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  • Day47

    Cat and Mouse Game

    October 12, 2016 in Montenegro

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    My anticipation was great. Finally I went to a country which I had not visited yet... Montenegro. After I had passed the border without problems, the road led directly to the city Herceg-Novi at the sea. Instead of talking the busy coastal road, I cycled up a lonely mountain road, whereupon a descent to the sea followed. The detour was really worth it. A great view and a fun descent. After coming down, I was completely exhausted. Luckily there was a campsite where I pitched my tent.

    After a two day break I took a ferry to the other side of the river. I came into conversation with a travel group from Scotland and made advertising for the donation project.

    Then I went some kilometers along the coast, past hotels and tourist places. In the afternoon I made a swivel in the direction of Lake Jezero. But I should not be able to see them until the next day, because there were almost 800 m of climbing before me. Just in time for the dusk, I arrived at the pass and found a plateau 100 meters further, which was perfect to spend the night. The place was very special. I had a great 360 degree view of the mountains and the sea.

    In the meantime, it is getting dark very early. But I am usually so K.O., which I immediately fall asleep as soon as I lie down. After the meal I shoot a few photos and then go to sleep. So also this evening. After a short time, however, I heard sounds as if something were sneaking around my tent. I figured it was a Capricorn, and I was talking wildly to scare the animal. But the sounds did not stop. Armed with my torch, I crawled out of the tent and peered a fox. But he did not let himself be distracted by my lighthouse and looked at me in amazement. To scare him, I threw a stone next to him (not at him). A little later, however, he reappeared. The cat and mouse game had begun. But unfortunately I was in the case the cat. I threw at least 5-6 stones, but the fox always appeared again. Then he even tried to steal my sweaty bikeshorts. At the last moment I threw a stone and he let off the pant. Tormented, I grabbed all my stuff into the tent and went to sleep, with the hope that the next day air will be still in the tires.

    Fortunately, my bike remained undisturbed, so I started the next morning towards Jezero Lake. From there, a hilly road led along the lake to Albania. The lake with its many small islands is definitely a must-see, if one travels to Montenegro.

    In the late afternoon, I crossed the border to Albania and noticed after crossing, that some things are quite different here. But more to that in the next entry.

    Ride on.

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  • Day170


    June 21, 2017 in Montenegro

    Eine Woche einfach relaxen wir hier mit meinem Cousin Emil, seinen Eltern und zum Teil auch mit Tante Rina und Onkel Pille.
    Wir haben eine tolle Wohnung, die Emil stets auf den Kopf stellt. Ich kann hier super schlafen, manchmal auch am Pool oder am Meer.

  • Day76


    October 14, 2016 in Montenegro

    Stayed the night in Hercegnovi before heading on towards the bay of Kotor this morning. The road runs right around the edge where the steep mountains meet the sea. We could literally feel the hot winds meeting the cold wind as we cycled along towards Kotor and are now watching an incredible lightening storm from our bedroom window.
    Tasted some delicious weird pastry roll thing full of fruit and syrupy stuff en route this morning and just had an amazing sea food platter for din dins! Uh ohhhh. Diet starts tomorrow, obviously.Read more

  • Day77


    October 15, 2016 in Montenegro

    We continued our cycle round the bay of Kotor which was incredibly beautiful and ended in the The Monaco of the Adriatic, Tivat. This towns exclusive harbour and marina are very different to the surrounding area, as a few billionaires have invested heavily in the area. This is our last stop in Europe before we flying back for some R&R.

  • Day11

    Kotor, Montenegro

    August 13, 2017 in Montenegro

    Kotor could be the most beautiful location that we have ever visited. We went up to the very top of the mountain range over extremely narrow roads. We sampled local food at two different village restaurants and visited Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Day70


    August 10, 2017 in Montenegro

    I remember being in Croatia in 2014 and listening to everyone coming back from further east raving about Kotor so, despite it being a quite painful detour, I had to make sure I got there on this trip. In the end I have mixed feelings about the place. There is no doubt that it is one of the prettiest places I have ever been with its well preserved Venetian old town settled at the base of a fiord like landscape, yet well and truely now on the tourist map, meaning cruise liners, large tour groups and prices that are a joke when compared to the rest of the Balkans. It was quite a shock to the system fighting my way through clueless day trippers and blind tour groups and being extorted with western prices after 10 weeks of relative off the grid travelling, and not a welcome one.

    One of the things I have enjoyed most about the places in the Balkans I've been so far are the relatively high number of solo independent travellers, which makes travelling a pleasure, not only due to the relative dispersion this encourages, but also the open and accomodating mindset. On 2 of the 3 days I spent in Kotor there were massive cruise ships dominating the tiny harbour offloading thousands upon thousands of obnoxious day trippers who made navigating the tiny maze like streets in the old town a nightmare as they congregated in large blocks of humanity blindly following a continuous succession of umbrellas. The hostels were also populated by an overflow of youngsters fresh from Sail Croatia sleeping all day in preparation for the next booze cruise and congregating in large groups for the free shots available on the nightly pub crawl.

    This was all a pity, because Kotor is unbelievably spectacular. Smaller than Split or Dubrovnik further north, but a set in the most awesome landscape and harbour, which provided an easily defensible location for the Venetians to build a beautiful old town surrounded by massive fortifications and overlooked by successive defensive walls and the upper fortress that, after climbing 1500 steps, provides some of the most impressive views I've ever seen.

    To escape the crowds for a while I also caught the bus to Perast, a tiny Venetian village further around the Bay, looking out onto two pretty islands housing a church and a monastery and the narrow entrance to the Kotor Bay.

    So in the end Kotor was a lesson in how quickly the frontier of mass tourism is moving in this part of the world. On balance it was worth the out of the way detour, however, I am relieved to be heading back south to the relative obscurity of Albania via a couple of nights in Ulcinj on the Montenegro south coast.

    To escape the crowds for a while I also caught the bus to Perast, a tiny Venetian village further around the Bay, looking out onto two pretty islands housing a church and a monastery and the narrow entrance to the Kotor Bay.

    So in the end Kotor was a lesson in how quickly the frontier of mass tourism is moving in this part of the world. On balance it was worth the out of the way detour, however, I am relieved to be heading back south to the relative obscurity of Albania via a couple of nights in Ulcinj on the Montenegro south coast.
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  • Day72


    August 12, 2017 in Montenegro

    Making my way north to Kotor left me in a bind. I had been warned off most of the coastal towns as being pretty horrible ('Budva is Russia's Bali' being a favourite description) and the capital is generally regarded as irredeemable this only really left the national parks to the north, which I heard great things about, but without plans to head further north into Croatia or Serbia presented a dead end with no easy way to get back on track. In the end I chose Ulcinj a town near the Albanian border with a fascinating sounding history.

    Ulcinj is located on a small protected bay dominated by an Illyrian era fortress, the town was a major pirate base for hundreds of years up to as recently as the 18th century. This history has left behind a number of prominent monuments, most notably the slave market within the castle grounds, which is now the location of the towns (terrible) museum. Unfortunately, this history doesn't save Ulcinj from being an incredibly ugly town, surrounded by horrible developments and packed and polluted beaches.

    I have also come down with a cold only a day after marvelling at how well I had been going sickness wise so wasn't in the best mood whilst there and I ended up cutting my stay short after the boat trip I was booked on after my first night there, which promised to take us out to some islands and some famous cliff diving spots, was cancelled due to wind.

    All in all, Montenegro was a bit of a disappointment and I'm only too keen to get back to Albania.
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  • Day35

    Montenegro in transit

    June 21, 2016 in Montenegro

    Technically, I visited Montenegro, even though our only stop was for a rest stop for a few hours.

    That said, the drive through the country was amazingly beautiful - very picturesque! Apparently, most tourists to Montenegro are mostly day trippers from Croatian tourism, but most tourists to the country don't stay for more than one night, at most. It definitely has room to grow with respect to capitalizing on tourism opportunities, especially relating to the country's natural beauty.Read more

  • Day13


    October 1, 2016 in Montenegro

    Podgorica ist die Hauptstadt von Montenegro und wahrlich keine Sehenswürdigkeit.
    Wir haben zwar nach der ein oder anderen Attraktion gesucht, gefunden haben wir am Ende jedoch nichts außer der Uni und einer unschönen Statue.

    Dafür gibt es in den Bergen um Podgorica eine nette Farm, die sich Mountain Riders nennt. Wie der Name schon verrät haben wir uns in den Sattel geschwungen und haben drei wirklich schöne Stunden auf dem Rücken der Pferde verbracht. Sogar Philipp hatte so etwas wie Spaß, obwohl sein Pferd trotz guten Zuredens einfach nicht vorwärts wollte.Read more

  • Day10


    September 28, 2016 in Montenegro

    Kolasin liegt im Nordosten von Montenegro.
    Auf dem Weg dorthin sind wir an der berühmten Tara-Brücke vorbeigefahren, die wir am Tag zuvor per Schlauchboot passierten.
    Im Umland von Kolasin befindet sich der Nationalpark Biogradska Gora. Das Herzstück dieses Parks ist der große See, den man einfach auf befestigten Wegen umrunden kann. Ein paar Meter weiter befindet sich ein Weg, der zu den Bergen führt. Den sind wir natürlich eingeschlagen, diesmal reichte es für uns jedoch nicht bis zur Spitze.

    Ziemlich versteckt und wirklich schwer zu finden war unsere Wanderung entlang des Flusses Moraca. Wieder einmal erwartete uns glasklares Wasser und wunderschöne Natur. Der Wanderweg führte außerdem durch eine kleines "Dorf". Vorbei an drei Häusern, deren Bewohner doch sehr ländlich wohnten und sich scheinbar komplett selbst verpflegten, ging es circa 4 Stunden durch die Moraca-Schlucht. Ein erfrischendes Bad im Fluss wirkte sehr verlockend, bei maximal 10 Grad Wassertemperatur hielten wir dann aber doch nur die Hand hinein.
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