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Curious what backpackers do in Guernsey? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day9

    Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our imminent departure on Sunday it was great to see you all. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as John and I did. Since many of you apparently thought I was kidding in my last post about the hole, here is a picture of the newly repaired hole. Once the interior is looking habitable I will post pictures so you can see just how tough it will be for us
    😉 as we head south. The extended forecast isn't great so we may not be going till 3rd. But I will keep you all updated.
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  • Day13

    Well last day at work over, and don't know when I'll be back in an office, wow what a feeling. 😜
    Now we've got to work on clearing the house, thank goodness we are renting it furnished but still got to clear all the nick macks and 'stuff' before Monday.
    Wow we are now on the boat full time, Monday was not ideal but today was lovely. Sadly still waiting for kit for boat so won't be off till Sunday now
    Cats are adjusting OK, so I Cartier has almost left the cabin but cousteau is roaming around and in piccy is doing a Titanic
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  • Day62

    So I am on Condor who have very generously made an exception and allowed me to bring Cousteau back as a foot passenger usually all animals must be in cars, we were working on an alternative but this is easier. So I was back on island for 1 night before returning to St malo and driving back to boat. I am hoping Cousteau settles in her new home with Jess Chris and Samson they have some fields next door that she will love. I will miss both her and Cartier but at least I will know she is safer and able to do more cat things. She appears to be settling in well. Though she isn't sure about Samson yet, the cat whose house she is moving into, she has snuggled into Jesse's bed OK. I'm heading back to St Malo just hoping John didn't get lost on the drive back up from boat. No we made it. Thank you to everyone helping me to get home and making my short stay as nice as possible in the circumstances. XXRead more

  • Day1

    Currently sat with a cup of coffee waiting to board my fligjt to Alderney.
    Been told off for being over my hand luggage weight because its only 6kg on flights for island travel, even though on the website it says 10kg. Never mind. They let me off (this time).
    Guernsey airport is quite small. Just a coffee shop, smalll WHSmiths and a tiny duty free shop. It reminds me a little bit of Nosy Be airport in Madagascar, just with less heat and more organisation!
    Had an emergancy exit seat on the way over from Manchester. Didn't get extra leg room though. Bummer. Had the two seats to myself! Plane was about 3/4 full.
    They gave out a Guernsey post during the flight, i've only kept the suduko though :p. Had a little article about Alderney Wildlife Trust fighting for tidal energy.
    Slept the majority of the way over, little bit of turblance but i managed to fall back to sleep quickily. This flight is only 20 minutes so its not even worth trying to get comfy!
    Its currently cloudy here but its 19 degrees and humid!
    Going to enjoy the rest of my coffee and wait to board!
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  • Day13

    Wir liegen auf Reede und werden mit Tenderbooten an Land geschippert. Nach dem gestrigen Seetag bei Sonne und 19 Grad heute ähnlich schönes Wetter. Insel war zu Zeiten der Römer bereits ein wichtiger Umschlagplatz und von der Wehrmacht als Sprungbrett nach England gedacht. Heute liegt eine in Engl. geführte Küstenwanderung und Stadtbummel an. Einfach nur geil, ist eine Reise wert! Stadt mit Befestigungsanlage, getrenntes Bad (früher natürlich), herrliche Buchten mit unserem Schiff im Hintergrund, Relaxen am Vormittag, Crédit Suice ...sogar auf diesem EilandRead more

  • Day1

    Wow only 2weeks till we move out of our house and the adventure begins. Feels like there is still a lot do but at least the hole in the boat has been fixed😱. Now just got to convince the cats that they like water. I tried to photograph cats I have their life jackets but they were less than impressed. They didn't wander off as their back legs don't work when wearing the jackets, no idea why.
    Don't forget the Bon voyage party on the 23rd see you there.
    Posts will improve as my competency improves I hope.
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  • Day21

    We are off, feels like we have been waiting around for ages but in reality the last of the gear only arrived on Thursday. Sorry to anyone we haven't had time to say goodbye to personally, we will miss you all but not yesterdays weather that was pants .
    So the gear is now aboard, the weather forecast is good and the cats haven't jumped ship so we are off. Au revoir tous le monde

You might also know this place by the following names:

Bailiwick of Guernsey, Guernsey, ጉርነሲ, غيرنزي, Görnsey, о. Гърнзи, গ্রাঞ্জি, Gwernenez, Gurnsi, Guernse nutome, Γκερνσέι, گرنزی, Guernesey, Geansaí, ગ્વેર્નસે, גרנסי, ग्वेर्नसे, ガーンジー, ಗುರ್ನಜೀ, 건지, Guernsis, Gērnsija, Гвернзи, ഗേണ്‍സി, गुएर्नसे, ଗୁଏରନେସି, Wyspa Guernsey, Гернси, Гурнси, கெர்ன்சி, గ్వేర్నసే, เกิร์นซีย์, Kuenisī, Гернсі, GCI, گوئرنسی, 格恩西岛, I-Guernsey

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