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  • Day6

    eagle hunting

    September 14, 2016 in Kyrgyzstan

    a purely touristy show, where the hunter's wife brought the rabbit in a bag. an eagle that is a bit retarded to actually hunt (some emotional trauma after a fox fought back). a second attempt that was fatal for the rabbit. strong claws and beak that rip skin and flesh, break small bones.

  • Day41


    March 28, 2015 in Kyrgyzstan

    Here's a story about how to get from one ex-communist country to another.
    First, get on a sleeper bus with thirty odd chinese men. Warning: you will be required to squeeze on to a bed the size of a match box (three rows, each two story).
    Drive through beautiful mountainous scenery and arrive at Chinese border. At this point your passport will be taken from you with no indication of when you will be reunited.
    Proceed through customs and immigration; perservere with the argument you will have with chinese immigration that, as a British citizen, you do not require a Kyrgyz visa.
    Drive 150km to Kyrgyz border. Wave at the camels and donkeys on the way.
    Arrive at Kyrgyz border. Wrap up warm as it's cold and there's snow on the ground.
    Enter Kyrgyz immigration hut. Don't be put off by the 7-foot tall Kyrgyz policeman dressed in full army attire with a Russian fur hat. Just smile, and when he smiles back, admire his full set of gold crowns on his upper teeth.
    When asked by immigration (in Russian accent) 'do you speak Rrrrussian?', reply in your best home counties accent, 'I'm so sorry, I don't' and look innocent.
    Hop back on the bus. As the bus climbs higher into the mountains and the depths of the snow drifts exceed 2 metres, don't be alarmed, and hope that snow chains will soon appear.
    Snow chains don't appear and ice and snow cover the road. Panic. Bus swerves a lot. Panic a lot.
    Night falls and the bus goes very slowly. At this point you will stop for dinner in a small conrete building where one man feeds the masses with scrambled eggs and bread. It will be the best scrambled eggs you've had.
    Sleep until your arrival at Osh at 2am. If you have made the mistake of trusting lonely planet and are expecting to arrive in the cold light of day the next morning, feel free to panic again as you figure out what you will do for accomodation.
    Finally, enjoy your stay.
    Disclaimer: all of the above is truthful and factual information based on the experiences of one young traveller who thought she could get across the world with no foreign language skills.
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  • Day42


    March 29, 2015 in Kyrgyzstan

    Let's play a game - spot the Lada! They are everywhere and seem to be the automotive brand of choice for the police force. So USSR. Today it started snowing and tomorrow the "high" is -6. I intend to spend the day at the Iranian embassy; I do hope it's centrally heated.
    Staying with a Kyrgyz family. It's a guesthouse and I am the only guest (staying true to the name) and their hospitality is quite unbelievable. They invite me in for dinner, make me tea and Guiliya the grandmother has been sharing her many stories with me. We think she should write a book. I am glad to be staying for a few days here.
    Kyrgyzstan is a fun country. Please take a moment to look at the hat below. No lie, this is what the men wear about the town. It's like something out of Noddy. However, they are made of felt and fur-lined so incredibly warm in this cold weather.
    Ruth - I found a vanilla latte. Unfortunately, you weren't with it.
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  • Day43


    March 30, 2015 in Kyrgyzstan

    Miriam - schnee! And lots of it.
    It has been below freezing for two days here in Bishkek, plummeting to a painful -13 yesterday morning.
    The post office is very old fashioned. A giant map of the world adorns the main wall and it even had a sewing machine behind the wooden counter. Parcels are wrapped in brown paper and then tied with string. The address is then written on by hand.
    Iranian visa collected this afternoon. Only took three months to arrange...Read more

  • Day59


    June 30, 2015 in Kyrgyzstan

    We had nearly two weeks to discover Kyrgyzstan. Because our flight to Delhi was already booked we've spent the time in canteens, undertook some sightseeing and organised a trip around the lake. I bought a 6kg watermelon for around 1€ and ended up sharing it with the whole hostel, because we had to leave the next day ;)

  • Day66


    July 7, 2015 in Kyrgyzstan

    Back in Bishkek we've stayed in a funny hotel, which could be rented by the hour. We've eaten more cheap local food and sent many postcards. Hoped that some will arrive... In the end we had to say good bye to Killian, who will make his way to China. Two days later we took the plane to Dehli.

  • Day63

    Karakol Mountains

    July 4, 2015 in Kyrgyzstan

    Went with Killian and a Polish couple we've met in our hostel for horse riding. The landscape around Karakol was beautiful, but after 7 hours on a horse, my backside wasn't beautiful anymore.
    After all this, we needed some food, of course.

  • Day65


    July 6, 2015 in Kyrgyzstan

    We went on with our round the lake trip and swam in Salty Lake. There we took a healthy, but hard to get rid of, mud bath. After some hitchhiking out of there, we've got picked up in Balykchy from Dimitri. He took us home (we were just looking for a hotel) and prepared a tasty salad for us the next day.

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