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  • Day1049

    Bindersee, Rollsdorf

    May 11 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 11 °C

    Wow, we thought we were lucky yesterday when we camped on the dandelion speckled green on the edge of Großalmerode, but today's spot is even better! We've parked up on the bank of Bindersee in a meadow of tall grass accessed by a tiny track. A white sign attached to a wooden telephone post reads that bathing is at your own risk - brilliant! A chance for a wild swim!

    The rain had once again been torrential, we put the new antislip mats under the front tyres, hoping there wouldn't be any problems when it came time to leave. It was wet and chilly outside so we spent the rest of the day taking in the tranquil views from inside the warmth and comfort of the van, while Will set about making pizzas for tea. A Grey Heron would occasionaly fly accross the rain rippled surface of the lake, while Great Crested Grebes did a mating dance. The two toned call of a cuckoo was our near constant companion, although we never saw it. While it was light, swallows darted after flying insects and as dusk fell, bats took over from where they left off.

    Thankfully the rain abated overnight and day two brought with it a beautiful blue sky, although still with a chill in the air so we rummaged around in the boot and found our full length wetsuits. We (unsurprisingly) had the whole lake to ourselves. While Vicky acclimatised, Will had a quick dip before donning his wetsuit and we swam out to the middle. Afterwards, we played around underneath a Weeping Willow from which someone had hung a knotted rope. To watch the video on the VnW Travels You Tube channel, click here:

    It was a wonderful feeling to be in the water under the open sky but it also felt good to step back into the van, get the kettle on and turn the heating up! Will made use of the daylight hours by practicing with Peggy the Drone and trying to fly his kite, although whenever he took hold of the strings, the wind disappeared.

    We finished the day with a three course vegan meal of padrón peppers, cauliflower cheese and a Magnum. We are generally skeptical of imitation products but the cheese sauce tasted good, definitely better than sauces we've made with some german dairy cheeses!
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  • Day55

    Schloss Stolzenfels

    August 13 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    The Rhine really is "filthy with castles" (thanks to Elaine for this quote) but this is our favourite and we have a great view of it from our apartment windows and balcony - we have loved watching the late afternoon light and sunset colours falling across this beautiful shimmering white castle.

  • Day57

    Overnight in Munich

    August 15 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    So... we have been planning for 2 months now, to do our first shopping in Munich (beautiful shoes, boots, hiking gear) and we made careful plans to arrive at the correct time (not Sunday or mid afternoon) so that we would have time to shop. However when we arrived, we discovered that today was a special public holiday just for Munich and EVERYTHING was closed ..... so we had to resort to the usual activities of eating and drinking ((Rudi was very happy)!Read more

  • Day1052

    Talsperre Bautzen

    May 14 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Our last night in Germany is spent in a small rural parking area close to the Bautzen Dam. It feels like another long day on the road, but we took time out to look fruitlessly in yet another motorhome shop for a new door handle.
    We then spent several hours at an out of town shopping centre in Dresden where we had a van lunch, went in search of camera equipment at Media Markt and discovered Höffner, a store we now think of as the German IKEA and which provided us with several replacement kitchen items that had been on our shopping list for some time. The quality of the roads is noticeably poorer the further east we go with patches, bumps, potholes and deep ruts made from tyre tracks on some carriageways, all of which slows our progress.

    It was too late to get the canoe down when we arrived, but we walked to the tree border to look out accross the scenic reservoir. As the fiery sun lowered in the sky Will experimented with another of Peggy the Drone's functions (hyperlapse course lock) that played with the light behind a silhouetted church spire.

    Although we tried to play it down, we were both feeling the underlying nerves of travelling to a new country tomorrow. We visited northern Poland for a few days back in 2012. We weren't so widely travelled back then and found some of the poor conditions people were living in difficult to process, especially in comparison to the opulence of the many churches we came accross. We wonder how different it will be this time round...
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  • Day50

    Visby, Sweden

    July 11 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Visby is the Island if Gotland's capital city. The first thing that catches your eye when arriving at the Port of Visby is the impressive cathedral and all the rooftops of the stone buildings in the town, surrounded by the mighty medieval town wall with its towers. Visby began in the Viking Age, followed by a Medieval period and the growth of the Hanseatic League. Today, it is best known as the Town of Roses and Ruins and one of Sweden's most popular vacation destinations. A great choice for our last port on this cruise.Read more

  • Day8


    July 3 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Today we went to the German Bundestag (the German government building) we climbed up the big dome and it was amazing the view was spectacular. We also took an audio guide which told us all about the buildings we could see from the view. We also enjoyed some breakfast while there. It was an amazing experience!Read more

  • Day9

    Gropius bau/Eastside Gallery/ICE CREAM

    July 4 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Today we visited 2 different galleries and both were amazing! The Gropius Bau was a big and beautiful building filled with lots of diverse art. We visited a digital museum and a photography museum. The east side gallery is an outdoor gallery along the remains of the Berlin Wall. There were many different amazing paintings with a wide variety!
    We also got a bit peckish so decided to get an ice cream, the place we went to made the ice cream in the shape of a rose! It was amazing and the ice cream was absolutely delicious.
    Such a great last day in Berlin!
    Thanks some much to the hotel Rome for having us here in Berlin!
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  • Day29


    January 25 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 0 °C

    Es war eine tolle Reise. Viele viele viele Erlebnisse und eine tolle Zeit mit wunderbaren Menschen verbracht. Der Rückflug war mega anstrengend. Die letzte Etappe waren 13,5 Std Flugzeit. Hier in Deutschland liegt Schnee und ich muss mich mit 30 Grad weniger zufrieden geben. Aber es ist auch schön wieder zu Hause zu sein.Read more

  • Day17

    Bijna thuis

    June 22 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Met het passeren van de grens naar Duitsland gisteren voelde het een beetje als thuiskomen. Ook al ben ik nog best een eind van huis. Soms denk ik wel eens na over wat thuis eigenlijk is, waarom is dat zo'n belangrijke plek? En wat is eigenlijk 'ver weg'.

    Heimwee ken ik niet, ook duren vakanties voor mij nooit te lang. Er zijn echter wel eens momenten dat het fijner is om thuis te zijn.

    Ben ik op reis en voel ik me ziek, sta ik met pech, gebeurt er iets met vrienden of familie? Dan rekent mijn hoofd automatisch de afstand naar huis uit. Uiteindelijk is thuis altijd weer de eindbestemming waar ik ondanks de tegenslag weer naartoe wil.

    Deze reis is echt fantastisch en ik ben heel blij dat ik dit samen met Kim kan doen. We genieten echt maximaal van de mensen hier, van de prachtige dingen hier en van de gezelligheid. Maar nu is het moment aangebroken dat we weer naar huis gaan en daar word ik ook blij van. Blij omdat ik straks weer in mijn eigen bed slaap, blij om weer te kunnen sporten, blij om 's nachts weer in m'n blote kont naar de wc te kunnen lopen en vooral blij om iedereen weer te kunnen zien. Dankzij mijn vrienden, familie, collega's, buren en kennissen voel ik me thuis namelijk thuis.

    Vandaag proberen we de laatste etappe te volbrengen, als dat lukt dan tot straks!!
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  • Day1

    Pole position, get set, START!

    February 23 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 3 °C

    We zijn gestart!

    Vanmorgen op de Fischmarkt aangekomen, ons roadbook in ontvangst genomen en alle auto’s bewonderd. Er zitten fantastische creaties tussen; meest opvallende auto’s; een coole oranje Opel Kadet uit 1977 en een Landrover met ballenbad op het dak!

    Na de openingswoorden van de organisatie mochten we van bijna pole position starten. Glenn kroop achter het stuur om onze droom te starten!

    Nu op de weg richting Denemarken en overnachten in Zweden.
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