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Curious what backpackers do in India? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day15

    Finally after 2 weeks on the road, we get to chill in TVM for the next few days. Mummy-Daddy greeted us at the airport and got back home by 4:30 AM. Everyone slept in a bit - woke up slowly around 10 for idlis, magic tricks & books from Amooma!

  • Day18

    A lovingly restored 18th century Dutch manor, Villa Maya once enjoyed the attention of the royal house of Travancore. it is a treasure trove of subtle sensory delights; a theatre of the senses meticulously crafted to offer you an escape into serenity. Authentic traditional cuisines from around the world are exquisitely plated to harmonise with its classical architecture, minimal style and carefully selected art and craft pieces, creating an experience of beauty and grace.

    Villa Maya is rated as the 2nd best dining experience in India and in the top 15 in all of Asia by TripAdvisor.
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  • Day18

    Today's agenda included an early morning wake up call to get ready and head to the Elephant Rehab Center outside of TVM. We watched elephants get bathed, fed and even had some fun playful moments with the youngest ones - as young as 3 months old! Anay's mushroom cut was a source of intrigue for the younger ones who were constantly checking it out with their trunks! 😎

    The rehab center takes in elephants of all sizes and ages - most have been involved in some accident in the forests or have been separated from their group or otherwise in a bad state threatening their survival. They are treated here and released back into the wild when they are ready.Read more

  • Day1

    Nowadays, travellers in India prefer bus travels as they feel to relax, unwind, and watch TV while being on road journeys. Especially people hailing from cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Pune and many more opt to take up buses as a mode of travelling. Most of the cities in India are marked with renowned places of interest attracting numerous visitors every year.

    Nearly all of the cities in India are connected with well-maintained roadways creating ample amount of convenience for travellers. Bus journeys tend to give you better memories too!

    Buses in the category of Volvo, Luxury, AC, Non AC, Deluxe and many more probably run across the cities of India. Buses almost go everywhere and sometimes are the only way to move around in hilly or mountainous regions. Bus services are fast and frequent compared to other ones, folks seeking to avoid melee at train stations obviously go for buses. They are trouble free and comfortable way of travel.

    Keep on reading to find out the interesting reasons as to why travellers in India prefer bus journeys.

    • Book Any Bus Online: Considering the past paced lifestyle, people hardly find time to spend in booking tickets. Most people prefer to book tickets for bus online from as it is fast, easy and secure bus reservation portal helping to select your bus seat and travel hassle-free. Buses are plying all-round the day and night, taking tickets at convenience is preferred by many. Usually, Volvo, and other Luxury buses both AC and Non AC are booked online. Most buses depending on the journey time and bus type give rest stops.

    • Ample Luggage Space in Bus: Buses come with luggage storage underneath its compartment. Passengers make it a point to arrive little early and place their luggage conveniently here. Small hang bags or small luggage bags are place on the rack above the seats.

    • Costs and Snacks: bus tickets are always cheaper compared to other modes of travel. When booked online they can be booked at discounted rates too. Passengers are sometimes given water bottles and snacks as complimentary service during their journey (depends on bus type and operator).
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  • Day1

    Well the city of gardens had many delights to offer. We arrived in Bangalore in the afternoon and then took one of the AC buses from the airport. Anjappar was the restaurant we had our first meal at. The reason for us choosing the restaurant was that it was a recommended south Indian restaurant from lonely planet but ironically we ended up having a really great north Indian meal with parathas and pander butter masala. Then we left for our hotel THE DOUBLE TREE SUITES where our dear host was eagerly waiting. Having dumped in the luggage and packed our bags for hampi we left to explore the hotel. The terrace presented us with one of the best views in Bangalore. After chilling on the terrace for a while we moved on booked a cab and started for our bus to hampi.
    We got onto a van which took us to the bus which freezed us at night. The Air was literally CONDITIONED for murder!!!!

    We were back in Bangalore after a day in hampi. A quick nap in the morning got us charged up for the rest of the day. We took a bus pass for the whole day for ₹70 each. On our way we stopped by to see a HUGE statue of the monkey god Hanuman and then explore the area around, strangely though we saw a death ceremony of someone. With our initial destination as the Bangalore fort we got off near the Bangalore market. Aromas of the food around us got our taste buds aroused and our stomachs interested and we decided to have our breakfast nearby. After looking around for a bit we decided to settle for a simple restaurant nearby. The parathas were HUGE!! And just one was enough to fill our stomachs which cost us a mere ₹30 per person. Then we decided to explore the nearby market. It was filled with different types of flowers, spices, bangles, rangolis, vegetables and lots more. It was really vibrant and a colourful place like no other.
    The fort was definitely not a place worth going as besides the big doors that were something out of the ordinary, nothing else seemed very delightful.
    Hoping to have a better experience we set off for the Tipu Sultan Palace nearby but the tickets were too pricey so we just had a look from the outside and then went off exploring the area nearby. The hospital building opposite to the Palace was more beautiful than the Palace itself.
    The Cubbon park was our next destination. Well it was nothing out of the ordinary but still a quiet place worth going to for just the peace of mind. Tired from all the walking throughout we relaxed in the park for a while. When I was busy playing pranks with a dog nearby my friend was trying to remove threads from her thin jacket ( I dunno what the name it has but I'll get back to this ). The library in the park was almost fully occupied with students who were preparing for different examinations and this could be felt from the expressions of their serious faces. The Bangalore Palace looked very beautiful from the outside but the tickets were too much so instead we decided to go to a nearby mall for bowling (The Garuda Mall). But unfortunately the bowling had been closed so we decided to go to the FOOD STREET in VV Puram.
    This is definitely the place to go to!! We started our big meal with a peri-peri potato chips like something (I'm sorry for not remembering the name ). It was damn tasty though for just ₹50. Then we had a couple of Dabelis and a chicoo milkshake along with a pineapple juice. This was followed by a round of pani puris, gulab jamun and pav bhaji. With a hint of rain around it all seems just perfect.
    We struggled our way through (improving our road crossing skills) by talking a couple of buses to Toit. The place was overcrowded as always and we we 47th in line to receive a table. Putain de merde!!!! But we decided to give a shot by sneaking in and hoping to grab a couple of chairs. We found one at first sight and then a sweet gentleman offered us another and we felt so happy to have saved an hour of our time at least !! Having ordered our drinks we skimmed through the beer digest (might be some other digest too)kept next to us. The music at the place was very singable (almost all songs were one's we knew ) so we joined along as sipping our drinks. The digest talked about a STAN LEE like person whose love for beers had no bounds and also about a bartender working there who never had drinks. Having ordered another round of drinks (Lemon juice and Toit something), we were enjoying the pleasant atmosphere using our judging skills to look at different people around us and guessing which part of India they were from. As it may be in our stars, we received no bill for our 2nd round. (Maybe they were free for us) We decided to head back home and well that's when we thought it was our day.
    But noway!!! Our host (high as f***) talked and entertained us about his idols and his favorite musicians. Sensing him quietening up a bit we decided to sleep. We later heard him shouting in the middle of the night!! (He doesn't admit so but we know).
    The next day we headed to the LinkedIn office nearby which offered us the best breakfast in a very long time !! From South Indian food to pav bhaji to juices that place had everything!!! The office was the place to work at!!! The gym, the music room, a cricket room, different types of arrangements woah!!
    We then marched on towards ISCKON temple by a couple of bus hops and a few road crossing practices. The temple was so beautiful from both inside and outside. On the inside of it, was a stage and a platform with gods and statues made of gold. People (overwhelmed by it perhaps) were donation all they had hoping that God might help them overcome their misfortunes. Finally after escaping a maze of sales people and food stalls we grabbed our shoes took a view pics and headed for the metro. As soon as we reached the station rain hit the place like lightning!! Old habits die hard and well we ended up taking a wrong train ! (Cause well maps and me never work)!! Finally we reached MG road and headed off for shopping. After losing all hope we planned to head to the Phoenix mall but then we ended up shopping in Bangalore central. My friend became busy shopping soon while I resorted to chatting with my old friends. We tried a few restaurants then but none seemed to satisfy us. So we had a goli wada pav instead which my friend liked (I'm happy). Then we met our host at a pub had a good time returned home and slept. We missed our train to Mysore the next day but got the next one and now bye bye Bangalore!!
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  • Day5

    Start : 2:00 pm
    Places visited on Day 1 : The Mysore Palace, the market, the clockwatch, the cathedral.
    The day started when we dumped our stuff in the hotel and left to explore the city. The Palace was the 1st place we visited and apart from the trouble caused to us by bad targeting (of marketing) by the salesmen outside offering to sell us pics of the Palace or stuff too unpractical to buy, the experience was amazing!! So place was a huge mahal bordered by gardens and a temple with a wall having decorated gates on all 4 sides. After roaming around for sometime taking pics, we entered the Palace. Technically we were not allowed to take pics inside the Palace but we used the SNEAK PEEK METHOD to successfully record useful memories. It has many paintings along with beautiful roofs and chandeliers to see and marvel at. This place is definitely worth a visit!
    Next we went to the market where my friend tried different types of Indian food. Also a place worth visiting on our way to the market would be Arya Chats and Juices. (The Gobi Manchurian there is amazing like no other!!!) The market had all sorts of vegetables, flowers and God knows what all!
    The atmosphere there was electric and everyone was shouting on top of their voice in language that I know not of :p. Having tasted the imratis, bought chikoos (which later got squashed in my pants :/) and also kulfis we walked around teaching each other languages. The cathedral was a beautifully faked place which looked very old and ancient from outside but was just very new on the inside with nothing so special about it :(. From there we walked on to the watch clock and then back to the hotel. Now we'll go out for dinner :).
    The dinner was not the best ever and the place suggested by our owner was not really great !
    So we just got back to the hotel and finished our blogs :)
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  • Day9

    Yet another early start, five o'clock. We then had a nice walking tour to a homeless children's centre in the heart of New Delhi. When there we met a few kids and had a few thumb wars. On the way we learnt a lot about public urination and how you can't do it in front of gods. We then got on a flight to Mumbai. Once landed and in the hotel we were turned around and straight to the IPL game. Mumbai Indians were playing Sunrisers Hyderabad. We supported valiantly with the locals and were told we weren't allowed to bully David Warner 😩😩😂😂.Read more

  • Day3

    We landed in torrential rain and grey skies - yet ended up swimming in the pool in sunshine and 35 degrees. We enjoyed high tea at our very beautiful hotel - yet round the corner we saw an 8 year old girl cleaning car windows with her bare hands to earn money. We listened to the noise and cacophony of Old Delhi (why use an indicator when you can just beep your horn?) - then enjoyed the peace and tranquility of Gandhi's memorial gardens. We saw beautiful Moghul architecture, and the ugliness of street children living underneath a flyover. Leila was constantly hassled for selfies wherever she went - but all in a spirit of genuine interest in a little girl with pale skin and blue eyes. The kids have seen poverty on a scale they didn't realise existed, and experienced what it is like to be a minority and have everyone stare at you. Haven't even been here 24 hours, and already it has been quite a ride!Read more

  • Day9

    Today we were all saved with a late wake up. One match was played today. I wasn't playing, these were 12 years old not 15 year olds. We won easily and returned to the hotel for a fines session. I was mainly fined for my brightly coloured shorts. After dinner we headed to a gate in Mumbai were we were the main attraction. There was cues of men getting photos with us.

You might also know this place by the following names:

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