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  • Day4

    Day 4

    November 14 in Malta

    Good evening all. Day 4 of our Malta trip and it’s my birthday today. It seems that we had a couple of casualties last night which resulted in a shaky start to the morning. Joseph and Sharon both calling Hewie on the big white telephone in the night due to over indulgence in the alcohol department. Although I didn’t witness this, I’d love to have seen it, Joseph swam from his bed to the toilet to be sick, proper full on strokes across the floor 😂😂

    Anyway I was up and about around 8 to be met with a grunt which meant said Mrs M needed another half an hour. Again we awoke to a pleasant day, a bit more cloud around but still plenty of sun and still around 22 degrees. We had our usual cuppa on the balcony and I opened my Birthday cards and pressies. After we were advised by our little 5 year old buddy that we needed to do what her and Max wanted to do first instead of the grown ups like we had all week, we met for breakfast in our swimming gear. I was greeted with more cards, and 2 very special home made ones from 2 lovely children Max and Izzy. Breakfast was as good as ever but poor old Joe looked a little peeky 😂.

    After testing the outdoor pool for temperature, the global decision was made that it was Baltic and we’d use the inside one despite Max and Izzy paddling and Izzy going full on in to the outdoor one. Again another hour or so just messing about and playing which was good fun.

    We gave John a day off the driving today and we took John and Naomi, Aunty Gemma took the kids. We went off to Bugibba. Again a lovely place and very special as we saw where Aunty Jack had been scattered. We spent a bit of time walking on the rocks and the prom around there and Izzy and Max were told to look for the sparkly bits in the sea as they were Aunty Jack. Really lovely and a lovely way for us all to remember her. We walked up to the town and looked in a few shops and stopped for a refuel and a drink in the square. Gemma was telling us that’s where they took my grandma and grandad some years ago. I remember them going but I never went as I wanted to stop at home on my own. I was 17 so that would have been some 28 years ago. As we walked back to the car, John and Joe spotted doughnut shop and went in for one, I declined. However when they came back out and showed them us, I changed my mind, they were fabulous big and really inviting so I had a custard one and Sharon had a couple of doughnut bites.

    As we got back to the hotel, we went and had a spot of lunch. Wasn’t hungry but it’s obligatory when you’re all inclusive. We were back first but thats cos Aunty Gemma had taken the kids to Golden Bay beach for an ice cream, I’m sure it’s because we won the race back so she had to call off somewhere 😂😂. Anyway, an afternoon nana nap before meeting for dinner this evening. A bit later tonight as we were booked in the Brazilian restaurant for my birthday. It was fab, meat meat and more meat. I got a bottle of Cointreau as a pressie presented to me by Izzy and had a cake too courtesy of Sharon. The food in this hotel is fab.

    Finally we went to watch the show but as we were a bit late in, it was standing room only. Again another good show. A fabulous day all round yet again and thanks to everyone who made it so lovely, cousins, 2nd cousins and all the texts and Facebook messages.
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  • Day1

    Day 1

    November 11 in Malta

    So today saw us bound for Malta. A bit different for us as we are going with our cousins and we will see where Aunty Jack liked it so much which we are looking forward too.

    It was a very early start, alarm set for 2.30am and on the road to Birmingham airport for a 7am flight ✈️. Gemma and Joseph we’re also flying from Birmingham but Naomi, John, Maxwell and Isabella flew from Leeds, same take of time so the race was on. Just over a 3 hour flight and we made it just a couple of minutes before Team Naomi. It was so close that they walked in the arrivals lounge at virtually the same time.

    Weather was warm but a bit grey. However upon leaving the arrivals lounge and heading across the open car park to pick up the hire car 🚗, it absolutely threw it down. We got a proper soaking. We picked up our bean can for the week and headed across Malta, bound for the Seabank resort at Mellieha. It’s fair to say we’d have been better of with a dinghy than a car but there you go. Sat Nav had the arse on and wouldn’t talk to us but we battled through and found our way all landing at a similar time. As we couldn’t get in our room until 3, and due to the inclement weather, it seemed only fitting to go to the bar and test out the all inclusive. Yeah, Carlsberg on tap did nicely. The hotel is nice and right by the sea, we went for a little walk up the prom after the rain had stopped.

    After we had got in our room and unpacked etc we met for dinner. Lots of choice and we could all sit together, before heading off to the kids disco at 8.30. The kids had a good old run around and it was quite busy. Lager still free. We entered the quiz, Naomi being the writer in our behalf. It was quite difficult, we cheated and used google but still lost !! The entertainment came on about 9.30, lots of dancers. They were extremely good and were on for quite a long time and were very entertaining. Switched over to Vodka in the absence of Cointreau before retiring after a very long day at about 11.
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  • Day2

    Day 2

    November 12 in Malta

    So first full day today. Didn’t crawl out of our pit too early so a nice leisurely start to the day. A beautiful day outside, 24 degrees and lovely sunshine when we got up.

    We met for breakfast and then set about a visit to Medina. Gemma in her purple people eater and John and me in white little Bean can type vehicles. These cars are little go-karts, have very little in the way of clutches, only go up hills in first gear and you have to thrash the knackers of them to go anywhere. But great fun. We hurtled out of the hotel, us at the back like something out of the Italian job 👍. The roads around here really are poor, windy, full of potholes and give you no clue where you are, but John did a cracking job of getting us there. Joseph was wanging a go pro out of the window filming as we zipped along, can’t say I’m certain we’ll still be in possession of that by the end of the holiday.

    Having never been here before I have to say it was lovely. Very old and very interesting. We walked around the silent city stopping off at the park for an ice cream and a play. We then moved on to Medina Glass to see the glass being made. We passed the old Medina town 3 times following our Gemma but we did get there eventually. It was very fascinating and there was lots of things in the shop. Our Naomi is like me, we were getting peckish so as we are all inclusive we were off back to the hotel as the food is free!! Well why wouldn’t you? A bit of a change of plan for the trip back, every man for himself. Gem & Joe went one way, John and me another but we lost John 10 minutes in. Happy to report we were first back 🙂🚗.

    A spot of lunch, a beer and then we went off to the pool with the kids. It was lovely, all of us in there playing and messing about before finishing off in the (not so) hot tub. It was pointed out that afternoon snacks were being served so burger and a beer it was before going off for a nana nap.

    The kids disco is a nightly event which we attended before taking part in the quiz. We didn’t win but we didn’t fair too badly, 13 out of 15. Team name tonight was Dotty Dalmatians - Naomi likes Dalmatians and there was a Disney film about them, and we were a bit dotty !!Tonight’s theme for the show and the quiz was Disney. Izzy was glued to the stage and once again it was very good entertainment. First day of a great week.
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  • Day5

    Day 5

    Yesterday in Malta

    So today saw the arrival of Graham and Bobbie Jo, They landed last night and got to the hotel well after our bedtime. We have still been doing well with the weather, a bit more cloud about today but still lots of sunny intervals and a heathy 24 degrees as we wandered around. So we were all first in the queue for breakfast this morning just as we have been all week - yes we’ve actually been there waiting for them to open. I suppose I’d better add that it’s the late sitting that doesn’t open until 10.00am but still, there you go.

    This morning we decided we were going to Gozo, a short ferry ride across the sea with the terminal not being far from our hotel. We were the fun car, Sharon, Me, Izzy and Bobbie Jo. I’m afraid we accept no responsibility of how the children behave after leaving our care. We had to sing along to frozen, shout “How Do” at random passing people to see if we could get a wave and a burping competition no less !! It was a most interesting journey around Gozo. We headed off in search of some washer woman that Gemma wanted to show us as Granny & Grandad has been there years ago. We drove around for a while, got split up and ended up parking randomly down a side street near a church before meeting Gemma a short while later. We then walked, and walked, oh and walked but still no washer woman !! In the end we had to admit defeat and us three drivers got a taxi back to our cars and then went and picked up the kids and others. We sat in a park in the supermarket car park scoffing ice cream sweets and crisps - it’s how we roll 😂.

    Next stop wax Ramla Bay, a lovely sandy beach where the kids could paddle. As mentioned earlier it was pleasantly warm and all the kids went in the sea, including Sharon. We headed back to the ferry and I became lead drivist, everything was going well until we encountered a closed road, the diversion signs were great until they stopped but we made it back eventually. The obligatory afternoon snacks prevailed, we were good though, tried not to eat too much so we didn’t spoil our tea.

    We made the kids disco tonight which got us a good seat for the show. Joseph and Graham went to watch the football tonight, we stayed for the show. The quiz was movie soundtracks - we were fairly crap as usual. This evenings show was Divas and Legends. Lots of songs from varying people throughout the years, the dancers and singers really are good. I was out of breath watching them !!

    And so the end of another cracking day.
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  • Day3

    Day 3

    November 13 in Malta

    Another beautiful morning here in Malta, not a cloud in the sky and a lovely 24 degrees. We started the morning off with a lovely cuppa on the balcony. We haven’t got a sea or a pool view but they did change us from being in the lay by at the side of the road to a field view high up so it’s nice and quiet. We went down to the nerve centre en route to breakfast (Naomi’s room) before heading off for Sliema. We took Gemma and Joe today in our car and we’re thrilled when John pulled out first - we just followed him👍. The plan was to drive to Sliema then get the boat across to Valletta.

    It’s a bustling busy harbour, and some spectacular scenery. We sailed across in the lovely sunshine before disembarking at Valletta. A brief walk up as what only can be described as cardiac hill with lots of shops and lovely viewpoints before stopping at the top. Half way up Max was set a challenge by Joseph, run up loads of steps for 10 euros, a bit of a family tradition and I have to say he did it spectacularly. Obviously Uncle Joseph had to tag along to show him who was boss but Max is certainly a front runner for the future and Uncle Joseph paid up. Such a lot to see as we carried on, beautiful waterfalls and stunning panoramic views. We stopped at the top for a cup of tea and a fag (minus the fag in honour of our sadly missed and much loved Aunty Jack). We were very lucky with the weather, absolutely beautiful. Our descent was very relaxed and we just ambled back to the ferry stopping now and again for a look at shops and all sorts of interesting places. Upon arrival at Sliema we stopped of at BK for snacks for Max & Joseph before departing back to our hotel. Once again John zipped out in front - however he took what can only be described as a wrong turn and my Jane guided us back nicely to our hotel. Well when I say nicely, she prefers fields to by passes but still landed before Team Naomi 😂😂.

    Once back it was straight down to eat, I could get used to this all inclusive lark, a couple of beers to wash down the lunch. Then off to the pool with the kids. Had a good old catchup with my new little mate Izzy in the (not so) hot tub. It’s been pointed out to us by our 5 year old team member (said new mate) Isabella that for the last 2 days we’ve done what mummy wants to do first meaning that it’s getting late by the time what Isabella wants to do comes around and it’s nearly dark. So she’s put her foot down and we are swimming first in the morning, doing what Izzy wants to do first rather than what mummy wants, which seems only fair. I can’t really seem to find an argument so breakfast in swimmers in the morning it is.

    A quick up to the room, shower then straight out for tea, I was a little concerned at the lack of a Nanna nap this afternoon but seemed to power through it. We were right on queue for the kids disco at 8.30 and no quiz tonight. Izzy and Max were sent back off stage with all the other children with the instruction of coming back with an adult. We thought it fitting to send Sharon, she thought we said she needed a camera so off she went 😂😂. This evenings entertainment was Phil, playing his guitar (or as our Gem pointed out his Aldi guitar cos the end was missing). He was actually very good. Had a good old sing song and bet Joseph a shot he wouldn’t dance with a few grannies but he proved us wrong. Switched from lager to Vodka tonight but they seem to mix the vodka and coke 50/50 so that zipped us along a bit. You know you’re getting old when you have to ask Max if he’s heard of Mylie Cyrus, when he said yes we had to explain that the song being sung was by her dad !!

    So another fantastic day, not laughed so much in ages. Until tomorrow, goodnight. Ps it’s now my birthday but I’m knackered so until tomorrow 👍
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  • Day8

    Maltesa die zweite

    October 6 in Malta

    Hier war ich doch schon mal 😃 am 21. Mai diesen Jahres, mit Jasmin und Marie. Was für schöne Erinnerungen 💞 Bleibe heute an Bord, draußen ist es mir definitiv zu voll, es liegt noch mein Schiff und die Aida im Hafen mit mindestens 4 tausend Menschen an Bord 🙄

    Da lieg ich doch lieber alleine in der Sonne und denke an das erste mal Valletta zurück 😊

  • Day21

    Mdina Glass Factory

    May 31, 2017 in Malta

    Lazy day today but did manage to visit the Mdina Glass Factory and the craft village. Fabulous glass everywhere not the place to go with my rather bulky back pack especially when I spotted the sign "all breakages are considered sold!" Some of the vases are very big and very beautiful. Fascinating watching the man working the red hot glass.

  • Day15

    We have arrived

    May 25, 2017 in Malta

    It has taken two very enjoyable weeks. The only problem with the car was two punctures.
    Now we will relax for a few days. Wash all the clothes and order the new tubes for the car.
    It feels good to have arrived.
    I checked the mileage. We have traveled a little over 2200 miles or 3500 kilometres. I've used about 2.5 litres of oil and 1.5 litres of water and lots of petrol which varied from €1.46 to 1.75 per litre.
    Mostly our speed was about 55 miles per hour except in the many hilly areas. Faster than this and the thin cross ply tyres made the steering uncomfortable and it was harder to see the pot holes and undulating surface coming.

    Our idea to not book accommodation in advance changed as we traveled because if we left it until about 5pm it was often too late and smaller places would not accept our booking so we started booking place at about 2pm when we knew where we could get to by the end of our day.
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  • Day18

    Old Motors Club of Malta

    May 28, 2017 in Malta

    What a nice welcome we had from the members when we turned up in the MG at the very nice club house. Today is Sunday and they were having a car boot spare parts sale and I found a dip horn switch exactly the same as the one in my TC. We sat and enjoyed a drink in the clubs comfortable bar/cafeteria.
    Several of the members went out of their way to to come over and chat and as I expected the standard of the Maltese classic cars I saw is outstanding. Tony Vassallo give me a beautiful calendar and copies of the newsletter which were all of the highest print quality.
    One member called Joe Anastasi guided us on the quickest way to Golden Bay then his English wife joined us for a meal. As we followed him to the bay I said to Mandy that we could not be in better company if we have a puncture as Joes family have a tyre business and he said they might even have a tube the size I need. Joe is also a Vincent owner. He looks a lot like my late uncle Laurie and he has the same surname as my mum's maiden name so we might be related which wouldn't surprise me.
    What a fantastic club they should be very proud.

    Later in the day I read the car club news letters I had been given and noticed that in the May edition there​ was a picture of a Rover P5B and I remembered that Brian Salmon sold his to a man in London who was moving to Malta. I checked the name of the owner with Tony and phoned Brian to ask the buyers name. It is Brian's rover. Small world!
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  • Day16


    May 26, 2017 in Malta

    The car has been parked at the front door of the house all day and it was photographed every ten minutes by passing tourists. I gave it a good clean and vacuumed the dust off the tonneau.
    We parked in the town square and watched at least six pairs of tourists photograph it as we ate our lunch.
    On Sunday we have been invited to a car club meeting at Mosta where we will meet the owner of one of the two Maltese MGTC's then we continue to golden bay for the classic bikes and cars.

    I ordered the new inner tubes this morning Friday and they will arrive on Monday which is very good service.
    I will get them fitted by the tyre fitter who has a Vincent black shadow and get the wheels balanced.

    There is a snap election here also next week and I am eligible to vote so I will give it a go. Politics here is taken very seriously with very high percentage who vote.
    I will continue to post occasionally while we are here.
    Here are some photos from today.
    One is of a big amphibious car and the next picture is the boat it came off. They are both at the yacht marina at the back of the house.
    I'm doing this blog while Mandy cooks swordfish steak we bought from a fisherman this morning.
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