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Curious what backpackers do in Ireland? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Left at 10 am from Galway today heading to Killarney. Had a one hour transfer in Limerick. Not a pretty city at all-very industrialized. However Killarney was sunny and gorgeous. My hostel is 500 m from the gates of the National Park. The town reminds me of Banff and Newfoundland combined. Tomorrow I am going to check it out. So I went for a stroll after dinner tonight a come across Santa wishing good cheer. Feels weird because is warm, sunny but all the Christmas decorations are out. Could this be California? Headed out shopping afterwards and then heard some great Celtic I had to check it out. Had a pint of G and listened to the band and an older chap, I think his name was Tony bought me another pint and chatted my ear off in Gaelic. I was confused and just smiled , laughed and nodded. He fessed up that he was a retired psychologist, dedicated an Irish ballad to me, and made me laugh. The music was fabulous and the band played Folsom County in traditional Celtic beat and it was great. This town feels alive and great!Read more

  • Left a chilly sunny Bratislava behind at 1:35 today and arrived to a balmy wet Ireland. Made a great connection with the bus directly to Galway (21 euros). The ride was 2.5 hours and my hostel was an 8 minute walk from the station right in the heart of Eyre square. The first thing that hit me was the salty ocean air and the 12 degree heat wave. I walked around two hours and it was magical. No lack of nice looking men here and definitely ginger. Hit the Christmas market right away.Read more

  • Lucky me on my way up to take a photo from the other side of the cliffs I met Leah. We found out we were both from BC-she was from Richmond. After we took some photos we had a beer in Doolin at Gus' Pub. I nearly missed my bus because I thought she was in the same bus. Had to down my pint and run for the bus. We left for the cliffs and walked for about 90 minutes. It was beautiful. What amazed me was how dense some people are when they go hiking. Particularly the uber loud and rude Spaniards in their loafer designer shoes. It was do muddy that I had to wash my shoes when I got home and through out my pants. On the way back we came across some cattle walking on the narrow road and the soon formed a single line when they saw the bus. Smart cows!Read more

  • Well I'm here in Cork and I can't say I'm impressed. It's like a smaller version of Dublin. I got in early and a toured around for 7 hours and there is not much more to see. Tomorrow I am going to go to Cobh(Cove) and see where the Titantic sailed from. A little touristy but I'm curious. I did find a craft brewery and tried a flight of four. The stout is the best here.

  • Took a day trip to Cobh this morning, formerly called Queenstown. The former queen named it after herself when she visited prior to the sailing of the Titantic. One Ireland gained independence from the Brits they renamed it back to its original Gaelic name. It was a beautiful little town only 24 minutes from Cork. The town is known as the last sailing point from Ireland before heading to New York on April 11, 1912. Cobh is known as heartbreak harbour because of the heartbreak the Irish people felt when their families were leaving for America. The Karl next to the Titanic museum is called Kennedy park in Irish pride if JFK. It was a lovely place with lots of interesting history.Read more

  • Well it started to rain and so I decided to take in the Titantic museum. So glad I did, it was fantastic! As I was waiting for the tour four people in camo gear walked in and right away I knew they were Americans. Sure enough! The woman walked in and asked "what's this museum all about"? Dah! I guess they never saw the blockbuster with Kate and Leo. The poor irish girl was so kind but I knew she was a bit put off. Cobh was the last pickup point and 177 people left from there to sail to New York . It took three years and 3 thousand men to build the ship. The third class compartments in the ship were better than some of the hostels I have stayed at.Read more

  • Started off at the museum of Science and Violence but the didn't open until noon so I headed to the national museum of archaeology. Had to burn off 1/2 hour because it was only 930 and the museum opened at 10;nothing like being a keener. I spent five hours there going through history and artifacts learned so much about Ireland. Lots of Viking history and lots of wars and sieges. The Vikings fascinated me and so did the bog history. I came across the bog bodies that were so well preserved. Also learned about the 3000 year old burial site of Tara. There is a lot of rich and interesting history here. At three I made my way back to the science and violence museum. This too was interesting but in a modern format which included history on protests, weapons, human rights (abortion and the right to die) and genetic modification. An absolute 360 degrees from what I had just seen. So I had a very cerebral day in the end. I finally made it back in time to have dinner at 530, totally missing lunch. I noticed the Abbey theatre down the street had Tolstoys "Anna Karenina" starting tomorrow so I will check and see how much the tickets are. If they are not to much I will go to the play.Read more

  • Early start today and so much to see. Started on foot to a misty morning at 8am. I finally say down and had lunch at noon. I have to get back into the swing of 20 k a day again. I had done 16k by lunch and saw so many sites. It is so beautiful here. I went to a mass at St. Nicholas cathedral then made my way to Mutton island and did the long walk trail along the Atlantic Ocean. It was wild alright, waves crashing against the breakwater and the wind was whipping. It was warm at 14 degrees. Had a girl in the room last night that had a bad cold and so today I felt a bit plugged in the head, could be the flight over too. Galway is a college town with lots of students and mid lifers living here. It is clean, the air is fresh, people are fit, less smoking and so friendly to help. If you're short in change they say "don't worry love just give us close to what you've got'. To be continued.....Read more

  • I came back after lunch and has a rest for about half an hour and set out again. I booked my trip to the Cliffs of Moher and Burrren for tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow and the tour is about eight hours. Will be nice to see some interesting geology and history. There is a Celtic duet playing in the hostel tonight that I'm going to catch. They are called Matty Rea and are steel string guitar and cello-interesting mix. Found a beer can on the beach today and I think it came from Canada because you can't by this beer here. There are still flowers growing on the shores in December.Read more

  • Set out this morning at 10 am to the Cliffs of Moher and Burren. I got a great seat in the bus all by myself and at the last minute a huge American guy sat next to me. I was chocked. I was squished into the corner and was pressed against the seatbelt latch and his body weight kept pressing into me. Well I lasted two hours and then found the skinniest woman on the bus which happened to be sitting in the first row. Immediately I changed seats and the trip was much better. We saw so many sites today. It started misty but it ended up being beautiful and sunny. We started at the Dunghaire castle, then to the tomb at Burren where 33 people were buried in the Neolithic age. The geology was incredible.Read more

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Ireland, Irland, Republiek van Ierland, Aereland, አየርላንድ ሪፑብሊክ, Irlanda, أيرلاندا, ܩܘܛܢܝܘܬܐ ܕܐܝܪܠܢܕ, República d'Irlanda, İrlandiya, Ірландыя, Република Ирландия, Irilandi, আয়ারল্যান্ড, ཨ་ཡར་ལནཌ།, Iwerzhon, Irska, Irsko, Iwerddon, ཨའིརི་ལེནཌ, Ireland nutome, Δημοκρατία της Ιρλανδίας, Irlando, Iiri, ایرلند, Irlannda, Irlanti, Írland, Irlande, Ierlân, Poblacht na hÉireann, Poblachd na h-Éireann, આયર્લેંડ, Pobblaght Nerin, Ayalan, אירלנד, आयरलैण्ड, Írország, Իռլանդիա, Irlandia, アイルランド, ირლანდია, Ayalandi, Ирландия, Irlandi, អៀរឡង់, ಐರ್ಲೆಂಡ್, 아일랜드, ئیرلەند, Repoblek Iwerdhon, Ierland, Éire, Irelandɛ, ໄອແລນ, Airija, Irelande, Īrija, Irlandy, Ирска, അയര്‍ലാന്‍ഡ്, आयर्लंड, အိုင်ယာလန်, Republik Ireland, आइरल्याण्ड, Républyique d'Irlande, ଆୟରଲ୍ୟାଣ୍ଡ, Republic of Ireland, د آيرلېنډ جمهوريت, Republika Irland, Republica Irlanda, Republic o Ireland, Irlánda, Irlânde, අයර්ලන්තය, Írsko, Ayrlaand, Irlandë, Република Ирска, அயர்லாந்து, ఐర్ లాండ్, Ҷумҳӯрии Ирландия, สาธารณรัฐไอร์แลนด์, አየርላንድ, Republika ng Irlanda, ʻAealani, Aialan, İrlanda, Республіка Ірландія, آئرلینڈ, Ireland (Ái Nhĩ Lan), Lireyän, Republika han Irlandia, Orílẹ́ède Ailandi, 爱尔兰, i-Ireland