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  • Wonderful meal of 2 curries, one is fish and aubergine. Tasty...
    Second is chicken and prawn. Equally good. Both come with portion of dhaal , although watered down is very tasty.

    And of course portion of chips that we are trying to avoid.

    Full after third way through.

  • Trip was smooth. 2 decent meals and luckily empty seats to allow stretching of legs .... Sideways.
    Plane does feel a little 2nd hand with the tiny video screens and upholstery coming apart.
    That said, the flight was very decent and no complaints

    Just landed. Its 24 degrees outside and midday.

  • Most of these bus are broken, past their sell by date and cobbled together with tape. Some don't even have covers over the engine, I can only imagine the radiators are not working.

    In stark contrast, some few buses are so modern and clean that the I eternal CCTV cameras don't have the cellophane wrap taken off and the air conditioning is blasting so hard, it feels like you stepped into a industrial freezer.

    Unfortunately the modern ones are few and far between.

    We took the 215 up to Grand Baie earlier in week. Today it was the 123 down south to Fix en Flax beach.
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  • Beautiful golden sand beach.

    Not many around, especially lacking in locals compared to other places like Rio. As was pointed out , Rio prob has more inhabitants than the whole of Mauritius (1.2 million).

    The beach is quiet, a few rental sun loungers dotted for the sum of 500 rupees.

    Walking barefoot, become aware how soft and sensitive our feet are with the number of pine needles and shells around. That said it's still feels good to get the sand between the toes.

    The water is fresh, though no one out swimming. Surprisingly the boats seem to come quite close to land.
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  • Beautiful mosque in the north are of port Louis . The people are welcoming and Corina went up to the womens quarters.

    The central area is seeming open with marble flooring which was warm to walk on.

    The wudhu area is around a large small pond / reservoir filled with fish of all sizes. Very Zen and peaceful.
    The prayer area was the usual carpeted style with beautiful arches and the main pulpit smelling wonderfully of some Oud oils.Read more

  • Food court in the shopping mall nearby. Due to the Indian local populace, there is a few places selling biryani. After few days of tasting other foods It was time i gave this meal a try.

    And to say, I was not disappointed. It was delicious .. the spices great and the chicken leg and meat plentiful. Could not finish as the size was good, the chicken leg seemed to come from a giant chicken but let's not think about that too much....Read more

  • Let Suffren Hotel is on a harbour separated from the the main harbour.

    Actually there is a way to get there by land but it means driving or walking through a wasteland and some not largely habituated places. Not the best journey after dark and that's with local warnings.

    A instead the hotel offers a short hop to the main harbour via water taxi. a little hop on hop off bus across the 20 meters to the main harbour parking lot and a quick jump to the shopping mall.

    And for an Asian man like me, the nice thing is it's free and running all day till midnight. Can't complain ...
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  • Apparently Mauritius was the land of the dodo. Before the bird was made extinct in the 60s or 70s.

    Luckily before my time so I don't feel the weight of that particular crime against mother earth.

    A few statues of the local bird in memory in one of the parks. Not sure if this is life size, in which case what a fired chicken style feast .. oops.

  • Along with the churches, along with the mosques there is also a number of beautiful temples dotted around the island.

    Probably more plentiful than the others due to the majority population of Hindus.

    This was taken the day before Ganesha Public holiday.