Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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  • Day2

    "Here you leave today,
    and enter the world of
    yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy"

    Toy Story:
    Parachute Drop
    Slinky Dog Spin
    RC Racer Viking

    Grizzly Gulch:
    Mine Cars Roller Coast

    Iron man pic
    Iron man 4D
    Buzz Lightyear Blast
    Hyperspace Mountain

    Jungle River Cruise

    Mystic Point:
    Mystic Manner

    Fantacy Parade 4PM
    Night Parade 7.30PM

    Good Hope Noodle
    Buy like 40 masks, 2 perfume, 1 cap, 1 mascara curl
    3 egg tarts
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  • Day2

    A calm arrival at the airport, much quieter than expected - not complaining! Very efficient transfers via train and bus. Great flight - lots of nice free food, drinks and films, the time flew by! Hotel maintenance means no shower yet, so having a smelly wander around to get to know the city! Gill & Em x

  • Day2

    Successful smelly wander this afternoon. Struck by the antithesis of a beautiful nearby park, which was overlooked by impressive towering skyscrapers. First glimpse of some intriguing meats, fruits and live animals at a street market too; and very excitedly found what we describe as 'an OT shop' next door to hotel. Also impressed with how quiet and clean the city is. Exhausted...fell asleep on park bench so thought it best to head back to hotel. Both been mostly awake for last 3 days...Gill the last 3 weeks looking forward to waking up refreshed and ready to start the tour! Gill & Em xRead more

  • Day28

    Awoke to fantastic views from the hotel window, and had a final farewell breakfast with our travel buddy Marissa.

    Then set out to do the "Dragon's Back" hike. It was clear why this hike is so popular - amazing views of Hong Kong's surrounding islands, beaches and high rises nestled in vast green vegetation. The hike itself was strenuous in the heat, Gill sensibly protecting herself with her UV umbrella; Emma, despite reapplication of suncream frazzling her shoulders in the mid day sun. It was well worth the effort after 3 hours, when the beach came into view where we enjoyed a well deserved lunch, swim and sunbathe (and Gill's coconut water..from a coconut). We were surprised to find that this bustling city was surrounded by clear blue sea and soft sandy beaches. The smell of the BBQs and sound of the waves were bliss. Both enjoyed cooling off from the hike in the sea.

    It was a very soggy day - after taking a short bus and metro trip we were back at the hotel - Gill couldn't wait to go for another dip in the outdoor pool, and Emma soon followed suit.

    Across the road for some local food for dinner, then more relaxing and planning the next few days over a cup of jasmine tea overlooking the city lights across the bay.

    Gill & Em x
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  • Day29

    As it says in the title, spent the majority of today completely and utterly lost in several of Hong Kong's shopping plazas.
    Wow. Never seen so much choice, variety and labels - as far as fashion goes It's free for all here and anything goes (colours, slogans, tassels, layers, pom-poms, sparkles, etc). Also never seen so many designer shops, (two Gucci's on the same street?!), selling beautiful, wacky and expensive wares. Some cool shops in our budget too - had lots of fun in the cosmetics department of one in 'Times Square' testing the wine flavoured lipsticks mmm.

    After wandering the plazas and boutiques started to make our way to Kowloon to see the famous 'symphony of lights'. What a complete ball ache!! After asking several concierges and information points still managed to get lost and ended up on the pool deck of a swanky hotel! Not bad but in the wrong place so had to leave and got caught out in the lifts for some very exclusive apartments. Emma got fed up of the metro, so we tried the bus but that would take too long so found ourselves in a taxi hurtling towards central pier to catch the show.
    Was it worth it? 3/10 to be honest...Gill's critical appraisal included "it's not really Disney". The view was good, however the music, 4 lasers and couple of flashing skyscrapers were not...

    To add to our many modes of transport today, took the ferry back across to the island. On the way back, managed to find discounted tickets for our trip to Disneyland tomorrow...very excited!

    Gill & Em x
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  • Day30

    The bestest most magical day!

    Gill wasn't taking any queue jumping nonsense today - told a woman straight at the queue to our first ride 'Winnie the Pooh', and put a large shoving family in their place in the hustle and bustle of the (amazing) 'Festival of Lion King' show.

    A few of our favourite rides were 'Mystic Manor', 'Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine'... for Emma the Slinky Dog Spin', and for Gill it was nice to see 'It's a Small World' again. Emma very proud of Gill's willingness to brave the roller coasters and high rides - 'Toy Soldier Parachute Drop' and Star Wars 'Hyperspace Mountain' (where Gill's hilarious Wookiee impression and reference to the "smoking slug" occurred) were so worth it!

    Disaster struck around 11am... Emma's camera was full - quickly needed to go through the 3000 photos and make some room!

    Everybody should see a Disney parade at least once in their lifetime. They're so grand and happy and fill the whole streets with magic! Enjoyed the 'Flights of Fantasy Parade' in the afternoon, and ended the day with 'Disney Paint the Night' Parade followed by the grand finale: 'Disney in the Stars Firework Spectacular'. Wow. A wonderfully magical way to spend our last night of what has been a fantastic trip.

    Gill & Em x
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  • Day3

    Thanks to Corinna who arrange for us a meet up with someone from Couchsurfing we got a full day private tour by him and his friend through Hong Kong Island and the northern part above the river. What a great day!

  • Day4

    A hill close to the city which we drove up with the bus instead of a pretty expensive, crowded, but more famous tram.

    So we spend up there most of the time of our day with hiking up to the very top, walking a loop around a lower part of the hill and watching the city illuminate I the dark of the evening.

  • Day4

    As per travel guide one of the most spectacular things you can do, for small money, is taking the Star ferry from one side of Tokio to the other. So we did after descending the Victoria peak via express bus.

    And what we got was indeed amazing views of both sides of the city by night!

  • Day5

    Beside a city in Scotland Aberdeen is also a sub urb of Hong Kong. Actually one of the furthest out of the city we could reach via metro and so we explored this pretty un-touristy party of the city today a little bit.

You might also know this place by the following names:

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Hongkong, Hong Kong, ሆንግ ኮንግ, هونغ كونغ, Honk Konq, Гон-Конг, Хонконг, হংকং, ཧོང་ཀོང༌།, Hong Kong S.A.R., Tseina, ཧོང་ཀོང, Hɔng Kɔng nutome, Χονγκ Κονγκ, هنگ‌کنگ, Hong Cong, હોંગ કોંગ, הונג קונג, हाँग काँग, 香港, ჰონგ კონგი, Гонконг (арнайы әкімшілік аймақ), ហុងកុង, ಹಾಂಗ್ ಕಾಂಗ್, 홍콩, ຮ່ອງກົງ, Honkongas, Honkonga, Хонг Конг, ഹോങ് കോങ്, हाँगकाँग, Ħong Kong, ဟောင်ကောင်, हङकङ, ହଂକଂ ବିଶେଷ ପ୍ରଶାସନିକ କ୍ଷେତ୍ର ଚୀନ୍, Regiun d'administraziun speziala da Hongkong, China, Гонконг, හොංකොං, ஹாங்காங், హాంగ్ కాంగ్, ฮ่องกง, Hongi Kongi, Гонконґ, ہانگ کانگ, Hồng Kông, i-Hong Kong

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