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  • Day2

    Monaco-Ville, Monaco

    September 30 in Monaco

    Nach fast 24 Stunden Anreise, über Hamburg, Zürich bis nach Nizza bin ich endlich in Monaco angekommen. Da wäre ich schneller in Costa Rica gewesen 😉

    Leider hab ich Nicola meine Kollegin nicht mehr getroffen, daher viel die Übergabe telefonisch aus. Jedoch musste ich erst einmal zum Crew Purser und den Papierkram erledigen, meinen Reisepass und Seemannsbuch abgeben, danach meine Uniform holen - fix umziehen auf die Brücke und meine Rettungsweste zu holen. Zwischendurch der schon bekannten Crew hallo sagen, mittag zu essen und danach gings in Büro. Die Menüs für den nächsten Tag fertig zu machen. Mich wieder in den tagesablauf reinlesen, schließlich war der noch auf die Europa 2 programmiert 😉
    Um 15.30 Uhr hieß es dann auch noch. Gäste einchecken 🙄 bis 17 Uhr, dann musste ich die Menüs für den Abend drucken, sowie um 18 Uhr die Zeitung "Die Welt". Kurz Abendbrot essen, dann habe ich die Tagesprogramme und Hafeninfos gedruckt. Um 20 Uhr gab es dann noch ein Mitarbeiter Meeting. Leider war ich immer noch nicht fertig im Büro, dort blieb ich bis 21.30 und bin dann aber noch nach draußen ins dekadente Monte-Carlo. 😊

    Nach dem schönen Spaziergang war ich um 23 Uhr wieder an Bord und hab noch mehr Koffer ausgepackt, damit es etwas gemütlicher wird. 😊

    Ein langer erster Tag ging um Mitternacht zu Ende!
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  • Day20

    Day 20 part 2 - Monaco

    September 17 in Monaco

    So I thought I was doing pretty well in life until I went to Monaco. 😒 lol

    The money and luxury there is unreal... Totally normal to own a 200M yatch. I am in the wrong business. 🤔

    Visited the famous Monte Carlo casino, beach, luxury avenue and prince's castle.

  • Day7


    May 15 in Monaco

    Heute waren wir im zweit kleinsten Land der Welt - in Monaco. Wir sind mit unserem Bus bis ins Zentrum (Monaco-Ville) gefahren, denn hier gibt es eine Tiefgarage extra für Wohnmobile. Danach ging es zu Fuß durch die Stadt. Wir haben uns den Palast, die Kathedrale und die Formeleinsstrecke angeschaut. Mittagessen gab es dann bei McDonald's. Eine beeindruckende Stadt mit vielen reichen Leuten, teuren Autos und großen Yachten. Jetzt sind wir an einem Campingplatz hinter Nizza.Read more

  • Day28

    Day 27

    June 25, 2017 in Monaco

    Travelled from Milan to Nice today again with no border controls from Italy and France. To get there we drove along the French Riviera driving through Monaco which is the most densely populated country and with of course with the richest casino. We got in quite late so had dinner and a walk down to the beach so excited for tomorrow when I can go swimming wohooo!!Read more

  • Day18

    Monte Carlo, Monaco

    August 20, 2017 in Monaco

    We met our guide for a private full day tour. Our itinerary included all the key sites in both Monaco and Nice: Driving on the Formula 1 track and Corniches, Casino Monte-Carlo, visiting the Palais du Prince, the Villa de Rothschild and the medieval, mountaintop village of Eze. In Nice we walked the Vieux Nice (old square and market). We saw a long line at a food stand and thought that it must be special. It was Socca, the local pan bagnat which was very good.Read more

  • Day407

    Day 408: Monaco

    March 29 in Monaco

    Up and out quite early, heading eastwards along the coast towards Monaco. It's actually quite close to Nice, only about 30 kilometres, but it's a fairly slow road. Wanted to stop in a cute little village about halfway along but couldn't find parking!

    Drove across into Monaco and struggled again to find somewhere to park! There are several parking lots underground, but the specific one we were looking for was really difficult to find, and in the end we just parked in a different one, underneath the Old Town.

    It's an interesting little place, Monaco, since there are separate districts within the town and they're all quite different. We started underneath the Old Town where the streets are quite narrow and small, though obviously the buildings aren't actually that old. Had a look at the royal palace and watched the changing of the guard ceremony (much smaller than the one at Buckingham Palace!), and had a look at the cathedral too. Found out later that this is where Princess Grace is buried.

    Walked down the hill from the old town to the main harbour, where we wandered a bit and had a look at the main straight of the grand prix track. Was mildly amused to see a Volkswagen dealership almost directly opposite the start-finish line! Choked a bit on seeing restaurant prices in the area, so ended up with supermarket sandwiches for lunch instead!

    Walked around the foreshore through the grand prix tunnel and eventually up to the Casino, where lots of tourists were hanging around but not much was happening. You can poke your head in for a look at the foyer without paying several hundred euros, so we did that one at a time since dogs aren't permitted inside!

    Wandered a little more in this area before deciding it was time to head back to the car. Struggled again to navigate our way out of the city since our phones weren't working (underground + no network since it's a different country!), but we managed and took the coastal road back to Nice.

    Rather than head straight back to our apartment, we headed for the centre of town instead. There's a huge long promenade and beachfront which was quite nice, and by now it was lovely and sunny so we rather enjoyed it and spent a bit of time just sitting around enjoying the warmth.

    Later in the evening we met up with a blogger friend of Shandos's who lives here in Nice. Had a couple of drinks and some dinner with her which was fun. She also showed us around a bit of the old town as well - there's a beautiful large garden area set back from the waterfront that's also very lovely!

    Finally headed home around 9pm, very late for us!
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  • Day1201

    Bucket list - ticked! Always wanted to visit Monaco, I have grown up watching F1 and it always looked so glamorous that I always said I had to visit and it did not disappoint, however I was not prepared for how much money there is in Monaco, it was a real eye opener! It was however unbelievable! I managed to walk the actual F1 circuit, gaze at the ships at the marina and gamble in the Monte Carlo casino which was an experience in its self! Will 100% return.... but with more money!Read more

  • Day41

    Day 41 - Monaco

    May 26, 2016 in Monaco

    Well it's not everday you get to party on a yacht in Monaco harbour when the Formula One cars are in town! First off must say a huge thank you to Smithy Jnr and Snr for the invite. Amazing day and evening guys.

    From arriving into the harbour and yacht via speedboat, to chilling out watching the F1 practice session from the top deck, to the amazing food, to the live band on the back of the boat, to the endless flow of drink, to having F1 driver Felipe Nasr and the Sauber guys on board, to the sun being out all day and to the great company it really was an incredible day.Read more

  • Day42

    Day 42 - Monaco

    May 27, 2016 in Monaco

    After yesterday's incredible party on the yacht today was a much calmer affair with the day spent in Monaco watching the GP2 (surprisingly a lot louder than F1) race and the Porshe Supercup. With some great seats in the stands we managed to get up very close to the cars and pits and after the racing was finished got the chance to walk the track before they opened the roads again to the public.

    Headed back to Nice this evening and with yesterday catching up on me it's an early night to recharge for the weekend.
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  • Day14


    April 27, 2016 in Monaco

    There was time for a quick stop at Monaco to see the Jacques Cousteau Museum that Aaron has been wanting to see. Jacques Cousteau was a marine conservationist that produced many documentaries to raise awareness for his work. He also co-developed the Aqua-Lung, better known as scuba gear or underwater breathing apparatus.

    We were rather disappointed with the museum. We were misinformed about what the exhibition was about. We thought it would feature Jacques Cousteau's life and conservation work but it was mainly a small aquarium with displays of preserved marine animals. It did have a good view of Monaco from the top of the museum though.

    It was not a wasted trip. We got to walk along a section of the Grand Prix circuit! Aaron's stoked. Unfortunately, our bad timing will see us miss the Monaco Grand Prix by a month. Maybe next time.
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