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  • Day2

    ...was fab, a linguist as well as a comedian, and very well informed about Petra (as much as we can know, and he was clear about what we can't know). Tourism has dropped off heavily in Jordan in the last 4-5 years, presumably for the same reasons that have prompted a massive influx of refugees.
    Privately on the walk back, he talked movingly about his cynicism and despair at Arab leaders' dishonesty, greed, corruption, the betrayal of the people, the lack of accountability, democracy or development, and how anyone with any ability leaves for Europe or elsewhere. 'The worst leaders in the world,' he said. And how he can't talk freely about his own government...Read more

  • Day2

    Quite a lot of mutual bureaucracy on both sides of the border, but eventually we're on our way through spectacular mountains. Joe looks out on them from Kibbutz Lotan (and concedes they are better than Israeli mountains across the rift)

  • Day2

    We were just stunned, completely, and so many mysteries - who, how, why, the geology, the people, so many unanswered questions. Would have loved to have a bit longer to explore, but our Jordanian lunch was calling (emergency Petran pringles only kept us going so far...)

  • Day1

    It's been a long day, from Brum's pre-Christmas snow and ice to balmy Chanuka in Tel Aviv, but happily ensconced now in my hotel room, and looking forward to tomorrow's adventures with a boy. Surprised how surprised, strange and happy I feel being in this largely Jewish environment. But I wish they'd put the vowels in.

  • Day3

    Just wandering about mostly, and gradually making our way to the central railway station. So much to see and think about. Joe says he hears that both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem have become prohibitively expensive to live in

  • Day1

    After nearly two years of planning and a good deal of saving the day has arriving. The long trip reminds everyone of just how far away Australia is from this part of the world but traveling with others does make it exciting. Rarely is such travel is completely free of complications. Issues with luggage and poor visibility in Amman had the early group come in late, but safe and very ready to get going.Read more

  • Day35

    Heute ist der erste Tag von Chanukah, das heißt die erste Kerze wird angezündet!
    Im Chadar Ochel, dem Speisesaal wo ich arbeite, gab es deswegen eine kleine Feier wo die Kinder Tanzaufführungen hatten, gesungen und gegessen wurde. Obwohl ich nichts verstanden habe außer ja, nein und frohes Chanukah, war die Atmosphäre total feierlich und schön!

  • Day38

    Diese Woche ist immer noch Chanukah. Deswegen hat meine jüdische Mitbewohnerin einen Chanukah Leichter gekauft und zündet jetzt jeden Tag begleitet von Gesang eine Kerze an. Außerdem wird in vielen Läden und auf der Arbeit sobald die Sonne untergegangen ist eine Kerze angezündet, z.B auch als ich mit 2 anderen Volontären Pancakes essen war wie man auf dem einen Foto sehen kann.
    Am selben Tag habe ich mir übrigens mein erstes Piercing stechen lassen. Es hat höllisch wehgetan und ich habe die Hände meiner beiden Freundinnen zerquetscht, aber es hat sich gelohnt!
    Gestern waren wir Bowlen in Haifa und obwohl ich bowlen hasse weil ich immer die schlechteste bin, habe ich diese mal überraschenderweise gewonnen und sogar einen Strike geworfen. Danach waren wir wie immer noch was essen 😂
    Read more

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State of Israel, Israel, እስራኤል, Israhēl, إسرائيل, İzrail, Ізраіль, Израел, Isirayeli, ইসরায়েল, ཨི་ཛ྄་རེལ།, Izrael, Їздраил҄ь, ཨིཛ་རཱེལ, Israel nutome, Ισραήλ, Israelo, Iisrael, اسراییل, Israa'iila, Isireli, Ísrael, Israël, Iosrael, ઇઝરાઇલ, Izira'ila, ישראל, इजराइल, Izrayèl, Իզրաել, Israele, イスラエル国, ისრაელი, Israeli, អ៊ីស្រាអែល, ಇಸ್ರೇಲ್, 이스라엘, ئیسرائیل, Ysrael, Medinat Yisrael, Yisirayeri, Isirayelɛ, ອິສລະເອວ, Izraelis, Isirayele, Izraēla, Israely, ഇസ്രായേല്‍, इस्त्राइल, Iżrael, အစ္စရေး, Isuraeli, इज्रायल, Israèl, ଇସ୍ରାଏଲ୍, Израиль, اسرايل, Isiraheli, Israëli, ඊශ්‍රායලය, Izuraeri, Israaʼiil, Izraeli, இசுரேல், ఇస్రాయేల్, ประเทศอิสราเอล, ʻIsileli, İsrail, ئىسرائىلىيە, Ізраїль, اسرائیل, Isroil, Israel (Do Thái), Orílẹ́ède Iserẹli, 以色列, i-Israel

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