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  • Day4

    Convention Day 4

    June 27 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 18 °C

    I am the Delegate representing my Club, Wangaratta and Mitchell, so I must manage these 3 Voting machines for most of the day as we wade through a review of about 27 By-laws. And the election of a new International Board for the next 2 years. I really enjoyed lunch with fellow UN Chairs from Canada, Germany and Austria.
    A grey day, so the gardens had a different mood on my way back to my motel. Twenty more photos!
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  • Day25

    Bamberg, Germany

    June 24 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    As we walked on the shady path next to a river that many locals were taking a dip in, Mabel said "you walk a little billit, then I ride a little billit." Meaning that she walks some and then is carried some along our excursions. I love the way she verbalized it. We have been doing a lot of walking. Later, after our Bamberg trip she called the movie Pinocchio, "Poky Noky!" Stinkin' cute!

    Those of you with kids can sing along... Do you like bacon? Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Do you like beer? Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Do you like bacon beer? NO! Or at least I don't. This town is famous for its smoked dark beer. It tastes as if you are drinking smoked bacon or meat. Seth and his friend thoroughly enjoyed it, but hard pass for me. The Schlenkerla is a historic brewery that specializes in this beer.

    After the brewery, we ventured to feed our hungry critters a leberkäse brötchen. This sandwich did not appear appetizing to me, as it was described to be a meat sponge made from left over meat parts. However, it was quite tasty. The kids devoured the warm meat "sponge" sandwiched inside a soft, crumbly bun.

    Once we "fueled" up, we began exploring Bamberg. The views in this town were amazing everywhere you looked. The scenery from the bottom on the cobblestone streets provided close ups of old architecture, tall towering cathedrals with gaudy gold accents, while the view from above in the rose garden allowed for a panoramic view of the town. The height and stonework on the four towers of the cathedral were just remarkable. I cannot imagine how much blood, sweat and tears went into building these collasal towers.

    Nearing the end of our hot day in Bamberg, the kids were melting, so we ice creamed them up. I tried an orange basil ice cream that was quite refreshing.

    On our way home, we stopped for dinner at the Spezial-Keller Biergarten, which is just outside the city. This place has such a picturesque view of Bamberg, shade and a lovely playground for kids to get their wiggles out, while parents relax.

    What a lovely day with our friend as our tour guide!
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    Mark Blanck


    Mark Blanck

    Stunning woman in an idyllic setting...

    Mark Blanck

    Great photo: beautiful and very interesting

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  • Day3

    Convention Day 3

    June 26 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

    The official opening: twin brothers provided an ambient setting before the impressive flag ceremony. Every Zonta country was represented according to the year that they were inaugurated. The Ukraine presentation was the most moving. Everyone stood up and clapped when no flag was to recieve more value than any other.
    Coffee cup with lucky ladybirds and a huge local pretzel bread for morning tea, then a meeting of interesting and amazing women from Bulgaria, Côte d'Ivoire and Bangladesh and Finland.
    Then I ended up spending an interesting evening with Laura from St Louis, US. A delicious Bhudda Bowl and a surprise concert in the gardens at 10 pm on my way 'home'.
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    Glen Manson


    Adrienne Dyall

    Fabulous start to an amazing convention. A wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing. Adrienne

    What a wonderful experience, loving your photos! [Carolyn Howard]

    Lyn Herbert

    Nooo from me too! 🐍

  • Day90

    Neus usem Norde

    June 23 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Mer händ üs es ziitli nümme gmäldet, aber es esch bi üs grad chli de Wurm drinn.

    D'Rebecca esch am Donnschtig flach gläge und het müesse chötzle. D'Mayra het en Abflug gmacht mitem Velo, isch aber mit es paar Chratzer und em Schrecke devo cho.

    Am Samstig simmer denn äntli wiitergfahre.

    De Schwarzwald het üs würkli guet gfalle. 😃
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    Corinne Blaser

    Send d Stefel weder mol vo enne nass🤣?

  • Day24

    Angersee/Baggersee Baiersdorf

    June 23 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    We took a family bike ride to a sweet swimming spot! On the way we saw a ginormous bird nest that just seemed unreal. They have one on top of an old church here that they try to keep well cared for, so it's inviting for the birds to return to.

    There was a sandy beach on this little pond. Lots of children's sand toys laying around for the children to play with. Since school is still in session here, there weren't very many people there. The water was cool, but not too cold. The water was a little clearer than the ponds at home, we could see fish swimming. At least we knew no snakes were around. Seth and the girls had fun attempting to corral fish into their sandy pool creation.

    Our friend here borrowed some kick boards and an inflatable unicorn for the girls. They also lent us their beach blanket and shade tunnel. The shade tunnel was a nice alternative to a beach umbrella in terms of weight and bulk. This was important, since I had to load up everything on the back of my bike and my backpack.

    Nothing like a little relaxing at a local swimming hole. We only saw three people changing naked nearby! Many natural lakes here are spots to swim in the "natural," but they are discreet about it. They believe in getting close to nature often. Many of the swimmers seemed to pop in for a swim on their work break or something.

    Seth and I relaxed while the girls played for hours. We eventually had to head back since T-bones needed to be grilled.
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    Sharin Burke

    So much fun!! 🥰

    Mark Blanck

    it looks like you might be able to fit something else into that basket

    Mark Blanck

    These girls play HARD!

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  • Day22

    Nuremberg Zoo

    June 21 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY! Nuremberg's Tiergarten (zoo) had the largest variety of animals I have seen in all my many zoo visits. Not only were there lots to see, but the weather was so perfect that the animals were out and active. We came the closest to a monkey we have ever been, saw dolphins perform and enjoyed the lush green, shaded walk to see each animal. The tiger was out roaring and looking us in the eyes it seemed. The baboons busily groomed each other, while the babies pulled each other by the tails and "argued" with one another.

    This zoo had a red panda, DeMille's favorite animal that God made. They also had Mabel's favorite, the snowleopard. Adalynn loved the baby bunnies, baby horses, and baby seals the most. All the babies! While at the children's petting zoo visiting babies, Mabel tried to feed a tiny baby bunny and got bit. Poor girl! She talked about that bunny and held her tiny finger carefully separated from the others for the rest of the day.

    The girls played on this enormous playground and were worn out at the end. We love a good zoo day!
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    Mark Blanck

    the look on her face!

    Mark Blanck

    very cute!

    Mark Blanck

    Amazing to be in a photo together!

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  • Day40

    G R A N D E . S E R R E . T R O P I C A

    June 19 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Après avoir passer la matinée au lac, je retourne à Berlin car j'ai toujours en travers de la gorge le fait de pas avoir pu visiter la grande serre du jardin botanique. Comme c'est juste 3€ après 17h et que j'arrive pile dans les temps, c'est l'occasion rêvée !
    Je pose mon sac a la consigne et, enfin, les portes de la grande serre tropicale s'ouvrent pour moi, comme une queen ~
    Je n'ai aucuns mots assez durs pour décrire l'intensité de mon émerveillement. J'aurais pu rester là des heures, à me balader entre les palmiers, les bambous géants, les baobabs, les lianes et les fleurs gigantesques, mais il y avait tellement de salles.. Je m'attarde également dans la salle dédiée aux succulents et cactus, celle des plantes carnivores où j'ai littéralement vu une mouche se faire gober par une fleur géante sur un arbre okallllm.. Tout ici est magnifique, l'ambiance est très chaude et humide, l'odeur vend du rêve, ils ont même mis un enregistrement avec des bruits d'animaux de la jungle.. Je suis vraiment contente d'être revenue ici, puis clairement, il fallait que je prenne ma revanche sur la meuf qui nous a chassé. BOOM BIATCH.
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    Yves Silberberg

    T'en avais vraiment une grosse envie. Kromlau-Berlin, c'est pas un vraiment à côté. Ton prochain road trip sera en forêt amazonienne. 😄😄

    Noémie Silberberg

    bin a l'échelle de l'Allemagne ça va, ça fait que 2h30 de trajet hihi

    Roselide TOMASI

    Après la lune les tropiques : tu voyages pas que dans plusieurs pays mais aussi dans plusieurs dimensions Buz

    Noémie Silberberg

    oui c'est grave ça ! au moins j'en vois de toutes les couleurs ahah

    Sylvie Clemente

    Impressionnant !

  • Day39

    K R O M L A U

    June 18 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    Après avoir posé Morad dans son train, je me remet en route en direction de Kromlau, un petit patelin vers Cottbus, tellement proche de la frontière avec la Pologne que même les noms des villes sont écrits en allemand et en polak juste en dessous ~
    Je me rend au fameux parc des rhododendrons et je découvre avec merveille le fameux pont, avec autours de lui des blocs de pierres qui ressortent de l'eau
    Comme c'était la fin de la journée tout se reflétait dans l'eau, c'était OUF

    Comme il fait genre 40° j'ai trop besoin d'un lac, j'en ai rêvé toute la journée. Je trouve un lac avec une plage trop calée avec des petites cabanes de genre 2m2, pile ma taille debout ! Je pique une tête direct ! Puis je constate que je suis pas la seule a vouloir camper la donc je monte la tente avant de me mettre bien dans la cabane ; je me fait a graille le reste des spatzel d'hier soir, je me fais un thé.. Une meuf trop sympa vient me parler, ça faisait un bail qu'elle attendait que sa fille sorte de l'eau (elle voulait attraper les petits poissons) du coup elle devait se faire chier la pauvre, elle me dit qu'elle veut passer la nuit ici pour photographier le pont au lever du soleil, donc je la verrai peut-être demain

    Cet endroit est super apaisant, je me pose sur le rebord de la cabane, au bord du sable, y a le bruit lointain de la musique d'un club, le croissement des grenouilles, les voisins sont très calmes, je me fait une lampe cosy avec la frontale dans le chapeau de paille, il fait super bon, j'apprécie le répis de la fraîcheur du soir entre deux journées d'une chaleur écrasante (mais kiffante !)
    Il y a définitivement un air de vacances très agréable qui plane ici ~
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    Yves Silberberg

    Très belle photo

    Yves Silberberg

    Très belle prose...

    Noémie Silberberg

    ça m'inspire les endroits comme ça

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  • Day18

    Kleingesee, Germany

    June 17 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    We loaded up like kids from the 80s (if you catch my drift), used our hand crank window downy thingies and left for the countryside. Let me tell you... "The hills are alive with the sound of music" and the car was full of giggly girls.

    The winding roads led us through small cottage towns, farmland, past breweries, into forests, and up hills to our destination called Pension am Kirschgarten. His friends (now our friends) put us up in this beautiful B&B for the weekend of my birthday, along with baking me a special chocolate cake! Seth and I were the same age for only 11 days. I am back to being older.

    Our room with a great balcony overlooked a cherry tree farm, small church and the forest. *Bonus- They also had a kids play room, geese wondering nearby, climbing wall room and shaded playground in the woods. We had lots of quiet time because the kids were so engrossed in playing. What a gem!

    The next morning (sun still rising at the 04:00 hour) a soft breeze rustled the trees and birds chirped as the smell of coffee and freshly baked pastries, crept into our open balcony door. Breakfast was wonderful and the coffee was great too. She offered so many beautiful pastries, lovely fresh fruit with granola, handwritten specials on the board (pancakes!!!), small savory dishes (for example, mushroom stuffed with eggs and veggies) and even cappuccino. This place is an escape from the hustle and bustle where you rarely even hear a car. Although there are lots of hikes, caves, breweries and some coasters in the area, we decided to chill and enjoy the country.

    If you ever find yourself in the Fränkische Schweiz region, you should most definitely stay at this B&B.

    P.S. - Addy, the non chocolate eater, actually ate some chocolate cake and approved - unbelievable!
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    Katie Mathson


    Katie Mathson

    Beautiful, inside and out.

    Blanck Adventures

    awe. thanks

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  • Day1

    Le depart approche !

    June 18 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Le road book est entre nos mains ! Plusieurs missions aujourd’hui !

    Direction la Suède ! La journée se finira avec une cérémonie à la vinking !

    Un trombone bleu est en notre possession pour faire de troc tout au long de notre voyage.Read more

    Alexandra Uhring

    Bonne journée, éclatez vous.

    Antoine Antoine

    Good trip. signer le voyageur fantôme

    Alexandra Uhring


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