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  • We arrived at Greece airport around 1:05am.

    Of course.. Murphys law, our bags were the last ones to come out

    The original plan was to uber to our airbnb because it would take half the time & it was late. By the time we got our bags & got outside, there were no ubers to be found. The taxi was 38€ to city center but we couldnt justify spending that much money on a cab... Twice in one day.

    With 5 minutes to spare, we caught the last bus into town. We google mapped it & got off at the good stop.

    Both of our phones are dying at this point.

    From the bus is was a 17 minute walk so we grabbed a cab -- we also had no idea where we were going.

    Let me tell you about this cab driver. He was probably in his 70s & used a magnifiying glass to read my cellphone screen. Once he typed in the adress to his gps, that took 10 minutes to write, he sped off at 70km/h down these tiny roads.

    He dropped us off at our place, but turns out that wasnt our place. We walked around looking for people to ask. We asked a local & they had no idea. We asked a cop & he told us to back away from the car then pointed us in the right direction.

    We FINALLY found it.

    After our 6 flight walk up with all our bags, we made it.

    Our host is awesome. Super cool guy. We have a clear view of the acropliois from the balcony.

    We are currently sitting in the room at 3:45 in front of the ac to try to cool down.

    22 hours of traveling.

    Stay tuned for more adventures of frick & frack.
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  • Today we woke up early after very little sleep (as per usual)... This time due to our ability to find each other absolutely hilarious when we get a bit tired. After a quick pack, we called for our über (we freaking love über in Europe.. Never use a cab in Europe EVER AGAIN) and headed to the port. We got there, grabbed our peinted tickets and boarded with little difficulty.

    We found a spot on the top deck and settled in for the 4 hour ferry to Mykonos. Me being the nap queen I am, I managed to sleep the first little bit of the voyage BUT when I woke up Taylor and I witnessed the whitest couple known to man. I'm talking unbutonned shirt money belt picked your nose/ear and smelling it selfies like crazy white people. They provided our entertainment for the duration of the trip and before we knew it, we docked in Mykonos!

    Once again, we disembarked with no incident and found the shuttle that would bring us to our hostel. Our bus driver was an absolute crazy man. He srover the bus 100 km/hr through tiny roads big enough for ony one car that wound through the hills, and stopped to yell at every car that gotnin our way. He also turned on classic greek music and taught us to snap and clap to the beat - of course this meant his hands werent on the wheel.

    So we arrived at the hostel and had to wait for a bit to check in. When we could check in, it was absolute pandemonium ... Everyone was pushing to the front and there were these guys behind us who were annoying us.. But finally we checked in and waited to be led to our room.

    Now heres the thing, when I say "hostel", I use the term very VERY LOOSELY. I am pretty sure camping would be preferable to the canvas dome we are in. Fortunately, it's just a place to sleep so its not really THAT horrible. It could be way, way worse.

    Anyway, of course the first thing we did was throw on our bathing suits and head to the beach. The beach is gorgeous, though insanely hot, and the water was so warm! We spent some time beaching it up before eating.. And then started drinking.

    And drinking.

    And drinking some more. By the pool, by the bar, by the beach. Just had some quality drinks. And some paint thinner.

    And let me fast forward a bit and summarize the night by saying:

    My liver wasn't ready.
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    Up bright and early to head to the centre to fill out forms, we sat down in anticipation (obviously the forst ones to arrive) as everyone else filed in. On the boat, there were 3 instructors, 5 snorklers, 4 certified divers and 3 "discover divers" .. That's us! We got to scuba dive without certification but had a very good guide with us at all times.

    So we wiggled into our wetsuits and got to the boat, 16 of us squeezed into this tiny dinghy anf held on for dear life as we hit open waters at full speed. Partway into the journey, however, a fuel line broke amd the boat stopped moving... We were rescued by a yacht passing by and they pulled usnto safety.. But of COURSE that would happen when we went out to dive. Murphy's Fecking Law.

    Anywayyyyy after being slowly pulled into our dive spot and the boat getting fixed (hey we technically went sailing!) we sat there in anticipation wating to get into the water! The snorklers went in first.. Then the certified divers... Then the three of us had a mini scuba lesson before suiting up and jumping in the water. We learned about the tank, flotation device, regulator and emergency regulator, hamd signals and how to equalize our earsrums under water. We got strapped in one at a time to very heavy scuba suits and were tossed off the boat backwards... It was slightly scary but once you were in the water it was fine.

    The firat step was to "snorkel" with the regulators.. Learning how to breathe normally underwater. Next, we were emptied of air in our flotation devices one at a time and sunk to the bottom where we could kneel and get comfortable underwater.

    My mask kept flooding with water and I panicked (i don't do well underwater as it is) so i kept asking to be pulled to the surface. The instructor gave me his mask and I felt incredibly determined, and finally got to the bottom without panicking. I did grib my regulator into my mouth using my hand like it was my day job, though... Usually you just hold it in your mouth like a snorkel but my anxiety would not let that happen.

    We went on a quick 15 minute dive exploring the area, and I felt more and more comfortable as time went by. I spent the first half holding the instructors hand and eventually felt good enough to let go and and explore on my own. When the firat dive was over we surfaced, took off our gear and climbed back in the boat to head to our next dive spot.

    At the second dive spot we entered the water in the same order. At this spot, we were to do nearly rhe aame diver as the certified divers BUT we couldn't go into caves due to lack of certification. TOTALLY FINE WITH ME.

    So once again we got in, the three of us... But the guy we were with panicked, started shaking uncontrollably and decided not to do the dive. Taylor and I now had a private dive.. What the actual heck. This was too good to be true.

    So we sunk to the bottom (12 metres) and I handed. The gopro to the instructor so he could film our whole adventure... I can't wait to get home and show people the video because it was so incredibly surreal!

    We went through some amazing caverns and saw some reef/volcanic rock and sea life that is indescribable unless you have been underwater. We went through a bunch of small arches until we finally came to the cave that we werent supposed to go in.

    And he took us in.

    One at a time we went in to see the memorial for Jacques Cousteau that his grandson put there after his death. The cave was incredible and honestly an experience that we never wpuld have had if the guy didn't decide to opt out of the dive!

    We continued our dive and headed back to the boat , but at one point my left ear wouldn't equalize. Every metre or so underwater you are suposed to plug your nose and blow to pop your ears (like you would on an airplane) but my left one wouldn't pop. I started to panic but our instructor helped me out, walking me through the steps i needed in order to rise up, re-equalize and head back to the bottom of the sea.

    We continued our dive without incident and got back to the boat.

    It was legitimately one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Not only am i terrified of being underwater (i literally will not put my head under in and water... Pool, ocean, sea.. Nothing) and terrified of people touching me underwater, ll of the fears slipped away as the calm of the sea took over. I have to admit, whenever something went alightly wrong I did panic (my flipper fell off twice, my ears, the goggles filling with water) but a little determination goes a long way.

    After the dive we were both so giddy we decied to just grab some food and snacks amd spend the evening with each other.

    Tomorrow we leave Santorini... In 2 days we are home.

    Im not ready to go yet.
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  • So our first night in santorini, we found a diving club, & we looked into how much it would be to do a discovery dive. We ended up leaving with it booked to do on Tuesday.

    The morning of, we woke up, returned our ATVs & went down to the club. We arrived & they had some snacks & juice out for us. We filled out some paper work & health questions & waited for everyone else to get there.

    So there was this girl there also, who was just doing a dive (already certified) & was so butt hurt to find out that we were going on the same dive as them. (But not with them. We had our own instructor) She actually went inside to talk to the people because she couldn't believe it. I know what you're thinking.... Ugh shes one of those.... A fun sucker.

    Anyways, we got fitted for our wet suits & we were on our way. We got a shuttle to the port where we all hopped in the boat. We were all too heavy to push out the boat. We got out, they pushed out the boat & we got back in.

    Off we went.

    Bree & I were at the front of the boat & caught some air when we hit those waves.... Probably the same ones that made everyone puke on the seajet a couple days ago. They were telling us that it was pretty windy all week & the waters were more rough than usual.

    We got to this calm spot & he stopped the boat to show us the red beach & the white beach.... Then the boat wouldn't restart. The fuel line broke. We had to get towed by this beautiful yacht.... So we also went yachting.

    The driver (our instructor) fixed the boat while everyone else was getting ready to go in the water.

    There was 3 of us in the discover scuba lesson. He did a little bit of theory before about signals & equipment but was basically going to take our equipment for us (the BCD & our meters)

    Our first dive was only 15 minutes just so that we could get used to how it feels to be under water. He brought us down one at a time.. Of course I'm the one who volunteered to go first 🙋🏼 It was the coolest feeling ever. Once everyone was under, we swam for a little bit before coming up.

    We got back on the boat & had a light snack with some juice before we left for the second diving site.

    This one we were under for 35 minutes at 12 meters deep. The other guy who was with us backed out so we got a private dive. On our dive, he said we would see the opening of a cave but wont go in... We ended up going in. We saw a plaque that was placed there in honor of Jacques Cousteau, it was his grandson that put it there because it was one of his favorite dives hes ever done.

    There wasn't much marine life because of the volcanic eruption that happened but all along the bottom was all volcanic rock. It was lava that bubbled & sank. It was so cool.

    We came back up, got on the boat & went back to the club where we got our certificate.

    After diving, we came back, took a shower & went to go get food. Guess what we got.... Greek salad 🙋🏼

    We went back to our room & just relaxed for a bit.
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  • Well, the vacation within a vacation has come to an end... Crack of dawn start this morning to catch the ferry from Corfu back to Igoumenitsa. Today is a long travel day, as we essentially cross the entire country of Greece with a stop along the way at the man-made Corinth Canal.

    We expect to arrive at the Athens campsite about 7pm... Greek-ish time. Then it's our last dinner with those that are only doing the first half of the trip, as The Big Chill (my trip name) is basically made up of two other trips (The Southern Trail is the first half that wraps up tomorrow and the second half is The Northern Trek that goes on to Amsterdam/London). Ten people drop off and we gain ten more; two guys are leaving, but we're only gaining one, so I'm going to officially get my own tent!

    The morning drive was slow going, since the roads were narrow, winding and filled with switchbacks... Fun in a car, but not so much on a coach!

    The stop at the Corinth Canal was interesting to see, but the half an hour so was sufficient. Apparently constriction started around 200 BC, but it wasn't actually completed until the 19th century. Also, is not actually very functional because it's not wide enough for larger ships and doesn't save a huge amount of distance. While we were there, we did get to see someone bungee jump from the bridge we were standing on - not my cup of tea, but each unto their own.

    We rolled into the campsite relatively on time, but dinner was a bit delayed and we weren't eating until 9:30. The next day was our full day in Athens, so it was pretty much bedtime after dinner.
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  • Then a walk up the Acropolis to the structures on top ... the Parthenon WOW!!!!! There's also the Erechtheion, the Temple of Nike (yep, that's where they got the name from), the Prohylaea, the Beule Gate and more. All in varying states of ruin and restoration. Views from the top are breath taking 360deg overlooking the city of Athens, where 5m people live.

    Walked down to Plaka (historic old-city centre) which is a bit of a tourist trap, had lunch (beer, calamari, beer, cold nibbles, and beer. Yum.). Then walked back the hotel, only 30 min and through interesting streets and sites, but in nearly 40deg heat, so now we need more beer.Read more

  • Remember how we were ordering an über last night to get to our air bnb? Yeah there were no ubers around. And the cab would have cost us almost 40 €... And we couldnt afford that (twice in one day)

    So we decided to take a bus.. We caught the LAST BUS OF THE NIGHT at 215AM (ahhhhhh) and travelled about an hour to the bus stop Google maps toldbus to get off at. Which was literally no where we could recognize on a map. So we falgged down a taxi and he dropped usboff near the street we needed to find... And we couldnt find it.

    After asking several workers and even the cops (who told us to back up and pointed us in a random direction), we FINALLY stumbled upon it almost by accident! We woke up our host by ringing the doorbell (a couple of times) and briefly met him before passing out in our AIR CONDITIONED ROOM. THANK ZEUS.

    So after sleeping around 5 whole hours, we got up and started on our Athens adventure!

    And what is a Frick and Frack adventure without getting lost and walking in circles?

    So we may or may not have walked 2 houra in the completely wrong direction on our way to the acropolis, then caved and took a metro to the ruins. We paid to get in and climbed around the archeological site for about an hour and it was gorgeous! It was very hot and our smart selves decoded to go at noon.. But we stayed hydrated and survived! After visiting the Acropolis, Parthenon and other smaller ruines, we headed to the Olympic stadium and saw what was left. And honestly thats pretty much all there is to see in Athens.

    So we still had half a day to kill, and what better way to spent it than eating authentic Greek salad ( by FAR the best salad I have ever had in my entire life. Ever. Ever.) and shopping? So that is what we did.

    While grabbing gelato, we met some Canadians. They hate Facebook.

    When we were all shopped out, we headed back to our airbnb. Which was about 40 minutes away. Uphill. Oy. I don't even want to talk about it, i can still feel the heat ...

    So after cooling down and sleeping (hey what's up hello... I'm a nap queen..) we woke up starving and in desperate need of Gyros. Asap.

    We talked to our host a bit before heading out ans found out that he is SO COOL. LIKE HONESTLY THE MOST AMAZING PERSON. SOFTWARE ENGINEER, PUBLISHED AUTHOR, FFSTIVAL OWNER, AND ALL AROUND ARTIST. WHAT? Check out his book "Control Zed".

    Anyway we found gyros and HOLY CRAP they were as good as the salad from earliEr. i cannot even describe the flavour.. Best thing i have ever eaten hands down. Besides the greek salad.

    Alright ao after eating the gyros in a park and chatting like crazy people for a while, we stopped at a bakery to grab dessert (obvi) before heading back to our airbnb for a quick sleep before heading to Mykonos in the morning.

    More adventure to follow!
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  • After Bree woke up from her nap, we decided to go grab some late dinner.

    We asked our host where would be a great place to get some classic gyros. While talking, we also found out that he is the coolest person ever. He is a software engineer/writer/event planner/musician. He even wrote a book that sold out!! You can now get it for free online.

    We were off on our adventure to find food. There was a huge district with tons of restaurants. We grabbed a gyro & sat in the square & ate it. After hours of chatting, we grabbed some bakk-lava from a local bakery & went back to the apartment.

    We had the giggles & couldn't sleep until very early in the morning.
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  • Our one full day in Mykonos was mostly spent by the pool because I'm not going to say who... But Breanna was hungover af. She napped in the shade while I tanned in the sun with our friend Australia.

    Around dinner, we headed into the main city where we walked around shops that we couldn't afford. Some lady tried to sell me a knock off Michael Kors wrist wallet for 120€... What...

    We saw a bunch of cafe's along the sea where the water would come right up. Absolutely stunning.

    The disappointing thing about Mykonos was that there was no beach parties.... None at all. All the parties were at city center but we wanted nothing to do with the crazy crowd that was already there at 8pm.

    We caught the bus back to our "hostel". We had a late night snack at the restaurant (burschetta with feta cheese) as we listened to the drunk couple next to us argue very loudly. Bree and I didn't even say one word to each other the whole meal. We just couldn't help but listen and laugh. I by accidentally said too loud "so happy i'm single" & they obviously heard. I'm no good at whispering. Shortly after, they got up and walked away. Wish I would have saw them this morning.

    We then walked down to see some other resorts, walked back & hung out on the lawn chairs by the pool for a bit before going to our metal frame wrapped in canvas.

    Oh also, the girls who were "camping" & going out to party looked better than I ever have in my entire life. We havent even tried to put on makeup since that one time in prague. I havent blow dried or straightened my hair at all. #healthyhair #justkiddingweretoolazy
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  • Up early, with little sleep, to catch our ferry to Mykonos... Party island. 🎉

    We got an uber over to the port which ended up costing us about 5€ each. We were there a little early so we just got our tickets, found a spot & just hung out.

    Once boarding time came around.. We might have almost got on the wrong boat.... Oooops.

    Finding our actual boat, we got on & went to the deck. Grabbed some chairs around the table & before we new it we were on our way.

    4 hours later we arrived in Mykonos!!

    Getting off the ferry, we saw our bus that was to take us to our "hostel" (& i put that in quotations for a good reason). Our driver was the absolutely crazy. He was yelling out the windows at other drivers, hitting 100km/h on tiny winding roads, also blasting authentic Greek music.

    We get to the "hostel" & it looks AWESOME! Pool side bar & restaurant, a mini market with alcohol, a live DJ & a gorgeous view of the sea.

    We check in & start walking towards our room.... When we found it, we thought it was a joke at first. It looked like a shipping container / bunker. It was a metal frame with a canvas covering. There was one plug & you desperately needed it for the fan.

    We immediately turned on the fan, changed into our bathing suits & went to the sea.

    We just needed to cool off. We decided the only way we could sleep in those rooms or forget where we were sleeping was to drink.... So that's what we did.

    We drank by the pool & met this group of guys who had just finished a Contiki tour. There was Marcus, Kent, Max, Marco & Australia. They ended up going to city center to party...the cover charge to get into the club was 50€ we stayed on the beach to drink with some other people....

    Lets just say, that we drank to forget..
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