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  • Day557


    November 14 in Japan

    Nara was the country’s capital before Kyoto and Tokyo and has some very good UNESCO sites. The most impressive was the giant Buddha housed in the world’s largest wooden structure, the Todai-ji temple. While we’d been here before, we’d forgotten just how enormous it is. We also visited the Kofuku-ji temple and pagoda and the bright orange Kasuga shrine, famous for its lanterns. While we saw lots of deer, we opted not to pet them. They seemed a bit aggressive and mangy to our eyes.
    On one of our days, we took a daytrip to Ohara, a small town outside of Kyoto. We made the trip just so we could eat lunch at a restaurant run by a farmer and his wife. Delicious, simply-prepared vegetables were excellent. The town was also wonderful and had an excellent temple and garden, Sanzen-In, that would have been worth the trip alone.
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  • Day519

    Ginza, Tokyo

    October 7 in Japan

    Tokyo was fantastic! We absolutely love this city and it’s many, many hidden treasures. While some might see it as an overwhelming concrete jungle, we found it to be one of the most livable cities imaginable. It’s clean, safe and there are lots of parks and green spaces – plus - endless small shops and restaurants lend so much character to the many different neighborhoods. We were also surprised by just how quiet the city is when you get off the main streets.
    While here, we fell into a happy routine of walking or taking the subway out to a different neighborhood each morning to explore and find somewhere good for lunch. Usually back for an afternoon nap, out for some exercise along the nearby Sumida river, then back home to cook dinner and plan our next day.
    A few highlights were kayaking on the city’s canals, visiting a sumo stable to see some intense practice, doing a fancy cocktail tasting at a small bar, and enjoying seriously great food and sampling many delicious sweets (hence the need to eat salad most nights and get back into a running routine).
    It was hard to leave the city, but we are sure we’ll be back.
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  • Day507


    September 25 in Japan

    We’re so grateful to have had friends and family meet us at various points during our travels. It was great fun to meet up with our friend, Rowena, in this fantastic part of Japan.
    A second typhoon made for some unpredictable weather, but we were lucky that it didn’t disrupt our enjoyment of this wonderful city and it’s surrounds. Both of us wished we’d been stationed in Kanazawa when we lived here as it seems the perfectly sized city that has all the modern conveniences, but also beautifully preserved historic sites, green spaces, and is also near the ocean and mountains.
    To more easily visit the Noto Penninsula, we rented a car and were able to enjoy some stunning coastal scenery and a surprisingly good French meal in the small coastal town of Wajima.
    On another day, we drove to the UNESCO World Heritage villages of Gokayama and Suganuma - famous for their well-preserved Gassho-style houses with “praying hands”-shaped, thatched roofs.
    The remainder of our time, we walked through the samurai and geisha districts, the castle grounds, and incredible garden of Kenroku-en, and through the busy food market – making sure to stop and eat many delicious foods along the way.
    Rowena loves Japanese sweets (wagashi) as much as we do, so we took a class on how to create some decorative red and white bean treats. Our results were pretty amazing, if we do say so ourselves. Yum!
    We also managed to have a very amusing experience at a reflexology “spa”, where staff were confused by Rowena being Asian, but not speaking Japanese or Chinese, and Christy quickly learned to tell the therapist in Japanese not to poke her feet so hard. Ouch!
    Special thanks to Rowena (and Marc’s phone) for (temporarily) improving the quality of our blog photos.
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  • Day494


    September 12 in Japan

    This small town on the coast is famous for its’ seafood, historic stone buildings and a very scenic canal. We really enjoyed our brief time here walking along the canal and a pretty path along the old railway line, drinking local beer and sake, and admiring the beautiful, old buildings that lined the quaint streets and alleys. Glass making is a local specialty and a very good museum highlighted some of the world’s best glass making traditions, including an amazing display of Tiffany glass (which we weren’t allowed to photograph, unfortunately) displayed in an impressive old, stone bank.Read more

  • Day513


    October 1 in Japan

    When we lived in Japan, we’d both visited Takayama separately. Christy remembered it as a very small, hilly town (which it wasn’t) and John remembered it as a fairly large city (which it turns out, it is).
    While it’s a biggish city, there are several blocks of well-preserved, old houses in the center. In the nearby hills there were many, many temples and shrines - making for a very nice walk along the Higashiyama path.
    Staying at a ryokan meant we had access to colorful yukatas. Even though the summer season popular for parading through the town dressed in these “outdoor” yukatas was technically over, we didn’t hesitate to dress-up and walk through the town. We enjoyed it so much, we even wore our yukatas out to a fancy dinner after being assured by our ryokan hosts that it wasn’t too odd.
    What was very odd, was a meal we had at a small gyoza restaurant, where the chef blasted death metal music, insisted every visitor draw a picture representing their home country, and was particular about many, many things, but cleanliness wasn’t one of them. Fortunately, the gyoza were delicious, though we tried not to pay attention to the black build-up on the fryer.
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  • Day500


    September 18 in Japan

    An easy 6 hour drive through more scenic rice fields, dense forests, and along a rocky coastline took us to the small fishing village of Utoro.
    The area is famous for onsens and the remote national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Shiretoko. This peninsula, which has no roads through most of it, preserves a wilderness teeming with bears in the summer. We ventured to the end of the road on both sides of the peninsula and were rewarded with beautiful coastal, volcano and forest views, but no bears. Pink salmon were running up the rivers and streams, so we very much enjoyed watching the ritual struggle upriver to lay eggs.
    On our last night here, we visited a fancy hotel onsen as day visitors. We had it all to ourselves and loved the incredible views over the harbor from the pools and sauna.
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  • Day515

    Kiso Valley

    October 3 in Japan

    After saying farewell to Rowena, we picked up a rental car to drive further into the mountains.
    For our anniversary, we splurged on a nice ryokan with a beautiful onsen (thanks Carol, for the recommendation). Apart from soaking and enjoying some indulgent meals, we walked part of the Nakasendo Trail between Tsumago and Magome. This part of the trail is one of the best restored sections of the centuries-old path that connected Tokyo to Kyoto via post stations. It was a charming walk that was busy with day-hikers, though it never felt over-run.Read more

  • Day517


    October 5 in Japan

    While some may find Magome too perfectly restored, we loved this small, charming village built on a hillside with great views over nearby rice fields and mountains.
    Today, it’s full of restaurants, ryokans and souvenir shops, but still manages to help you imagine what it must have looked like hundreds of years ago. We think it may be the cutest town we’ve seen in Japan. And while tiny, we managed to spend an entire day wandering around the shops and sitting in cafes. After about 5pm the tourists cleared out so we felt like we had the town to ourselves.
    Because we had the freedom of a rental car, we decided to drive to nearby Nakatsugawa - the town where John was posted 24 years ago. My how it has changed! A huge shopping mall, free wifi and many new buildings make it feel so much more cosmopolitan than it did in the 90’s. Though visiting John’s old apartment and school, where he taught, showed us that some things have become a bit run-down.
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  • Day497


    September 15 in Japan

    After picking up our rental car, we drove a few hours through the beautiful farmland of Hokkaido to the city of Asahikawa. Driving here is pleasant and easy as there aren’t many people and the speeds are slow (50km max, though most drivers ignore this limit which seems far too low for the excellent road conditions). Our rental car was tricked out with lots of driver feedback – including telling us “Overspeed detected. Please drive safely”, “Sudden deceleration detected. Please drive safely”, and incessant beeping if we happened to cross the center or shoulder lines.
    While we missed the peak summer flower season, we still found some beautiful fields of flowers nearby Biei and Furano. We were also a bit early for the leaves changing, but still enjoyed a soggy and scenic hike up to Mount Asahidake where the volcanic and alpine landscape was stunning. Luckily, we could catch a gondola back down so were able to save our knees hurting or our shoes getting too muddy. Stumbled across a cute café for lunch, where they baked their own bread and used local, fresh ingredients.
    This area is famous for skiing and onsens (hot springs), and would be (even more) stunning in winter.
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  • Day37

    Après deux jours avec Marwan près de Kamikochi nous arrivons à Takayama, une petite ville des Alpes Japonaises que nous avons beaucoup aimée.

    Balade dans les vieilles rues authentiques, visites de superbes vieilles maisons qui s'ouvrent sur de paisibles jardins japonais, des jolis temples...

    Nous avons traversé la ville pour aller voir un village traditionnel de cette région montagneuse. Une fois arrivé on comprend que ce village n'est pas du tout authentique, ils ont en fait ramené de toute la région des maisons anciennes pour constituer ce village et ainsi faire perdurer l'héritage. Alors bon oui c'est bien mais ça perd le côté authentique, on se croirait dans le parc Astérix avec toutes ses maisons en toit de chaume!

    La région est connue pour son bœuf, le HIDA, une viande très marbrée comme le bœuf de Kobé (mais en un peu moins cher, heureusement pour nous les backpackers). On a pu en goûter dans un super restaurant, cette viande est fabuleuse, tellement fondante et juteuse... Ça m'a rappelé l'Argentine, quel délice ! (voir photo)

    Sinon nous dormions dans une jolie maison traditionnelle tenue par une toute petite femme trop mignonne qui nous a proposé d'enfiler des kimonos traditionnels, super moment! (voir vidéo et photo avec elle)

    Très chouette atmosphère dans cette ville !!

    Notre guesthouse
    Shakunage No Hana +++

    Nonohana +++

    Nos visites
    Hida Kokubunji ++
    Yoshijima house +++
    Hida folk village +
    Miyagawa market +
    Sakura Yamaha Chimangu +++
    Higashiyama shrine and cemetery +
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