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  • What a stellar day! Beautiful sunshine and spectacular views. Went through the the mountains where Excalibur, Saving private Ryan, Braveheart, The Vikings and PS I love you were all filmed. Magnificent! Also saw a private cabin owned my guinesses nephews where only stars go for private relaxation. What a lesson in history! Love the signs here! Check out the new dog sign. They don't Jess around. Stayed tuned for more-just having a pub lunch of fish and chips.Read more

  • Spent the day on a 5 hr trek. Found where Oscar Wilde lived and a statue of him across the street. See the shots. Went the museum of natural history today and saw some very interesting species. Irish deer which no longer exist had the rack span of 8ft across. They put our moose to shame. Couldn't take many photos because I ran out of space on my phone. Had to dump a couple of apps and clean up the mail. Having my last Ginny as I take off tomorrow at 6 am to catch my flight to Ljubljana, Slovenia. So excited because there will be some good wine there and it will be cheaper. Ireland in general is expensive.
    Irish facts: I have only seen two ginger here the whole time; everyone smokes and looks twice their age; Irish people yell all the time; the streets are littered with garbage; there are a lot of homeless on the street (mainly looking for $ for beer; the fashion is adidas track pants (yes even the women)! The Irish people are incredibly helpful, happy and can't wait to tell you their life story. They have incredibly good manners and a hilarious sense if humour. I have laughed a ton!
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  • After getting lost for a hour I found the Guinness storehouse. What an amazing place! Learned how to pour a pint the right way and now I'm certified. The city is on fire with energy as there is a final football match on tonight. I have never seen so many men in one place in all my life. They're everywhere. Where are all the women? Check out the "bin the poo" picture, means pick up your dog crap and has a toxic sign on the back. Enjoy the photosRead more

  • Checked into the Spire hostel today and am rooming with 7 other females. Not sure how much sleep I will get. Out and about Dublin today and found the shopping district. Was enticed by the inexpensive bra and panty sets at only 5 euros. Will wait until I get to Slovenia for that. Booked my flight for the 5th and am meeting Christy there. A couple of shots from yesterday's tour attached and also today's walkabout.Read more

  • The best way to enjoy a trip is to share it with someone important to you. That is what I did while visiting the Cliffs of Moher, as my best friend Anita came to visit me in Ireland. The drive to the Cliffs themselves already left us speechless, passing the stony hills of the Burrens and all the way down the Wild Atlantic Way. Never in my life have I seen so much beautiflul nature that just simply left me speechless. Also I felt a strange fascination with all the small villages we passed on the way. Having grown up in a quite big city, these small towns are really peculiar to me, at the one hand I think it must be so peaceful living so far away from civilization. On the other hand it makes me very nervous to think about how long it woud take me to get to another big city, where to me, life really pulsates. But arriving at the Cliffs all my thoughts just turned into sudden awe. The slightly foggy weather gave the stony Cliffs a look that really deserves the name Wild Atlantic Way. We took an long walk down the Cliffs and took the many opportunities to make some memories that I am sure of will lastt forever.Read more

  • Hi guys, it's Rupal! This is my first blog post so let's see how this goes...

    Right now we're on a bus to Galway which is in the west of Ireland to see the more scenic side of the country where we'll spend two days. We woke up at 5:30am this morning to pack our bags and walk to meet the bus which was a bit difficult after a beer and whiskey tour last night! So I guess we say so long to Dublin or Slàinte to Dublin which means cheers in Irish Gaelic.

    OK I need to take a second to get off track because right now our bus driver is singing a song and cracking jokes in the thickest Irish accent while everyone is mostly asleep. I guess he likes to hear himself speak which I'm ok with because the Irish accent is awesome!

    Speaking of accents, yesterday we spent the afternoon in a local pub after a walking tour of the city to rest our legs and hydrate with a pint where we people watched the locals and tried to make sense of what they were saying; which is more difficult than you think!

    It's fun to remove yourself from the situation and think if we weren't in that pub or in Ireland or on this trip the locals we see everyday would be doing the same thing; we just get to witness them in their natural setting and see what their lives are like!
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  • After an easy 6 and a half hour flight with more then half the plane empty, we have arrived in Ireland --- I am already in love.

    We waited for about 10 minutes at the wrong baggage claim (hehe). Once we wondered a little, we found the right baggage claim, we got all our bags safely :)

    We navigated to find the 747 bus to Dublin City Center. After a 25 minute bus ride and the whole time trying to understand how they drive on the other side of the RIDICOUSLY narrow streets, we are at our hostel!!

    We are currently waiting for our room to be ready to check in before we head out towards Trinity College.
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  • We have landed in the motherland and all went smoothly. In customs, I was asked if I had family waiting for me because there's a worker at the airport named Kieran Boyle. I went with it - for sure! Feels amazing to get your heritage recognized immediately.

    Upon waiting for our bus, it's been a warm welcome by all. Breanna has already found her future husband, Connor (one of the bus drivers). She's officially staying here.

    We're so excited to get in touch with our heritage. Touch base with y'all shortly.
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  • We have just embarked on our tour to the Cliffs of Moher with oir AMAZING tour guide, Gavin. Hw is full of stories and information and is absolutely freaking hilarious so I love him already. This is a full day tour, we left at 8am and will be dropped off at 8pm. Im going to update during the day things that I learn and see, so stay tuned for some awesome stories and pictures!

    What I've learned so far:

    The Temple bar district is one of the largest bar-filled areas in Dublin, and built on what was a Medeival village. The roads were originally built for horse and carts, which is why the roads are so small and winding. Also, as Gavin said, they were built by Drunk Irish men FOR Drunk Irish men and so they wind with you as you walk home!

    Dublin castle was originally built by the vikings but then occupied by british 1921. Obviously the Irish didn't like that very much.. The British put the statue of Lady Justice facing the castle and the Irish say its because she is just for the castle and shines her ass on the rest of Ireland.

    Christchurch cathedral is one of the only churches where all religions pray and worships together.

    Arthur guiness signed a 9000 year lease in 1759, and Guiness has more vitamin C per glass than Orange Juice! We found out that the toucan is a large part od advertising because the saying used to be "If one glass of Guiness is good for you, imagine what Two Can do!". The advertising was aimed towards Africa, as Africans drink 40% of the Guiness that is sold worldwide DAILY. Guiness used to be recommended to pregnant women and given to people who gave blood due to the high Iron content... But in 2007 the liquor beureau stopped letting everyone have fun and put an end to that.

    Titanic was built in 1913 built by 40000 irish man and sunk by 1 Englishman. Love it.

    There is a giant walled park known as "Pheonix Park" used to be deer hunting grounds, and now is one of the best places to see Irish wildlife.

    The "Peaceful Police Force" has 10000 unarmed 3000 armed police, and is one of the safest vities in the world!

    I will have more later, ttfn!
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