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Curious what backpackers do in Ghana? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day23

    After a "normal" working day we had an appointment with CUA-Sandra. Sandra is a German and work for the GIZ with CUA. We meet each other at the beginning of my stay, went last week the first time for a coffee and she introduced Osu to us tonight.

    But before we went to the restaurant we could marvel her puppies: one week old and so cute! It's amazing, they can't still open the eyes and are so little. I felt immediately in love with them! 😍

    We were at Chez Clarisse firstly. It's a Ghanaian restaurant under the sky with a big grill and some plastic tables with plastic chairs. There is not light at all only the street light can help when you eat. You get typical Ghanian food in the Ghanaian way - with hands.

    We ate Tilapia - it's a fresh water fish (from the Volta lake) with some sides to it. It was sooooo yammie! Really! This fish taste absolutely good!

    After our delicious dinner we went to Republic bar. Christian has not known it and the cocktails are good. We had some fun because of the karaoke which is not really different to ours ;)

    It was really a nice evening! Thanks Sandra!

    And when we came at home we realised the evening is not finished yet: they build our street! Yep, direct in front of our house, the big machines, a lot of people working and very noisy! I even couldn't enter our compound by car so that we have parked the car some streets in front of our area.

    And now??? Some shandy, good chat and a snug night 😊
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  • Day14

    You remember Doris and me went to Aburi the last weekend. We visited the botanical garden and forbear the visit of the art market because of the rain and the fact that Charles couldn't come.

    But today we drove with Charles and Christian to the art market. And it was fun. The market is not overcrowded and the people are nice - not importunate.

    Doris and Charles bought Avery big elegant and some other things for their new apartments. But Christian and me had no reason to buy anything. Of course not... 😂

    Okay and some hours later Christian asked in Facebook how this masks should come to Germany? 😉

    And please like my little elephant! I love him (he is so perfect imperfect!) but Christian doesn't like him. 😔
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  • Day13

    Christian is in Accra with me! After a long struggle with his visa he could arrive, finally:

    We applied for the visa in the beginning of May. All documents collected, the visa fee paid, the online forms filled out and the visa should be ready at the 17.5. We also sent a letter with the question if they could send the passport to Christian.

    Yep and this was a problem. It happened nothing! The first call with the embassy was at the 24th. The lady told him that we should have send an envelope with the papers - of course with stamps (the 110 Euro visa fee is for the coloured sticker in the passport ;)). Okay, done.

    After a next week nothing happens again. Christian was already very afraid that he couldn't visit Ghana. The next plans were made: the uncle could go to the embassy, Christian can drive to Berlin in order to pick it up, I try to get the visa on arrival for him (he already should have a residence permit here) and so on.

    The next tries, to call them. After several attempts to speak to someone a lady promised him that she will send the passport. Hm... next days waiting. Christian prepared himself for the travel to Berlin, asked for two days off.

    But ... at the 7.6. the passport appeared in Christians office - with visa! Now he has had a 90 days visa, two days off for his daughter and he could catch his flight! 😊

    And he is here.... with a suitcase only with stuff for me ;), coffee, give always from the foundation and a lot things more.
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  • Day15

    I am not sure if I already told the story about our office. Katja and Fred organised a move from Kasoa (where CUTraC is located) to Accra city in November last year. And at the 2nd of May the GIZ said to me that we have to move it at the end of July because they won't prolongate the rental contract. They have already found a new building but we can't move in there.

    I was quite shocked but we have no other possibility. So Fred started to look for some office rooms when I was in Malawi and I had some appointments for new rooms the week after it.

    And I guess I found a very good solution. It's an office in office space. EMERGE Ghana is a PR agency which wants to rent some rooms within its office so that we can get two office rooms and share the meeting room, the kitchen and so on. We get it for a good price inclusive all only the internet I should organise for us.

    The location is nice and I like the owner of the agency. She is a powerful woman with a big heard - can sell everything and has a good sense of humour. I guess we will have some interesting conversations during the time ;).

    I am waiting for a rental contract. And in the middle of August we can move in ;)
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  • Day19

    What do you think what is the real evidence for the rain season?

    - When it is raining?

    - When the traffic collapse?

    - The pool which is filled up completely?

    - When it is wet - outside and inside?

    Yep, I can answer all questions with YES, it is rain season ;)

    And the best... I haven't needed the sand bags so far, the water is in the first floor!

  • Day22

    The morning started with pic 1

    So I had a break pic 2

    I entered my office pic 3, 4

    No electricity in my office anymore , pic 5 😡

    And my printer speaks with me now: "needs troubleshooting!" Pic 6
    YES! I have a very clever printer!

    Beside my work as a senior adviser I am the facility manager and a car pool manager too.... That's Africa 😳

    Wish you a very relaxed start in the week! 😊

  • Day25

    When I came to "my" pool in the morning at 6.30 one of the domestics from my neighbor, Nahima, sat at the edging and cranked because of pain in her stomach.

    She looked sooo bad so that I brought her a water and asked Isaac to help me. I wanted to find out if we have to go to a doctor or if she could stand it on her own.

    Finally we went to a drug store, ask her what we should do. A doctor was not necessary so that we only bought some tablets and a juice and brought her at home ...

    Really embarrassing was that an old man came to my car and I thought that's one of the guys who asks for money - no he was the uncle from Nahima and he only wanted to say "thank you" to me 😬.

    Even when he will never read this: sorry, that I didn't get this immediately. He was so nice!

    And all the best for you, Nahima!
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  • Day15

    The rain season starts now! Christian is hardly arrived and it has start to rain ... not really fair but okay we knew it in advanced that we could have this situation.

    The whole day rains but at the end of the day Doris and Charles went to a Lebanese restaurant with us. "The best Lebanese in town". That was the pronouncement.

    It was very cute, you have the feeling that this is more a living room than a restaurant. We were - except of a group with 5 people - the only guests.

    It was very good! The service was perfect, the food amazing! I have tried only one other Lebanese in Accra but at least I can say a very good Lebanese in town! And a very nice evening!

    Thank you Doris and Charles! 😍
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  • Day21

    What a nice weekend! Christian and me visited all shopping malls in Accra in order to get Spanish beer (without success - but I heard in the evening there is another possibility, the last one. I will try it tomorrow ;)).

    We visited the lake close to Accra and we have been at the sea. The Bodo Beach Ressorts at the beach is really nice but it faces the same problems a lot locations have: the maintenance. The Ghanaians would have had it much easier if they would try to maintain what they built at first.

    Arianes farewell party was great at Saturday evening. She celebrated at the Maya Cova Beach Club. A very nice place. Direct at the sea, having a sundowner, nice people, dancing, good food and some teachers who prepared some things for her farewell. A fantastic evening.

    We finished this weekend with a very funny dinner with Doris and Charles. We have been at Smoke 'n' Barrel, a restaurant with (mostly) American food. Nice atmosphere, you already get the beer after the first asking after the ordering and the chicken was very good ;).

    Yep and now we close this weekend, sleep well!
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  • Day24

    Typical Ghana - created directly from life ...

    Pic 1 - this is a Ghanaian gras cutter - he would be employed full time with us in Germany 😂

    Pic 2 - selling strategy for a washing machine (good bye back pain refers to the possibility to make your laundry by hand in standing position!)

    Pic 3 - presentation of the goods to be sold at the street (she is amazing! This on her head are cashew nuts)

    Pic 4 - presentation of the offers in a shop - do you know what you would buy?

    Pic 5 - the Accra Eye - no explanation required

    Pic 6 - I have received my work and my residence permit! And I think very fast, after 1 1/2 month, 7 visits at the immigration office and 4 Ritter Sport 😊
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Republic of Ghana, Ghana, Gaana, ጋና, غانا, Qana, Гана, Gana, ঘানা, གྷ་ན།, Ghana nutome, Γκάνα, Ganao, قانا, Ganaa, Gána, ઘાના, גאנה, घाना, Գանա, ガーナ共和国, განა, Ngana, ហ្កាណា, ಘಾನಾ, 가나, غەنا, ການ່າ, ഖാന, ဂါနာ, ଘାନା, ګانا, Ganäa, ඝානාව, கானா, ఘానా, กานา, Kana, گانا جۇمھۇرىيىتى, گھانا, Gha-na (Ghana), Ganän, Orílẹ́ède Gana, 加纳, i-Ghana

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