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Curious what backpackers do in India? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • If you are old enough to know what cowabunga means, then that was a spoiler and you know what the best bit of today was.

    7.30am saw Aiden and I getting our dive gear in the little speed boat and set off to Manta Point on the far side of the reef. I was nervous initially and had forgotten lots of my dive drill but everyone else on the boat had probably notched up a 1000 dives a piece and I was well looked after.

    It was a great dive although visibility was still poor. We saw 3 huge rays, several smaller ones, another morray and, heartstoppingly, 6 turtles. 😍. Sophie, I named one for you! Xxx. As if that wasn't enough, three dolphins swam alongside the boat briefly on our return home.

    Later, we did the shipwreck snorkel. 200 year old galleon my arse! Still it was full.of good stuff including another morray and an adorable, very large puffer with sad puppy eyes.

    We are both paying the price for all the snorkeling now with sunburnt backs and backs of legs.

    This afternoon at low tide, we walked out on one of the sandbars and took some pics before yet more swimming. It's gonna take a while before the goggle marks fade 😉
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  • This is my 3rd business trip to Mumbai and I had the privilege of staying for a weekend.

    My driver that takes me to the office on a daily basis offered to give me a tour of the city on Saturday. We visited various sites, from Dhobi Ghat, the largest open air laundromat in the world, to the Queens Necklace and the Gateway of India. It's amazing how much British heritage there is in the city.

    On the way back to the hotel, we drove over the newly built Bandra-Worli Sea Link bridge and visited the Bollywood area of Bandra.

    - Chris
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  • After a 5 hour ride in the back of a jeep with our backpacks strapped to the roof we arrived in Pushkar. It's a lovely Indian town to walk around with market streets, all surrounding a holy lake in the centre. We headed to our first temple where we had to remove our shoes. We witnessed a man hitting a cow with a stick quite hard, it's surreal to see the people harming animals they find sacred. After a bit of shopping we headed down to an outside table with the group that overlooked the lake where we watched the sunset. The sun going down over the water and town was simply stunning to watch.Read more

  • Today began bright and early for a morning hike up hundreds of steep steps to a temple on top of a mountain. The climb was hard and the temple disappointing_ more an unfinished empty building site but the view of Pushkar was spectacular as the sun rose from behind the mountains. After an easier descent we went for some muesli breakfast and rooftop coffee. Fresh fruit never tasted so good! The middle of the day was relaxing by the pool before we headed off to meet the others for a camel ride across the dunes. When arriving and seeing the camels and their condition I no longer wanted to take part but was made to by the guy there. To say I was relieved it was over is an understatement! Never again. After arriving at the dunes we dressed in traditional clothing and had a magician, dancers and musicians perform for us while the sun set before some lovely homemade Indian food. After the camel experience the evening did definitely get much better and it was lovely experiencing yet another new aspect of Indian culture.Read more

  • We are now on the neighbouring island of Bangaram and it's pretty fantastic too. We were bumped off Thinikara island and have no idea which of the multiple reasons we were given, is true - if any. However, two days of living like Mr & Mrs Crusoe have made us very grateful for clean sheets and towels, cold drinks and a fridge in our room. The food is great, and this is where the dive centre is, so we feel we've lucked out and got a free upgrade. Still no alcohol though!

    It's usually only 10 mins in the boat between the islands but we broke down and had to wait for rescue. While we waited we spotted two turtles bobbing about, but they were quite distant.

    Swimwear is a great equaliser and Holiday friendships spring up fast; we were sorry to say goodbye to Dr. Pete & Annie, even if just until.Friday. But within an hour we had bumped into Welsh Aiden and Rachel again on Bangaram and we had a jolly dinner together.

    Early exploration has revealed some lovely coral gardens here although the turning tide has reduced visibility massively. The dive school is promising crystal visibility tomorrow at 7.30am with a possibility of manta, sharks and turtles. I'm in!
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  • After a 5 hour train ride today we arrived in the lovely lake town of Udaipur. After so long on the train it was lovely to just relax over lunch time by the pool and have some down time. It was a fellow travellers birthday today in our group so we headed out in the evening for a walk around town and then to the most beautiful rooftop lakeside restaurant I've ever seen. The sun was setting over the water and the views were just spectacular. The food was the best meal I feel we've had in India and the cocktails went down nicely too! A bit chilled out day which was warmly welcomed after being so busy all the time on the trip so far.Read more

  • A new place. ActuAlly every time I enter a new city from airport,I feel happy. New culture, different life styles, differnet food stalls. Its thrilling. This trip as solo traveller will keep me surprising I hope..

  • I woke early for a last pre- breakfast swim - bittersweet. I met one of the islanders harvesting palm sap to ferment into toddy, and had a little taste. It was like flat ginger beer. Then breakfast and another snorkel - meaning I was last on board to leave the island, half hoping that they would go without me. But new adventures await us 😊.

    Our taxi ride up to the mountains of Munnar was so terrifying I forgot to be carsick. I felt like Joan Wilder on the wrong bus to Cartagena. Unfortunately, our record of never being overtaken, once, by any vehicle still stands - despite our pleas for drivers to slow down.

    On the way we stopped at a spice farm to see cloves, cinnamon, cashews, cardamom, nutmeg and mace growing. Wow! We bought lots of them too, plus a bunch of Ayurvedic medicines.

    Our little hotel here in the lush, jungley hills is lovely, surrounded by tall trees and birds. Bliss to have a decent shower at last!
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  • We are in the heart of the tea growing area and it is beautifully, deliciously, lushly, verdant - no words can describe it's utter greenness! It could not be less suburban so its comical to pass tea gardens and homestays called things like Hollyhocks, Bracknell Forrest, Blackberry Hills etc

    As we have had NO alcohol for 6 days we have taken up tea, in a big way! God, cardamom tea is even more delicious than masala chai! 😋.

    We spent time today walking in a tea plantation, visiting a tea museum, a tea factory and then a tea outlet. Our addiction led us to buy about £50 of tea - and that's a lot when you get it here! Zoran's suitcase is now half full of the stuff. And don't forget the two coconuts he stole from the islands!

    In the next room is a sweet young Indian couple, they sit on the terrace and sing to each other 😍. We chatted to them and surprisingly met them in town later when we had a fun dining experience - curry eaten with your fingers off a banana leaf. The theory is that your fingers send a message to your brain about what food to expect - it really does taste better. Zoran was a big cheater and used a spoon.

    As our eyes are routinely as large as saucers so it's interesting to find that we are weird and unusual to people here too - we were asked twice today to have selfies with Indian families - haha

    PS. I'm not adding any filters, the tea fields really are that colour
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  • We started off our first day in Udaipur with an amazing guided tour of the City Palace. Our tour guide that Jai arranged was the best one we have had yet. His knowledge and wit really made the morning great. We even saw the current king of the region! After some lunch we went to a miniature painting art studio, a skill that Udaipur is known for. The fine detail of the paintings was so impressive. The artist also painted one of our nails. I was given a peacock which was for beauty and Nick asked for a tiger. We're not sure if he was given a tiger or a chicken which is ironic when tigers represent bravery in India! We rounded off the day by a boat ride on Lake Bichola at sunset. It was a very cramped boat but the views were amazing. We rounded off our day with a visit to another rooftop restaurant that overlooked the lake we had just been sailing the boat on earlier.Read more

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