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  • Day47

    Cat and Mouse Game

    October 12, 2016 in Montenegro ⋅ 🌙 9 °C

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    My anticipation was great. Finally I went to a country which I had not visited yet... Montenegro. After I had passed the border without problems, the road led directly to the city Herceg-Novi at the sea. Instead of talking the busy coastal road, I cycled up a lonely mountain road, whereupon a descent to the sea followed. The detour was really worth it. A great view and a fun descent. After coming down, I was completely exhausted. Luckily there was a campsite where I pitched my tent.

    After a two day break I took a ferry to the other side of the river. I came into conversation with a travel group from Scotland and made advertising for the donation project.

    Then I went some kilometers along the coast, past hotels and tourist places. In the afternoon I made a swivel in the direction of Lake Jezero. But I should not be able to see them until the next day, because there were almost 800 m of climbing before me. Just in time for the dusk, I arrived at the pass and found a plateau 100 meters further, which was perfect to spend the night. The place was very special. I had a great 360 degree view of the mountains and the sea.

    In the meantime, it is getting dark very early. But I am usually so K.O., which I immediately fall asleep as soon as I lie down. After the meal I shoot a few photos and then go to sleep. So also this evening. After a short time, however, I heard sounds as if something were sneaking around my tent. I figured it was a Capricorn, and I was talking wildly to scare the animal. But the sounds did not stop. Armed with my torch, I crawled out of the tent and peered a fox. But he did not let himself be distracted by my lighthouse and looked at me in amazement. To scare him, I threw a stone next to him (not at him). A little later, however, he reappeared. The cat and mouse game had begun. But unfortunately I was in the case the cat. I threw at least 5-6 stones, but the fox always appeared again. Then he even tried to steal my sweaty bikeshorts. At the last moment I threw a stone and he let off the pant. Tormented, I grabbed all my stuff into the tent and went to sleep, with the hope that the next day air will be still in the tires.

    Fortunately, my bike remained undisturbed, so I started the next morning towards Jezero Lake. From there, a hilly road led along the lake to Albania. The lake with its many small islands is definitely a must-see, if one travels to Montenegro.

    In the late afternoon, I crossed the border to Albania and noticed after crossing, that some things are quite different here. But more to that in the next entry.

    Ride on.

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  • Day401

    Bucht von Kotor/Montenenegro

    May 7, 2018 in Montenegro ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Heute morgen klingelte der Wecker um 6.00 Uhr morgens, zwei Stunden früher als geplant. 😴 Jede Stunde Schlaf mehr auf dem Schiff ist wie Wochenende!

    Doch der wenige Schlaf hat sich mehr als gelohnt. Der Anblick war traumhaft die Sonne hat geschien und der Blick war dadurch traumhaft ☀️😍

    Als wir in die Bucht einfuhren, kam von der kleinen Burg Delfine auf uns zu geschwommen, dass Empfangskommite 😅😊
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  • Day401

    Montenegros Berg erklimmen...

    May 7, 2018 in Montenegro ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    ... zwei Tage zuvor hieß es 1.000 Stufen musst du gehen. Heute waren es dann mal 1.400 Steile Stufen oder wahlweise Geröll😓 8€ mussten wir für die Plackerei auch noch zahlen.

    Doch es hat sich gelohnt, schon der Aufstieg mit den atemberaubenden Ausblicken, waren unbezahlbar. Es waren zwar gefühlt 30 Grad und Sonne pur und wirklich Schweißreibend aber besser als Regen 😉

    Als wir nach 40 Minuten oben ankamen, trafen wir Julian der schon das 8 mal dort oben war und daher alle geheimen Wege kannte. Doch dieser war wirklich suspekt, wie sind durch ein Fenster der alten Stadtmauer gestiegen um eine steile Felsenwand runter klettern um zu einer kleinen Kapelle zu gegangen, in dem ein Esel wohnte - verrückt. Auf dem Weg hab es noch lauter Ziegen und Katzen. So schön😍

    Doch das beste kam noch. Wir sind noch ein Stück weiter hoch um in einer kleinen Hütte Essen zu gehen. Frischer Ziegenkäse stand auf dem kleinen Holzschild. Als wir dort ankamen, stolperte uns schon ein betrunkener Wirt entgegen, mit schlechtem Englisch. Doch Gastfreundlich war er wirklich. Es gab frischen Ziegenkäse, einen Schnaps und trocken Brot. Es ähnelte 'Dinner for One" herrlich dieser Typ
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  • Day20


    October 18, 2018 in Montenegro ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Immer wieder schön hier, traumhafte aber auch unwirkliche Kulisse mit all den riesen Bergen im Hintergrund 😊🏞️ leider müssen wir um 14 Uhr schon wieder weiterfahren, wäre gern noch mal auf den Berg gestiegen, durchs Fenster geklettert und den Esel in seiner Kirche besucht.

    Heute blieb nur Zeit für einen kurzen Spaziergang durch die Gassen und auf der Stadtmauer. Sowie ei. Leckeres Mittagessen in einer kleinen Gasse.Read more

  • Day332


    November 28, 2018 in Montenegro ⋅ 🌬 13 °C

    A small town of Perast in vicinity of Kotor, home to 350 people, that was built more than X centuries ago. When all tourists leave, and rain gives way to the sun, the magnificence of the place might outshine any other Old Town in Adriatic Sea

  • Day340

    Pink Dreams

    December 6, 2018 in Montenegro ⋅ 🌙 0 °C

    Looks like a club yet at was just 4pm. Thank you, my friend, for fabulous conversation as always!

    He is a good example of how a full-grown man can be a kid - no laughs! And having said this I truly mean it and admire it!

    We're caged by our society, foisted with opinions of other people, our assumed liberty is a delusion yet our true freedom is suppressed somewhere deep inside. Unleash it, do what that kid in your heart fancies to do, don't look at others and do enjoy your life. But - no harm to others😉Read more

  • Day76


    October 14, 2016 in Montenegro ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Stayed the night in Hercegnovi before heading on towards the bay of Kotor this morning. The road runs right around the edge where the steep mountains meet the sea. We could literally feel the hot winds meeting the cold wind as we cycled along towards Kotor and are now watching an incredible lightening storm from our bedroom window.
    Tasted some delicious weird pastry roll thing full of fruit and syrupy stuff en route this morning and just had an amazing sea food platter for din dins! Uh ohhhh. Diet starts tomorrow, obviously.
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  • Day77


    October 15, 2016 in Montenegro ⋅ 🌫 19 °C

    We continued our cycle round the bay of Kotor which was incredibly beautiful and ended in the The Monaco of the Adriatic, Tivat. This towns exclusive harbour and marina are very different to the surrounding area, as a few billionaires have invested heavily in the area. This is our last stop in Europe before we flying back for some R&R.Read more

  • Day11

    Kotor, Montenegro

    August 13, 2017 in Montenegro ⋅ ⛅ 68 °F

    Kotor could be the most beautiful location that we have ever visited. We went up to the very top of the mountain range over extremely narrow roads. We sampled local food at two different village restaurants and visited Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Day11

    Day 1 - Into the mountains

    August 3, 2018 in Montenegro ⋅ ⛅ 66 °F

    We left our hotel at decent time but didn't make decent time, at least not at first. The main route out of town was under construction and was entirely closed. After an hour of roads not being where they should be (according to the map) we found a way out. We passed through the same Srpska territory we'd seen on the Siege tour. We were pretty happy once we were out of there and onto the open road. Pretty early into the drive we came to a spot where a landslide had covered the road, but a temporary gravel workaround had been constructed.

    There are a lot of tunnels on the road to Montenegro, and none of them are lit. There are lights, but most of the bulbs were burned out. It took a little getting used to.

    After a while the landscape changed, and we worked our way into the Tara Canyon aka the Grand Canyon of Europe. I recently read an article that included this in the top 10 most scenic drives in the world. It was a long, winding climb over rivers and reservoirs, with plentry of tunnels and not very many guard rails. The views were amazing. It looked a lot like Colorado or Montana. There were little river rafting operations all over the place and we tried to get out on the river, but it was too late in the day - no trips started after 11 am.

    After hours of climbing we passed the tree line and the scenery changed dramatically. It went from beautiful mountain forest to something that looked like a beautifully kept front lawn draped over massive mountains. It looked like we teleported to an entirely different planet.

    We saw flocks of goats and sheep, some of which were polite enough to stay off the road. These creatures were responsible for giving the mountains that freshly mowed lawn look. The afternoon was a series of tight blind turns, again with no guard rails, and long sweeping straightaways that hug the sides of the mountains It was beautiful.

    We had skipped lunch in order to make good time, but by late afternoon we were starving. We came upon a little solitary cabin that had signs indicating it was a restaurant. It was pretty much a single room, with a little counter, a wood burning stove and a tiny kitchen. The proprietor greeted us and before we ordered anything shots of local liquor appeared. I had finished my bit of driving for the day so I partook. Colton had a taste and then I drank the rest of his, too.

    Colton asked the proprietor if there was a bathroom. No one there spoke much English - there was a small group chain smoking at the other table that might have been his family. The owner gestured towards the mountainscape visible through the window, then he gestured to the grassy plain, then to a nearby outcrop, saying something along the lines of "it is all around you". Heh. The other group got a good laugh out of that one, too.

    We asked about food options and he said "bread, cheese, meat". Colton ordered bread cheese, I ordered bread cheese meat. A few minutes later sandwiches came out. The cheese was amazing - very fresh and local, most likely from some of the cows we had heckled earlier (let he who hasn't rolled down the window and mooed at a cow cast the first stone). The ham was a really nice smoked prosciutto - given the location it had to be from nearby.

    About an hour later we made it to our stop for the night, Zabljk, Montenegro - the highest altitude city in the Balkans. I've never been to the Swiss Alps but it sure looked like I imagined it would. It reminded me a lot of a little mountain towns in Canada, in both look and feel. We skipped dinner with the group since we had such a late lunch but wound up eating late night - we actually found a place that was open for dinner after 11pm. We had roasted mushrooms, German sausage with a side of beer. On the half mile walk down the un-lit road to dinner we spotted a hedgehog and on the walk back we heard what sounded like coyotes or wolves screeching and whooping in the distance.

    Normally it can be hard to sleep well at altitudes like that, but we all slept like rocks - the drive, while beautiful, took a lot of mental energy. There was talk of an amazing zipline that was a little off our route the next day so everyone was excited to get up and hit the road early so we could get a good start on day 2.
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Montenegro, Monténègrô, ሞንተኔግሮ, Sweartbeorg, الجبل الأسود, ܛܘܪܐ ܐܘܟܡܐ, مونتينيجرو, Montenegru, ЧІегІермегІер, Monteneqro, مونتینیقرو, Черногория, Чарнагорыя, Черна гора, मोंटीनीग्रो, মন্টিনিগ্রো, མོན་ཊེནིག་རོ།, Crna Gora, Черногори, Ӏаьржаламанчоь, مۆنتینیگرۆ, Černá Hora, Czôrnogóra, Чрьна Гора, Carnogórska, މޮންޓެނީގުރޯ, Montenegro nutome, Μαυροβούνιο, مونته‌نگرو, Monténégro, Montènègro, Montainéagró, Çernogoriya, Am Monadh Neagrach, माँटेनिग्रो, મૉન્ટેંનેગ્રો, Mùng-thi̍t-nui-kô-lò, Montenegero, מונטנגרו, मोंटेनेग्रो, Čorna Hora, Montenegwo, Montenegró, Չեռնոգորիա, Svartfjallaland, モンテネグロ, Montenégro, მონტენეგრო, Shernogoriya, БгыфӀыцӀей, Monte Negro, ಮೊಂಟೆನೆಗ್ರೋ, 몬테네그로, Цӧрнагора, Монтенегро, Mons Niger, Monteneigro, Muntnegher, Juodkalnija, Malnkalneja, Melnkalne, Шемкурык Эл, Црна Гора, മോണ്ടേനേഗ്രോ, မွန်တီနိဂရိုး, Черногория Мастор, مونته نگرو, Tlīltepēc, O͘-soaⁿ Kiōng-hô-kok, मोन्टेनेग्रो, Dziłizhin Bikéyah, Moonteneegroo, ମଣ୍ଟେଗ୍ରୋ, ਮੋਂਟੇਨੇਗਰੋ, Noérmont, Montiniegrow, Czarnogóra, Montnèigr, مونٹی نیگرو, Μαυροβούνιον, مانتېنېگرو, Yanaurqu, Muntenegru, Чорна Гора, Montenegoro, Joudkalnėjė, මොන්ඩිනීග්‍රෝ, Čierna Hora, Črna gora, Mali i Zi, Montenegrokondre, IMonthenekho, Czorno Gůra, மான்டேனெக்ரோ, మోంటేనేగ్రో, มอนเตเนโกร, Çernogoriýa, Monitenikalo, Karadağ, مونته‌نەگرو, Чорногорія, مونٹے نیگرو, Chernogoriya, Mustmägi, Montenegrän, 黑山共和国, Хар Уулин Орн, ჩერნოგორია, מאנטענעגרא, Montenẹ́grò, 黑山, Montenehro, i-Montenegro

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