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  • Day16

    Where do I start...

    Yesterday the flight was long and boring, there was 5 us on the flight and we had sooo much to talk about, although towards the end we was just staring at the moving map, which the time go by. The skyline coming down into Ghana was pretty breath taking, and as soon as we touched down and started getting off the plane the heat hit us 28degrees and it was night time! We sort of needed it though as on board the plane it was cold!

    As we moved into the airport and started collecting our baggage the reality hit us(mainly me) that we was the ONLY white people in sight, we collected our baggage and got our passports stamped etc... We was looking out for a person with a SYTO sign (the company we are with), we saw them they welcomed us, and then the mad rush started, pushing our way through people in the dark, all wanting to speak to us begging us for money.

    We crossed a road but they just drive at you! We followed this guy towards this bus where they threw our luggage through the window, and loaded us on where they drove (well if thats what you call it) to the hostel where I am now.
    The hostel is nice, clean and tidy with a dinning area. We was shown to our room, which is the tinest room you have ever seen. There was two girls already here one from Germany, Hannah and the other from Holland (I forgot her name lol), and then the four of us girls, Me, Hannah, Emma, Salma. Amazingly we had a shower that was warm and refreshing, pretty early night was we was all tired!

    OMG where do I start.. We all got up fine and got ready for the day, where we had breakfast - cornflakes and then we all climed onto the mini bus and headed to the SYTO office.

    The heat was about 30 degrees today, so the air conditioned office was a god send. Vinsent (our guide for the week) ran through loads of safety information and what should we be aware off and what not too.
    After our chat at the office, we went too exchange our pennies at the booth next to the office. The guys who wanted to cash travellers checks couldnt change their money there so we moved to the bank and parked out side. The ones of us who stayed in the mini bus suddenly got hounded by people of the street begging and offering to make us things, they are soo persistant and will not go, I think this is where I learn't the art of haggling as I paid 10cedi for two bracelets haha one with my name on =]=]... When we was leaving they was running after the bus, out into the road (remembering there is no laws on the road lol)!

    After here we moved to the local market in Accra, This was an experiance I will never forget:

    The paths there dirty and there was just enough room for single file between the stalls, all you could smell was fish and guess what - they are nothing like the sea food in morrisons, its dirty and stacked up never mind staring at you! Some people was nice going through the market, others were a bit cautious of us. If you say hi people generally say it back and are very pleased you recognised them. The men will always approach us, yet the women will want you to speak to them first I have found.
    I have sooo much more to write and my time is running out! Its still megga hot, so we make our way through the market and over to a cafe... Cafe was really quite pleasant, although was really noisy but saying that everywhere in Accra is noisy you sort of blank it out a bit.

    The menu seemed Ok, mainly rice and chicken and moving down to soup, I had a goat soup with a type of dough but I forgot the name of this, when the food came, the Goat was nice tasted pretty much like beef but the rest was not the best! I think the lady waiting on got abit offended by everybody leaving their food but eee well she will get over it.
    After food we had a tour of the political areas and also drove round some really poor areas. Its shocking to see how some people live although this is proof that money is not everything as they all seemed so happy! After that we moved to another market where I bought a drum and a t-shirt the t-shirt might as well be a nighty as its soo big but I think thats just my rubbish chosing lol!

    Anyways we soon moved back to the hostel where we was staying and as it was only 4 we thought we would wander round where we were staying, where we met the most amazing family in the world! All so friendly and keen to meet us.

    I will show you all the pics when I can upload them! On our way back we bought some pineapple and munched it while waiting for tea and a sigh of relief we had spag bol !
    Now I'm writing this blog! Don't know when I will next write, but your all pretty much up-to-date. Its soo hard to put the surroundings into words as there really are no words to describe!!

    Miss you all - well a little!
    Ne ways toodles!! xxxxx
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  • Day18


    Didn’t get chance to write yesterday. Yesterday was a hectic but fantastic day. Started early and ended late, first we went to the SYTO office and went through some more important things that we need to know. We then wandered round the local area of Accra looking at the stands and visiting the local supermarket which was good fun. Getting lunch in an English (expensive) restaurant which seemed weird listening to our music and not reggae.

    After we had had lunch we went back to the SYTO office to have our Drumming and Dancing lessons which was fantastic. We have been offered if we want a drum making for us we can have our names etc carved into it, which I’m thinking about! When we finished we moved back to the hostel to get ready for a BEACH PARTY! wooop. The Beach party started at 9 and finished about 4 in the morning, although we left about 12ish as we was kind of getting smoked out! The party was soo picturesque, trade stands around the outside and a reggae band on stage, with a bar to the right, straight ahead was the sea, which was coming in rather fast, but sitting and listening to the waves and the laid back music having a dance was amazing. The smell of weed got stronger and stronger even though weed is not legalised over here it’s very common.

    This morning was extremely hard to get up, I mean I have enough problems back home haha. This morning we went for a cooking lesson which was an experience and a half! Wafting them coal pots sure tones your arms lolol. The food is very fatty and greasy and I'm really not keen on much of it, so fruit from the market is mainly my diet this week! I have been told that when we start our placements and we do not eat our food it will be seen as offensive... yeah I think I'm going to offend a few people! eee well MANGO MANGO MANGO again will be fine!

    The issue at the banks was really quite upsetting and annoying today, we have all brought out travellers cheques from the UK and they will not except them with out our passports and the receipts of the cheques, and the receipts is the part I do not have! Our passports are handed to the SYTO office as we all need our visa extended (this does not mean I’m staying out here longer tho haha). This now leaves my cheques un-useable!! grrr!, and then I have tried my card in the machine and that did not work either, this meant I was stuck in the middle of Africa with only about 20cedi! Anyways after loads of arguments and issues we found out that my card was blocked due to 'fraud' and we have sorted it out! I will need to phone home screaming DADDDDD when I soon run out of money on my card! Please note that we was stuck at the bank for near enough 3 hours!!!

    Tomorrow at 5.30 I set off to Kumasi which is another huge town where I will meet my family for the next 2months and I will travel to Banko which will be my village I am staying. The placement is the part I really can not wait for and I hope it really goes well!

    There is sooo much more I could write on here but there really is not enough hours in the day! I might find it hard to write as often as I can now over the next few weeks, but leave me a comment on facebook and I will get back to you as soon as I can! I do have a Ghana number out here which I will give out to you guys!

    Anyways Toodles xxx
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  • Day25

    Hi Guys,

    I have now spent nearly a week at my host family’s house. I have quite a large bedroom with a double bed!! woop, I was really bothered about the wash facilities before I arrive, but I have a proper toilet and also a wash room, although my shower is a bucket! That’s not as bad as you think, as you really don’t want hot water out here, you will be way to hot, so its not THAT bad. Not saying I wouldn't pay 100pounds for a proper shower at this moment in time! lol.

    The family is really nice, although only 1 member speaks English, and even that is pretty limited, so as you can imagine I’m a bit of a mute here which is really lonely at times! But my mum says when I feel lonely that I should look at the stars so I do! My placement is really good, I am teaching form 1s and forms 2s, which about year 7-10's in English schools, and their English is really quite good.

    All the teachers at the school are really good at speaking English and live near by, which helps sooo much! When the children are naughty here they use the cane, when I saw this, it upset me quite allot, I don't think its right to hit the children.
    Food is a huge issue for me here, there is not allot I really like, other than rice, egg, bread and pasta, oh yeah and fruit, so along with the miles of walking I appear to be loosing a bit of weight YEY! I’m also burnt to a crisp and peeling... mmm no makeup, hair everywhere and peeling ooo so attractive!

    I am spending this weekend in Kumasi, which is the nearest city to where I am staying, I have just arrived, and the good news is a have a en-suite!

    I'm gonna have to shoot my family is waiting outside for me and are hungry... not a good mix! I will write again hopefully tomorrow if not this weekend!

    Hope your all taking care, and missing me!!

    Love youuuuu xxxxxxx
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  • Day28

    Howdy people,

    Been speaking to lots of you on facebook, but I’ve not really had time to write on here this weekend!
    Had a good weekend!, my family has two houses, one in my little village of Banko and the other in the city of Kumasi (where I am now).

    We came to Kumasi on Thursday (as I get Fridays of school!), and when we arrived we chilled out and got to know the local area a bit. My rooms quite nice with a proper toilet and even a shower! I think I have already said this!

    Anyway on Friday we went to the main market, which is the biggest market in the whole of Ghana, and my god I have never seen so many people in my life! As you know I am a pretty small person and when there are millions of people around you all with big massive packages or bowls of stuff balanced on their heads your life flashes before your very eyes! But good to know nothing fell on me! I bought a pair of flip flops (which have now chewed my feet up) and then we walked 100,000 miles across the packed smelly market to the zoo! Well I was dead excited for this but I had to pay double the price because I’m white! Martin Lutor King needs to work on the whites rights!! Anyway, when we went into the zoo, it was more like a prison for animals, the cages was small, and by small I mean miniature, wouldn't even be fit for an ant. All the animals looked soo hot as there was hardly any shelter, it just discussed me sooo much, and my host father could not understand why I wasn't laughing and smiling!

    Enough of Prison! We made our way back across the packed town and then caught the tro tro home, (mini busses which are packed like tins of sardeens). When we got back some of the neighbours came to the house and two of the lads spoke fluent English!! yey finally! This was pretty good to have some young people I can talk to like a human being not a retard =].

    Saturday we was supposed to go to Lake Bosumtwe (can't spell that either) haha, but it rained soooo hard it would put England to shame! We chilled at the house, and I made my way to the bank slowly too.

    Today we went to the Lake!, was the most incredible experience so far! The weather was perfect and when we got there it was picturesque! Took loads of pictures, and met some more volunteers there too, they are also with Bunac and are on my flight home! yey i have someone to fly home with!
    I will upload some picks at some point, but the computers here will only just let me type!!

    Byeeeee xxxxx
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  • Day39


    I'm back in Kumasi again! Btw Kumasi is the nearest city to where I stay and it is 1hours tro tro ride from Banko (my village here). This week at school has been short as the children are on leave from Wednesday dinner to Monday which means I get a extra long weekend!

    Yesterday was a pretty bad day, my family here have had some meat which they have paid for some lads to go and catch some rats and grass cutter, this may sound pretty rank to us, but it’s very valuable here! The family had prepared the meat ready for sale and had it in their fridge at the house, when somebody had stole it over night. The family had not paid for it yet, and they would pay out of the money they received when it was sold, therefore it leaves them with a 50c debt, which is about 25pounds to us! So the family had been pretty upset and the police here is shocking, so it’s left me in a pretty awkward position, but I have already paid out quite a bit for the family for fans for the rooms! Hm.


    This weekend I have come back to Kumasi and tonight I am stopping in the hostel I stayed in last time, and tomorrow I am going to meet one of the teachers in the town center, where I will find a different hostel to stay in! On Saturday I am going to the hair dressers to see if they can sort my mop out !?! Yeh my roots are pretty bad, so I was going to see if they can dye them for me as they have hairdressers here which specialize in white people’s hair. Everybody here is saying I should get my hair braided, but I don't know if it will damage my hair or not, so if somebody can find out text me it would be great!!

    Sunday I am going to some sort of crafts place or something, and then will go back to my village of Banko where I will start another week of school!!

    The school is pretty good, but there is no English syllabus and my English is pretty poor, as you may of noticed from my blog! So I’m trying to help them as best as I can, but they don't complain so it’s ok!!

    Anyway I’m shooting!
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  • Day45

    I have only 10 minutes to write this entry!

    I'm really enjoying it out here now, I'm back at the school this week, the students are starting to get used to my accent now so I don't have to repeat myself anywhere near as much! I'm getting used to being called Madam too, and if I pick out anything that the students do wrong the other students shout 'beat him madam' haha, i'm like noooo! It’s so normal here for the teachers to beat the students, but they are far better behaved here than in English schools!

    This week I am travelling to the north and going to Mole National Park where I will hopefully find some elephants to bring back with me =] ... Tonight I am making a spag bol for my family as they wont me to cook a English meal, and then I will make some pan cakes another day for them =]

    Ooooo not got long left... I seem to be tanning soo much here, and I didn’t get my hair braided as they didn’t have my colour! eee well, I will write soon and miss you all loads and loads

    btw I’m not in Kumasi I’m in a town called Effiduase near my village of Banko =]

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  • Day54


    Sorry I have not been able to write for quite a while, I've just been sooo busy it’s untrue! Over this past week I have been travelling to the north of Ghana with loads of other volunteers visiting Mole National Park and also Paga where I am now and I have been to the crocodile pond. Visiting the Mole National Park has been a very stressful situation as there has been loads of people all from all over the world, and not everybody getting on very well! But it has also been such a fantastic experience.

    I have been on a walking Safari where we walk for about 2hours with a guide taking us round the national park looking to see the animals about, seeing the elephants at this time of the year on foot is really rare, but we saw one! We was sooo close and the vast majority of us was some how bricking it, but if you run then it can run faster than you, so you haven't to show your fear... all the guides did was stamp their feet and throw sticks at it which was pretty surprising as they was holding guns, but the elephant just picked the stick and threw it back!

    Other animals we saw was antelope, 3 species of monkey, loads of birds, crocodiles, and we stayed in a tree house under the stars for one night, and then the guide in the morning told us there was hyena less than 100meters away through the night!! This experience was really good as we built a campfire and slept under the stars although it became sooo cold through the night and we were bitten to death! Yeah I think 2hours sleep was the record!

    The hotel we stayed at the other two nights had a swimming pool, which meant we could swim and relax by the pool yey!!

    From the national park we moved up to Paga which is right at the top of Ghana where the crocodile pond is and where I have been today... this was ok we had good pictures but the experience was a bit of a let down. We also have been to see the slave camp which was soo shocking finding out what happened to the slaves many years ago!

    Tonight we stay in a town near Paga where there is a night club next door! So tonight its party time!! Tomorrow we are heading back down to Kumasi as its one of the lads birthdays so we are going to have a proper night out for that, then we move back up north a little way to see Kintampo falls and a monkey sanctuary! so its all good stuff!!

    Time is going sooo fast here it’s crazy, there is soo much I still want to see, and I have made some really good friends too! Part of me is wanting to stay for Christmas as I don’t think I will ever have the opportunity again, although the thought of seeing everybody again and being with my family is really strong too, so I need to think!! My placement is also going really well, and a new Madam has started the school and will be teaching English with me, which means there is less pressure on me =]

    Anyway I’m going to go... I need to get ready for tonight! PARTY WOOOP

    will catch up soon... and I have uploaded pictures on facebook! Not many but enough to follow where I have been!

    Byeeeee xxx
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  • Day66

    Howdy People!

    I've not wrote in a bit, but my latest trip was to the Volta region last weekend. Here I got to spend my weekend visiting some fantastic water falls! I went there with another volunteer staying in my little Village but she works at the Children’s home so I don’t see her that often. We was supposed to meet all the other volunteers when we arrived at Hohoe but due to very poor reception we could not get hold of them! The first night this turned into a bit of a nightmare as we arrived very late and we could not contact them. There were some funerals in the town that weekend which meant all the hotels/hostels were fully booked!! We walked miles that night trying to find a room! Eeee well we found one in the end when one hotel owner took pity on us and cleared out a staff dorm for us!

    We never actually met up with the others when we was there so we made our own plans so me and Nora (other volunteer) visited the Wli Falls - the highest waterfall in Ghana followed by a monkey sanctuary where we got to feed the monkeys with our hands! This was pretty cool =].

    The Sunday we visited another waterfall the Boti Falls and at the same site there was some caves, a 3 in 1 palm tree and also an umbrella rock... This was probs the hardest walk/climb/scramble/faff I have ever done, I was pretty much rock climbing in flip flops! Then Monday we came back. This trip was OK but pretty boring but I think it was due to Nora just complaining all the time about anything haha and there just being the two of us!
    Last week at school, the schools football team had a match with one of the other schools in a nearby town. This was good fun to watch and go and see! How they played in such heat I do not know, anyways we won so was the first victory for the newly established school team! This week I have been writing exams for the end of term this was a blag but had to be done. Eeee well.

    Anyways my times running out, I'm going to Krokobete (or summat) this weekend for the send off of a few of the volunteers as its their last weekend in Ghana! Boy times gone sooo fast out here! So Friday night we are going clubbing in Accra, and Sat night clubbing in Krokobete and during the day doing naff all but chill on the beach (that’s if its not full of shit like cape coast's where!).

    I'm home in 3 weeks and can't wait to see everybody again!!

    love me xxxxxx
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  • Day72


    Since I last wrote I have been down to Accra (The capitol of Ghana) to meet all the other volunteers for the last time before I leave and also to visit Krokrobete which is a village next to the sea! When I set off to Accra on Friday I planned to catch the bus at 12.30 but there was no bus even by 2 in sight, so I had to use a different service so my journey had set off very late. By the time I was arriving in Accra it was 8pm and that is very late to be travelling on your own here! Anyways I caught a taxi to the hostel where all the others was staying.

    The Friday evening we all decided to go out round the clubs in Accra, this was good fun and the music is also very similar to the music I would listen to back home so by the time 18 volunteers was stumbling back to the hostel it was about 4am - this is a rare sight in Ghana haha!
    Saturday morning I felt fine, although a few of the others was suffering!! 1 Dutch girl Sanne was really struggling but we don’t think that what was wrong with her was a hang over and as the day went on she just got worse. This was pretty worrying and we ended up taking her to hospital that evening, but the good news is she is OK now! We made our way over to Krokobete Saturday afternoon where we spent the day on the beach and checking out the stalls next to the beach although I was pretty annoyed as I forgot my swimming costume! That evening there was a live reggae band at the hotel, and we had a BBQ this was really good! We had paid to stay in a dormitory but little did we know this was just some mattresses outside in a hut! eeee well .

    Sunday I set of early back to Kumasi as I really didn't want to be travelling late again! I made it back to my village which was good so I chilled out with the children and a teacher showing them my pictures etc!

    School is going well, there’s a big issue with the head master at the moment as all he is interested in is gaining money and not the welfare of the students. This is having a big impact on the teachers and leading them not to even turn up to teach! This is not that good... I would offer to teach the students myself but I can only teach English haha I couldn't teach anything else as they are the same level as me! Apart from the huge minor issue of having no teachers turning up the school is doing ok! The football team is winning their matches!

    Anyways got to shoot, as I have 4 minutes remaining! Will try and write soon!

    love you all x
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  • Day1

    Samstag Nacht bin ich in Accra angekommen... als erstes musste ich eine Karte ausfüllen mit Name und so weiter, wobei mir gleich ein netter Nigerianer zur Hilfe kam. Dann gings durch die Passkontrolle und zum Gepäck, meinen Rucksack musste ich nicht lange suchen, da das Flugzeug eh nicht mal halb voll war... dann bin ich vollgepackt mit Backpackrucksack hinten, kleinem Rucksack vorne und Reisetache aus dem Flughafen getaumelt, wo mir eine schwüle, drückende Hitze und eine Horde Ghanaer entgegenkam, die mir Hotels, Autos und Fahrdienste andrehen wollten. Und irgendwo dazwischen kam ein weißes Gesicht auf mich zu... Linnéa! Ich hab mich riesig gefreut sie endlich wieder zu sehen. Auf dem Weg zum Taxi hat sie mir erstmal erklärt wies hier läuft: Als Weißer wirst du immer abgezogen, weil die Ghanaer denken Weiß ist Reich! Für das Taxi haben wir dann auch eig zu viel bezahlt, obwohl wir schon runter gehandelt haben, aber es ist trotzdem alles Mega billig hier... Im Hotel angekommen gabs ne Eimerdusche, weil des Wasser nicht ging aber Hauptsache Erfrischung! Die Nacht war extrem heiß und laut, da das Hotel an einer Straße lag und hier Hupen dazu gehört wie Gas geben... Vom Lärmpegel her hätte des Bett auch auf der Straße stehen können, des wär genauso laut gewesen... Am nächsten Tag waren wir dann in Accra. In der Stadt waren viele kleine Stände an den Straßenrändern und es war sehr vermüllt alles... auch der Strand war voller Müll und die Klippen waren regelrecht behangen mit Plastiktüten. Da in der Stadt nicht so viel los war, weil es Sonntag war sind wir etwa halb eins mit dem VIP Bus nach Kumasi gefahren, wo Linnéa wohnt. Der Bus war echt gut ausgestattet und die ganze Zeit dröhnte der Fernseher auf voller Lautstärke und spielte Filme auf Twi, der Sprache in Ghana. unser Weg führte uns am Djungel entlang und am Straßenrand würden alle möglichen Früchte, Maniok, Teller und mehr verkauft. Nach vier Stunden kamen wir in Kumasi an. Überall wuselt es, riecht nach essen oder manchmal stinkt es auch undefinierbar, die Menschen starren einen an, viele Grüßen einen und sind sehr herzlich. Wir sind erstmal ins Haus, wo Linnéa mit den anderen Freiwilligen wohnt. Dort wurde ich von dem Wachhund begrüßt, vor dem ich aber keine Angst haben brauchte, wie die anderen mir erklärten, der ist nämlich rassistisch und greift nur dunkelhäutige an. Dann hab ich ne Führung durchs Haus bekommen und hab die Kinder der Familie kennen gelernt die mich super herzlich und ohne scheu begrüßten. Am Abend sind wir auf den Markt und haben Fried Rice und Papaya gekauft. Man bekommt hier eine halbe Papaya bereits geschnitten für 1 Cedi das sind 25ct... und die sind Mega lecker! Abends war ich tot müde und bin früh ins Bett, da es am nächsten Tag in die Schule ging!Read more

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