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  • Day1

    After a long journey from Australia, finally arrived in Kenya - the wait for immigration took over 1.5 hours and we were the last to go through (due to some staff mis-direction!).
    Was collected by Smiley, the happiest driver we've met yet! Staying at Karen Camp for the night before heading out tomorrow. Met some of the guys we will be travelling with and shared a beer.
    First sight of our bright yellow truck that will be our home for the next few months.Read more

  • Day5

    An early morning visit to a local farm where we felt like we were back in the English countryside, barns, tractors, black and white cows... They had friendly dogs and calves too. We are in different cook groups but had to both buy for the next couple of days so a mad rush around the supermarket, some snacks for lunch and we were on our way with a few hours drive. We stopped at road side stalls to buy fresh veg and the local butchers, come tea room for the meat. We crossed the Equator today too. We have been really impressed by the reception we get from the locals, they are smiley and friendly. The children particularly love to wave and smile as we pass them.Read more

  • Day2

    Had our first day on the truck we are going to spend the next 75 days on. It's a full truck with 23 of us with a driver and leader with a handful of us staying the whole journey and others leaving at various points and others joining. We had a couple of hours drive, seeing zebras from the roadside. We then stopped by the lake, set up our tents and then went on a boat trip and saw our first hippos, they seemed very relaxed in the water, snoozing and resting their heads on each other. We later saw them around the edge of the camp grazing like cows. We were thankful for the electric fence separating us!Read more

  • Day4

    First game drive in Africa at the Lake Nakuru National Park. In our little pop top minibus we drove around the relatively small (133 square miles) park that included a large lake, marshland, craggy outcrops, dense forest and open grassland. Although it is a fenced area, the wildlife is not managed and therefore can be pretty tricky to spot.
    We were lucky enough to see waterbuck, flamingoes, zebras, an amazing hyena, giraffe, many buffalo, baboons, warthog, ostrich and lots of other birds, mammals and lizards. Highlight of the day was seeing the very rare black rhino and a couple of white rhinos- both are the same colour, just a different mouth. On leaving the park we managed to see a lion in the distance. The farm we stayed on had some orphaned reedbucks which James was asked to bottlefeed. An awesome introduction to the African wildlife.Read more

  • Day19

    Yesterday we crossed back into Kenya then spent a couple of hours deap cleaning the truck, taking everything off and washing it after the last couple of dusty days. A 4.30am start this morning to cover the 6 hour drive before lunch. We then swapped our camping gear across into three 4wd vans that took us on a 2 hour drive into the Masai Mara NR. That last hour was brutal on a temporary 'road' that was driven at breakneck speed! We then had a 4 hour game drive that was awesome, our second best wildlife experience (second only to the killer whales hunting in Patagonia 12 years ago). We saw giraffes, a cat, part of the wildebeest migration, impala, warthogs, an elephant family with a very young one and lions up close. We were incredibly lucky to witness a pack of lionesses hunt and kill a wilder beast with minimal effort and chase because of their brilliant team work. Even the two pups anticipated what was going to happen and hid themselves until they had finished.Read more

  • Day20

    We were in the Reserve as the sun rose and went straight to where the kill happened the day before but it had been dragged off somewhere undercover to be eaten. While we didn't have the excitement of before we still saw plenty of wildlife. The mongoose where a big hit with us, as was seeing more lions and giraffes. Our driver did loose the other two vans and wasn't sure where to go which amused us when he started using google maps to try and locate us or them! We left the Reserve and had a 6 hour journey back to Karen Camp, Nairobi before a meal out at a local expat restaurant as we were saying cheerio to some travellers and welcome to new ones.Read more

  • Day21

    Trip to the Giraffe Conservation Centre in Nairobi where they breed the Rothschild Giraffe to bolster numbers of these scarce animals. Beautiful and gentle creatures with long eyelashes and dexterous tongues that will feed from your hand. Fact: a giraffes tongue is black to stop it getting sunburnt when feeding!

  • Day2

    Up at 5.30am, tents packed and away by 6am for a couple of hours of proper overland travel (in the dark) on a narrow, bumpy and sandy 'road'. Even with the sides down, the inside of the truck at the back looked like a beach. Saw a beautiful sunrise before stopping at the roadside to buy breakfast (donut type bread rolls and chapatti's). Once we reached decent roads we helped pass the time with some games of cards or listening to music. At times we go up onto the 'beach' to look out of the front. With three passengers left we have a little more space too. We took a ferry across the lake to a peninsula. An early start meant we got to our beachside camp on Lake Victoria early enough for a swim and some sundowners before enjoying a meal out at the camp restaurant, a night off for everyone.Read more

  • Day6

    Before we leave a comment on our nice "camp" - not really a camp but a nice set of cabins and tents with nice main area and restaurant. The food is basically 3 courses cooked by the chef Peter who had been great at catering for Emily and I as vegetarians. I have seen oliver eat everything put in front of him. The hot water is heated by one of the staff coming to light a wood fire under a boiler - so when you need a shower you need to give 30 mins warning which is kind of nice.Read more

  • Day47

    After an 11 hour drive from Jinja, we finally arrived at our accommodation in Nakuru. I've been down with a bacterial infection, vomiting and the runs which has been horrible and for the first time I've been wishing I was home. I decided to upgrade to a room, it was quite expensive but in the scheme of things, having a proper bed, my own toilet and warm blankets was well worth it. The place is beautiful, so well presented and retails for $295USD but we only paid $55USD for two nights! The rest of the group have gone on a game drive and to an orphanage for dinner but I haven't gone with them as can't be too far from a toilet and the tummy spasms aren't enjoyable. Hoping to feel better by tomorrow so I can enjoy my last few days in Kenya before heading to Germany!Read more

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Republic of Kenya, Kenia, Kenya, Kɛnya, ኬንያ, كينيا, Keña, Кенія, Кения, Keniya, কেনিয়া, ཁེན་ཉི་ཡ།, Kenija, Kènia, Keňa, ཀེ་ནི་ཡ, Kenya nutome, Κένυα, Kenjo, Keenia, کنیا, Keñaa, Kenja, An Chéinia, A Cheinia, Quenia, કેન્યા, קניה, केन्या, Քենիա, Kenía, ケニア共和国, კენია, កេនយ៉ា, ಕೀನ್ಯಾ, 케냐, ເຄນຢ່າ, Кенија, കെനിയ, केनिया, ကင်ညာ, Khenya, Keeniyaa, କେନିୟା, Chenia, Quênia, Kenyäa, කෙන්යාව, Kiinya, கென்யா, కెన్యా, เคนยา, كېنىيە, کینیا, Kê-ni-a (Kenya), Kenyän, Orílẹ́ède Kenya, 肯尼亚, i-Kenya

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