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Curious what backpackers do in Gibraltar? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Wollten uns heute die Affen auf dem Fels anschauen - dort führt allerdings nur ein Cable Car hin....die Seilbahn hatte nun aber leider aufgrund der starken Winde geschlossen....also keine Affen ..😣.
    Nun sind wir in den Bergen bei Malaga auf einer Öko Farm. Der Weg dorthin war sehr, sehr abenteuerlich ...Der Regen hatte den eh schon schmalen Weg hinauf total aufgeweicht...der Bus rutschte fast den Abgang herunter..😇
    Nun sitzen wir aber vor einem knisternden Kamin und alles ist gut..
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  • When the steward turns down our bed at night he leaves El Diario, the schedule for the next day, in our cabin. In last night's edition we were informed we'd be arriving in Gibraltar early in the morning and would be able to go ashore at 8:00 AM. We'd once again set sail at 2:00 PM so we were asked to return to the ship by 1:30. There was also a note that we should set our clocks back one hour for the time zone change.

    Brenda and I slept in, had breakfast and didn't go ashore until almost 9:00. Given the short time we were in port, we didn't go up to the park at the top of the rock where there are apparently monkeys everywhere. Next time. We explored the town within the fortification walls which is now primarily geared toward the tourist trade. Of course, this was not always the case. Due to it's location and natural defenses, military minds said whoever controls Gibraltar controls the Mediterranean. It was first occupied by the Phoenicians in 950 BC and was later taken over by the Romans, the Visigoths, the Moors, the Christians, the Moors (again) and then Spain who eventually lost it to the British. They're still arguing over possession to this day.

    I have to admit, I expected the rock to be more impressive. You know, like your first glimpse of the rockies or the Empire State Building. It's iconic. Everyone's heard of it. I guess it's one of those cases where all the hype set me up for disappointment. Still, it was very cool to see it and photograph Roch and the rock, but my initial reaction was, "That's it?!?"

    After walking through the old town for a while we decided we'd had enough and set out to return to the ship. It was only about 11:45 and it took about thirty minutes to cover the distance into town so we'll be back on board well ahead of the 1:30 cut off.

    Strangely, as we approached the dock at around 12:15, the Sovereign's whistle sounded. "That can't be the call to boarding, there's still more than an hour to go" I said. We then noticed we weren't the only ones who cut short our stay in Gibraltar. I figured we weren't the only ones who found the place a little dull.

    By the time we set foot on deck it was 12:30 so we went up to Deck 11 for lunch. We had just had time to finish eating when I thought I felt the ship move. It can't be, I thought. It was barely after 1:00.

    That's when it hit me: we should have waited until tonight to set our clocks back!

    It's a good thing we found Gibraltar so boring since, if we'd have been enjoying ourselves, we might have missed our ride to Las Palmas.

    Somebody up there was looking out for us.
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  • Today we where in Gibraltar 🇬🇮, one of my favorite ports.
    We had a nice stroll into town, and after Maz had bought some stuff from the pharmacy just by the square at the town entrance, we decided to have a walk down one of the side streets, as Main St was as usual packed with tourists.
    We only walked along the next parallel street to Main St, which was Cannon Lane, but it made for a much more pleasant experience, as there were no crowds and it was quite shaded, which was a welcome relief from the sun.
    At the end of the lane we turned back on to Main St and had a drink at The Royal Calpe pub.
    It's quite nice in there and we've been a number of times before.
    After that it was a stroll back to the ship for a sleep before the evening drinks.
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  • I've been to Gibraltar 🇬🇮 many many times and I love the place, but this time I decided to give the old town a miss.
    On the walk along North Mole Rd, which takes you from the ship right in to the old town, I turned right at the first traffic island, that's the one with the statue commemorating the evacuation of the civilian population of the rock in WWII.
    There is nothing of any historical interest down there, but it was nice to get away from the tourist magnet of the old town.
    It is basically just a residential area, where I passed, the local Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall, and the local swimming pool, this as well as the indoor pool, has two outdoor pools fed directly from the sea.
    Further along the road is the very British Morrisons supermarket along with the obligatory McDonald's.
    Next came St Bernard's hospital which looks very new and modern.
    Finally I came across a lovely little park with views of the cruise ship and part of the port, quite an industrial view but nice all the same.
    On the way back to the ship I crossed over to the other side of North Mole Rd, to another residential area which overlooks the other side of the harbour and the end of the airport runway.
    It was quite exciting to see the planes takeoff, but it must be very noisy for the residents.
    So that was about it for my stroll around this part of Gibraltar, it did make a nice change from the old town, and was interesting in its own way.
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  • Leider haben wir Regenwetter in Gibraltar erwischt. Das hält uns natürlich nicht von einem Rundgang durch die Stadt ab.

    Auf ein größeres Ausflugsprogramm verzichten wir - wir waren vor 15 Jahren schonmal hier 😜

  • Nach dem Champagner gab es Mittagessen. Dieses Mal Gosch.
    Gurkensalat, Algensalat mit Sesamdressing, Garnelen, Krabben, Backfisch, Hodeifisch, Knoblauchbaguette, Bratkartoffeln, gegrilltes Gemüse, Cocktaildipp.
    NussSchnecke und Panini zum Nachtisch. Anschließend Cocktails.
    Virgin Colada und ein Madonna. Abschließend ein Southern Comfort.

You might also know this place by the following names:

Gibraltar, Gyebralta, ጊብራልታር, Chibraltar, Calpis, جبل طارق, جيبرالتار, Xibraltar, Гібралтар, Гибралтар, Zibralitari, জিব্রাল্টার, ཇིབ་རཱལ་ཊར།, জিব্রালটার, Jibraltar, ޖަބަލްޠާރިޤު, Gibraltar nutome, Γιβραλτάρ, Ĝibraltaro, گیبرالتار, Jibraltaar, Giobráltar, Giobraltair, જીબ્રાલ્ટર, Gibraaltar, Jibaraltar, גיברלטר, जिब्राल्टर, Gibraltár, Ջիբրալթար, Gíbraltar, Gibilterra, ジブラルタル, ჰიბრალტარი, Jibralta, ಗಿಬ್ರಾಲ್ಟರ್, 지브롤터, Calpe, Giburalita, Gibiltæra, Gibiltera, Zibatalɛ, Gibraltaras, Jibeletale, Gibraltārs, Zibraltara, Kāmaka, ജിബ്രാള്‍ട്ടര്‍, ဂျီဘရော်လ်တာ, जिब्राल्टार, Dgibrâltar, Gibartar, ଜିବ୍ରାଲ୍ଟର୍, Jibrulta, Gibiltèra, جبرالٹر, Juburalitari, Giburalitari, Gibbilterra, Zibraltära, Zibaratära, ජිබ්‍රෝල්ටාව, Gjibraltari, ஜிப்ரால்டர், జిబ్రాల్టార్, ยิบรอลตาร์, Hibraltar, Sipalālitā, Cebelitarık, جبل الطارق, Djibraltar, 直布罗陀, Гибралта Балһсн, גיבראלטאר, Orílẹ́ède Gibaratara, 直布羅陀, i-Gibraltar