but the current moves through there at up to 6 knots or so. During the afternoon while the current was flowing out of the lagoon and the waves from the ocean were meeting them there were probably 4-5 foot standing waves across the entire center of the pass. The dolphins were just jumping and playing in the waves like a bunch of kids. Fortunately the current slowed before we left but we still flew out of there like crazy. I would have been pretty nervous about bringing our little boat through all that rough water and the seas were pretty calm today.
    The snorkeling was nice along the inner beach with lots of little coral heads full of fish and stingrays traveling all over the area.
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  • The seas were rough last night with the rain storm coming through and we were weaving all over the halls. I swear it was not the Silver Spirit's we were drinking. :-)
    The morning found us coming into the bay in Bora Bora in bright sunlight. We were still rocking and not many people were out on the walking track as usual so I suspect some had a rough night. We were up bright and early though and glad we didn't miss the beautiful entrance. The picture is not great due to the sun but it was very dramatic.
    We rented bikes and rode down to the southern tip of the island to a great public beach. We couldn't bring ourselves from leaving the comfort of the little tiki bar and getting in the water though because it was so peaceful and pleasant just looking out at the wonderful blue lagoon and the beautiful surrounding islands (the motus). There were those great hotels with the little huts out over the water dotted all around the island that were incredibly expensive but the island itself has really remained fairly rustic and we could see why it is a favorite of the hollywood stars. They can probably get away civilization and still have some pretty pleasant places to go and things to do.
    It surpassed Moorea as our favorite island so far
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  • Sitting at a little local restaurant in the Marquesas. Gorgeous day, beautifully maintained, ancient volcanic island.