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  • Day1

    Tashkent, Chorsu Market

    April 13 in Uzbekistan ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    After leaving the Khast-i-Imam complex, we drive to one of Tashkent's landmarks: th Chorsu Market. It's basically a food bazar host in a very typical building: a big blue-tile dome covering a circular building. In the main hall there are sections dedicated to the different kinds of foot product: from meat to spices to dairy products to pickles! A second-story ring hosts instead the dried-fruit stands.
    The floor is incredibly clean, but there is no refrigeration in the meat containers and customers insistently touch meat with their bare hands to decide if it's good enough or not. In the end, I only try some local honey and buy a small jar of safran despite the skepticism of my dad, who is not even getting close to the stands out of fear of contracting some kind of food poisoning just through eye contact! 😂

    When we join Said, he destroys my enthusiasm for my purchase: what I bought is not safran...but rather coloured flowers! 🙈 Apparently a pot of Safran of that size should cost me half of my salary... 😕
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