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  • Made it to the little island of Utila. Just got here and already saw a typhoon off in the distance. If you look closely in the first picture can see a faint line coming down from the clouds. Diving starts tomorrow!

  • Today Maia had invited Vilma and her family for lunch. They live up in La Colonia and do not have an oven so I said I could make mac n cheese as Vilma considers it a treat. I made my favorite recipe and it tasted awesome, well there was none left. Vilma has two girls and a boy, they were all shy at first, yet once they got to know us they soon opened up. They were so happy to play at the beach as they don't go that often. We had a great visit and the kids just loved my iPhone camera, they thought it was pretty neat. We even used my selfie stick.
    That night we just chilled. I made some nachos and cheese for a snack and I headed to bed early. I got really sick that night tho, I think I ate too much cheese, lets just say its a lessoned learned.
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  • Another beautiful day at Infinity Bay. Last day for Dr. Houston, Leigh and baby Garner, they are such a great family. I will absolutely miss them! Lunch at "Beachers", snorkeling, soaking up the sun and enjoying a wonderful Sunday in paradise. Packed the pickup on the way back, what a day!

  • Michelle, Erin and I were supposed to go diving this morning, yet Michelle has been having trouble with her gallbladder, big trouble! So Erin and I headed to Octopus Divers for an early morning dive. My sinuses have been a pain lately so I wasn't sure I would be able to dive, yet I equalized normally! Woot Woot!. We saw 2 sea turtles, spotted eagle ray, trumpet fish, box fish and a barracuda. Michelle turned up for the second dive that Erin and I decided not to go on, maybe a bad idea for Michelle. She knows her body, yet you do NOT want to have to go to the public hospital for ANYTHING.Read more

  • Today, Erin and I decided to go to West End for karioke at the Blue Marlon. That was a blast. I sang "its my life" by Bon Jovi and "I wanna dance with somebody" by Whitney Houston, and "Up Town Funk" with Erin. It was a great night.
    First picture is Lobo (wolf). Miss Peggys dog. What a cutie!! Second picture is the sign to the clinic. It was taken down last week by a motorcyclist. Unfortunatly he died from his injuries.Read more

  • Nothing to report from yesterday as I was pretty much sick all day. Kinda sucked because I really wanted to go to a Catholic Mass for Easter as well as check out all the Semana Santa festivities, I guess it was pretty crazy in West End! Maia and her Mom left today, Maia returns April 20th.
    Terry and Henry invited all the volunteers for Easter Sunday breakfast at their house. they had made some super awesome quiche, and fruit, oatmeal and coffee. It was a great morning. it started to rain on our way to Infinity Bay. I stayed for church and hoped the weather would change, well it didn't so we headed back to Sandy Bay. It eventually cleared up in the afternoon (of course)! I hitched a ride with Miss Peggy to the airport to get some cash and hit Eldons as she was picking up a former volunteer who is getting married this weekend. That night I made some macaroni salad for lunches this week. Erin invited me over to watch a movie ("Into the Woods") I couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to watch the entire movie so headed back to bed. Kinda weird being alone here, I feel safe yet it is really dark and probably some interesting night creatures that I tend not to think exist.
    In the pictures are Terry, Erin and Henry. Laura and Dee.
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  • Beautful day to spend at a fabulous resort! Went snokeling for an hour, saw plent of fish, huge moray eel and a crazy fast starfish. Anita, Niki and I ventured down the beach for some monkey lalas at Beachers. I am pretty sure our server had too much rum! Then bck down the beach to Bananarama for some dinner. Beautiful sunset. There was a guy making sand sculptures which was really cool. He did such a good job.
    Niki likes to talk and especially about her pet rats, she has 6 of them and one is named Roxie. Lol. She showed a bunch of pictures and they are actually quite cute.
    That evening I was able to watch the Flames home playoff game against the Canucks. It was exciting, too bad I had no one to share my excitment with. I am also getting the feeling from meeting many Americans that hockey isnt a big thing to them. What? I have only met one American, so far that has actually heard of the Flames! Anyways, I wasnt going to watch the entire game, yet it was so good I had to. Yeah Flames!!! Great game. Im so lucky to have CBC here!
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  • Emily and the Canadians planned a trip to Little French Key. What an awesome day. Beautiful place with a little zoo of animals being rehabilitated. They may never get back into the wild yet it looks like they are well cared for. Miss Peggy was so nice to drive us there and back. As soon as we got there we all decided to go on the giant rope swing. I guess I dont know how to jump off a rope swing because I landed on my back. That hurt! My upper back and neck was pretty sore for the rest of the day. Got a lot of sun as well! Awesome day.Read more

  • Well I got the parasites so I was at the clinic today getting pumped full of fluids and meds. I felt a lot better. I was very dehydrated. That night we went to Clevel for some awesome pizza then to karaoke. It was a good night. I still didnt have much energy so I just watched and visited with the group. It was a busy night, and last night of Karaoke for everyone but Maya, Erin, Michelle and myself. Adrian and Nick (from the church) were even there. 17 of us piled into Nicks van for the ride home!Read more

  • Today Erin, Michelle and I headed to Tranquil Seas for some snacks and beverages after I spent the morning cleaning my sheets. The Canadians were leaving today so they brought over all their left over food, mostly baking ingredients. Erin likes to bake so hopefully it will used. Emily baked everyday for the clinic, it was awesome, we are all going to miss that!
    After a relaxing afternoon at Tranquil Seas we headed to West End to watch the ball hockey tournament at Sundowners. That was pretty fun, hockey Honduran style. El Boske for rice then back to Sundowners for the 50/50 draw and prizes. The tournament was fundraising for the Sol Foundation which is a place for youth to hang out so they don't get into trouble. The games were pretty intense. Erin won a paddleboard sunset tour for 2. I didn't win anything, all good, moola goes to a great cause.Read more