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  • Day6

    An evening at the palace of Veneria. The palace only has 861,112 ft. As we entered we saw the Fountain of the Stag where the circular water fountains played to the sounds of Vivaldi and Handel. We walked outside among the Gardens where different musical entertainment was offered. Inside the palace several exhibitions of old masters and more contemporary artists' works were displayed. Also a tribute to Lady Diana which besides photos of her life had detailed photos of her many dresses and gowns. All and all a fantastic experience.Read more

  • Day101

    We've done so much in Rome that is deserves several footprints in order to post all the incredible photos! We spent the day exploring the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and surrounding areas. When I first saw the Colosseum while out running, I had a serious "pinch me" moment as it seemed so surreal that I was actually in Rome, looking at the real Colosseum I'd learnt so much about in school. The photos really don't do it justice, but it is magnificent in all it's glory. It was very cool to go inside and imagine the games that happened there hundreds of years ago, but again the place was overrun by tourists which takes away from the history. Nonetheless, it was another great site to tick off the bucket list and somewhere I'd love to return in the quiet season to explore more.Read more

  • Day13

    As we traveled to the mountain top village of Castelmola, we viewed the smoke coming from Mount Etna. We walked this extremely old village with its tiny houses then sampled almond liqueur and sponge cake.
    We then went to Taormina and walked its narrow streets and piazzas. Our tour ended when we walked though the ancient Greco-Roman Theatre that is still used today.

  • Day14

    Today we drove the entire Amalfi Coast. The narrow winding road offered magnificent views throughout. We stopped in the town of Amalfi to walk its streets, visit piazzas and have lunch.
    We could go on and on about this special place but will let our pictures do the talking.

  • Day9

    Today I travel da sola (alone) by train to Verona for tonight's performance of the opera Nabucco in the Arena, the outdoor amphitheater. Found my hotel, I've bought my ticket (in luck, discount for seniors, but she was kind enough to ask if I was over 65) and now I will have dinner al fresco, then to the opera. The Arena di Verona always breathtaking and a surprise version of the opera Nabucco. Very contemporary if you call the mid 1800's contemporary. It was fantastic, a spettacolo, with a dozen or so live horses on stage ,canons booming ad setting fires, and then for the third act the balconies of the La Scala opera house. After Va pensiero was sung someone hung a banner saying VIVA VERDI. All in all a wonderful evening and well worth the trip to Verona.Read more

  • Day15

    We are on the island of Elba. Portoferraio is its main town. We walked uphill with a lot of steps and visited Napoleon's winter villa and garden.
    Driving about 30 minutes across the island through farmlands and vineyards we arrived at Porto Azzurro. This seaside resort was very quiet with little traffic and few people. Quite a change from the last few ports.

  • Day16

    As part of the Italian Riviera, this rustic and elegant small harbor is very popular with the affluent, as seen by all the yachts in the harbor.
    We enjoyed strolling around the village and visiting the shops and cafes.

  • Day17

    We thought that the Leaning Tower of Pisa was going to be a tower by itself. Instead we were treated to 3 magnificent buildings located on the Square of Miracles: The Battistero (a Gothic baptistery), The Duomo (the Cathedral) and The Leaning Tower. The Leaning Tower was built as a bell tower for the Duomo in 1173. It is no longer in use as the vibrations from the bells could cause the tower to fallRead more

  • Day10

    Heute konnte ich nicht wirklich ausschlafen nur bis um 8:00 Uhr. Dann haben wir alles vorbereitet z. B. Essen und trinken. Nachdem wir alles zusammen gesucht haben sind wir um ca. 10 Uhr losgefahren. 12 Stunden im Auto!!! Wow 😳 Also das war für mich ja schon anstrengend und dann erstmal für Onkel Yves aber wir haben viele Pause gemacht. In Österreich 🇦🇹 und in der Schweiz 🇨🇭 ist es so schön!!! Die ganzen Berge und so viele Wasserfälle. Wow 😳 Dann als wir da waren war das Hotel anders als wir es uns vorgestellt hatten. Aber es ist ok. Dann sind wir in die City gefahren mit der Metro 🚋 ( das ist hier die U - Bahn) Da waren wir am Dom und an einer Galerie und dann hat Onkel Yves mich in die dunkel Gassen geholt. 😳 Doch da waren überall kleine Cafés, Restaurants und Boutiquen. Das war das beste am Tag! Dann haben wir noch was getrunken. Und wieder geht ein aufregender Tag zu Ende.
    Gute Nacht 😴 eure Lea 😘
    Read more

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