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  • Day46

    After a longer evening than expected, we started late into the day. It was already very hot. We followed the Eurovelo 6 along the "Donau" (Danube in Hungary). The road was perfect. Wind was supportive. With 30+ km per hours, we easily rolled along the river.

    At lunchtime, we passed the Olympic Rafting Center and wanted to try but without a prior course it was too dangerous. So we watched and admired the professional rafters!

    After that, 30 km was nothing as the dam until we crossed a water we passed a hydro electronic power station that counts for 8% of Slovakia's energy.

    After crossing boarder to Hungary, we found such a great restaurant. Wis culinary highlight was the tasty garlic soup in a real bread as big as a pumpkin. And it was only the starter!

    We landed in a lovely small place Venek with 120 inhabitants with a natural swimming pool and a great host.
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  • Day48

    'The Body' & Water Polo

    June 22 in Hungary

    After the 'exciting' night with a couple of hours of interrupted sleep, we entered the exhibition 'Body'. We were astonished how accurate the dead bodies have been prepared showing every single muscle, the whole nerve system, our blood circulation, the digestion process and the bones. We were wondering why the prepared bodies were so small? By asking, we got to know that only Asian bodies have been prepared, which we think was kind of odd to be shown in Europe...

    After that, we relaxed at the Danube and watched the Red Bull Air Race pilots during their training session for the race on Saturday.

    After some sufficient hours of sleep in a beautiful apartment, we went to the semi finals of Waterpolo. Why did nobody tell me before that Waterpolo athletes are so f** well trained and good looking ? (Wi)
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  • Day50

    New territory

    Yesterday in Hungary

    Today, we left Budapest and entered new territory where both of us had never been before. A lower number of cyclists travel here.

    Recommended by a local, we crossed through the highly protected water area south of Budapest, which accounts for 70% of the capitals regions water ressources. There were even signs of shooting (!) but luckily nothing happened at all.

    Now, we camp our first night legally fine on a public camp ground next to the Danube. Best thing: Free warm shower and toilet. Much better than some commercial camping grounds that we have visited.

    Cute hungarian word: Bicikli = Bike (wi)
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  • Day47

    Crazy night

    June 21 in Hungary

    Es ging morgens früh los um das Tagesziel Budapest zu erreichen, um dort Andre zu treffen.

    Es war wohl der heißeste Tag bislang. Auf dem Weg wurde öfter die Donau zum Abkühlen aufgesucht.
    Ab Esztergom wurde es landschaftlich wieder schöner mit kleinen Bergen auf beiden Seiten.

    In Budapest angekommen nahmen wir ein "Low Budget Hostel" um im Partyviertel zu nächtigen. Zuerst sollten unsere Fahrräder auf der Straße parken, erst als wir kurz vor Abschluss der Buchung einer anderen Unterkunft waren, durften wir sie ausnahmsweise im Treppenhaus im 3.OG stehen lassen.
    Wir ließen uns durch die sehr warme Sommernacht treiben, besuchten sogar eine Skybar (die erst mit Hilfe der Promoterin durch verschiedene Treppenhäuser gefunden werden konnte) und schafften es während des Gewitters gerade noch vor dem Platzregen zurück ins Hostel. Dort wunderte sich Jo warum da ein Typ in SEINEM Bett lag. Zum Glück war noch ein anderes frei. In der Nacht wurde man plötzlich von einer laut ins Zimmer kommenden pöbelnden Frau geweckt, die wenig später wieder verschwand. Eine Stunde später gegen 5 Uhr schreckte Jo erneut hoch. Diesmal tauchte die Frau in Begleitung von 2 Polizisten und 2 gutaussehenden Polizistinnen auf welche die Frau ihre Sachen packen ließ und anschließend mitnahmen. - Was für eine Nacht.
    Am nächsten morgen buchten wir erstmal ein schönes Appartement. Jo
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  • Day49

    Red Bull Air Race Budapest

    June 23 in Hungary

    Es gab Lärm, Rauch und ne geile Flugshow.
    Die Besonderheit in Budapest: die Piloten fliegen vor dem Start erstmal unter der berühmten Kettenbrücke hindurch. Anschließend geht es durch ein Slalom. Am Ende des Parcours wird mit einem Salto umgedreht. Das ganze zwei mal. Dauert ca. 1 min pro Lauf.
    Geschwindigkeit ca. 370km/h
    Beschleunigung: 10g (Ein 70kg schwerer Pilot wiegt dann in dem Moment der Beschleunigung beim Salto 700kg)
    Das Rahmenprogramm war auch nicht zu verachten. Zum Beispiel die Red Bulls Flying Acrobatics.

    Highlight war jedoch ganz klar der Jet Man! Besonders da war Jo neidisch auf die Hobbyfotografen und ihre 1m langen Objektive. Jo
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  • Day74


    August 19, 2017 in Hungary

    Budapest is celebrating its national holiday tomorrow, Sunday 20 August, but the festivities began today. Streets and bridges are closed to traffic and there are food and drink stalls as far as the eye can see along the river and music to be heard all over the city. 20 August is the greatest national holiday for Hungarians. It commemorates the foundation of the Hungarian state. Also called St. Stephen's Day, remembering Stephen I, the first king of Hungary and founder of the Kingdom of Hungary, who was canonized on August 20th, 1083 by Pope Gregory VII.
    Unfortunately, as we leave Budapest tomorrow, we won't be around to see the official celebrations or the fireworks but it will be big if the preparations we see today are an indication.
    We had a great time being a part of it today.
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  • Day59

    Budapest! Hungary

    August 15, 2017 in Hungary

    At last! We arrived in Budapest today and I can now cross another thing off my bucket list! and so pleased I came- lives up to all my expectations. It was late afternoon by the time we reached our accommodation so went out to something to eat and then walked around for a couple of hours. Evie- a new country for your pin board!

  • Day73


    August 18, 2017 in Hungary

    Buda Castle District - Castle Hill is a kilometre-long limestone plateau towering 170m above the Danube. It contains some of Budapest’s most important medieval monuments and museums, and is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Below it is a 28km-long network of caves formed by thermal springs. The walled area consists of two distinct parts: the Old Town, where commoners once lived, and the Royal Palace, the original site of the castle built by Béla IV in the 13th century and reserved for the nobility.
    Trinity square is the main part of the Old Town. In the centre of the square is the Trinity Column, commemorating the end of the plague epidemic, and the Matthias Church.
    Fisherman’s Bastion is a unique viewing terrace said to be named after the guild of fishermen who supposedly defended the area from invaders during the Middle Ages.
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