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  • Day3

    Blue Lagoon

    November 24, 2017 in Iceland

    Had a late breakfast and a lazy morning looking around the shops before setting off to the Blue Lagoon at one o'clock.

    This is a geothermal pool that is kept at a steady 37 degrees by adding sea water to the already hot water from the ground.

    The salt in the sea water when added to the naturally found minerals from beneath the ground are meant to good for your skin.

    However the walk from the complex to the pool when it's minus ten degrees (when taking into account the wind chill factor), especially when you are already wet having had to shower once you have changed, is certainly an experience!

    I also never thought I would ever find myself queuing up to apply a mud pack to my face!

    They also have a swim up bar!

    But once you are in.... You suddenly remember that you have to get out again!!!

    All in all an experience that we will never forget and that we are very glad that we did.

    Sorry no pictures...... The one that is included was taken this morning when out and about (at 11 o'clock!).

    Apparently come the middle of December, they only have two hours of daylight from 11:00 to 13;00!

    Off to try and see the Northern Lights again tonight....xx
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  • Day2

    Nora Magasin

    November 23, 2017 in Iceland

    So the Northern Lights tour has been cancelled for tonight..... Unsurprisingly due to the horrendous weather out of town.

    So not to look a gift horse in the mouth, we took advantage of the happy hour in the hotel bar..... Quick change and out to visit Nora's which we found in the guide book.

    They do a beer tasting tray!!!!!!🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺..... And a great burger.... What is not too like.....????

  • Day1

    First views of Helsinki...

    November 22, 2017 in Iceland

    Deposited our bags in the hotel.... Then went out to explore the city.

    Very cold.... Flutters of snow.....

    Getting our bearings we strolled around both the old and new towns

    Some crazy people were testing the ice across the lake....

    Came across the Hallgrimskirkja Church.... Took in the stunning panoramic views of the city and across the bay from the top of the tower.

    We are then heading out at nine o'clock in search of the illusive northern lights.Read more

  • Day2


    November 23, 2017 in Iceland

    Well that was an experience!

    We eventually stopped at a UNESCO World Heritage site which is the rift valley between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates... But we couldn't see much due to the 70 mph winds blowing the surface snow everywhere, causing a whiteout.

    Obviously Icelandic health and safety laws are not as strict as those in the UK!

    Nearly lost Hilary given her choice of coat! She started to hold onto completely random men.....Read more

  • Day4

    Harpa Concert Hall

    November 25, 2017 in Iceland

    So after successfully seeing the Northern Lights last night, albeit it in a force ten icy gale, we set off this morning to explore the city.

    Hot chocolate stop at the Concert Hall to warm up at midday.

  • Day12

    Arctic Colours at Twilight

    February 17 in Iceland

    We did make one more stop to photograph the sunset. We managed to find a place to park where we could get a reflection in a lake ... or some sort of water as it was difficult to tell what it was. The second photo of this footprint was taken after the sunset so apologies you don't get to see it, though perhaps you will when we return. The first photo gives a hint of the way the landscape looks at this time of day when the weather has been as good as it was.

    It's really hard to describe what we saw on that journey back to our hotel. We travelled in the fading light of an Arctic day, through a snow coated landscape of spectacular mountains resting on cushions of white marsh-mellow. But it's the light that's impossible to describe. As the sun sets all the subtle tones of colour and light emerge and even when the sun has set a second show begins, with the most delicate shades of white, blue and purple. Unbelievably, the landscape brightens and the twilight offers new colours of salmon and pink mixed with greys and subtle blues. This is a world you can't imagine ... you have to be here. It will touch your emotions like never before.
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  • Day10

    Stjórnarfoss Waterfall

    February 15 in Iceland

    After leaving the canyon it was time for a coffee break so we found a filling station, ordered our drinks and sat down to work out where the waterfall actually was. In fact, it was 5 minutes from where we were so in no time we were at our next photographic location.

    This was indeed a frozen waterfall, a short walk from where we'd parked the Duster. That sounds silly doesn't it so let's say it was a short walk from where we'd parked the car. Much better.

    The river from the waterfall was almost frozen over and that made a picture in itself. The waterfall was completely covered in ice, so much so that it appeared the water came from inside the ice. The light was quite nice too, as it was later in the day, which gave a golden hue to the surrounding mountains. The phone picture you see here makes it look rather more atmospheric than it really was - the sky wasn't as toned as you see but it was very pleasant nonetheless.

    We returned to the car a short time before sunset was due and set off to return to Vik. When we'd left the canyon earlier we were surprised to see how much the ice on the roads had started to melt and become slush. Now, only a relatively short while later, the roads were covered in ice again. As we drove though, we were treated to the most amazing sunset and the best of the trip so far and the photo you see simply doesn't do it justice. The colours and tones were amazing, stunning even, but of course being on an Icelandic road meant we couldn't find anywhere to stop to photograph it before it was all over.

    What a fabulous day again. We've seen some beautiful sights and hope there's more to come when we move on tomorrow to our final location of the trip.
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  • Day12

    Kirkjufell in the Sunshine

    February 17 in Iceland

    First of all, compare the first and last photos of this footprint, because the last one is the very best if what we saw in 2016 when we visited last time. Notice the difference?

    Kirkjufell is also known as the witch's hat mountain because of its shape when seen from a particular angle. It's a magnet for photographers and tourists (Penguins remember) because of the nearby waterfall which is often included in photographs. Search on Google and you'll find a squillion photos of this mountain with and without ice and/or Northern Lights. So we must have our turn of course.

    On this visit, as you can see, the weather was clear with a deep blue sky and clear air. After spending time here we left only to discover a location with fantastic reflections of Kirkjufell but from the opposite side. We managed to find somewhere to park and spent some time here trying to get that magical shot. This was a really good location because there were two mountains reflected in the tidal waters. Look one way for Kirkjufell then in a moment there was another composition of another mountain ... name not looked-up.

    We got some great photos here.
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  • Day13

    Black Church

    February 18 in Iceland

    Compared to yesterday the weather was not so good and the day not so eventful. We decided to go to the south of the Peninsula to find the black church at Buðir. It was quite crowded here so it was tricky to get a photo with no Penguins, though it doesn't look that way does it. Just after the photo was taken, loads of tourists arrived and they were everywhere. You just have to be patient ... they've come to discover the church just like we have and they want their photos too. It's just a little frustrating to have to wait while a family or small group take loads of photos of themselves including every variant of subjects in a variety of poses.

    Tony wasn't so sure about this location but felt it was worthwhile having done it. It kind've grew on him. We also met a couple of people who we chatted to, a photographer from Morocco (bet he was cold!) and an English guy married to a French lady who does photographic tours for French tourists. It was really interesting to talk to them.
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  • Day9

    Those Stacks Again

    February 14 in Iceland

    It was after 2pm before things settled down and the roads out of Vik didn't open until around 3pm, maybe later. At least we didn't have to be somewhere and we did feel for those who were stuck and had destinations to get to.

    We didn't really know what to do as most of the day was lost to the storm so we decided to stay local. When we left the guest house it was brightening up and much warmer but the roads were still showing as closed. As you can see from the photo, we headed back to the beach to see if we could improve on our photographs we'd already taken of the stacks. It was actually quite pleasant on the beach and the sun made an appearance for a while.

    Around 4pm we decided, as the roads had opened, to go to the other side of the headland to the beach where last time we were here we saw all the tourists and christened them 'penguins'.
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