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  • Day27

    Siena is a very beautiful and ancient city. We are staying in the attic of a 15th century old building. We were hungry when we arrived. Fortunately, good friends of ours brought us instant laksa that had travelled from Singapore to Perth then onto Italy. Yummy warming and comfort food!!!
    It was cold and windy when we arrived with temperatures dipping down to -5*.
    We were quite awe struck to find old mediaeval streets all culminating onto Piazza del Campo.
    It is probably the biggest Campo we have come across yet.
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  • Day250

    Spoke to mum and dad In the early hours and hung up around 2am.

    I am going to start writing a list of things to talk about because I always draw a blank.

    Woke up to A Skype call from Jess to show us Edgar 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    He snores.

    We lounged about then headed to the shop which thankfully was open but had no organizations.
    Oh I miss woolworths.

    We came back and watched Cars on the tv. Big fan.

    I then had a nap.

    Went out to the pizza place again for dinner (only option 😂) we got a kilo pizza ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼 for yesterday's 2 pizzas and today's mammoth one plus 2 bottles of Pepsi - only 19€

    We watched the count of monte crisco and we are now in bed. Big walk tomorrow 😪
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  • Day251

    This place is such a hole. As we were walking our 9kms to Pompeii we couldn't help notice the uncanny resemblance to Africa. It's just so gross here. It's dirty and ugly.
    Not a single footpath on our walk either so we were dodging traffic the whole time.
    We got to see Mt Vesuvius again. This time not in a moving car so much cooler. I like that the top is flat.

    Having unreasonable anxiety that it's going to erupt while I'm here 😅

    We walked through shit farms and then I heard this puppy crying/screaming and I looked over and a man was handling it.
    He put it in a pen I think.
    Will said that he was being nice and patting it but I think he was lying.
    I have never wanted to shoot someone more.
    He didn't hurt the dog then but the dog was terrified...
    makes me shudder.

    We have walked past the same dead dog the last 3 nights now. It's just in some abandoned property. Someone probably hit it and chucked it over the fence.
    This place is so depressing.

    More farms, more concrete blocks - still no sign of what id consider civilization..

    Made it to Pompeii station.
    Which is right next to Pompeii entrance.
    Now, I had been previously led to believe that there wasnt much left. A few streets and that Pompeii had different museums to go to. I thought it had sections rebuilt. Kind of like how all the other cities are thriving but randomly have remains in them.
    I was very wrong. It's like one, gigantic open air museum. entrance fee was 13€ which was more than reasonable.

    Once we walked in we decided it was going to be to hard to navigate so we went in a building to get a map. Im happy we did because it had 3 of the plaster cast people and an awesome video + voice recording + 3D city displace that lit up when certain sections were being talked about.

    We found the forum and basilica. It's all important but I learnt a lot about the forum in school so that was exciting for me.
    We walked and walked and walked. It literally is an entire town. Soooo many buildings and ruins.
    We found more plaster casts. The man praying/crying and the dog affect me far more than the others.
    We walked In and out of so many buildings. I couldn't believe the access we had. Some idiots had carved there names in places 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ but why?!

    Some of the temples and bath houses still had parts of mosaics and frescoes. It was have been beautiful.
    I remember that bathing was a major topic of learning in school.
    The city was so organised. Stuff being poor but if I was rich I could have lived here lol.
    The houses were lovely. You could easily envision people walking around the courtyards and taking their baths.
    Toileting wasn't a private affair either so there were some latrines.

    We both tripped a good 10 times each. The path was so uneven.

    There were 2 stray dogs chasing another stray dog and the other dog was so frightened I yelled at the first 2 to leave it alone. Lol they left. They came back but the scared dog had managed to get into a hiding hole.

    They had educational bins. 3 sections
    E.g. Metals section had info on metalwork and trade In Ancient Pompeii lol

    We then found the theatre which you could go an sit in. Across from it was were the gladiators trained. It use to be something else but then there was an earthquake and it changed purposes.
    The theatre obviously held tragic and comical plays.

    A few displays of pots and things on our walk.

    The rich people's houses were so nice. Very open planned living lol.

    Then on to the gladiator stadium. This too we could enter and walk on the arena floor. A lot of the seating had been grown over with grass.
    It was so awesome to imagine the gladiators.

    We walked back towards the exit because it was getting gloomy.

    It was so hard finding the damn exit lol.

    We walked to the taxi stop because I could not deal with walking through the streets in the dark.

    It took ages for a taxi to come but thankfully it came.

    Fuck me. It cost FORTY EURO.


    I had map loaded so I know he went the quickest way but the meter was ridiculous it went like this



    Whatever we got home.

    I was shattered and had another nap hahah
    I'm getting so good at this.

    We went for another damn pizza again because the supermarket was shut.

    We watched the new pirates movie and now in bed.
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  • Day252

    When we woke up I had a headache so I didn't actually get up up til around 6pm lol

    Will went and got bread and we had sandwiches for dinner.

    We watched some episodes of Rick and Morty and then began packing.

    I have left my shoes which I'm sad about. I've grown quite attached.
    Both bags are bursting at the seams because we managed to stuff everything else in.
    Hopefully the Rakia doesn't break. 🤞🏼

    Photos from yesterday.
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  • Day29

    Siena, is a city in central Italy’s Tuscany region, it is surrounded by medieval brick buildings.

    The fan-shaped central square, Piazza del Campo, is the site of the Palazzo Pubblico, the Gothic town hall, and Torre del Mangia, a slender 14th-century tower with sweeping views from its distinctive white crown.

    We went on our own guided walking tour through the city of Siena and the little quant alley ways.

    We looked at shop windows of small little boutique shops , we also love looking inside some churches which we came across on our travels.
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  • Day31

    Today we must have been hungry, cold and dateless tourists. Here are the reasons.

    We went to the locals market this morning that sold mainly clothes and homeware but also some food. We quickly walked through the clothes and homeware to find the food. The food was mostly fruits and vegetables and fish but there were a few stalls that sold hot food. Hot whole chicken, Pork shanks and various deep fried goods. We bought fruits and vegetables for dinner and got given free lemon and parsley. Then we got breakfast. We were given extra meat in our delicious Suckling Pig roll and got many free tastings. The store holder handed us an Italian calendar saying it was a souvenir. We must have needed dates for 2018. A whole calendar full of dates.

    We found a sock lady at the market selling socks designed with bugs, cows, pigs and many other interesting designs. We bought 6 pairs of fun socks and got given 4 free frightfully ugly yellow socks - “[pointing to four of us] uni, dos, tres, quattro, [1,2,3,4] present!”. We were freezing but didn’t think we showed it enough to be given free socks and I thought 5 layers rugged me up enough. Apparently not.

    Later that morning we stumbled upon another food market for the celebration of Santa Lucia. It was like the Sideshow alley lolly vans at the Perth royal show but Italian. Filled with Italian sweets from nougat to fudges to cakes to lollies. As we made our way through the markets, we got handed free tasters from almost every store.

    So, super full and almost rolling from all the free food, we made our way to the Duomo (Siena Cathedral) art galleries for a quiet afternoon.

    After Swee and I finished at the galleries, we proceeded on an accidental 4km walk around Siena. Accidental because we just kept getting lost through the beautiful side streets and alleys that Siena has to offer.
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  • Day28

    That was on Sunday, and this post is late. I will claim a medical certificate as I'm nursing a cold. Although it does not slow me during the day, I'm rather unmotivated once back at the apartment. Also, planning for after Rome needed to be done. We are going south to Matera, where the ancient cave dwellings are still occupied, and Naples.

    Back to Sunday, and our Choo Choo ride.

    It was a chilly minus 5 deg C when we walked through the misty, early morning medieval streets of Siena. The town was yet to wake, the streets were quiet. Emersed in the old grey buildings and cobbled streets of the Middle Ages, we were reminded of modernity only with the tiny garbage trucks, smaller than an average Australian ute, and the 3 sets of escalators that took us from Siena town atop a hill to the train station at the bottom. Led by the stream of smoke that rose from the train tracks, we hurried to catch the train. It was a turn of the century old steam train (literally manufactured in 1900) that would take us through picturesque Val D'Orca to San Quirico d Orcia, a little Tuscan hilltop village with its annual olive festival.

    Riding on an original steam train has a charm and thrill that is just indescribable. To be greeted by a 3 men brass band and be surrounded by wildly gesticulating, loud Italians who were all just as excited added to the atmosphere. We saw the engineer manually attach the carriages to the locomotive, then oil and check all the bits that needed oiling and checking. Then it was the actual chug - - chug - - chug - -chug out of the station, slow accelerating chug- chug- chug to chugachugachuga as we passed through the rolling Tuscan countryside. Magical!

    And the 3 men brass band were in the train. Going from carriage to carriage, they played Christmas carols and songs we could recognise and sing to in English. We just giggled all journey, stopping only to "ohhhh" wide-eyed at the scenery.

    San Quirico de Orcia is just the sweetest little medieval hamlet atop a hill surrounded by the gorgeous Tuscan countryside. The towns people were so welcoming and friendly. Whatever we wanted and wherever we were, they would somehow find someone who spoke a little broken English to help interprete. We saw a flag throwing competition called by the town prier. We ate skewers of barbecued meat, panini rolls with suckling pig, and all sorts of sausages and stuffed meats. We even managed a tour of a micro beer brewery, with an interpreter borrowed from the escargot stand, used their bathroom and had a taste of Tuscan beer. Of course, we tasted lots of olive oil on pieces of bread as big as my palm. Everyone wanted us to taste everything in their range. We were very very well fed. It was altogether a totally
    Italian experience. What I found most hilarious was that hardly any one spoke a word of English, but all through the festive town, the Christmas carols blaring through loudspeakers, were all in English.

    After 4 hours in town and walking a tiny part of the pilgrim trail outside town, we were chuga-chugged to various stages of sleepiness and sleep on the journey back to Siena.
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  • Day66

    Vom Fährhafen in Livorno ging es am Vorabend direkt zum Geburtstagsessen von Michi.
    Bevor wir uns dann auch von der Toskana verabschiedeten, machten wir noch einen kleinen Ausflug nach Montevettolini - einem wirklich schönen Ort.
    Als Reiseproviant gab es das leckere Olivenöl von Michi mit.😊

  • Day18

    Another awesome day of alley wandering and great food. The highlight was definitely the Row Venice gondola ride - 90 minutes of riding and rowing through the Venice canals. The best way to see Venice is absolutely from the water. Sad to leave tomorrow, we could easily stay here another week.

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