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  • Day4

    Ding Ding to The Peak

    November 27, 2018 in Hong Kong ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    We caught the Ding Ding this morning, the double deck narrow gauge tram that runs past the front of our hotel, then walked to the lower station of the Peak Tram, the funicular up to Victoria Peak.

    Victoria Peak is where the classic photos of Hong Kong are taken, and the crowds were indicative of its popularity. Most people take some photos at the peak, do some shopping, then go back down, but we did the 90 minute walk around the Peak Track, a 3km circumnavigation of the peak. We got some great views of the docks and outlying areas on a very quiet (and pleasantly flat) track.

    Atfer a spot of lunch, and a rainbow cheese toastie for KT, we caught the funicular back down and walked to the underground station via Hong Kong Park, and visited the world's most expensive tree - a bit like the Burnside gum, this banyan tree was preserved when the area was redeveloped, at an estimated cost of A$4 million.

    During our walks we have been surprised by the lack of cars on the road (but the trains and trams are packed!), and the cars are either taxis or luxury vehicles. DC decided to count the Tesla's today and got to 24! (turns out HK had very attractive rebates for electric vehicles and sold 2900 in one month before the rebates were removed. By comparison, Australia sold 1400 for the whole year)

    The rain started again mid afternoon, so we ate locally at the Queen Street Cooked Food Market again for tea - highlight this time was the crispy pork in scrambled egg!
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  • Day5


    November 28, 2018 in Hong Kong ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    We took a trip down south today to the Victor Harbor of Hong Kong, Stanley!

    We caught the local bus via the Aberdeen Tunnel and Repulse Bay (home to a Ferrari and Tesla dealership!), and arrived just in time for morning tea - egglette (egg waffle) has become KT's favourite.

    We wandered the market, went for a beach walk (yes, there was a cache involved!) and had lunch in a backstreet noodle establishment (generous serve of mains were $5 each, compared to the waterfront where a gourmet cheese toastie was $20 at the "English pub").

    We caught the bus back to Causeway Bay (and found where all the traffic is in Hong Kong), visited Lot No 1 (the first parcel of land auctioned off by the British after the claimed the colony), and the Noonday Gun (as mentioned in Noel Coward's Mad Dogs and Englishmen).

    Street food for dinner tonight, literally! We bought pork buns, rice and other items of unknown ingredient from a small shop front and ate them on the street ☺

    Today's Tesla count: 75+ (he stopped counting!)
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  • Day60

    Roadtrip in Zahlen

    December 20, 2018 in Hong Kong ⋅ 🌙 23 °C

    Unsere Reise ist nun endgültig vorüber. Wir warten am Gate in Hongkong, bis wir boarden können.
    Das Fazit unseres Trips in Zahlen:
    - 44 Tage unterwegs mit dem Camper
    - genau 6'200 Kilometer gefahren
    - ca. 810 Liter Benzin verbraucht
    - 123 öffentliche Toiletten benutzt
    - 7 mal auswärts gegessen
    - 14 Campingplätze besucht
    - 276 Sandflies getötet
    - 0 Unfälle gebaut
    - 2 mal falsche Strassenseite befahren 🙄
    - nie verfahren 😜
    - 2 Bücher gelesen
    - 5 mal bedauert, keine Pinguine gesehen zu haben
    - 3 Beulen am Kopf wegen Platzverhältnis im Jucy
    - 11 mal Abwasser geleert

    Was wir vermissen werden (Achtung kann Spuren von Sarkasmus enthalten):
    - Mücken jagen
    - Am WLAN hinterherjagen
    - Bett aufbauen
    - nach öffentlichen WC's ausschau halten
    - kuschelige Platzverhältnisse
    - Lieder herunterladen bzw. hören, die beiden passen
    - Geklapper im Jucy während dem Fahren
    - Angst dass das Gas beim Kochen ausgeht

    Das Schreiben hat nun ein Ende. Es hat uns echt gefreut, dass wir so viele mit unseren Berichten begeistern konnten.
    Danke fürs fliessige läse und bis bald..!😘
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  • Day3

    Das Fischerdorf Tai O

    February 2 in Hong Kong ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Statt zu schlafen gings grad eine Stunde mit dem Bus nach Tai O. Das verschlafene Fischerdorf ist auf jeden Fall wert einen Spaziergang zu machen..... Und wer mehr Zeit hat kann die rosa Flussdelphine mit dem Boot suchen gehn.... White Dolphins lt den Hongkongianern.
    Hab im Bus einer älteren Frau geholfen mit ihrem Koffer. Dafür hat sie mir gute Tipps gegeben.... Nur leider ist mir nicht nach Essen zumute :PRead more

  • Day3

    Am Fuße des großen Buddhas

    February 2 in Hong Kong ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Wie klein der Mensch doch ist..... Erstaunlich viele Gläubige mischen sich unter die zahlreichen Touristen. Woran man sie erkennt? Am andächtigen Beten und am Niederknien... Egal wie nass oder dreckig der Boden grad ist.

    Nicht zu verachten sind auch die tollen Wanderwege hier oben. Wäre ich nicht so müde, hätte ich sicher 2-3h dort verbringen können.

    Den Abschluß machte die Goldeltalfahrt... Mit einer mega tollen Aussicht.
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  • Day19

    Hong Kong high rises

    January 8 in Hong Kong ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Wow Hong Kong is huge! We arrived yesterday afternoon and went to Central Kowloon to do some exciting shopping. Never seen streets like this before! Adam has been exploring various chicken street food stalls today while I went to meet a work client for a couple of hours. Very dull but I got picked up and dropped off in a brand new tesla with gull wing doors so totally worth it! We are off to the Victoria Peak this evening by tram to get a view over the city ☺Read more

  • Day20

    A Day to Remember

    January 9 in Hong Kong ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Yesterday evening after another round of dumplings and spicy chicken we took the very steep tram up to the top of Victoria Peak. Because Hong Kong didn't have enough shopping malls already they have built another one at the top of the Viewpoint. We found a walking route around the peak away from the hubbub to a much better view and as you will all know by now, this is where Adam got down on one knee 🤗💍🎉 This will be a trip to remember! We had a quiet morning catching up with messages from home in a tech themed coffee shop and this afternoon we took the star ferry across to explore the waterfront on the mainland. We are now half way up the mid way escalators which are 20 escalators going up 800m getting a bite to eat and heading back to see the harbour lights when it gets dark. Thanks for all your kind messages and look forward to catching up once we get home xxRead more

  • Day2

    Long day on Lantau

    November 25, 2018 in Hong Kong ⋅ 🌧 15 °C

    We arrived at 4.10am and caught the first train to the city at 5.50am. After a quick train change at Central we arrived at our hotel at 7am. Unsurprisingly our rooms won't be ready for a number of hours, so we decided to tackle our longest planned day - a trip to Lantau Island (back where the airport is!).

    To get back to Lantau we caught a bus to the ferry terminal, then ferry to Mui Wo on the east coast of the island. After a walk around town, a failed attempt for a cache, and a bakery visit, we had a winding, mountainous bus trip across the island to Tai O, a traditional Chinese stilted fishing village on the west coast... and all before 10.30am!

    Tai O, on the Pearl River delta, is also home to the rare pink dolphin, so we went for a boat trip through the village and toward the new Hong Kong-Macau bridge in search of some. We spotted one, which considering there are less than 50 left in the wild, is pretty good.

    It started to drizzle as we walked through the market, sampling some cuttlefish balls on the way, so we caught the next bus to Ngong Ping, home of the Big Buddha. It was raining properly by now, so we decided against climbing the 250 steps to the top and headed for Ngong Ping 360, a 5.7km cable car ride with views across the South China Sea, national park and airport. We knew it was all out there sonewehere, but the cloud was so low we had times we couldn't even see the carriage ahead of us!

    We caught the train back to the hotel, KT had a snooze and Oliver, DC and I went out in search of food. We settled on the accurately named Queen Street Cooked Food Market for some delicious noodle and rice dishes, then a quick trip to the supermarket for supplies.

    KT and Chris frequented the same food hall and got the full theatre of washing your own crockery before you eat, and complimentary tea service, then we all went to the coffee shop downstairs to discuss the next day's agenda over hot chocolates ☺
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  • Day48

    Hong Kong

    June 20, 2018 in Hong Kong ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    After a week in Hong Kong we had lots of memories and tons of photos. We ate dim sum, explored the city, ate dim sum, explored the beaches, ate dim sum, watched the Dragon Boat races, ate dim sum... what else... did I mention eating dim sum?

  • Day3

    Star Ferry and Ladies Market

    November 26, 2018 in Hong Kong ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    We had a more leisurely start today, leaving the hotel just after 9am for a walk to the ferry terminal to catch the historic Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour to Kowloon.

    With a few detours for caches, we walked through Kowloon Park to the Hong Kong Scout Association, who have a large museum as part of a Scout branded hotel, which is also the tallest Scout building in the world!

    After lunch at a small noodle and dumpling restaurant we walked via the Temple Street night market (not much happening during the day), to the Ladies Market. This was very busy and continued for many blocks, so by the time we reached the other end we were ready for a train trip back to the ferry terminal.

    We spotted the Space Museum on the walk fron the train station, so DC paid a vist while we had coffee and cake at nearby Starbucks.

    We caught the Star Ferry back to Hong Kong Island and ventured up to a rooftop garden in search of another cache. Apart from a great view, there was also a burger bar on the rooftop with outdoor seating, so we stopped there for tea and enjoyed the harbour lights.

    The journey back to the hotel was partly via the Central–Mid-Levels Escalator, the world’s longest outdoor covered escalator system (800m in length with a 135m rise in elevation).
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