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Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Curious what backpackers do in Hong Kong? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day77

    This is it. The end. The last of 77 days and 77 blog entries.

    We woke up in Hong Kong and went for brunch about 15 steps from our hotel. It was hard to decide if today should be a lazy day or an action packed day but seeing as we did most of the tourist attractions the first time we were here the former kind of won out.

    We sent our big bags off on the airport express, a great service where you can check in bags from a couple of train stations across HK and they'll (hopefully, we've not got back to the UK yet) get on your flight without the need to lug them around all day.

    We went for a walk around Nan Lian Gardens. The gardens were set up in 2006 and are aiming to become a UNESCO site. It's patrolled by an army of staff who want to stop all fun. Not limited to, and this is spelt out on signage, frolicking, bawling and brawling. We saw people stopped from taking fun group pictures and using selfie sticks by the guards. We stayed on the right side of the garden law and walked around uninterrupted. We went to the rockery where each rock had some profound calligraphy attached to it - see photos. We visited a room of beautiful ceramics made by a group of students and a room of important spiritual buildings made out of wood. It drizzled throughout. We also stopped by the most densely populated koi carp pond I've ever seen which was fascinating to watch for a while.

    Once the walk was done we surpassed ourselves in the over ordering stakes at a ''modern Chinese restaurant'. We did however manage to eat it all before heading off to visit the Chi Lin Nunnery. No nuns to be spotted but more Buddhist statues and rocks with poignant phrases. After that we were at a bit of a loose end so what else was there to do but hit Soho and happy hour cocktails for a few hours? £3.50 sangrias helped soften the blow of returning.

    Alas the time came and we're currently sitting at the airport. We went crazy and paid to come into the lounge so showered and watered we await our flight home. The lady serving noodle soup gave me extra fish balls because I wanted 'everything'. There's maybe some deep and meaningful rock worthy life message there.

    The trip has been amazing and as the cliché goes, time flies when you're having fun. The scary part is that we'll go back to normal life almost like nothing happened. I'm not going to miss the packing/unpacking, the sniffing of clothes to decide if they're re-wearable and the constant use of TripAdvisor to dictate my daily activities but that's about it. We're looking forward to seeing our friends and family and our reliable bed and shower. Plus the ability to cross roads safely and not worry about bumping monks.

    Thank you to everyone (all 6 of you I reckon) who have been reading the blog and commenting on what we've been up to. It made writing it worthwhile. Hopefully we'll be back for another trip one day. See you soon UK.

    Helen and Matt xxxx
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  • Day16

    13 hours into our massive day or so of travel .... currently testing out the comfort of the Hong Kong Airport floor ...... comfort factor .... not high ....... but content with discomfort levels are high!!🛫✈️🛬

    Flights have been great :) cool movies, good food and a bit of sleep ..... we have 6 hours to kill at HKIA and are half way there..... fed, watered now need a corner to curl up in and sleep.... Singapore Airlines has been awesome !!

    Plus I've managed to watch three grown up movies uninterrupted so I'm pretty impressed with that !
    The Lion 10/10 lots of tears
    The accountant 8/10 love Ben Affleck
    Collateral Beauty 8/10 some huge stars in this

    Chads tag along Tour take home pointers for the day :) 👍

    There is such a thing as arriving too early to check in at an airport ....... those closest to us will understand where I'm coming from with chads impeccable quest in life to arrive early to everything. 🅿️

    Wife knows more about transit then Chadwick ... so for future reference just tag along .... no need to fill out immigration cards and exit each stop along the way 😳

    Only accidentally called the hostesses three times in two flights so far :) 😲

    He paid $8 for a half scoop of movenpick ice cream and if anyone knows my Chadwick .... that won't cut it ...🤔

    And chad kindly gave me lessons on how to drink from a glass with ice ..... four failed public attempts .... sticking g with a straw now 🍸🥂🍷

    Anyhow a few laughs for us today and we are completely relaxed .... next stop 🌁🌁🌁🌁 then the real fun starts !
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  • Day76

    Our penultimate blog - don't worry blog fans, yesterday might have felt like the last day but there's 2 more fun days of semi-transit to write about before the bitter end!

    We started our Monday adventure at Brisbane airport where their free wifi log in page told me that I don't have a valid first name. So I changed it to a stereotypical old school Aussie name, Sharon, and it worked. (Yes slow day)

    Matt's highlight of the day was at security. A guy a few in front of us pulled a bottle of wine out of his carry on and put it into a tray whilst the rest of the queue giggled knowing that would be a no no. Then a few loose pills fell out on to the counter cueing more giggles. Obviously the wine was binned. And I think it's probably a story where you had to be there.

    I ate a classic sausage, egg and chips breakfast, bought an eye liner - well we did have $30 to spend - and then it was time to board the Quantas.

    The flight was really good. I like long day flights, an excuse to watch films without pressure to sleep. Our choices below with critique:

    - Edge of Seventeen - I enjoyed it. Similar tone to Juno. Funny.
    - Arrival - Excellent, if a little confusing. I did take a nap part way through. I cried twice.
    - Lion - Matt and I watched at the same time. Excellent again and I cried three times. I'd blame the emotion of flight but I'd have cried on the ground too. The little boy in it was excellent.
    - Singin' In The Rain - Cause I've never actually seen it that I remember! Very good, not the story I imagined, for some reason I thought it was sad.

    - Arrival - Good, lost its way towards the end.
    - Room - Good, better than expected.
    - Lion - Really good, but unfortunately got something in his eye towards the end 😉

    Hong Kong arrival all smooth. Our hotel is on Hollywood Road and has a weird Hollywood theme - see photos. There is however a choice of firm and soft pillows for our last hotel night. Then again the Premier Inn has that.

    We went to watch the Light Show after missing it when we were here in February. I did warn Matt it was a tad underwhelming. It's cheesy but entertaining. My favourite bit is when they introduce the buildings at the start 'FINANCIAL TOWER 2' *quick light flash* 'FINANCIAL TOWER 1 ' *quick light flash* and so on. I love the sky line so always worth it for me.

    Dinner was the tapas restaurant I went to for my birthday last year and a Tesco buying trip favourite, Iberico. The manchego and black pudding potato bombas were excellent in particular. But all good, none of it made me cry. We had a couple of drinks before heading to bed watched over by creepy mirror Hollywood stars ready for our last day.
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  • Day12

    Hong Kong represents a beautiful combination of east and the west with the luxuries and fast-paced culture of the US and serene beauty and nature that can only be found in Asia.

    The official name of Hong Kong is actually "Hong Kong Special Administrative Region".

    Spread over 1,092 square kilometers Hong Kong consists of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories and several other smaller islands.

    The emblem for the reunification of Hong Kong with China is the Chinese White Dolphin.
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  • Day1

    Dramatic descent to Hong Kong airport (slam the brakes on and sharp right turn...), crazy taxi drive by driver 'Rocky' (novel safety feature being two Lucky Waving Cats and one Darth Vader), then check-in to hotel with views over Hong Kong.

  • Day5

    Research seminar given at Chinese University of Hong Kong. Also a quick visit to the University's Museum of Chinese Traditional Medicine and the University science park.

    (The old bronze statue has very specific holes in it. For teaching it was covered in wax and filled with water, and if the acupuncture students got the needle holes correct, water would spurt out).

  • Day2

    A calm arrival at the airport, much quieter than expected - not complaining! Very efficient transfers via train and bus. Great flight - lots of nice free food, drinks and films, the time flew by! Hotel maintenance means no shower yet, so having a smelly wander around to get to know the city! Gill & Em x

  • Day2

    Successful smelly wander this afternoon. Struck by the antithesis of a beautiful nearby park, which was overlooked by impressive towering skyscrapers. First glimpse of some intriguing meats, fruits and live animals at a street market too; and very excitedly found what we describe as 'an OT shop' next door to hotel. Also impressed with how quiet and clean the city is. Exhausted...fell asleep on park bench so thought it best to head back to hotel. Both been mostly awake for last 3 days...Gill the last 3 weeks 🙈 looking forward to waking up refreshed and ready to start the tour! Gill & Em xRead more

You might also know this place by the following names:

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Hongkong, Hong Kong, ሆንግ ኮንግ, هونغ كونغ, Honk Konq, Гон-Конг, Хонконг, হংকং, ཧོང་ཀོང༌།, Hong Kong S.A.R., Tseina, ཧོང་ཀོང, Hɔng Kɔng nutome, Χονγκ Κονγκ, هنگ‌کنگ, Hong Cong, હોંગ કોંગ, הונג קונג, हाँग काँग, 香港, ჰონგ კონგი, Гонконг (арнайы әкімшілік аймақ), ហុងកុង, ಹಾಂಗ್ ಕಾಂಗ್, 홍콩, ຮ່ອງກົງ, Honkongas, Honkonga, Хонг Конг, ഹോങ് കോങ്, हाँगकाँग, Ħong Kong, ဟောင်ကောင်, हङकङ, ହଂକଂ ବିଶେଷ ପ୍ରଶାସନିକ କ୍ଷେତ୍ର ଚୀନ୍, Regiun d'administraziun speziala da Hongkong, China, Гонконг, හොංකොං, ஹாங்காங், హాంగ్ కాంగ్, ฮ่องกง, Hongi Kongi, Гонконґ, ہانگ کانگ, Hồng Kông, i-Hong Kong

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