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  • Day12

    Breakfasting with oryx

    November 15, 2019 in Namibia ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Quiet morning this morning. Could not face another 4.15 wake up. Three of us Claus, Cordelia and I opted for a sleep in and lazy breakfast at the lodge.

    Beautifully cool last night so slept well and didn’t get up till 7.00. What a treat. Cool morning so enjoyed a sit down breakfast (rather than a pack in a paper. Bag provided by the lodge) overlooking this crazy desert landscape.

    There is a tiny waterhole just near the lodge and watched Oryx (Hemsbok) come in and drink. One with a young calf but didn’t come close enough to see or photograph.

    Headed out at about 10 in search of fuel and an ATM. Found them both in the middle of absolutely nowhere then managed to find a pub with really quite good food, cider and even a reasonable coffee. Prices are generally pretty good even though you do a double take when you see the price as the conversion rate is 10-1. Which also makes it very easy to convert. Diesel is only $1.37AUD per litre. Here in the middle of the desert and 300 km on dirt from anywhere, which is really nowhere much.

    I am finding the heat really challenging and can’t wait to get to Luderitz our next stop, which is on the coast and much cooler. Have spend most of the afternoon in and out of the pool just trying to stay cool.
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