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Curious what backpackers do in Greece? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
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    The rainy weather in Albania and Macedonia had been bad on my mood. It was time to enjoy a few sunrays. Greece is known as an autumn domicile and so I went on with my trip to the Greek border with full euphoria. In Macedonia, I had thought about my further route through Greece. My dad suggested that we meet in Antalya, enjoy the sun and spend some relaxing days together. This sounded great and so the approximate direction was fixed, south to Athens.

    On the way to the border to Greece I met Keith from Canada on the roadside. He has been riding a singlespeed bike (only one gear) for several years. He was just assembling a smaller chainring to the crank because several climbs followed. The effort would be too way too much for me, but he probably belongs to a handful of people who are cycletouring like this. After it was raining again, we decided to look for a suitable place to stay. We found an abandoned house on a resting place, exchanged our travel experiences and let the evening end with good food. The next day, our paths separated. I cycled further south to Greece, Keith to the north.

    The following days in Greece were very rainy. At first I was still on gravel roads, but I remained stuck in the mud, so I switched to paved roads. In the evening, I fortunately found in a canopy, under which I could sleep. I just arrived at the new sleeping place, two small dog-puppies ran out of the abandoned side building. There was no trace of the mom.
    Both dogs, who I dubbed Blacky and Whitey, spent the whole night with me. I would have loved to take both with me.

    In the morning the sun finally came out and the landscape became greener and more mountainous. In the late evening I arrived in the small village of Meteora. The name sounds very special and so is the landscape surrounding the small village. Huge ridge towers rising in the air as if they had fallen from the sky. I stayed couple days to go hiking and enjoying the views.

    After three days I set off again. I stopped at the supermarket and to my surprise I met two other cyclists. Ruggero from Italy and Brian from the USA. Both of them met in South America and went cycling together for a month. Meanwhile, Ruggero has been on the bike for two years and is about to end his trip. Both had arranged for a trip to Greece and were also on the road to Athens. We decided to go to Athens together, which was a great pleasure to me. We three were immediately on a wavelength.
    We cycled through lonely mountain roads, fought rain, found shelters in churches, were invited by local people to have breakfast and a Ouzo (which usually amounted to three / four). The people were incredibly friendly and helpful.
    Arriving at the sea, we took a bus to Athens, where we spent two days together and walked through the city. Then our paths separated. Meanwhile, Ruggero has returned to Italy. Brian is now biking in Central Asia.

    My path now led to Turkey. There was the possibility to take either a fly or a ferry. I chose the ferry, which is much more relaxed with the bike. The ferry drove over night to the Greek island of Rhodes. I arrived at noon, but on the same day no ferry left for Turkey. I checked on the mobile phone the size of the island, which is with a length of about 100 km is not too big and decided to circumnavigate the island in two days. The sun burned down and the 32 degrees caused my first defect on the trip. My tires had too much pressure, whereupon the front tube burst. In the parking lot, where I just changed the tube, a couple tried to get their scooter to run. A tube on the engine was torn and my broken tube was quickly misused. A few minutes later the scooter ran again. Apparently, it was no coincidence that this should happen at this parking lot.
    After 220 km in the legs I arrived the next day on time at the port and took the ferry to Turkey.

    Greece was full of surprises and everything came out quite differently than I had planned and expected. These are the moments that make such a trip so special.
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  • We didn't know if anything would be open on a Sunday, but, thanks to Saint Spyridon, Corfu was full of life today. On the first Sunday in November, the people of Corfu commemorate that one time when everyone was getting cholera and Saint Spyridon chased it away. There are processions throughout the middle of the day, and the shops that would have been closed had all opened for the occasion.

    We did a little shopping, watched some of the processions, and Google maps helped us find an excellent cafe for lunch. Eating souvlaki at an outdoor cafe in Greece, then heading across the street to buy baklava from a little bakery recommended by a local a couple tables away--there's another item to cross off my bucket list.Read more

  • They say you either love or hate Athens. I respect all cultures and differences, and I have to say.. It was hard to get use to. It was definitely an experience for me..

    Only a day in Athens and the next day in Delphi, we only had limited time to explore before sailing off to one of the Greek islands.
    The food was ridiculously cheap here, and our hotel Receptionist was extremely friendly. Our hotel room was spacious with a 3 bed room and with aircon and an ensuite.

    The weather was so hot in Greece, it was great!
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  • Our Delphi Day Trip from Athens was today! The archeological site was great and interesting, however our tour guide was quite full on with participation. She even gave us homework.

    The day was hot. We drank from the Fountain of Youth, and then went and had lunch at a nice restaurant. We stopped at a cute little town where we had some ice cream, and I had a chat with a couple from the US. They were impersonating different US accents for me - it was rather funny!Read more

  • I have always, always, always wanted to go to Santorini - and I did! The blue and white buildings, the sea.. Everything about it had some sort of elegance and beauty. It was honestly, AMAZING!

    It was a bit expensive in Santorini, but it was to be expected. We arrived at the docks, collected our luggage and caught a shuttle bus to our residency.

    Although all our accomodations in Europe were all pretty awesome, I wanted Santorini to be "the" place of luxury for us whilst traveling in Europe. We were so torn between choosing a luxurious hotel with an ocean view or a quirky and unique type of accommodation. We contemplated for a LONG time flickimg between the two, and we ended up making a decision based on the showers.

    When we arrived in Fira we were so excited with what we had chosen, we were pretty much prancing around! I have to say, pat on the back for us. It was the typical all white Santorini housing with super quirky interior design - We did well!
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  • For some reason, I seemed to be great friends with gravity while walking down the stairs. I just did not know how to walk down the stairs without falling on my arse! And I scraped my knees while I was at it.

    There were at last 600 stairs, and some were made of marble so it was extremely slippery. Not to mention there were donkeys everywhere and their poop! Tip: Don't wear thongs!

    I had never felt so stressed walking down stairs before. I was swerving the donkeys as some got quite crazy, I was also swerving their poop all the while trying not to fall over. There was a lot going on!

    It was all worth it once I reached the bottom though!
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  • Our first night in Santorini we moved our table outside and ordered all sorts of Greek food! I thought the delivery was awesome! We also went and bought some dips, cheese, crackers, olives, drinks and other nibblies.

    Dinner in Santorini with an ocean view... What a life!

  • The walk from Fira to Oia should only be about a 3hr hike, however it took me approximately 4hrs as I stopped and enjoyed the view a fair few times!

    The walk was very peaceful, and unless you're walking with a group (tour group) there's not a lot of people about - well, there wasn't for me anyway.

    I was always mesmerized with the view - the ocean was blue as can be, and the sceneries were just absolutely stunning!Read more

  • Our last night in Santorini we did a sunset cruise, stopping at Oia for the best sunset view!

    During the cruise we made pit stops for a volcanic hike, mudbath swim and to another island for dinner. Although I don't recommend the fish and chips meal as it wasn't all that impressive. I should have just ate some gyros!

  • We arrived at Greece airport around 1:05am.

    Of course.. Murphys law, our bags were the last ones to come out

    The original plan was to uber to our airbnb because it would take half the time & it was late. By the time we got our bags & got outside, there were no ubers to be found. The taxi was 38€ to city center but we couldnt justify spending that much money on a cab... Twice in one day.

    With 5 minutes to spare, we caught the last bus into town. We google mapped it & got off at the good stop.

    Both of our phones are dying at this point.

    From the bus is was a 17 minute walk so we grabbed a cab -- we also had no idea where we were going.

    Let me tell you about this cab driver. He was probably in his 70s & used a magnifiying glass to read my cellphone screen. Once he typed in the adress to his gps, that took 10 minutes to write, he sped off at 70km/h down these tiny roads.

    He dropped us off at our place, but turns out that wasnt our place. We walked around looking for people to ask. We asked a local & they had no idea. We asked a cop & he told us to back away from the car then pointed us in the right direction.

    We FINALLY found it.

    After our 6 flight walk up with all our bags, we made it.

    Our host is awesome. Super cool guy. We have a clear view of the acropliois from the balcony.

    We are currently sitting in the room at 3:45 in front of the ac to try to cool down.

    22 hours of traveling.

    Stay tuned for more adventures of frick & frack.
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