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  • Day3

    Ghadira bay

    August 3 in Malta

    I got up very early and went to the beach. It took an hour on the bus to get there. Most of the beaches in Malta are rocky, and most of the few sand beaches are in the north. I was one of the first on the beach at 9am so I got a deckchair at the front right next to the water. Today I also tried Maltese "Ftira ta' karlu" which is like an oven baked bread with toppings. Mine had sheeps cheese, olives, and some other things that I cannot remember. I took the bus back to San Giljan at around 2pm and explored the waterfront. It looks very luxurious with yachts and boats everywhere.Read more

  • Day4

    Valletta City

    August 4 in Malta

    Today I explored the capital city. It was beautiful! All the buildings are like a yellowy colour. You get this really rustic and authentic feel when you walk around the neighbourhoods. I didn't pay for any attractions today because I was in the mood to be outdoors. It wasn't actually that hot (compared to previous days) and the sun didn't shine much. After Valletta, I went to a traditional restaurant called Gululu to try some Maltese food. I had "fażola bit- ewm u t-tursin" which is basically beans with garlic and herbs. I also tried the "spagetti biz-zalza tal-fenek" which is rabbit with spaghetti. This was my first time eating rabbit. It tasted okay...kind of like a mix between chicken and lamb. But I didn't finish the food because they just put TOO much rabbit in there. Erm...I don't think i'd eat rabbit again.Read more

  • Day5

    Golden Bay

    August 5 in Malta

    Today I had a relaxing beach day. I was intending to visit the blue lagoon but woke up really late so there was no point. I hear that its EXTREMELY crowded and that you need to be on the first ferry at 9am if you want to enjoy it for a while. So I went to Golden Bay instead. The beach was beautiful and not as crowded as I expected it to be. I had my own space for a good couple of hours. Thunderstorms began so I quickly got back onto the bus back to San Giljan. I tried the other 2 flavours of pastizzi for lunch. One was pea and the other one was ricotta. It wasn't raining here so I went to the small rocky beach and relaxed for 3 hours. For dinner I had the spaghetti alle vongole (my all time favourite Italian dish).Read more

  • Day6

    Mdina City

    August 6 in Malta

    It was a long journey to Mdina. I took a bus to Valletta and then another bus to Mdina. The total journey time was roughly 1.5 hours. I can understand why they call it the silent city. It's so peaceful and there are way less cars than everywhere else in Malta. I spent time wandering around and looking at the colourful buildings. Then I decided to visit St Pauls catacombs which is so worth it. The entry fee is €5 which includes the catacombs, the world war 2 tunnels, and a little art museum section. Today I tried another Maltese dish...brungiel mimli. It's an aubergine stuffed with beef, tomato, and cheese. It was enough to fill me up for the rest of the day. I couldnt even have dinner.Read more

  • Day7

    San Giljan

    August 7 in Malta

    Today I decided to stay local. The weather wasnt great and it rained a lot. So I started my day with a trip to the fish spa. It was nice and the lady gave me an extra 40 minutes for free. My feet don't feel as exfoliated as the fish spa I did in Greece...but oh well. I also tried another type of street food called "qassatat". It was like a pastry stuffed with mashed peas. I also relaxed on the beach for a while but the wind made it cold because there was no sun. Then I went for a cocktail (my favourite kind of drink 😍). After this I strolled along portomaso marina and discovered this rocky part which leads to the sea. The waves were intense and people were still swimming in there. For dinner I had "stuffat tal-qarnit" which is like octopus stew. I had it as a starter with salad and it was enough to fill me up.Read more

  • Day21

    Mdina Glass Factory

    May 31, 2017 in Malta

    Lazy day today but did manage to visit the Mdina Glass Factory and the craft village. Fabulous glass everywhere not the place to go with my rather bulky back pack especially when I spotted the sign "all breakages are considered sold!" Some of the vases are very big and very beautiful. Fascinating watching the man working the red hot glass.

  • Day15

    We have arrived

    May 25, 2017 in Malta

    It has taken two very enjoyable weeks. The only problem with the car was two punctures.
    Now we will relax for a few days. Wash all the clothes and order the new tubes for the car.
    It feels good to have arrived.
    I checked the mileage. We have traveled a little over 2200 miles or 3500 kilometres. I've used about 2.5 litres of oil and 1.5 litres of water and lots of petrol which varied from €1.46 to 1.75 per litre.
    Mostly our speed was about 55 miles per hour except in the many hilly areas. Faster than this and the thin cross ply tyres made the steering uncomfortable and it was harder to see the pot holes and undulating surface coming.

    Our idea to not book accommodation in advance changed as we traveled because if we left it until about 5pm it was often too late and smaller places would not accept our booking so we started booking place at about 2pm when we knew where we could get to by the end of our day.
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  • Day18

    Old Motors Club of Malta

    May 28, 2017 in Malta

    What a nice welcome we had from the members when we turned up in the MG at the very nice club house. Today is Sunday and they were having a car boot spare parts sale and I found a dip horn switch exactly the same as the one in my TC. We sat and enjoyed a drink in the clubs comfortable bar/cafeteria.
    Several of the members went out of their way to to come over and chat and as I expected the standard of the Maltese classic cars I saw is outstanding. Tony Vassallo give me a beautiful calendar and copies of the newsletter which were all of the highest print quality.
    One member called Joe Anastasi guided us on the quickest way to Golden Bay then his English wife joined us for a meal. As we followed him to the bay I said to Mandy that we could not be in better company if we have a puncture as Joes family have a tyre business and he said they might even have a tube the size I need. Joe is also a Vincent owner. He looks a lot like my late uncle Laurie and he has the same surname as my mum's maiden name so we might be related which wouldn't surprise me.
    What a fantastic club they should be very proud.

    Later in the day I read the car club news letters I had been given and noticed that in the May edition there​ was a picture of a Rover P5B and I remembered that Brian Salmon sold his to a man in London who was moving to Malta. I checked the name of the owner with Tony and phoned Brian to ask the buyers name. It is Brian's rover. Small world!
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  • Day16


    May 26, 2017 in Malta

    The car has been parked at the front door of the house all day and it was photographed every ten minutes by passing tourists. I gave it a good clean and vacuumed the dust off the tonneau.
    We parked in the town square and watched at least six pairs of tourists photograph it as we ate our lunch.
    On Sunday we have been invited to a car club meeting at Mosta where we will meet the owner of one of the two Maltese MGTC's then we continue to golden bay for the classic bikes and cars.

    I ordered the new inner tubes this morning Friday and they will arrive on Monday which is very good service.
    I will get them fitted by the tyre fitter who has a Vincent black shadow and get the wheels balanced.

    There is a snap election here also next week and I am eligible to vote so I will give it a go. Politics here is taken very seriously with very high percentage who vote.
    I will continue to post occasionally while we are here.
    Here are some photos from today.
    One is of a big amphibious car and the next picture is the boat it came off. They are both at the yacht marina at the back of the house.
    I'm doing this blog while Mandy cooks swordfish steak we bought from a fisherman this morning.
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  • Day19

    Technical update

    May 29, 2017 in Malta

    I ordered the tubes and rim tapes on Friday morning from Longstone tyres in England. They arrived at 10.30 this morning via DHL. Great service! I took the tubes to a Vincent owner who has a tyre shop not far from here and he replaced three tubes and balanced five wheels and wanted only €25 so I have him €30 and said the extra 5 is a deposit on his Black Shadow.
    I now have 2 new spare tubes and 5 good tubes on the car.
    I also opened the ignition points gap which had closed to six thou and went around the whole car checking the tightness of nuts and bolts. The car is ready for the trip home.
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