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  • Day521

    Quad biking around Leros

    September 18 in Greece

    Since we had a day to wait until our foresail was ready we hired a quad bike for a day and took a whistle stop drive around. We went first to the Castle near Plantanos passing a row of windmills that had been converted into holiday lets they looked lovely. The Castle was built by the Knights of St John on the site of older temples and had commanding views of all the island bays. Then down into Agia Marina for a coffee before visiting the British war cemetery. This is, per the museum curator at the Castle, where Ginger Baker’s (from the band Cream) Dad is buried. We then drove North to the airport and beyond to the boatyards at Partheni and to Blefouti where we tried to find the vineyards and failed probably for the best as John was driving and unless the wine is sweet I wouldn’t like it. My palette is not cultured yet. The airport is tiny with one runway that only takes prop planes and ends at the sea. We then headed to Gourna bay for lunch where I tried Mussels Saganaki, that means in a tomato garlic and feta sauce, very Greek and very nice John had Pork steak beautifully cooked and huge. We don’t understand why pork is so cheap when we haven’t seen a single pig. After lunch we decided to tackle one of the many peaks on the island and chose the one in the South West up from Xirocampos, it was a heck of a drive on a gravel road the engine on the bike it was only a 150 struggled on some of the inclines, but the views at the top were awesome, we even found a German looking bunker. The trip down was even slower than on the way up, and we were impressed with the local goats road sense, as we approached they got off the road and when we had passed got back on. We then went back up the island to Panteli for an ice cream 🍦 before popping in for some shopping before returning the bike. After we dropped off the bike we met Sandra and Dennis for a drink, this is a couple who lived in Beaucette for 4 years in early 2000. They have been sailing for 18 years on and off, stopping and working when necessary. We chatted about Guernsey 🇬🇬 and also their travels.Read more

  • Day9

    Greece day 9

    September 18 in Greece

    #Greece day 9. After a #swim in the #pool and the #sea we went to #Chora by local #bus. We visited the #church, closed, and the #castle with its #beautiful view over the town. After eating a #lambstew #cooked in a #paper bag we went home after seeing the sunset in de #Harbour. It was a lovely day again.

  • Day11

    Greece day 11

    September 20 in Greece

    #Greece day 11 Today we shipped from #Naxos to #Santorini. A 2.10 hour #boat trip. After a #bustrip of 45 minutes we arrived at theWederom een mooie d #Artemis #hotel. We #ate at #captais corner where I scored my 12e espressocup. A lovely day again.

  • Day10

    #Greece day 10

    September 19 in Greece

    #Greece day 11. Today a drive over de #north of the #island. We had #coffee at #Halki #cafe an visited the #church of #Chalki. In #Mosi we walked to the #oldest #church, #Panaghia Drosiani church, 4e century and had a #Greek #salade at #restaurant #Panorama. Through #Stravos to #Apirantos for an #icecream at #Samaradiko. Than we drove to #Apalonna to see the statue of #Couros this is 11 meters high but never use because it broke when making. After returning we had & rabbit at #restaurant #Petrino. A lovely day again.Read more

  • Day13

    Greece day 12

    Yesterday in Greece

    Greece day 12. First I got up at 6.30 to see the #sunrise. Today by local #bus to #Fira, the capital of #Santorini. We went to one of the vew churches with statues. They have also very #beautiful #wallpaintings. At a height of 350 meters you look down on the #Vulcan and the view is beautiful. After arriving at the #hotel we had a #swim and lay in the #sun. We ate some bread and salad on the balcony. It was a lovely day again.Read more

  • Day13

    Greece day 13

    Yesterday in Greece

    #Greece Day 13. A bus Day. We hired car and visite the hystorical old cityi of #Tera 1000 bc. The ruins show many details of the old town. Then we went to the city #Pyrgos, we had a lunch and my 14e espessocup was there, and we e walked around. The next town was Oia for a walk and an icecream. The following place was #firostephani were we liked to see the monistery of #Nikoleas. This was close but the views are great. Next stop #Panagis #Episkopi, This was also closed but when we arrived a babticing started with many gifts and sweets. The last stop was a wine museum with a tour and a tasting of 4 wines. We ate at #Alexander in #Kamari. A lovely day again.Read more

  • Day192


    August 23 in Greece

    Die Tage auf Kos waren ziemlich entspannt, viel gab es auch nicht zu tun. Am Strand relaxen, durch Kos Stadt laufen, hier und da essen gehen, etwas überteuerte Ruinen anschauen & den ein oder anderen Cocktail trinken.
    Lena flog am 18.08 wieder zurück nach Deutschland - War ein schöner Urlaub :)

    Lange blieb Ich jedoch nicht alleine, Chris der auch schon in der Mongolei mit dabei war ist Abends noch auf Kos gelandet, Ich holte ihn ab und wir fuhren direkt an den Strand.

    Um von Kos runterzukommen wollten wir am nächsten Tag eine Fähre nach Piräus (direkt bei Athen) buchen - diese war allerdings für die nächsten 4 Tage ausgebucht...
    Wir machten das beste daraus und gingen zum Formel 1 Schauen in eine Bar.
    Als wir da so in der Bar bei einem Bier saßen meldete sich ganz spontaner Besuch aus Hamburg von Theresa an - ca. 5h Später standen wir wieder am Flughafen und waren nun die nächsten 4 Tage zu 3. unterwegs...
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  • Day194


    August 25 in Greece

    Wir verabschiedeten uns von Theresa am Fährenhafen und fuhren auf die Fähre Richtung Europäisches Festland.
    10h später waren wir auch schöne da.
    Wir ließen Athen in der Nacht noch hinter uns und fuhren ca. 40km aus der Stadt.

    Am nächsten Morgen ging es dann weiter nach Thessaloniki, wo wir Freunde von Chris besuchten - Verrückter Abend, wir wurden von Hatzo mit seinem Motorrad in der Fußgängerzone empfangen, folgten ihm zum nächsten Getränkeladen, kauften ein paar Bier und endeten bei einer Heavy Metall Bandprobe in einem Keller...

    Bevor wir Griechenland verließen schlenderten wir leicht verkatert durch Thessaloniki, tranken ein paar Freddo-Cappuccino um wach zu werden und Kaufte Ordentlich Obst und Gemüse auf dem Markt.
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  • Day8

    The Island of Lesbos

    June 11 in Greece

    Where to stay on the island of Lesbos? Why, the Lesbian Hotel of course. Coming off the ferry at I walked round the bay of the capital Mitilini and found my charming small hotel bang in the centre at the waterfront. I asked if I could leave my bags until check-in time, but was told by the cheery manager that my room was ready. Indeed by 8.45 I was enjoying a delicious breakfast (for 7 Euros today, included tomorrow) on the balcony facing the sea. For a 3 star budget hotel this was a great deal. A little old fashioned, perhaps, but spotlessly clean and comfortable with free WiFi. The lift was a bit antiquated, and involved closing various doors and jumping up and down a bit to get it going. However I resisted the temptation to do a tap dance à la Mary Tyler Moore in Thoroughly Modern Millie.

    The owner’s equally friendly wife had arranged a splendid breakfast repast including locally produced feta cheese and olives and her own home-made apple pie, as well as the usual hot and cold favourites.

    After a surfeit of travelling round large cities, it was nice to be in a lovely quieter island, so I decided to head for one of the many beaches. ‘The closest is the city beach’ suggested the hotel owner, ‘but they charge to get in’. The city beach was only a short walk away, and with facilities including changing rooms, showers, toilets, sunbed and lounger included, I did not feel it was a rip-off at 2 Euros entry fee. There was a warning sign that naturist bathing was allowed, however I don’t think I offended anyone.

    How lovely to cool off in the sea. A Greek God, masquerading as a Life Guard, appeared to spend most his time snorkelling, eating or preening himself. ‘I think I’ll feign a drowning’ said a middle aged lady nearby to her friend. They both then giggled, blushed and returned to their sun worship. The Greek God carried on preening, oblivious to any catastrophes that might be happening to his charges out in the Aegean.

    Well everything seemed to be going to plan. My phone then rings and a caller from a ferry company tells me that my booked ferry the next day to Turkey has been cancelled. When I asked for more information all I could get from him was ‘your ferry is having a breakdown’. ‘I know how it feels’ I replied, but got the impression that it was lost in translation.

    I’ll think about it tomorrow, I thought. Let’s enjoy the sunshine.
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  • Day7

    Italy to Greece

    June 10 in Greece

    The first glimpse of Superfast 1 at Bari Harbour did not fill me with excitement. A long orange container ship that had seen better days. I remember travelling on the brand new Superfast lX and Superfast X when Scotland had its own international ferry sailings from Rosyth and thought they were better than a lot of cruise ships I had been on. Not so this earlier model. However, in fairness the passenger accommodation was pretty good and promised a comfortable crossing. Three young women from Uraguay were excited about their ‘cruise’ to Greece and immediately started on the ouzo. The Superfast brochure encouraged passengers to to take advantage of the facilities on board, including discos, restaurants, cocktail bars and swimming pools. The girls had clearly omitted to note the small asterisk which indicated that these facilities were not available on all vessels - and certainly not at all on Superfast 1. Undeterred, they proceeded to flirt with the friendly waiter, Alex, posturing and posing for selfies.

    Again our 4 berth cabin only had 2 occupants, and this time a tall, grey-haired, slim Greek man joined me. He resembled a latter day Captain Von Trapp or perhaps Captain Corelli himself. Well mannered and considerate, he scarcely made a noise as he disembarked at Igoumenista, Greece at the ungodly hour of 5am.

    We passed Corfu and then Kefalonnia, the setting for probably my all-time favourite novel, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, if you can get through the first 100 pages that is. As I sat on deck in the already hot morning sunshine, my mind drifted and, wait a minute, could that be Pelagia laughing and running along the shore, and surely that was Mandras swimming with dolphins. Or was it just a cruel trick of the light and the sea?

    The three Uraguyans looked a bit worse for wear in the morning. Perhaps they had discovered hidden night spots on Superfast 1, and I noticed that their Alpha-Female was sporting a sizeable hickey on the left side of her neck. Perhaps Alex was even more friendly than we thought.

    Sadly the train no longer runs all the way from the Port of Patras to Athens. However, I managed to catch an express coach on the 2.5 hour journey, which surprisingly was a brand new toll motorway all the way. Greece seems to have benefitted from being in the EU. And what magnificent views of the Gulf of Corinth, including the new Rio-Antirrio bridge connecting the Peloponnese to mainland Greece, and passing close to the wonder that is the Corinth Canal.

    A hair-raising sprint across Athens by local bus and Metro brought me to the Port of Piraeus. I didn’t feel too bad about not lingering in Athens as I had been there a few times with Campbell and had enjoyed the some of the many treasures it had to offer. On arrival at the Blue Star Ferry terminal I was told that my overnight ferry to the island of Lesbos had been cancelled - no explanation offered - but that I had been re-booked on the same route with Swan Hellenic Ferries. As I boarded the Nissos Rodos I thought I had gotten the better deal. The ferry was well equipped with comfortable lounges and cafe/bars and a good self-service restaurant. After a tasty dinner of roast beef and potatoes (how do they get potatoes to taste that good?), I retired to my 4 berth cabin to meet my travelling companions. After a while the steward showed in a disheveled elderly man who resembled Zorba the Greek. I don’t know if it was the sight of me sprawled out on the lower bunk, but he began shouting about having booked a more luxurious cabin with Blue Star Ferries and stormed off, never to be seen again. A 4 berth en suite cabin to myself, I thought.

    However, just after midnight as I was dropping off, the cabin door was opened and closed suddenly. Was I being burgled on the high seas? I opened the door but there was no sign of anyone. Determined to get to the bottom of it, I marched up to Reception where I was told someone wanted to check in. ‘Three hours after the ship has sailed’, I queried. ‘Well he’s a soldier, and he’s been drinking with his mates in the bar up until now’ I was told. The thought of sharing my accommodation with a drunk, Greek soldier did not appeal, and after a fruitless search for him, the steward advised that he was probably staying the bar. I was told this was a far from unusual occurrence, and as the Army paid for his bunk anyway I could have it all to myself. Result.
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