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  • Day15

    Day 15: Up up up we go precious ;-)

    August 4, 2016 in Kazakhstan

    I knew that I had enough time in Almaty and that I needed a day to get myself and the trip together ...... "but it is not this day, this day we fight!! By all that you hold dear on this good Earth" I love Aragorn for this quote. I also like to postpone the bad or dull moments as long as possible ;-). I am a ranger from the west and my MTB is my horse today. Well I had wished it was a horse because doing this all by myself.... shit it was harder than it looked. Some bits I couldn't even keep the bike going. At 10km I needed my first real break already, water came out faster then I was consuming it was only 32degrees. On 15 km I had to rest and freshed myself up in the ice cold stream. After 1 km I was in pain and couldn't go faster than 8km/h max. Walking seemed to go faster and from 19km not even 4km/h was possible. Than came the stair, I was happy because stairs are always the shortest way. But damn it was a long one and you couldn't see the end... it was devided in 7 pieces at least. Music was my saviour and what better fitting than ending with Survivor - Eye of the Tiger. The movie on my FB says enough I think, when I reached the top I met this guy Sultan, also a nice guy and young of age (20 ;-) ). The trip down was amazing, going 60km/h and just hold tight and enjoy the ride. Movie for the speed trip down is to be uploaded ;-)Read more

  • Day16

    Day 16: How do you plan a world trip?

    August 5, 2016 in Kazakhstan

    Who is doing the trip? Let's say you're doing it solo, it's hard enough to know yourself ;-). The first thing is decide what you want, I had 3 things in mind: The Peking-Express, Backpacking in Australia and to the South Pole. I had people in mind to go with, and they were willing, but time and money are the next 2 things you need to consider. As a freelancer it's relatively easy to get time, don't forget that when a freelancer doesn't work he doesn't get paid. So I worked 5 times the time that I am away. 3 are for the trip, 1 is for the time I am not working and 1 is the buffer when I come back and have no work.
    Ok now plan this whole trip: It took me 4 months preparation and I have to say I couldn't do it without friend and travel agent Johan v.d. Berg. Travelcare is the company that did all the arrangements and backs me up when the shit hits the fan ;-). It's awesome to know that's someone is keeping an eye on the schedule and taking extra care when things go differently. Off course the ideas are my own but some things I never would have tought off. Johan was the middle man communicating with "Treinreiswinkel" for the Express to Beijing, with "Killroy" for the around the world airplane ticket (an enormous puzzle that took us months to fit together) and with "Tenzing Travel" for a once in a life time experience to Antartica. To make it even a greater challenge we were going to fit a couple of destinations in between including seeing my girl again in New Zealand and overlap the end part with my family in Boa Vista :). Wow what a trip.
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  • Day9

    Day 9: No Borat or his Sister nothing;-)

    July 29, 2016 in Kazakhstan

    Days go more quick if you sleep more ;-). I woke up at 11 local time with the same Daaaan-jeeel haha breakfast was ready. Yesterday I gave all my roebels and food to these 2 nice ladies since they were sharing so did I. It resulted in warm soup and more luxurious diners. Today we will cross the Uzbekistan border.

    Summary of the trip to Tasjkent.
    The train did a good job, don't expect luxury as in Europe, and you will be fine ;-). It was a 50 hour tour at the end. I got out 3 times for 5 minutes. The train stopt for like 10 times but some were at border controls which take an hour or 2 if you are not lucky. I am glad I am here and that this was the longest part of my trip to beijing. Actually since my record of 28 hours in a VW caddy this is my new record of non stop training and being in a small space for 50 hours haha. Well it was an adventure so just do it if you have the change ;-)Read more

  • Day14

    Day 14: This is Alma-ataaaaa ah ah ah;-)

    August 3, 2016 in Kazakhstan

    The biggest city of Kazachstan, totally different than al the deserted landscapes I have seen so far of this country. It's rich and international, with a lot of students and a lot of people and expensive cars on the streets. Not much historical sites and mostly modern looking buildings. For me a moment to relax and be able to communicate with a bunch of people. 1 tip for if they don't speak your languages: take a photo of what you want at forehand saves you a lot of trouble when you can just point it out on your phone :). By the way, meet Aria Stark working at Traveler's coffee, it's a nice that she wanted to pose for this shot :).Read more

  • Day17

    Day 17: Make it count.

    August 6, 2016 in Kazakhstan

    My last day Almaty, all days went by that quickly I had some more things to do here and no time left. I tried to rent a Motorbike for the past 2 days and I ended up driving this chevy ;-). Well it was for the best, because in Kazachstan they drive their car as if were a horse so a good car helped surviving. Traffic is a complete chaos and the fastest wins. I went up to the Big Almaty lake which would have been a fun hike if I had the time, now I had plenty of time and energy left to climb around and make some nice pictures. After that I took some hikers back to town and asked them what else was nice to see within range. They had some suggestions and spoke understandable English. So I head for the highway and hoped that the big connecting roads would go faster but actually it was one traffic jam at 1500 already so after 40 minutes of that i head into the mountains again and found a few beautifull spots where I enjoyed the nature some more. I took the car back at 7 and took the metro to the center again, ate at Mad Murphy's which was a super fun end of Almaty. Live music, wi-fi, good food and enough english speaking personel :). Great succes ;-).Read more

  • Day114


    June 11 in Kazakhstan

    Astana war eine der Städte, von denen wir schon vor Beginn der Reise durch die Bilder bei Google geflasht waren und die wir unbedingt sehen wollten. Nach 24h Flugreise, davon 12h Verspätung (wir hoffen auf 30% Rückerstattung des Preises) und Zwischenstopps in Aktau und Almaty sind wir dann auch angekommen. Der erste Eindruck war auch wirklich sehr beachtlich. Eine wahnsinnige Weite in der Stadt, unzählige riesige Bauten, viel buntes Licht und Videowände. Im Hostel haben wir Andy und Annette aus Australien kennengelernt, die gerade eine 36-stündige Busfahrt (!) aus der Westmongolei hinter sich hatten und auf ihrem Weg nach London sind. Mit den beiden haben wir drei Tage die Stadt, das Expo 2017 Gelände und das Nachtleben Astana, inklusive Karaokebar, erkundet. Und bei genauerem Hinsehen und etwas Hintergrundwissen fällt auf, dass die Stadt einfach künstlich ist und keinerlei Charme hat. Man fragt sich, wo die ganzen Menschen sein sollen, die in dieser riesigen Stadt Platz finden könnten und auch wo die alle arbeiten sollen. Es ist nicht direkt verarmt und man sieht sich keine Bettler, aber die leerstehenden Wohnblocks und die oft leeren Straßen machen einem trotzdem ein unwohles Gefühl. Der aktuelle Präsident hat vor etwa 20 Jahren einfach gesagt, dass nicht mehr Almaty die Hauptstadt Kasachstans ist, sondern seine Geburtsstadt Astana. Und ab dann Geld reingepumpt. Das bringt viele große Gebäude, aber eben keinen Flair. Almaty soll dagegen wirklich sehr schön sein. Nächstes Mal dann.
    Leider waren wir eigenverschuldet in Astana gefangen. Eine Blitzidee hat uns noch in Baku WM Tickets kaufen lassen. Diese hätten uns ein easy Visum für Russland, sowie das Spiel Ägypten - Uruguay in Jekaterinburg ermöglicht. Der Zug war schon gebucht, die Unterkunft in Jekaterinburg auch, nur die Tickets kamen und kamen nicht an. Und an dem Morgen, an dem klar war, dass wir es nicht schaffen, war die Ernüchterung groß. Aber viel schlimmer, wie sollten wir ohne Russland Visum in die Mongolei kommen. In Astana ein Visum zu bekommen, ist zwar nicht unmöglich, daaaauert aber. Und diese Stadt hatten wir ja nach Tag 2 schon über. Also haben wir kurzerhand nochmal zwei WM Tickets gekauft. Und wer hätte das gedacht, mit der Bestellnummer, die uns der Verkäufer zugemailt hat, haben wir innerhalb von 5 Minuten das Visum per Mail erhalten. Halleluja! Also Beine in die Hand genommen und weg aus Astana. Der Nachmittagszug brachte uns nach 5h nach Kurort-Borovoe, einem kleinen Naherholungsgebiet mit Bergen und Seen. Ganz hübsch, aber nichts besonderes. Hier haben wir auch das erste WM Spiel gesehen und zum ersten Mal kasachischen Essen gegessen (Pferd).
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  • Day46


    June 17, 2015 in Kazakhstan

    Here we've arrived by ship early in the morning and somehow hitchhiked into the city. There we've stayed with our couchsurfer Askar and his father in law, who prepared a tasty plov for us. After two days we had to leave again for a 46 hour train ride to Astana. It was so hot here!

  • Day55


    June 26, 2015 in Kazakhstan

    After another 24 hours in the train, we were finally in Almaty. Our couchsurfer Ataner provided a whole flat for us, which actually was a guesthouse for clients of his company. The last two nights we've shared it with a Japanese couple and we all went to a Turkish restaurant together. Almaty is good for many hikes and it has also a chocolate factory :)

  • Day1

    1. nap: Budapest-Astana

    October 5, 2017 in Kazakhstan

    A reggel még rohanással, pakolással és készülődéssel telt. Menet közben azon tanakodtam, hogy mégis be kellene csomagolnom a bakancsot a kazah fagyokra. Ebből végül nem lett semmi, mert így is alig fértünk el.

    A reptéren összekevertük a moszkvai és astanai gépet, így az utolsó pillanatban, majdnem utolsóként szálltunk be.

    Leszállás után sorbanálltunk vízumért, majd az információn megpróbáltuk kideríteni hogy jutunk el a szállásunkra. A 10-es busz lett a nyerő - amiért futni kellett, mert elindult mire kiértünk a reptérről.

    A buszon egy idősebb kazah fószer gitározott és énekelt. Nem tolta rosszul, de azért kicsit unalmas volt egy óra után. Elsőre eltaláltuk hol szálljunk le, de a megfelelő épület megtalálása sokáig tartott. Addigra már három lakóépületbe bementünk.

    Jevgenyij megvárt minket, megkínált valami pálinkával és sajttal, majd elmentünk aludni.
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  • Day3

    3. nap: Kivégezzük Astanát

    October 7, 2017 in Kazakhstan

    Későn keltünk, nem szoktuk még meg a +4 órát Budapesthez képest. Reggeli után busszal indultunk el a városba, hogy megnézzük a megbékélés palotáját (Palace of Peace and Reconciliation).

    A bejáratot eltévesztettük de a jó fej biztonságiak felkisértek a pénztárhoz. Pont indult egy angol túra, amin ketten voltunk vendégek. Az idegenvezető csinos kazah nemzeti színekbe volt felöltözve, ezt már előző nap is megfigyeltük a Bayterek toronyban.

    A piramis belülről is szép, lifttel majd lépcsőn mentünk fel a tetejére. Természetesen egy vonalban van az elnöki palota-Bayterek-Khan Shatyr tengellyel...

    Ezután átsétáltunk a palota mögött lévő Hazrat Szultán Mecsethez ahova be is mentünk. Lenyűgöző látvány. A Kazakh Eli szobor brutál magas, alig lehet lefényképezni a “grúz sast” a tetején. Persze ezt is az elnök méretes szobra díszíti. A téren megnéztük még a Függetlenség Palotáját, de ide nem mentünk be.

    Végezetül átmentünk a Nemzeti Múzeumba, megnéztük az aranyműves kiállítást (Ok) és Astana történetét (seggnyalás az elnöknek). Láttunk egy kicsit az állandó kiállításból is (így éltek a sztyeppén elődeink) de már alacsonyan voltunk vércukorból, úgyhogy zárás előtt eljöttünk.

    Busz haza, vettünk kaját a másnapi utazáshoz és ettünk végre egy rendes kazah étteremben. A pincér nagyon kedves volt, az étel bőséges és finom (plov - rizses hús csicseriborsóval). Este még összepakoltunk, hogy korán ki tudjunk menni a buszokhoz.
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