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  • Day545

    Day 546: Naumburg Cathedral

    August 14, 2018 in Germany ⋅ 🌬 22 °C

    Early start as usual, heading for the Cathedral. Again this was another lucky break for us, since it was only added to the World Heritage list this year - literally only about 6 weeks ago. So if we hadn't come back to this area of Germany now, we would've had to come back at some point in the future - a pain in the neck! But no, lucky us.

    So we drove in to the cathedral and parked nearby. It's a Romanesque and Gothic styled cathedral, much smaller than the huge French gothic ones. Honestly it's actually not much to look at from outside, and the inside isn't a whole lot better. The main thing really is that it's got some amazing statues and reliefs inside dating from around the 12th century. They are painted and very expressive, one of the best examples of expressive sculpture I've seen from pre-Renaissance periods.

    So we filmed, alternated going inside, and then grabbed some lunch at a nearby cafe.

    Back to the car where we headed for Hoxter, a few hours to the west. Our hotel here was quite cool, an old half-timbered building from the 1500s! Kebabs for dinner since our lunch was pricier than expected!
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