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  • Day123


    December 4, 2018 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Als Abschied vo Guatemala han ich mich no ah es ächts Highlight äne gwogt. Mit 4000 m.ü.m esch de Acatenango Vulkan de höchsti Punkt vo Central Amerika und de esch mit ehnere 4-6 Stündige Wanderig erreichbar. Ich ha übers Hostel ehn 2 tägigi Tour buecht und bi scho am nöchste Tag mit 22 andere Abentüürlustige im Bus ghocked.

    D Wanderig esch sträng aber machbar gsii. Mer händ ca. 4h brucht bis zum Basecamp (inkl. Pause) und es esch alles bärguf gange. Im Basecamp händs üs denn gseid dass es sich ned lohni för de Sunneuntergang ganz ufe z laufe wells im Momänt z viel Wolche heig. Mer händ also üsi Zält bezoge und händ de Nomittag denn am Füür verbrocht. Es hed Popcorn, Marshmallows und heissi Schoggi gäh. Zum Znacht hämmer denn Spagetti becho und wos ändlich dunkel worde esch hämmer denn au gseh für was mer do ufe gloffe sind: De Vulkan spuckt Lava. Alli händ probiert möglichst gueti Bilder häre z bringe aber so werklich festhalte cha mer das eifach ned! Ich wär am liebste nie is Bett well mer nie weiss wenn die nöchsti Eruption chonnd. Da d Sunneufgangswanderig aber am 04.00 ahgseid gsii esch hani de glich früeh müsse go schlofe - ehn zimlich schlächte Schlof zum ehrlich sii. Es esch chalt gsii im Zält, es hed ine gwinded, esch umbequem gsii und so bin ich sicher all Stund wedermol verwached.

    D Wanderig am 4ri esch denn s strängste vom ganze Usflug gsii. Es esch zwar eigentlich "nur" no 1.5h deruf gange aber de wenig Schlof und vorallem d Höchi händ mer zuegsetzt. Uf 4000 m bechonnd mer halt eifach chli weniger Suurstoff und so werds Schnufe sträng und eim werd schnell schlächt. Um so stolzer bin ich gsii wo ichs denn gschafft ha und de wunderschöni Sunneufgang ha döffe ahluege. Vo ganz obe hed mer au d Eruptione us nöchster Nöchi gseh!

    Nach ehm Sunneufgang heds no Zmorge gäh und denn simmer de ganz Wäg weder abe gloffe. Das hed sich rächt id längi zoge und esch mega id Bei. Ich bi froh gsii wo ich denn im Hostel ahcho bi und mer ändlich ehn langi warmi Duschi ha chönne gönne.

    Jetzt hock ich im Flugzüüg uf Panama mer duet immerno alles weh vo gester aber ich bi au scho extrem gspannt uf de neui Ort!
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  • Day121

    Sprochschuel Antigua

    December 2, 2018 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    In Antigua han ich d Lia troffe und ha ah ihrere Schuel nomol ei Woche intensiv Spanischkurs buecht. Ich ha ih ehnere Gastfamilie gläbt und jede Tag 5h Privatunterricht gha - das hed mim Spanisch sicher wiiter gholfe. D Schuel esch ehn riisige Garte wo überall chlini Tisch verteilt sind und d Lehrer mit ihrne Schüeler üebed.

    Näb de Schuel han ich ned alzu viel gmacht. Ich bi chli dord Stadt gloffe (underanderm zum Ussichtspunkt uf ehm Foti), bin id Bar go Salsa tanze, ha ehn Salsa lektion gnoh, mit minne Gastgschwösterti UNO gspielt, bi go Kaffi trinke und ha viel glehrt & planed.

    Ah mim letschte Schueltag bin ich mit minnere Lehrerin ih es Museum über Maya Instrument und Kaffi. Das esch werklich spannend gsii und ich bin stolz dass ich fast die ganz Füehrig verstande ha 😎.
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  • Day108

    8.9 Semuc Champey

    December 9, 2018 in Guatemala ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Semuc Champey is the most common and attractive spot in the region. At least for tourists. They go to Lanquín and stay there, or visit one of the few hostels/hotels dir colt at Semuc Champey.

    Semuc Champey are a natural arrangement of pools in the middle of the jungle. Interestingly, the river which provides the water is going underground, while it feeds water to the surface above it, filling and creating these pools (see last picture).

    You can either go there from Lanquín by pickup truck, in which case you will be standing on the loading area and having to hold your self on to the railing, or you can hike there which takes 2-3 hours instead of 45 minutes. And you can enjoy the nature better.

    The water is cold but nice. I recommend staying there a few days.
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  • Day123

    8.15 San Pedro La Laguna

    December 24, 2018 in Guatemala ⋅ 🌬 21 °C

    If there is one thing that appears on world‘s maps more often than Santa Cruz, than it is San Pedro. I have visited so many San Pedros on this journey, that I stopped counting them. This one is called San Pedro La Laguna (The Santa Cruz at Lago Atitlán, like all other cities, also have the suffix “La Laguna”).

    The power of the ancient

    This is where the boy was meant to study the old Latin language we nowadays call Español, or for the non-spanish speakers: Spanish or Spanisch. Living amongst them who have the power to speak the old (and new) words of this language, the boy was supposed to learn from the wise masters and non-masters and chosen to practice their rituals. He was not just thought the ancient ways by the women of Orbitá but also by the mighty people of San Pedro La Laguna. From a no moon to a full night, it was told, one needs to study the idioma to possess the knowledge to speak the words of the past, preset and future.
    But it shouldn’t be this easy for the boy, once so ambitious to acquire this power.


    Learning a language

    I was to study Spanish in San Pedro, which I also did for 2 weeks. Four hours per day, excluding the week end. Of course, homework and vocabulary training. To get even more involved, I did a home stay with a local family (nice). The school I went to is named Oritá and lead by René, who founded the school and developed his “own” teaching concept.
    The time in San Pedro was super, but who the f* developed so many nonsense irregularities for the language. I guess only topped by French, there are so many rules and deviations that are completely random and sticking with the “regular” rule would make things so much simpler and would even make the words sound bad.

    Anyway, ... I keep practicing! Quiero hablar español!
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  • Day112

    8.11.1 Acatenango (hike)

    December 13, 2018 in Guatemala ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Because it was so awesome and beautiful, I will make two posts about the volcano hike on Acatenango.

    The story is, that at the end of November the volcano Fuego (fire) erupted. As a matter of fact, Acatenango’s peak and the one of Fuego are more or less 2 km apart, which makes Acatenango a perfect spot for hobby photographers, nature-fanatics or people simply looking for a wonderful view.

    Besides the medium difficulty (my opinion) of hiking to the basecamp, which was the worst I have ever been to, the biggest challenges are the cold up there (really really cold) and the 1 hour hike at 4 am in the morning from the basecamp to the peak of the volcano. The last 200 m are mainly 5 mm grained dirt; Meaning you take one step upwards and slide two downwards. Really exhausting to get to the 3900 m high peak.

    Nevertheless, it is worth it because the sunrise is beautiful. And the other volcano (Fuego) as well ... stay tuned for the second post!
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  • Day140

    8.16 Finca El Paraiso (Rio Dulce)

    January 10 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Before crossing the border to Honduras, I had to take the advantage of visiting the hot springs near Rio Dulce, which I totally recommend.

    The hat water comes down a waterfall and mixes with the cold(er) river water, so you have cold feet and a boiling head. Of course it’s not hat extreme ...
    There is also very hot magma chambers very near to the surface (only a few kilometres) which make the river bed at some parts very hot, and I MEAN very hot. Intact, the continuous rise of some hot gas cracks some stones and super hot bubbles emerge. Even the wood above one of the bubble streams seems to „be burned“ without flame. And I can tell, you get burned, too, if you step on one.
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  • Day105

    8.5 Making my way to Cobán

    December 6, 2018 in Guatemala ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    I have not been posting anything about it, but here it is now! Since Cancún I am travelling by motorcycle, which I bought there. Also the driving licence by the way.

    The ride so far has been awesome and I like it a lot. Main advantage over travelling by bus, or public transport in general, is that I am super mobile and flexible. I can go wherever I want, whenever I want. With the bus it is also not possible to simply stop in the middle of nowhere and enjoy the scenery. And some rides are just amazingly beautiful. Very nice countryside here in Guatemala.

    On the way to Cobán, I also had to cross a river by “ferry”. That was quite fun, as the “ferry” is rather a swimming platform/“body of metal” with an engine and an propeller attached to it. Boarding happens not through a dock but rather through the ramp of the ferry being lowered onto the river coast (see picture).
    Then, the big trucks have to be carefully positioned, to not tip the ferry over and that might also be necessary in the middle of the crossing; Which basically means that a truck is manoeuvred back and/or forth to tilt the boat back into balance. Saw it happen right there.
    Like in most traffic (jam) situations or waiting lines, you can just drive past all th waiting cars, buggies, trucks if you have a motorcycle. So that’s what I did. Five minutes waiting instead of 60.

    Note: If you zoom in on the map, you can see the river and the ferry.
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  • Day116

    8.13 Scenic view of Lago Atitlán

    December 17, 2018 in Guatemala ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    On my way to Lago Atitlán, right before I had to take a nice mountain path down to the lake, on which you loose about 10m of altitude for every 100m you get closer to the lake, I had this incredible view of the Lago Atitlán. Really, really nice; So I stoped for a little scenic photo shoot.

    This is the place where I am going to learn Spanish; Awesome!Read more

  • Day100

    8.1.1 Lago Petén Itza

    December 1, 2018 in Guatemala ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    After the very short and expensive stay in Belize, I stayed a view days at Lago Petén Itza. I was recommended this very nice Hotel/Hostel: Perdido Gringo. I definitely recommend that place. The manager is super nice and also has the support of Lola, who happily welcomes every guest! Of course shee loves to be petted but is also willing to give back as much love as you give her.

    This was also my home point for a tour to Tikal!
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  • Day107

    8.7 The road to Lanquín (ohoh)

    December 8, 2018 in Guatemala ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    The road to Lanquín was the most beautiful trip I did up until that time. Through the mountains on a sunny day with incredible view.

    Except th last 10 Kilometers. What a road. Just a rocky dirt track without any securitisation. Took me almost 45 min to make my way on that 10 km.

    But I arrived with no problems.Read more

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