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Curious what backpackers do in Monaco? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Heute haben wir Italien verlassen. Fast 7 Wochen haben wir hier verbracht.
    Weiter geht es nach Monaco. Ich war bereits 3 mal hier zur Formel 1 und war daher ganz gespannt wie Monte Carlo ohne Tribünen aus. Dort wo am Formel 1 Wochenende das Fahrerlager steht war jetzt ein Rummel. Kathi und ich haben hier an einigen Buden gespielt und ich habe für Ella einen Dinosaurier beim Bogenschießen gewonnen. Nach einem ausgedehnten Spaziergang durch die Stadt/das Land sind wir weiter nach Nizza gefahren und haben hier zu Abend gegessen. Auf einem Parkplatz in Antibes mit Blick auf das Meer ging es zu Bett.

    Ich würde mich ab und an sehr über Feedback zu diesem Blog freuen. Oder gerne auch Reisetipps von euch hören, wenn ihr seht, dass wir in einer Gegend sind wo ihr etwas empfehlen könnt.
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    Ansonsten möchte ich euch für euer Interesse an unserer Reise danken und würde mich freuen, wenn Ihr uns treu bleibt.
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  • ...alles an einem Tag.
    Mit dem Autozug sind wir von Kandersteg durch den Lötschbergtunnel ins Wallis auf den Schienen, runter vom Zug, auf die Straße, über den Berg, durch den Schnee und ab ins Tal bis uns breitbeinig mit verschränkten Armen ein italienischer Zollbeamter zur Notbremsung zwang.
    "Du können weiterfahren" - hieß es, zum Glück.
    Durch Domodossala entlang dem Lago Maggiore über Alessandria und Genua, Richtung Monaco.
    Polizeikontrolle bei Ankunft mit Bravour gemeistert und mit dreckigem Auto vom schweizer Schnee, vor dem Hotel geparkt und dieses aufgrund der zentralen Lage am Jachthafen für gut befunden.
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  • There was time for a quick stop at Monaco to see the Jacques Cousteau Museum that Aaron has been wanting to see. Jacques Cousteau was a marine conservationist that produced many documentaries to raise awareness for his work. He also co-developed the Aqua-Lung, better known as scuba gear or underwater breathing apparatus.

    We were rather disappointed with the museum. We were misinformed about what the exhibition was about. We thought it would feature Jacques Cousteau's life and conservation work but it was mainly a small aquarium with displays of preserved marine animals. It did have a good view of Monaco from the top of the museum though.

    It was not a wasted trip. We got to walk along a section of the Grand Prix circuit! Aaron's stoked. Unfortunately, our bad timing will see us miss the Monaco Grand Prix by a month. Maybe next time.
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  • Second smallest country in the world! Check! Apparently, you can walk across the entire country in an average of 52 minutes, so I'm thinking I could do it in half an hour 😀

    We were there only a few days after the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, so they were still in the process of taking down everything that's set up for the race. The most famous hairpin turn in F1 is in Monaco, right in front of the Fairmont Hotel, and I was there!

    We walked up to Prince Albert's Palace for some photo opportunities and group shots... Not surprisingly, amazing views!

    Our last stop was a casino in Monte Carlo... I felt like I was on the set of Casino Royale! The last time I gambled, aside from my lottery ticket purchase after my hole in one, was when I turned 18, so I figured this was a great opportunity... I played blackjack and doubled my €50 starting buy in to €100, so I'm probably good for another 15 years! I also picked up some pamphlets at the casino explaining the rules of various table games. Craps is a game i have zero understanding of, so that read should be interesting.
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  • Well it's not everday you get to party on a yacht in Monaco harbour when the Formula One cars are in town! First off must say a huge thank you to Smithy Jnr and Snr for the invite. Amazing day and evening guys.

    From arriving into the harbour and yacht via speedboat, to chilling out watching the F1 practice session from the top deck, to the amazing food, to the live band on the back of the boat, to the endless flow of drink, to having F1 driver Felipe Nasr and the Sauber guys on board, to the sun being out all day and to the great company it really was an incredible day.Read more

  • After yesterday's incredible party on the yacht today was a much calmer affair with the day spent in Monaco watching the GP2 (surprisingly a lot louder than F1) race and the Porshe Supercup. With some great seats in the stands we managed to get up very close to the cars and pits and after the racing was finished got the chance to walk the track before they opened the roads again to the public.

    Headed back to Nice this evening and with yesterday catching up on me it's an early night to recharge for the weekend.
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  • ¿ Whats with the title you ask ? Well ill tell you. We went to Monaco!! A day trip (once we gpt organised because that wasnt until around after midday). I mean who doesnt want a day trip, especailly to the lovely place Monaco. Now it gets a bit boring in the car for an hour + so we did a challenge to find 'smart cars' and it was kids vs adults. It is a pretty good way to pass time. And we had to pass time since we had no idea where we where going and also had a detour through the mountains. Monaco was really good. We walked around the boat dock and saw these really nice 'yoats'. After that we went to get something to eat. We walked around (counting even more smart cars) and got to this nice restaraunt. We had ice cream and crepes, it was really good. Whilst eating we took fun pictures and just enjoyed ourselves. Once we where coming back to our rented cars we saw this white lambogini racing past. So today i saw 2 lambogini's and 12 ferarri's and alot of smart cars.Read more

  • Off to Italy! Bye France it was great and hope to see you soon. On the way we had to see Monaco. What a city! Highrise modern buildings yachts and the Rock with the palace on it. Very fancy and really stunning.

You might also know this place by the following names:

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