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  • Day107

    Getting up at 1 a.m. to drive to Cebu City and fly to Kuala Lumpur was one of those travel moments you just have to save as "interesting". Beeing back in KL is amazing - the Petronas towers, the KL tower with its delicious teatime and the heli lounge are still awesome!

  • Day5

    Went back to Bukit Bintang for dinner! You see so many different people and the food is amazing and cheap! It started to rain as I was walking back and by the time I made it to the rooftop bar is was chucking it down! Made for a very special atmosphere!

  • Day60

    A trip to Kinabatagan wildlife reserve. Our group consisted of 3 other couples from the UK (Bristol and Brighton x2). We spotted wild orangutans and probiscus monkeys. Crocodiles and monitor lizards made cameo appearances. There was also plenty of bird life. kingfishers, hornbills, bee eaters as well as a few eagles.

    On the fishing trip, Phoebe caught the first fish within a couple of minutes while the rest of us struggled to catch anything until we moved further upstream. She caught the most fish in the group but couldn't eat any of them 😂

    If you are ever in this neck of the woods, look up UncleTan, the staff were brilliant (three of them supported Liverpool as well!)
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  • Day33

    Great Start into the day with nothing better than having a fresh brewed Sabbah Tea with lemongrass enjoying the fantastic view over the Sabbah tea farm and peak of Mt. Kinabalu with lots of sunshine and blue sky. The 2 things I love most: Tea & Nature <3

    Heading towards Sarawak now to see more animals in wildlife. Our guide Emanuel said there is quite a good chance to see the Pygmae Elephants coming down the hill when we will have our Kinabatang river cruise this afternoon. Looking forward to it !!Read more

  • Day38

    Leave nothing but your footprint,
    Take nothing but best memories.

    Thank you and Goodbye Malaysia !
    I spend such a great time in the Jungle of Borneo Sabbah, met awesome grateful people and enjoyed the gorgeous wildlife observations heavily. It was the most adventurous part of my journey up until now. I am pretty sure though it's not going to be the last time I will have visited your beautiful countryside yet. Precious moments to keep in my memory, treasured unique experience documented in amazing pictures.

    Auf Wiedersehen Malaysia! Deine wilde Seite und die Eindrücke, die ich in der Natur des Dschungels, der Berge, der Gastfreundschaft der Dörfer, der subtropisch feuchten Hitze und im Regenwald sammeln durfte, werde ich in bester Erinnerung halten. Ich bin sicher, es ist nicht mein letzter Ausflug in das wilde Dschungeltreiben :)
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  • Day325

    Our flight got delayed. They didn't give the gate number and when they did they changed it 10 minutes later. Since the personnel was kinda stressed people started running to the gate. Some people fell. In the end we waited 1.5 more hour in the plane before we could take off. While listening to a screaming women who got her legs in bandage from falling. No sleep and no legroom. Overall not the best flight so far. But only 7 more hours waiting and 5 flying before we make it to Australia!Read more

  • Day56

    Our accommodation is less than luxurious but what a place to spend a day or two staring out to sea. We went snorkelling along the local reef and watched the sunset from the balcony.

    P.s No sign of any pirates!

  • Day59

    Palm oil is the cash crop of Borneo, the palm trees are everywhere! Rainforest is being cut down to make way for new crops. This is having a big impact on the orangutans natural habitat. This centre provides rehab for the orangutans that have been orphaned or become ill due to the destruction of their forests.

  • Day8

    Beansprouts and chicken...Local specialty... Amazing juicy beansprouts.
    Only white people at restaurant.
    No menu, so ended up with 4 noodle soups .... Actually worked out really well as they were delicious.

  • Day8

    Concubine lane in 1901....!
    Interesting history to these lanes.
    Lanes burnt in large fire over 100 years ago.
    Re-built and given by rich Tin Baron to the town.
    3 lanes were used by the town's people for many years to house wealth men's female spouse andconcubines.

    1. Wife lane
    2. Concubine lane
    3. Second concubine lane

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Malaysia, Maleisië, Malehyia, ማሌዢያ, Malaisia, ماليزيا, Malaysiya, Малайзія, Малайзия, Malɛzi, মালয়েশিয়া, མ་ལེ་ཤི་ཡ།, Malezija, Malàisia, Malajsie, མ་ལེ་ཤི་ཡ, Malaysia nutome, Μαλαισία, Malajzio, Malasia, مالزی, Malesii, Malesia, Maleisia, Malaisie, Malèsie, Maleizje, An Mhalaeisia, મલેશિયા, Malaisiya, מלזיה, मलेशिया, Malezi, Malájföld, Մալայզիա, Malaizia, Malasía, マレーシア, mejgu'e, მალაიზია, ម៉ាលេស៉ី, ಮಲೇಶಿಯಾ, 말레이지아, मलयेशिया, مالیزیا, Malaysi, Malezya, ມາເລເຊຍ, Malaizija, Малезија, മലേഷ്യ, Malasja, မလေးရှား, Malezhiya, मलेसिया, ମାଲେସିଆ, Malezja, Malásia, Malasya, Maleziya, Malaiezia, Malezïi, මැලේසියාව, Malajzia, மலேசியா, మలేషియా, ประเทศมาเลเซีย, Malēsia, مالايسىيا, ملیشیا, Mã Lai (Ma-lay-xi-a), Malaysiyän, Orílẹ́ède Malasia, 马来西亚, i-Malaysia

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