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  • Day1


    July 26, 2016 in Moldova

    After an extremely long journey from Tudweiliog to Liverpool then a six hour sleeper bus to London and Stanstead, Stacey and I finally arrived in Chisinau, Moldova; the poorest country in Europe.

    We weren't off to the best start upon arriving in the capital city as it was well after dark and if you've been to this part of the world then you are well aware that street lights are few and far between. Our very friendly taxi driver dropped us off at the door to our accommodation and offered us various bits of advice for staying safe and getting the most out of our stay. The biggest problem we faced was when we entered the building of our Air BnB and found that it was in fact a derelict building that was falling to pieces inside.

    With no signal on our phones and no way of contacting our Air BnB host we were stuck and found refuge for a short amount of time in a cafe. Thank God for Wi-Fi as we located a hostel that was open - finding it however would prove to be another hurdle. A few tears and two hours later we were checked in and making friends with Connor our little Irish buddy.

    A few things you should know about Chisinau:-
    1. There's not a lot to do but the free walking tour was incredible (tips should be given).
    2. There's an outdoor public pool at the mall (around a 30 minute taxi ride and only around £2.50).
    3. It's ridiculously cheap - we were able to eat like Queens for less than £5 a day and a litre of Vodka will only set back £3.
    4. The streets are dangerous as the pavements are hardly that.
    5. We were two girls and we felt 100% safe - it"s a small city and it's relatively easy to get your bearings.

    Worth a visit? Only if you're in the area.
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  • Day188


    October 8, 2017 in Moldova

    It's currently 4am and we have been awoken by customs for our passports.
    Soooooooo awkward. Wills passport had money in it that the officer threw back at us. He wasn't happy.
    Must think it was a bribe... Hoping we are let in 🤞🏼🤞🏼lol

    Next bloke came by and he was really nice - he checked our luggage and asked if we had anything to declare.

    Still waiting for our passports.

    Got them woo.

    We moved maybe 100m then on came the Moldovans.
    The customs chick was much more thorough than the Romanian. I had to open my bag for her to check for stuff.
    She was so brutal to the guy in the cabin next to us.
    "Why you travel alone?" "You don't have friends?" 😂😂
    It was all very intense. I don't think they liked my photo. I do look like a 12 year old boy. Eventually they stamped us both.
    On our way!
    I slept really good apparently because people in the morning talked about how loud and long the changing of the wheel took.
    I thought the information I had read must have been outdated because I didn't hear a thing 😅
    Nevermind.. Hahaha

    We arrived at 9:30am - ish.
    So groggy.

    It was rainy but we still planned on walking to the hostel.
    So much waterrrrrr 😩😩😩😩😩
    So many puddles too that we kept stepping in.
    The place was deserted and bland.
    Walk walk walk.
    We found our street easily enough. Next challenge was finding the hostel cause turns out Wills GPS only pin dropped the street not the actually house number.
    Good times in the rain were had by all.
    We found shelter and I put my bags down so I could explore. Even though they are water resistant there was a lot of water and I didn't want water seeping onto my kindle and journal book.

    Found it.

    We couldn't check in for 2 hours but they let us stay inside 🙌🏼 I had a snooze on the couch and Will called his parents to chat.
    Dural looks like it's a go but time will tell.
    We plan to get a goat.
    I will be pushing for a pig. #dreams

    Beds became available- dumped our stuff then went out for breakfast/lunch.
    Will didn't listen to the instructions given to him so he took us the wrong way...

    We found Andys Pizza though. We stood around like dixks for a while before deciding we are probably meant to seat ourselves.
    I wasn't sure if people would speak English here but our waiter did fine.
    We got 2 drinks, a pizza, soup and chips and it was only $14 😂
    Big tick for moldova.
    Went home via the supermarket then both fell asleep on our beds. The doona was so toasty. 😍
    Woke up a few hours later and it was still pouring.
    It's the wine festival at the moment and we were gonna go because it's the biggest festival of the year but it's just not gonna happen.
    We didn't even want to brace the rain for food. We had to though.. there was a resturant across the street but when we walked in it looked as if maybe an event was taking place?
    We ran down the street to option 2 which we though had exuberant prices until we figured out our meal with dessert was still only $35 😂
    Ran home and now in bed.
    Trying to figure out where we are gonna go after Romania but everything is so inconvenient. We are thinking of maybe flying to Turkey for 3 days to bang it out.

    Not sure is I have mentioned that I really love the Romanian money - the Moldovan money is tiny!

    My hair is a huge huge knot and I can't be bothered to deal with it without a proper shower.

    Looked up things to do in Moldova and it's seriously lacking. Hhaha might just go walking :)

    Our resturant had cigarettes in the menu before the dessert section hahah ridiculous.
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  • Day189


    October 9, 2017 in Moldova

    Woke up midday but then took 42 minutes in the shower getting rid of my birds nest so we ended up leaving around 1.
    We walked to town which certainly had more people. We were gonna go to the museum but it looked completely dilapidated so we kept walking. There was no where to eat so we just kept walking and walking..
    We walked through their arcul de triumf which was nice and past a statue of Stefan. Don't know who Stefan is but the streets named after him so I assume he is important.
    Some of the buildings were boring but others had such interesting facades.
    We ate the food of our people (McDonalds) - quite honestly it was that or an ice cream from a kiosk..
    We walked past parliament which was very unusual looking - it had a pink tinge- I liked that it said Moldova with the hedge though. There was a pack of 5 stray dogs just chilling on the lawn.
    We walked down the street for maybe 2km just getting a feel for the place then turned around.
    The woman are all beautiful.
    We walked through 2 parks - both lovely- the second one had a great community vibe with enough benches and kiosks. Lots of people in it enjoying the "sunshine"
    We then walked home having seen pretty much everything. I like it. Its a cute little city.

    I like that their traffic lights have countdowns.

    Got home and sat in the kitchen and ended up deciding yo hire a car tomorrow with Liz (Scottish) and Karel (American) because everything there is to see requires one. It's also piss cheap.
    At one point there was discussions on hiring a mazarati for the day for 65€ but we didn't end up going with it.
    We procrastinated for about 2 hours trying to book this damn car but eventually got one. In this time I managed to book flights to Turkey. We are only planning on staying 2 days due to security warnings. To be fair the entire continent has warning so eh. Can't let them win.
    London has more attacked lately lol. We just want to see galipolli. We will then fly to either Serbia or the Ukraine. 👍🏼 still got to book our Romanian hire car though.

    Anywho we then went to the beer house for dinner only the menu was shit so we ended up just having a beer before going to a new place. We jumped on the bus to get there and that was an adventure and totally unnecessary - it was like 1km away. Bloody lazy American ! Hahahah

    This new place was out of their entire menu except pork. (It's a grill house so that's stupid)
    The other 3 bought 2 racks of 8 beers to share amongst them.
    I got really sick though and had an awkward gastronomic attack in the bathroom and vomited in their bin and I exploded the other end. Delightful.
    I have been dropped home and they are all still out.
    Bed time (feeling better now:))
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  • Day190

    Orheiul Vechi

    October 10, 2017 in Moldova

    So I had suspicions we wouldn't... but we did not wake up on time. Everyone was extremely hung over. Well, except me but I like sleeping so..
    Eventually, after Lizs angry encouragement Karel (sounds like Karl) rebooked the car for 12:30 not 10.
    I was in total hysterics. This guy is a 100% stereotypical american dickhead but when he made the call 30 minutes after we were meant to be there the reason he gave was "due to the bad weather we have postponed put plans"
    It was so so sunny. His speech pattern and accent is exactly like snake from the Simpsons.
    Liz gave us another hour which was enough prep time for me to jump up. I helped by ripping the blanket off karel. We for some unknown reason had asked for a taxi to drive us the 4 blocks.
    By the time we got there because of traffic we were late. It was ok though cause they called and said they would be there at 1.
    We waited but were hungry so went to the restaurant next to the radisson blue hotel which was our pick up point. It was so cheap except the water was $5!!!! Almost the most expensive thing we ordered.
    At 1:30 they were still not there so we called them - they were stuck in traffic apparently - they got there soon after.
    We had to do all our contract signing in the business conference room of the hotel 😂
    Karel was a small douche but we got there. Seriously his stereotype is off the charts.
    I said to Liz outside he is so American and she was like " yes, he is so difficult " 😂
    We got upgraded to "an intimation car"
    America was driver - we drove to Orheiul Vechi but on the way past the most ridiculous prison I have ever seen in my life. It was so dilapidated and abandoned looking we were like "hey how cool would it be to have a look inside" ... until I spotted the man in the watch tower holding a machine gun.
    We are all totally flabbergasted that this is a working prison. I'm sure the guns are a deterrent but if you pushed the walls in an attempt to escape they would probably collapse. This place was so dirty I can't imagine the quality of life in there...

    We made it to a view point- popped out for pictures - jumped back I. And drove to the monastery car park. There was a very vocal Turkey there 🦃

    Walked up the hill and ta da, beautiful scenery and a church. This is suppose to be the big "it" place of Moldova. Not grossly impressed. The nature rather than the church was cool.
    There was a cute dog and some goats I touched which was a highlight.
    A monk rang the bell and I have recently found out also walked in on Will on the loo 😂hahahah
    The church had some weirdo pidgeon whose ass feathers were like peacocks. We think maybe carrier pigeons ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    The cool part of the sight was the cave/rock face monastery which we had to walk down stairs to get too. Only one was accessible but when driving to and from you could see lots of different caves. I would have loved to have follows the monk man down further into what I assume is his living chambers.
    Outside on the ledge people had put coins into the holes in the rock face so we did too.
    The view was so nice.

    The boys were keen to keep exploring so off we went towards some river Liz found on the map.
    We drove through so many villages and on the shitties roads we had to drive so slowly on because of the human sized pot holes and rocks.
    In separate villages we saw geese and then turkeys being herded😂
    Our car also got chased by a very angry dog that at first i was so stressed was going to run under the car - nope, just at it; with great aggression and force.

    Finally found this damn river- chatted to some more sheep while there - nothing noteworthy about the river but it did give us a clear view of Transnistria on the other side of the river (unrecognized/recognized country)
    There are so many random Jesus shrines in places no one loves for miles around..

    Idiot Karel ignored directions because he wanted to explore but we all eventual came up with a plan of going to Orhei for dinner.

    The villages remind me very much of the Bulgarian villages.

    Karel parked the car in "Romanian style" i.e. Half way on the footpath then we went to dinner.
    Terrible food lol but sooooo cheap.
    Also, I'm not complaining about the translation difficulties.... I asked for ice cream -1 scoop chocolate 1 scoop strawberry but she brought out a bowl of each which was 3 scoops per flavor woohoo!! Hahaha
    Will drove home for a bit but they swapped back over at the petrol satiation when we filled up.
    It was bloody cold.

    Karel, though so very very American did have some truly terrific one liners throughout the day so despite being so freaking frustrating I'm glad he came.
    I couldn't do a second day with him though - great In small doses.

    We dropped the car off and had another adventure on the bus to get home. 2 cats followed us to the hostel so i fed then some cat food. They were so friendly 😭😍

    Overall we had a great day and pleased we actually did something in Moldova. We paid for half the car which came to $22 👍🏼
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  • Day191


    October 11, 2017 in Moldova

    Woke up and moved out bags out of the room but we were allowed to stay in the hostel until we needed to so we stayed in the kitchen area and for organised.
    We bought our Turkish eviasa. SIXTY U.S DOLLARS EACH 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 if we had known we probably would have skipped. It was suppose to be $20 for a single entry but that's no longer and option so we had to get the multiple entry visa for $60 😭😭😭😭
    We also booked a car for the next 4 nights and accommodation around Romania.

    Feeling accomplished we went to Andys pizza again and got food. Our eyes were too big for our stomachs but still great food! The fried cheese was delish.
    We then went and got me a magnet from the markets.

    Back at the hostel the assistant worker child dude tried to call us a taxi but they are having issues with taxi drivers is Chisinau at the moment - not enough.
    So we just walked the 4 km to the station - luckily almost all of it was down hill.

    Bought our ticket for $110 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 it was only $60 on the way here. But moldova isn't a popular place - Romania is ... so much so we paid an extra $7 each to upgrade to first class so we didn't have to share a living quarter.

    I love the autumn colored trees.

    So far our journey has been good. I had a nap 😏
    Our train left at 4:45pm - it's currently 7:56pm and we have done our Moldovan customs check which was intense - she did not like my photo...
    we then had both bags properly searched.
    Some lady then told us she was a doctor do we need help... we said no and off she went..

    They are currently changing the wheels over which is gonna take a while. It's been 20 minutes and they have only just finished our carriage and we are first In line for the wheeel change. They lifted us up but we couldn't feel it. You wouldn't know if you weren't watching.
    Can't wait for Romanian customs so I can go back to bed hahah.

    Jokes the previous passport check was not the legit one - this is the 4th time I've had to show the Moldovans my passport.
    1. Passport matches ticket
    2. Unsure why
    3. What I thought was customs
    4. Customs
    They didn't like my picture this time either. Wills always passes straight away but mine they checked under lights to check it wasn't fake and checked my face like 10 times. Then they disappeared with it - that was fun..
    But we both did eventually get stamped woo.

    20 meters on its now Romanias turn. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    Ok we so we got the same bloke as last time - absolutely champ. A slightly plump man with a big mostache.
    He remembered us once we said we were there 3 days ago.
    We pointed to our bags which were in the apartment above our heads and he just looked at them, paused and said "ok, I see " then he left 😂😂😂😂😂😂 best bag search ever hahahahaha

    There is a lot of drilling noises coming from the roof. Maybe searching for hidden drugs? Or the train is broken hahah

    2.5 hours later - we have made it through the silly customs.

    We actually prefer 2nd class to this.
    It's 11:57 so documentation will continue in the next entry.
    Stay tuned...
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  • Day6


    March 23, 2014 in Moldova

    I stayed in a comfortable but homey hotel that was built when Chisinau was an important military center for the USSR's Western area. Called Cosmos, it's at the end of Yuri Gagarin Ave., a major thoroughfare and home to numerous street-sellers who lay their secondhand items down on the sidewalk, hoping to get a little cash. The country is very, very poor.

    The friend I had come to visit here, who was posted by the Peace Corps to a town in the south of Moldova, traveled up to stay at the hotel with me by one of the ubiquitous minivan bus services that run through the town, the countryside, and even into neighboring countries. We visited a couple of her favorite museums and had a wonderful evening meal at a restaurant called Propaganda.Read more

  • Day7

    Chisinau to Bucharest by train

    March 24, 2014 in Moldova

    The next day, we wandered around the city some more and had lunch at a cafe. In the evening, I boarded my train to Bucharest. Minivan bus is the more popular way to take that trip, but I especially wanted to take the train. That's because I'm a train freak, and at the border between the two countries, the carriages are lifted off the Moldovan bogies and placed on Romanian ones because the rail gauges of the two countries differ. If you plan to take this train, you have to make a reservation in person at the station. All my other train trips in Europe I booked online before leaving for the trip.

    It was a very old train, with a wood-fired piped hot-water heating system that was unbearably hot in my particular carriage, but fine in some of the others I walked through. The sleeper was comfortable and I was the only person in it. We got to Bucharest at dawn the next morning.
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