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  • Day11

    Wake up at 7:30 each day for a three mile run. Get lost and forget to bring my key is a common theme here in Venice. Clean up and tour different areas of the city. The Peggy Guggenheim collection has to be the highlight. Picasso plus a host of other amazing artists. Walking between 5 -10 miles a day. Feet are tired at the end. Breakfast usually coffee and croissants at the apartment plus fresh fruit. Coffee and biscuits midday. Larger lunch out later in the afternoon. Today we are at the Venice Art Biennale. Each country had a pavilion with selected art or artists or an installation. I don't understand most of it. For the German one we needed an app to see the art. The display was partial figures, but when looked at through the app the whole figure could be seen. Next post I will include a pic. We toured Margot's studio from 35 years ago and had a group dinner back at our 5 bedroom apartment. 28 for dinner including 2 profs. Met in San Marco square for a recreation of a picture of the students. 15 from 20 are here, plus some spouses. They seem to get lost in each other and revert to studies from the past. Just for Kathleen, my best meal had to be a lunch in Florence. Spaghetti and meatballs sauce. There were cherry tomatoes surrounding the pasta on the plate that melted like tomato paste. So good and flavourful. I order pasta at all opportunities. My plan is to gain weight here. I'm eating enough, but with all the walking, I'm not sure. I do know I don't like walking. My feet hurt from being on them all day. I have more steps than when I would run 50 miles a week. Tonight is another group dinner. Tomorrow will be my first ever opera. Where else to attend one? By the time we finish up dinner and cleanup each evening I'm ready for bed, forgetting to write. I've skipped out on a few pavilions while Margot tours them, so I get to write this. I am thinking of curling up on the grass for a nap. Ciao.Read more

  • Day14

    After a relaxing day yesterday cruising at sea from Athens we were in Naples today. We decided not to take a tour off the ship as we had been to Pompei before the cruise. We thought about doing Capri but it was very hazy today so just wandered around the city. The port area of Naples is full of old apartments and lots of graffiti and rubbish not the prettiest part of the city.

  • Day15

    We left Jewel of the Seas this morning and are now at Academy Hotel, a day hotel near the mouth of the Tiber river in Fiumicino. Mim and I are not real Pizza lovers but decided this was our last chance before we leave Italy. We came across a small Pizza shop that had so many customers we thought it must be good. We tried a cherry tomato pizza and the sandwich pizza of ham and Philly, delizioso, and washed it down with a lemon Radler.
    We continued along the river where men were lined up with there long black fishing rods hoping to catch a fish. At one spot we saw a lot of maggots wriggling on the ground, someone’s bait was trying to make a fast getaway. They slingshot bait into the spot near where there float is bobbing. The trawlers come in and unload large buckets of small cockles and other shells for market.
    It has been a wonderful three month trip with a great travel companion, Mim Lawson. We have had plenty of laughs, managed to visit 17 countries and walked lots and lots of kilometres.
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  • Day10

    Nach dem Frühstück auf unserem Camping Maroadi (können selbst wir uns mit schmalem Budget in der Nebensaisson sogar leisten) ging es erst mal auf einen Verdauungsspaziergang an die Strandpromenade und den See. Laut unserer Berechnung war es inzwischen schon ganze 6 Jahre her, dass wir das letzte Mal hier waren. Im Oktober ist es zudem angenehm leer in den Straßen.

  • Day10

    Am Nachmittag ging es dann zu den Platten von Corno di Bo welche direkt am zweiten Tunnel nach Torbole sind. Wir hatten Glück und bekamen sofort einen der zwei Parkplätze😀.
    In der warmen Sonne und immer den See im Rücken, kletterten wir die 6 Seillängen-Kombi aus Pritt-Tony il telefonista-Corno di Bo. Einfach nur schöne Plattenkletterei im 5ten Grad. Fast wie damals anno 2007😀

  • Day14

    Gardasee ohne am türkisblauen Tenno-See gewesen zu sein, geht garnicht. Deswegen legten wir heute Mittag eine (eigentlich verbotene) Grill-Session direkt am Seeufer des sonst sehr überlaufenen Lago di Tenno ein.

  • Day9

    Auf dem Weg Richtung Gardasee machten wir dann noch einen Abstecher auf den Jaufenpass. Nach einer weiteren ruhigen Nacht auf der Passhöhe, lachte uns der angrenzende Berg beim Frühstücken dermaßen an, dass wir uns entschieden "da müssen wir noch hoch". Und wir wurden anschließend am Gipfel (den wir für uns allein hatten) mit einer fantastischen Aussicht belohnt.

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