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Curious what backpackers do in Iceland? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Wenn auch eine Touristenattraktion, absolut zu empfehlen. Die Fahrt durch die unberührte weite Natur ist schon ein Erlebnis. Das Becken ist sehr großzügig und weitläufig. Die inbegriffenen Masken und ein frischer smoothie machen das baden mitten in der breiten Wildnis absolut zu einem außergewöhnlichen Erlebnis.

  • We left our accommodation this morning in low spirits. The weather was heavily overcast, it was wet - the very wet stuff where you get very wet, wetter than a bank holiday in Blackpool and that's very very wet. Get the idea? There's more - because on the way to the place where unique photographic opportunities await, there was also fog! "Dull" does not describe it.

    So when we arrived at our next photo location we were amazed to see the view emerge before us. It was like the ice had a life of its own, a glow of subtle blues and whites set against a gentle grey toned backdrop. It was wonderful.

    We spent the whole day here in the pouring rain for it never stopped, not for a moment. Everything got soaked - the cameras, the lenses, the both of us. Was it worth it? Oh yes!
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  • It's been a long day travelling from Birmingham to Kefkavik airport. You can't believe the weight of the bags ... let's just say it cost us to get on the plane.

    We got a car upgrade so we have a bigger 4x4 than expected and the drive to Selfoss (65 miles) brought us the predicted rain (I think that got mentioned), wind (sound familiar?) and fog ... which somehow got left off the list. But we are here, have bought supplies, eaten and have planned the first day. Weather: We think that's been covered so probably no surprises there.

    Only one photo today of the inside of the plane. We were impressed with the lighting mimicking the Northern Lights. Nice touch Icelandair.

    So it's time to sleep ... to the sound of driving rain.

    Rob and Tony.
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  • Upon arriving that wind was still there but the rain had stopped. This didn't hinder the Iceland ecosystem of course as it was still possible to get soaked if you ventured too close the falls.

    They are spectacular and, we read, at peak times 2000 cubic metres of water flow over those rocks every second.

    The lighting was quite grey at first but then for less than ten minutes the sun lit the falls with a warm light. Brilliant ... that's what did it for us. Two sites, two pots of luck.Read more

  • Today has been a travelling day really, with the odd stop (or three) for photos on the way. Maybe we're Penguins today!

    After breakfast we took the first photo of the view from where we've stayed the last three nights. We then started our journey to Egilsstaðir, which is just about the furthest you can get from Reykjavik unless you count all the places where the puffins hang out ... and who would want to photograph a load of puffins?

    The route along the coast was an ever changing vista of towering mountains and wide valleys. For photography though, the light remained flat, but we took a few photos on the way and spent some time just east of Hofn photographing Mt Vestrahorn trying to find the best composition ... someone can decide when we bore you with our photographs if we succeeded.

    We managed to grab a coffee and cake at Breiðdalsvík before being given the best (only) sunset so far. The final leg of the journey included a dirt road with hairpin bends and fantastic views. A wild landscape indeed, though tomorrow we travel through the Icelandic Highlands to the North where, perhaps, snow and the Aurora awaits.
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Republic of Iceland, Island, Iceland, Ysland, Aesland, አይስላንድ, Islandia, Īsland, أيسلندا, İslandiya, Ísland, Ісландыя, Исландия, Isilandi, আইসল্যান্ড, ཨ་ཨི་སི་ལནད།, Islàndia, Islandëjô, Исланди, Gwlad yr Iâ, އައިސްލަންޑަން, ཨའིསི་ལེནཌ, Aiseland nutome, Ισλανδία, Islando, ایسلند, Islannda, Islanti, Islande, Yslân, An Íoslainn, Innis Tile, આઇસલેન્ડ, Aisalan, איסלנד, आइसलैण्ड, Islandska, Izland, Իսլանդիա, Islanda, Icelandia, アイスランド共和国, ისლანდია, Aislandi, Islandi, អ៉ីស្លង់, ಐಸ್‌ಲ್ಯಾಂಡ್, 아이슬란드, ئایسلەند, Ayisirandi, Iesland, Islànda, Isilandɛ, ໄອສແລນ, Islandija, Isilande, Īslande, Islandy, Исланд, ഐസ്‌ലാന്റ്, आइसलँड, အိုက်စလန်, आइस्ल्याण्ड, IJsland, Islandii, ଆଇସଲ୍ୟାଣ୍ଡ, آیسلینډ, Islândia, Islandya, Ayisilandi, आइसलैंड, Islánda, Islânde, අයිස්ලන්තය, Iislaand, ஐஸ்லாந்து, ఐస్లాండ్, ไอซ์แลนด์, ʻAisilani, Aislan, İzlanda, ئىسلاندىيە, Ісландія, آئس لینڈ, Ai-xơ-len (Iceland), Lisladeän, איסלאנד, Orílẹ́ède Aṣilandi, 冰岛, i-Iceland