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  • Day34

    Wednesday really was our final full day - unfortunately!!!! :(

    We were so sad - we love Gili T so much!!!

    The morning was hilarious. As we went to bed quite early - we were up at 7 ... and of course still drunk! We had the funniest hour or so - both still drunk. Then went and had breakfast - and tried drinking smirnoff ices to delay the hangover

    We said goodbye to Jess in the morning (and apologised for not coming back out ... she didn't mind though!). She was off to Ubud. And we said goodbye to the boys who were off somewhere else (can't remember where!).

    We went back to Kayu Cafe ... sadly the hangover kicked in! We postponed our kayaking plans for the following morning (before catching the ferry .. which we booked for 3pm), and spent the whole day chilling out. We didn't think we could face the beach, so we stayed by the pool all day long.

    In the evening, our hangovers were better (luckily), so we went to Pituq cafe for dinner (recommended to us by the girls) - it was a cute little vegan cafe. It was so cute inside, and the menu did look great. We shared a number of starters as they all sounded good! We had the 7 veggie dip (fresh veg, tempeh and bread sticks with dips), bruschetta Israeli, potato rosti, tofu teriyaki and emping Belinha crackers). They were all lovely - but we didn't feel full. Vegan food is so nice, but I just couldn't imagine filling up on it (maybe that's just us!). It was a cute dinner experience though.

    After that, we paid 100 rupiah for some popcorn and ticket to watch a film on the beach (the film was Logan - which we both actually really enjoyed!). It was such a lovely final evening - sat on sunbeds on the beach watching a film on a massive screen. A great evening!!
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  • Day34

    We woke up in the guesthouse in Canguu at 8 am, and got all packed up, and left for breakfast at 9. However, on our way to the breakfast place we had found online, we came across the CUTEST shop which sold such nice home stuff. We ended up being there for half an hour (buying lots of things), and then didn't have enough time for breakfast haha. We sat down in a cafe and realised we just didn't have enough time... so we got food at the airport.

    The man took us to Denpasar airport, which took 45 minutes. We had to queue for a while to check in, then finally got in, and could finally get some food. Luckily the airport is big so we found a restaurant that did burgers, and pizza (sadly quite expensive) - so we were both happy (besides the price). It took us 3 hours to get to Kuala Lumpur, then we had a 2 hour wait (which soon became a 4 hour wait due to a 2 hour delay), and eventually got the flight from KL to Kuching at 8 pm and landed at 10 pm (same time zone).

    We got a taxi to the guesthouse which was just 5 minutes away, and got an early night as our flight was 6 am the next day.

    After a long day of travelling, it is definitely not a struggle to sleep so we were both fast asleep within minutes.
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  • Day3

    Sehr traditioneller Markt in engen, überdachten Gassen. Viel Fisch, aber auch alle Teile von anderen Tieren (z.B. Schwein). Vorher hat Sean uns einen Laden mit getrockneten Fischen gezeigt, jetzt wissen wir wo Lolas Leckerchen herkommen.
    Zum Essen gab es vier verschiedene Nudelgerichte und ein "interessantes" Getränk mit grünen Gelantinewürmern drin. Die ganzen Leute um uns herum hatten großen Spaß uns beim Essen zuzusehen.Read more

  • Day4

    Sehr beeindruckende Statue und Treppe, die Höhle dahinter leider nicht mehr so beeindruckend wie der Eingang. Ziemlich versifft und überall "Bauarbeiten", die Verbindung von Religion und Kommerz war, wie im Führer schon beschrieben, gewöhnungsbedürftig.
    Das lustigste waren die vielen Affen, die den Japanern immer wieder die Snacks aus den Händen rissen.

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Malaysia, Maleisië, Malehyia, ማሌዢያ, Malaisia, ماليزيا, Malaysiya, Малайзія, Малайзия, Malɛzi, মালয়েশিয়া, མ་ལེ་ཤི་ཡ།, Malezija, Malàisia, Malajsie, མ་ལེ་ཤི་ཡ, Malaysia nutome, Μαλαισία, Malajzio, Malasia, مالزی, Malesii, Malesia, Maleisia, Malaisie, Malèsie, Maleizje, An Mhalaeisia, મલેશિયા, Malaisiya, מלזיה, मलेशिया, Malezi, Malájföld, Մալայզիա, Malaizia, Malasía, マレーシア, mejgu'e, მალაიზია, ម៉ាលេស៉ី, ಮಲೇಶಿಯಾ, 말레이지아, मलयेशिया, مالیزیا, Malaysi, Malezya, ມາເລເຊຍ, Malaizija, Малезија, മലേഷ്യ, Malasja, မလေးရှား, Malezhiya, मलेसिया, ମାଲେସିଆ, Malezja, Malásia, Malasya, Maleziya, Malaiezia, Malezïi, මැලේසියාව, Malajzia, மலேசியா, మలేషియా, ประเทศมาเลเซีย, Malēsia, مالايسىيا, ملیشیا, Mã Lai (Ma-lay-xi-a), Malaysiyän, Orílẹ́ède Malasia, 马来西亚, i-Malaysia

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