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  • Day16

    Time to catch the ferry to Wales.

    Early morning. Not at all helped by the hotel. It turned out to have a night club attached and it didn't stop until about 3am. Being on the first floor, we would have been better off actually being in the night club dancing. So having the noise and vibration from the club and the people noise from the street. No sleep was gained. Alarms off at 5.30am.
    Sickness is no better.
    3 hour ferry ride. Will need to sleep.
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  • Day7

    Our day started on bouncy roads, as we were trying to catch a boat for trip around Skellig Micheel. We did make in on time, but unfortunately the ride wasn't as smooth as we hoped-the waves were too big so we had to go back. From Skellig experience center you can see the little colorful town called Portmagee. We decided to go up high to Geokaun mountain and Fogher cliffs to catch a breathtaking 360 view(see it for yourself) and stopped for a coffee in Knightstown on our way back.Read more

  • Day5

    After a lovely boat trip on a Garinish island, we drove around Beara ring, looking for a Dunboy castle(which are just a ruins btw), strolling around the coast we discovered spectacular view of the Arsnakonna lighthouse over in Bere island. After stopping at Eyeries, backroads lead us to Mare's tail-irelands highest waterfall cascades.

  • Day6

    From Kenmare to Killarney it's a real scenic drive. The famous Ladies' view leaves you speachless as well as Killarney national park. A real treat was a short walk to the Meeting of the Waters, where the Upper lake flows into the Muckross Lake. 20m Torc Waterfall doesn't dissapoint either. We stopped at Killarney for lunch(amazing seafood) and ended our journey at Kinmare pub with live music.

  • Day10

    This was another morning on which we were prepared for rain. Lucky enough, the walk started off dry, even the sun came out. The main part of the Kerry Way followed the coast line. What we could see was actually the atlantic ocean. It looked more like a lake as the opposite side of the bay was so close.

    There was a part of the walk that llooked like a walk through the jungle. Ireland must really be a wet place, probably the wetest place in Europe.

    The last 7 km of the way turned out to become the toughest part of the day. We had to climb two hills, that became mountains as the soil became nearly impenetrable. A lot of bog. And last but not least we came into two heavy rain. Just before heading down to Kenmare, the sky opened up and the sun came out again.

    Kenmare is a very busy small town full of pretty small shops and restaurants. It has a population of 2100 people.
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  • Day11

    Well, today's hike, the last one of the Kerry Way, is not for the faint hearted. We had everything on the trail. Lots of rain, patchy at some times, sunshine (which is good, but it lasts only for a few minutes until the next shower) etc...

    The trail itself was pretty eay to walk, not too boggy. Ere were just three passages through rivers, that made the walk tricky. There was even one with a rope. But at the end, we managed them all.

    After a third of the trail, we joined the path that came from Killarney, the same we took a week ago when we started the Kerry Way. We made the same rest at Lord Brandon's Cottage. Just before the B&B. We had a week ago, we attacked the ascent to the Gap of Dunloe. It's a narrow montain passage to the otherside of Killarney. For us, this was a more direct route to where the hotel was located.

    The Gap of Dunloe is used by many jaunting cars with tourists. These are small carts with 4 passengers. They normally ride from Lord Brandon's Cottage to the Gap of Dunloe. Nice for families.

    From this point, we had only 5 km to make until our final destination and the end of The Kerry Way.
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  • Day1

    I don't like Jet Lag.

    It was a 5 hour flight back from Boston on Dublin that took off just after 9 and so landed in US time at some un-godly hour - it was 07:30 in Dublin. The hotel laughed when we tried to check in - there would be at least a 90min wait for a room. We manned up and headed out for our day - without the sleep that I wanted and needed, and joined the biggest queue ever to get into Comic Con Dublin. It was a bit of a let down - the stars that were attending weren't that wow. I think my overwhelming memory is of sweaty teenagers, sweaty smelly teenagers. Thankfully not my own - everyone else was over excited we were somewhere between zombies, walking dead and emotional due to sleep deprivation.

    We had lunch and by then it was morning in the USA and we had a short lived moment of being alive, had some lunch and returned to the hotel for a couple of hours sleep.

    The sleep worked and after a shower we were in the restaurant for an end of holiday trip meal - and Jane and I decided to take on the meat challenge this time around - we failed.
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  • Day5

    Cute colorful town with pretty little houses in different colors, where we had our last coffee&cake stop before heading back to Kenmare. Lovely! 😍🏘

You might also know this place by the following names:

Ireland, Irland, Republiek van Ierland, Aereland, አየርላንድ ሪፑብሊክ, Irlanda, أيرلاندا, ܩܘܛܢܝܘܬܐ ܕܐܝܪܠܢܕ, República d'Irlanda, İrlandiya, Ірландыя, Република Ирландия, Irilandi, আয়ারল্যান্ড, ཨ་ཡར་ལནཌ།, Iwerzhon, Irska, Irsko, Iwerddon, ཨའིརི་ལེནཌ, Ireland nutome, Δημοκρατία της Ιρλανδίας, Irlando, Iiri, ایرلند, Irlannda, Irlanti, Írland, Irlande, Ierlân, Poblacht na hÉireann, Poblachd na h-Éireann, આયર્લેંડ, Pobblaght Nerin, Ayalan, אירלנד, आयरलैण्ड, Írország, Իռլանդիա, Irlandia, アイルランド, ირლანდია, Ayalandi, Ирландия, Irlandi, អៀរឡង់, ಐರ್ಲೆಂಡ್, 아일랜드, ئیرلەند, Repoblek Iwerdhon, Ierland, Éire, Irelandɛ, ໄອແລນ, Airija, Irelande, Īrija, Irlandy, Ирска, അയര്‍ലാന്‍ഡ്, आयर्लंड, အိုင်ယာလန်, Republik Ireland, आइरल्याण्ड, Républyique d'Irlande, ଆୟରଲ୍ୟାଣ୍ଡ, Republic of Ireland, د آيرلېنډ جمهوريت, Republika Irland, Republica Irlanda, Republic o Ireland, Irlánda, Irlânde, අයර්ලන්තය, Írsko, Ayrlaand, Irlandë, Република Ирска, அயர்லாந்து, ఐర్ లాండ్, Ҷумҳӯрии Ирландия, สาธารณรัฐไอร์แลนด์, አየርላንድ, Republika ng Irlanda, ʻAealani, Aialan, İrlanda, Республіка Ірландія, آئرلینڈ, Ireland (Ái Nhĩ Lan), Lireyän, Republika han Irlandia, Orílẹ́ède Ailandi, 爱尔兰, i-Ireland

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