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  • Day97

    Up at 6am and I headed to the coffee shop before the 7am departure. We crossed the border back into Guatemala and travelled to Antigua. It was an incredibly long travel day on a bus that was hot, cramped and stuffy. We had a few stops at gas stations but the journey took what seemed like forever.
    We finally made it to Antigua and Bryan showed us around the town and took us to the markets. We looked at the pretty McDonalds, chicken bus station and an artist market.
    We had a goodbye dinner at a Mexican place with tiny tiny tacos and margaritas. After we headed to two bars where it was ladies nights so we got free drinks! We all danced away till closing time of 1am.
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  • Day98

    After a sleep in a group of us went for a traditional breakfast of scrambled eggs, beans and cheese. Grette and I then had a yummy coffee at Union Cafe. I spent a few hours then researching things to do in Guatemala and relaxing! It was the end of the tour so I was quite tired.
    I then walked around town looking at some shops and had another coffee.
    Back at the hotel I met some of the others from the tour and we went out for dinner and wine at a sunset terrace place. After a few drinks we headed back.Read more

  • Day99

    I was sharing the room with Grette and she had been at a cooking class the day before so we had stuffed peppers and potato cakes that she had made in the class for breakfast. We then met Sabine and went for a coffee.
    Grette and I then did a 2 hour bean to bar workshop at the Chocolate museum. We learnt all about how Chocolate was first used and the development into how we eat it today. We made our own chocolates, cocoa tea, Mayan style hot chocolate and Spanish style hot chocolate. It was really fun.
    We then met Sabine and walked up to the cross for views over Antigua.
    We had a meal at the chocolate museum and I then went shopping at the market for warm clothes and bought snacks for the hike.
    We went out for dinner and I had a big chicken burrito to carb load. There were still a few of us left from the old tour so we hung out dancing at a place that mainly played Spanish songs. We headed home just after midnight and said our goodbyes to everyone.
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  • Day100

    I was picked up at 7:30am from my hotel and transferred to a house where we prepared our things for the hike up Volcano Acatenango. I borrowed a hiking pack, gloves, scarf, beanie and big jacket. We headed up the volcano which was a continuous steep climb up the gravel of the volcano. It was raining most of the way but my big green poncho was keeping me and my bag quite dry. We had lunch while it poured rain. We could hear the volcano erupting as we walked along. From the campsite we could watch the volcano erupting every few minutes with lava rolling down the sides. It was truly amazingly. We had a big dinner of mashed potatoes, pasta and beans with tortillas. After there was hot chocolates and we could roast marshmallows on the fire. We stayed up watching the many eruptions and tried to capture some photos. The volcano was so noisy that it was hard to sleep at night with the loud bangs waking you up.Read more

  • Day101

    Woke up at 3:30am and we started to hike up to the summit of Acatenango. It was rainy and the path was a bit slippery. After walking about 1.5hours we made it to the top. It was very cloudy so we couldn’t see much unfortunately. We then headed back down where the scenery was quite stunning. Back at camp we had breakfast around the campfire while Volcano Fuego was still roaring.
    We packed up everything including the tents and headed back down. It rained the whole way down and was very slippery in parts. Once down we were transported back to Antigua.
    I took myself out for a big tofu taco lunch and turmeric, pineapple and banana smoothie. I then went to the dentist where they said I had really bad decay and needed a root canal. I got a filling instead and it was quite cheap for the procedure being less than $80.
    I was so tired after and had a numb mouth so talked to Mum and then got a spaghetti bolognese for dinner and wine. Bryan the tour guide from G Adventures was at my same hostel so hung out with him a bit before going to bed very tired.
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  • Day102

    I walked up to Bella Vista cafe for a traditional breakfast with a view. It was unfortunately a bit cloudy so you couldn’t see the top of the volcano.
    In then got a shuttle bus to San Pedro. We got held up by road works. I then got a shuttle bus to San Pedro. We got held up by a petition which left us waiting for an hour. The road after got really bad and so in total it took 6 hours to get to San Pedro. A girl I was next to on the bus walked me part the way to the hostel. Once in the hostel I met a group of UK and Canadian girl travelling through. I walked with them into town and we found a vegetarian place with a stunning view over the lake. I had a delicious tempeh stir fry which was loaded with veggies. After we stopped in at another hostel where drinks for ladies night were only Q5 or about $1! We walked back and went to bed early as we signed up for a big walk at sunrise.Read more

  • Day104

    I woke up around 6am and saw part of the sunrise over the lake. I caught a 6:45am boat over to Panajachel. I had an hour to kill so went to the restaurant which my shuttle was picking me up and had a coffee with a view of the lake. The shuttle then picked me up and drove to the Chichicastenango markets. These markets are the biggest in Guatemala and were full of beautiful fabrics. I ended up buying two tops and a rug. I tried some street food of tortillas and fried chicken with salad. I had a few coffee stops before I caught a shuttle bus back to Antigua. I stayed again at BigFoot hostel. I met Sabine for dinner where we had a yummy chicken curry at the Travel menu place where a band was playing. We went back to the hostel where there was a big beer pong tournament where our G adventures tour guide was taking part in. There were loads of people there but I went to bed early after the big day.Read more

  • Day103

    Alarm went off at 3:40am and we left for the Indians Nose sunrise hike. I’d left my big bag of clothes in Antigua so had to hike up wearing socks and sandals. The walk was very muddy and slippery but I managed ok in sandals. Up the top the view was cloudy so didn’t get a full view but we could still see very well. It was still worth to give it a try and we got a little bit of a view. Back in town we went for coffee and some breakfast. After walking around we lazed back on the sun deck of the hostel for an hour before the rain came again. I packed my things and walked into town with Jen to have some lunch at a cafe with a lovely view. I then caught a boat over to Santa Cruz. I arrived there to the Free Cervesa glamping place where I booked my own tent. I was so exhausted so rested till 5pm when the free beer started. Everyone sat around a big table chatting and had a three course dinner together. It was torrential rain then so I went to my tent fairly early. I then realised my exotic experience of glamping wasn’t that great as you still had to get to the toilets all the way in the rain!Read more

  • Day16

    Die letzten beiden Tage waren Abenteuer pur und richtig cool. Die Busfahrt von Flores in die Highlands von Guatemala war teilweise etwas beängstigend, aufgrund der steilen Abhänge & der wenig befestigten Straßen. Zwischendurch wurden wir durch einen umgekippten Lkw aufgehalten,der uns den Weg versperrte. Da weitere 20-30 Guatemalteken auch nicht vorbei kamen, wurde kurzerhand der Lkw so lange gewackelt und gedrückt bis sich seitlich eine Fahrrinne ergeben hatte - pragmatischer Ansatz. I like!

    Das letzte Stück in unser ziemlich abgelegenes Hostel mussten wir mit einem Pick up auf der Ladefläche zurücklegen. Die Strecke von 9km dauerte aufgrund der schlechten Straße (man stelle sich einen steilen Forstweg vor) ca. 45 Minuten. Natürlich fing es zwischendurch nicht zu knapp an zu regnen und die Dämmerung setzte auch ein...wer schonmal den Film wrong turn gesehen hat, weiß wie unser Kopfkino aussah. Vor allem als wir zu kippen drohten und ein Reifen feststeckte und kurze Zeit später ein Einheimischer inmitten der waldigen Wildnis auf einmal hinter uns her rannte.
    Als wir ankamen wurden wir aber von der Idylle beeindruckt, die sich am nächsten Morgen noch mehr präsentierte. In einer Tour haben wir dann gleich noch die Wasserterrassen von Semuc Champey besichtigt. Wunderschön!
    Das wohl krasseste Erlebnis hatten wir dann nachmittags, als es für eine Stunde mit einem Guide in eine Höhle ging - Ohne Licht, nur mit einer Kerze, inklusive schwimmen und tauchen. Das war wirklich ein Abenteuer, denn man wusste nicht was einen erwartet und musste dem Guide blind vertrauen. Aber es hat sich gelohnt - unbeschreiblich und ein must do before you die!

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You might also know this place by the following names:

Republic of Guatemala, Guatemala, Guwatemala, ጉዋቲማላ, جواتيمالا, Qvatemala, Гватэмала, Гватемала, Gwatemala, গোয়াতিমালা, གྷོ་ཊེ་མ་ལ།, Gvatemala, Guatemala nutome, Γουατεμάλα, Gvatemalo, گواتمالا, Gwaatemalaa, Goatemala, Guatamala, ગ્વાટેમાલા, Gwatamala, גווטמלה, गोतेदाला, Գվատեմալա, グアテマラ, გვატემალა, ហ្គាតេម៉ាឡា, ಗ್ವಾಟೆಮಾಲಾ, 과테말라, گواتیمالا, Gwatémala, ກົວເຕມາລາ, Ngwatemala, Goatemalà, ഗ്വാട്ടിമാലാ, ग्वाटेमाला, ဂွာတီမာလာ, Cuauhtemallan, ଗୁଏତମାଲା, ګواتمالا, Watimala, Guatêmälä, Guwaatamaala, குவாத்தாமாலா, గ్వాటిమాల, Гуатемала, ประเทศกัวเตมาลา, Kuatamala, گۋاتېمالا, Ґватемала, گواٹے مالا, Gvatemalän, Orílẹ́ède Guatemala, 危地马拉, i-Guatemala

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