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  • Day37

    On to Guernsey

    September 26, 2017 in Jersey ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    The members of the Ghostriders 2017 cycling team transferred from Jersey to Guernsey this morning. Our initial impressions of St Peter Port (the main city of Guernsey) were immediately much more favourable than our impressions of St Helier in Jersey. There are a significant number of serious climbs on this island and I think that we managed to find each and every one of them in today's ride.

    At the start of the ride Dave Yates complained that his rental bike had the brakes jammed on. John, Bob and David then wasted about 20 minutes trying to adjust them before David finally spat the dummy and rode back to get a replacement bike. While he was returning to get the second bike I discovered that my bike had developed the same problem. When I investigated further I found that the cable ties that I had used to attach my GPS had jammed the brake cable. Since David had the same type of GPS mount, I suspected that I now knew what had really happened to his bike.

    When we rejoined David he complained that the replacement bike had the same problem as the first one. I had to break the news about the GPS mount. He was not impressed and ripped the cable ties from the bike. Problem solved.

    We were surprised at the level of traffic on this small island of only 60,000 people. On some of the roads the traffic was continuous and the intersections were in gridlock. This made some sections of the ride quite scary, but we all survived and were able to meander along some quieter side streets wherever possible.

    Lunch was at a lovely tea room at the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean. On a stormy day this would be a spectacular sight, but today there was barely a ripple to be seen. Tomorrow we will be taking a side trip to the little island of Sark. We will not have to worry about the traffic there as cars and trucks are not allowed on the island.
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  • Day34

    Across the Channel to Jersey

    September 23, 2017 in Jersey ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    After our French adventures, it was time to move on to the final leg of our cycling. This morning we all boarded the large ferry for a short voyage to the nearby Channel Islands. Although these islands lie close to the coast of France, they are actually a British dependency.

    During World War II they were captured by the Germans in 1940 and remained occupied till 1945. This was a terrible time of starvation and hardship for the locals and you can still see many signs of this harsh period. The Germans heavily fortified the islands during their occupation in an attempt to create an impregnable fortress. Many of their huge fortifications are still clearly visible.

    We arrived at St Helier, the capital of Jersey and took a taxi to our hotel. The driver was quite difficult to understand as we were unused to his unfamiliar accent. He referred to this as "Jersey French".

    After checking into The Monterey Hotel we made our way to a wartime underground hospital which has now been converted to a museum. On our way back to the hotel we discovered that we had arrived in time to watch the Jersey Marathon race. Judging by the crowds and the media coverage, it must be one of the biggest sporting events on the islands.

    Of course, if we were going to complete a cycling exploration of Jersey, we needed some bikes. We had been given directions as to where to collect them from the supplier. It was only when we found the place that our concern grew. The owner explained that he had been "operating for over 40 years" and it soon became apparent that most of his bikes must have been dated from his first batch. In fact they were absolute shockers - rusty old clunkers. They were certainly nothing like the well prepared machines we had been provided in France.

    After a long time of mucking around at the old bike depot, we finally made our way out on our first ride in the Channel Islands. Judging by the amount of creaks and groans emanating from various places on my bike, I was a little worried that I might not even make it back to the hotel.
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  • Day35

    Cycling Jersey

    September 24, 2017 in Jersey ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    Today was our first real chance to cycle on Jersey. We had been told that there were about 7 hills on the island and today we managed to ride up all 12 of them. We started out along the waterfront on a lovely smooth bike path, but soon turned right and began heading up a long and steady climb. Each time I put pressure on my pedals, the bike protested with an assortment of ominous noises - none of them pleasant. I soon started to hate the bike.

    Our ride continued to the far south western point of the island. This spot is called La Corbiere and the furthest tip is occupied by an impressive lighthouse. Unfortunately by the time we reached this spot the weather had turned bleak and the rain was falling steadily. We decided to head back to the hotel.

    Although the first part of the return ride was completed without incident, my ride was soon interrupted by another sudden (and fatal) crack when the rear derailleur fell apart. Obviously the corrosion that had been working away steadily for the past 40 years finally succeeded in making the bike unrideable. That was the end of my ride. While the others rode on ahead of me, I had no alternative other than wheel the bike all the way back to St Helier - a distance of about 6 km. It would not have been so bad if it had not been raining. My mood grew very dark as I began to harbour very unsavory feelings towards the owner of the bike rental company.

    I eventually made it back to the depot, where I told someone there just what I thought about their bikes. Unfortunately the person I spoke to was probably just a 14 year old kid on work experience, not the owner. I did manage to get another bike and I hoped that it would last a little longer than the first one.
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  • Day36

    The Jersey Zoo

    September 25, 2017 in Jersey ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    One of the most famous places on the island is the Jersey Zoo. This was founded back in 1959 by a somewhat eccentric naturalist called Gerald Durrell. Young Gerald had inherited a substantial fortune which allowed him never to have to work for a living. This freed him to follow his passion for caring for endangered species. The Zoo is now a world renowned centre for preservation of endangered animals.

    The ride from St Helier to the zoo took us up another succession of hills and along some fascinating narrow backroads. Although my replacement bike made a new assortment of noises, it did manage to avoid falling apart long enough to get me back to the hotel.
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  • Day1

    Day 1

    June 14 in Jersey ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Early flight 8.20 from Southampton for our 1st overseas course this year. Staying at the Best Western Monterey hotel in St Helier. Exploring the west of the island today.

    Travels on Henrietta

    You must be so pleased to have a trip after such a long time!


    nice to be back working. Not long until we finally meet up😀

  • Day2

    Day 2

    June 15 in Jersey ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

    Been all over the island today. Started at St Aubin then Portelet before heading off to Archirondel and Gorey. Sunset at Corbiere. Lunch at El Rancho at St Ouen.

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