Together to protect the penguins

„Just like you, we cannot imagine a world without penguins. They are magnetic and enigmatic creatures that enrich this planet and our existence. Penguins are hardy and tough, but today, they are in trouble.“

Global Penguin Society
Dr. Pablo Garcia Borboroglu
President & Founder

There are over 18 different species of penguins, all of which live in the Southern Hemisphere, in South America, Antarctica, Australia, even the Galapagos Islands and many more. So most people on this earth have to travel far to find and experience penguins in the wild.

All of these cute creatures have one thing in common: they can't fly, but they are excellent swimmers and divers!

Do penguins need help?

Nearly half of all penguin species are considered threatened due to climate change, ocean pollution, fishing mistakes and direct human intervention. Penguins are very sensitive animals. The slightest change in fragile ecosystems can have major consequences for penguin populations in an area. Their characteristic of not being able to fly and their distinct social behavior makes them very vulnerable to external influences.

Together for the penguins

Penguins are like a mirror for the state of our coasts and oceans. They show us indirectly how much influence we have on the lives of other creatures with our behavior.

Together with you we would like to promote the protection and conservation of the penguins. Therefore, we donate 5% of our revenue from all our Premium Memberships to the “Global Penguin Society”.

These funds will directly benefit the Penguins without any losses.

Who is the Global Penguin Society?

The Global Penguin Society (GPS) is the first and only international organization dedicated to the protection and study of all 18 penguin species and their natural habitats.

In 2009, GPS was founded by Dr. Pablo Garcia Borboroglu in Argentina and continued to expand after receiving the Whitley Award. Over the years, GPS has enjoyed many different successes. In addition to best-selling books and projects worldwide, many other awards and collaborations followed, such as the "NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Buffett Award for Leadership in Conservation" and the collaboration with "Disney Nature" for the movie "PENGUINS", among others.

The Global Penguin Society receives worldwide support from renowned companies and now also from us and you!

What does the GPS do?

The work of GPS is to gather scientific knowledge about the penguins, provide educational services and work closely with governments and people in the surrounding regions to develop effective conservation legislation.

Generating knowledge useful for conservation

The GPS collects data on the population of the various species and their behavior. From this, knowledge is gained about possible conservation problems and countermeasures are taken accordingly.

Securing a healthy habitat

The GPS works closely with governments, communities and landowners to generate effective conservation policies to benefit penguins, their ecosystems, and nearby communities.

Fostering a “conservation culture”

By educating people about penguins and the importance of healthy oceans, the GPS both involves and empowers local communities and reaches descision makers.

“So you can still find penguins in the future”

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