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  • Day3

    After 31 hours of travel, we arrived at Tel Aviv. More distinct from Zurich, it couldn't be. Flying in it is very arid and brown, not unlike Aus. from rhe air. Customs very slow. Our driver for transfer didn't show, so a taxi it is. Interesting ride! Driver could barely speak a word of English and as for Hebrew for us? Could have been Swahili. Crazy driver and crazy traffic. Not too keen on indicators here but love their horns. The right feel about it though. I was imaging driving through narrow crowded streets in somewhere like Casablanca. We get to hotel, also very middle eastern in architecture and with views to the old city.Read more

  • Day4

    Out early today for our visit to desert mountain fortress of Masada and float in the Dead Sea. We get perspective early on, with realisation that Jerusalem is an oasis in the desert. A distinct change in the landscape once on the other side of Jerusalem Mountain range. Rocky inhospitable mountainous desert as far as you can see. Then a blue expanse of water 400+ m. below sea level. Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. At least 10 times the salt of ordinary sea water. Date trees don't seem to mind it though. Masada, a desert fortress on the top of a mountain. Incredible! Next, off for a float in the Dead Sea. Warmest water I have ever been in for a swim and it's like wearing a buoyancy vest when in fact you are not.Read more

  • Day5

    This morning we were picked up by 'Charlie' an employee of the hotel where we are staying in Jerusalem, who does tourist tours on the side. He was a wealth of knowledge. First stop, Bethlehem and the church of the Nativity. Needed passports to get in there and out, going through the dividing wall between effectively Israel and Palestine. Lots of dudes with big guns and our tour guide with a 9mm tucked into his pants. All very exciting. Next off to the Mount of Olives with a great view over Jerusalem. There we also saw the Church of Ascention - very basic and Gestemanes Church where JC rested with a couple of the apostles. Very nice Church. From there we went to the room of the last supper and saw the tomb of David. A very busy morning. Our time in Jerusalem is over and up north we head to meet Ari and his family for the Sabbath.Read more

  • Day6

    Nice train journey through the valley between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Lots of Australian gum trees too. Felt right at home. Then from Tel Aviv up north all the way to Val Kfarvradim, near the Lebanon boarder, we met with Ari and his family. Ari is an old uni friend of Toni's. We were welcomed into their home to celebrate the Sabbath with a traditional meal. Saturday is the Sabbath and the Jewish ritual is to do, well not much. There was lots more food though. Apart from that, a true day of rest for the travel weary. We did take a walk to a local market and I'm sure Ton has a pic of Ari and I both wearing a yamaka.Read more

  • Day7

    Just as a side note, bloody hot in Israel. High 30's to low 40's everyday we have been here and humid too. Locals reckon it's a bit unusual to be so hot. Must have bought the Aussie climate from the outback with us? Today we went in search of ancient biblical footsteps. Namely those of the one and only JHC. To put this into some context, not a soul here disputes his existence, Christian, Muslim or Jew which I found intriguing. We have already chased a few of his footsteps back in the old city of Jerusalem. Today is about where he actually lived and preached. We visited the church where JC gave the famous sermon on the Mount, where he performed the miracle of feeding the masses and of course where he walked on water. The sea of Galilee. Which by the way is fresh water. Seeing it was so hot, had to take a dip. If I learned nothing else today, it's that I definitely can't walk on water unless we allow water skiing. The water is too holy. Boom, boom. By the way a great spot for watersports and anyone with a speed boat or jet ski.Read more

  • Day8

    Our last full day in Israel. We visited the medieval Crusader port town of Acre or Akko. Not unlike Jerusalem, this is also a walled city which has been invaded many times throughout its history. The display they have was excellent and explained the history very well. In essence, Akko was the main port for Crusaders and Pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem. It was also the base housing the hospital for order of Hospitaliers and the Knights Templar. At one point Jerusalem was held by the Muslims, so Akko was the Christian stronghold where battle planning and military offensives were put into action. It was kind of like walking through Dan Brown novel. Excellent.Read more

  • Day1

    Gick genom stan söderut längs de Armeniska kvarteren och ut genom Zion Gate. Sen Mount Zion där Sista Måltiden ska ha skett och där dessutom kung Davids grav ska ligga, dvs superheligt både för kristna och judar. Fin utsikt från ett tak.
    Gick tillbaka via judiska kvarteren, handlade lite, åt utanför hotellet.

  • Day6

    Upp vid fem (5) och efter en espresso direkt in till Jaffa (Yafo) och hamnen där Roys kajak-klubb låg. Tog varsin kajak och paddlade ut ca 30 minuter, tittade på skylinen och paddlade tillbaka. Duschade och plockade ihop, sen åt vi hummus på Roys favoritställe, ett lokalt litet ställe. Var riktigt gott faktiskt!

  • Day2

    Vid 8 vidare till Ein Gedi, en oas/naturområde dit kung David enligt utsago ska ha flytt. Träffade en trevlig amerikan, Jonathan, och fransmannen Lucas, som jag hängde med resten av turen. Massa klippklättrande och trädhoppande hyrax (stor gnagare) och även en del ibex (en liten antilop). Gick upp genom Wadi David via lite vattenfall och kom till sist till Davids Waterfall som var lite högre än de andra.Read more

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State of Israel, Israel, እስራኤል, Israhēl, إسرائيل, İzrail, Ізраіль, Израел, Isirayeli, ইসরায়েল, ཨི་ཛ྄་རེལ།, Izrael, Їздраил҄ь, ཨིཛ་རཱེལ, Israel nutome, Ισραήλ, Israelo, Iisrael, اسراییل, Israa'iila, Isireli, Ísrael, Israël, Iosrael, ઇઝરાઇલ, Izira'ila, ישראל, इजराइल, Izrayèl, Իզրաել, Israele, イスラエル国, ისრაელი, Israeli, អ៊ីស្រាអែល, ಇಸ್ರೇಲ್, 이스라엘, ئیسرائیل, Ysrael, Medinat Yisrael, Yisirayeri, Isirayelɛ, ອິສລະເອວ, Izraelis, Isirayele, Izraēla, Israely, ഇസ്രായേല്‍, इस्त्राइल, Iżrael, အစ္စရေး, Isuraeli, इज्रायल, Israèl, ଇସ୍ରାଏଲ୍, Израиль, اسرايل, Isiraheli, Israëli, ඊශ්‍රායලය, Izuraeri, Israaʼiil, Izraeli, இசுரேல், ఇస్రాయేల్, ประเทศอิสราเอล, ʻIsileli, İsrail, ئىسرائىلىيە, Ізраїль, اسرائیل, Isroil, Israel (Do Thái), Orílẹ́ède Iserẹli, 以色列, i-Israel

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