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  • Day7

    Martvili Canyon

    May 4, 2018 in Georgia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Last wake-up in Mestia. 🙁
    A long day lies ahead of us as we have to be in Kutaisi by tonight. I will definitely miss these mountains...
    Departure is set at 8.30am and this time I am really the last one to show up in the breakfast hall, but I still make it to the bus in time. We are probably getting used to these long transfers: after a couple of toilet and coffee stops we are already at the Martvili Canyon, a hot rocky valley not far away from the town of Inchkhuri. Even if it feels like we have just left Mestia, it's actually 3.30pm!

    Knowing we wouldn't be able to stop at a restaurant, this morning we packed some food for a picnic. Luckily the weather is again amazing but the heat is terrible and finding a spot in the shade that hasn't already been used by local cows as an open-air toilet is not an easy task.
    Quickly consumed our lunch (we are by now obsessed with the motto of our guide "if it's possible, you may want to hurry up a little bit"), we walk further down the valley until we reach the entrance of the canyon itself. After wearing a life vest, we split into small groups and get on the pier, where some inflatables are waiting for us.
    I get on the second boat together with Jitka, Ralf, Tina and Colin. It looks like only the two passengers in the first row get to paddle, so I can simply sit back and relax enjoying the scenery and taking pictures.
    The canyon is truly breathtaking: a narrow creek with shallow super transparent green water carves its way in a 20- to 40-meter deep gorge. Like other places we visited during this trip, it looks unreal... The boat trip doesn't last long (the canyon stretches for 2,5 km but only the first part is accessible) and we have time for a quick walk in the bush where we get more stunning views of the gorge ans discover some more chasms and waterfalls.

    After a quick walk around we start heading back to the bus: it's not a long way until the parking lot, but the heat is almost unbearable and we have to stop at some strategically-located stands selling pomegranate juice. These people really do know how to do business...
    When we are finally back on the bus, we realise that our vehicle has turned into a furnace after lying for over an hour in the sun. Our funny mute bus driver decides to solve the situation by making everybody get off the bus and turn both the AC and the stereo on, so that the whole valley echoes with the tune of "Despacito". No need to say that some of my travel mates (not the German ones, obviously) can't resist the temptation to start dancing surrounded by enthusiastic locals that reward them for the entertainment with free chocolate. What an experience!!! 😂
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