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  • Day544

    Day 545: Margravial Opera House

    August 13, 2018 in Germany ⋅ 🌬 27 °C

    And now for our second day trip out of Bamberg, to the Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth. This was a lucky one for us, since we'd planned to visit last year (and cancelled when Schnitzel got sick), but it was under renovation at the time anyway and so we wouldn't have seen anything. Lucky for us it had since re-opened.

    So we loaded up the car and drove an hour to the east, arriving in Bayreuth. The opera house is from the 1750s, and was built by the ruling Margrave and his wife. It was their court theatre/opera house, but unusually it wasn't located within their palace compound. Sort of a stepping stone towards the public opera houses and theatres that we have today.

    Again no dogs inside, naturally, so we filmed a bit and then Shandos did her tour first. I waited outside and then went in for my turn. The tour was almost entirely in German so not much use, but it was great to see everything. Very ornately decorated, and interesting to see that it was almost entirely wood and plaster, no stone or other materials! You could hardly tell unless you looked closely.

    Finishing the tour I went and had a bratwurst for lunch before rejoining Shandos outside. Back in the car, where we drove northwards to Naumburg - our stop for tomorrow!
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