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  • Day13

    It was a relaxing morning for a change! We had a lovely balcony so managed to get some sun before we spent the rest of the day travelling!

    We arrived at the “bus station” to get the bus over to Montenegro - the taxi driver just dropped us off at the side of the road so we had no idea where to go. After asking a few people and hotel receptionists, we were none the wiser. A fairly friendly looking guy offered us a lift for €30 which was slightly more than the non existent bus so we thought it was a good idea. We arrived at his old Mercedes (couldn’t be any other car in albania could it) and we were on our way! He was very chatty considering we didn’t understand what he was on about. I think he was mentioning the terrible traffic, corrupt police and something about busses... it was a quick journey across the border which was great but unfortunately we were faced with very bad traffic going into Podgorica which took forever. Thankfully our friendly driver had ran out of things to say!

    We spent most of the rest of the day looking into car rentals etc but explored a little in the evening. The city didn’t seem to exciting and i got a bit of a weird unfriendly vibe from the people. A cute little dog made our day though as he came around with us as we walked all around the city. We called him Jack and when we stopped in at a bar for a drink we lost him. Amazingly though he found us back at our hostel like 2 hours later! Adorable! :)

    Another good thing about the city- we found a great little restaurant with amazing pizzas and pasta and live music! It’s so strange that smoking is still allowed inside everywhere here- didn’t like that too much.

    Good news is we got a good deal for car rental at only €37 a day and the guy dropped it off for us this evening so we’re all set for another road trip tomorrow morning! Yay!
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  • Day14

    We started our day with a few car problems- although the agency didn’t seem to think that an airbag warning light and a broken seat belt were problems... “no problem, no problem my friend. In Montenegro normal normal, no problem!”. Thankfully we managed to get another car and only lost an hour of our time.

    The journey was beautiful. We passed a big lake and headed straight to the coast. When we got there we were amazed at how crystal clear the sea is! So inviting to jump in if it wasn’t so cold. We continued our drive to Sveti Stefan - a tiny island that is filled with old brick houses. It was very pretty- and surrounded by turquoise waters. Stéphane braved the cold and jumped in for a swim - I got as far as my ankles. We went for a little walk around and had a picnic on the beach with the stunning views.

    We continued our journey to Kotor, via the windy mountain roads. Such incredible views of Kotor from the road! I think a car hire is a must if you’re visiting here, and the driving isn’t too crazy either (especially compared to Albania!)

    So we arrived in Kotor just after sunset and it was such a beautiful little town! Jaw dropping first impressions. We are staying in an amazing hostel (hostel pupa) just on the harbour for only €8 a night per person. (And that was paying a bit more for a 4 bed dorm- I think it was only €6 for a 10 bed which is quite good for here.) We are just on the doorstep of the old town so we went for a wander. It’s another world! You feel like you are walking through a movie set. It’s a UNESCO listed town and you can tell that its been taken care of. Everywhere you looked there was something to see- so many hidden lanes and a restaurant, bar or souvenir shop on every corner. Old churches and museums were scattered about too with an incredible amount of cats everywhere! They looked healthy and well fed though and we later found a shopkeeper dedicated to feeding them which was good to see.

    For dinner, there was plenty choice! We chose a nice little place to sit outside with heat lamps, blankets and a man playing saxophone. Bliss. And to top it off we had a little kitten visitor and a friendly dog. I was in my element!
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  • Day15

    We visited the cute little sea side town of Perast today. It’s iconic for two little islands which we got a boat over to visit. There was a little museum and church on the island but that was about it. The other island has a monastery but it couldn’t be visited. Very remote. It was lovely though and thankfully it was quiet being low season. Afterwards we drank coffee in the sunshine (it’s sunny but getting colder) while enjoying the views.

    The afternoon was spend wandering through the old town by day- it was still very nice but i think i prefer the atmosphere in the evening. Then we hiked up to the top of the fortress. We went the back road which avoided paying the €3 charge but it turned out to be the nicest route! There was a beautiful friendly donkey and hilarious goats all staring intensely at us as we got higher up. The views were incredible and so rewarding after having walked up! We made it in time for sunset so the sky was the most amazing pink colour after. The city lights all came on and we got to see the city by night too. Definitely worth doing!

    Tonight’s dinner was a traditional pastry from a bakery which was delicious and very filling! Followed by a Nutella crêpe which was too difficult to resist.

    We leave Kotor and head to Dubrovnik in Croatia tomorrow. Excited!!
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  • Day222

    We got destroyed by bed bugs 😩😩😩 I found and killed 3 so I know it's not mosquitoes 😒😒😒😒

    We left and headed to the bus stop. We used all our left over change to buy food and snacks. Silly us. We forgot we would have to pay to put luggage under the bus... some kind Turkish man paid for us.

    The journey to Kotor took 6 hours but if they put in a straight road it would have taken an hour and a half.
    It was bend after bend after bend after bend after bend.
    And then some more bends.

    Our driver had maybe 9 smoke breaks too which was so annoying . The bus wasn't full though so that was terrific and Will grabbed he back middle seat so his knees fit.

    We arrived and it was only 300m to our hostel which was easy to find - no one was at reception so we had to wait a while for someone to let us in.
    I have a top bunk AGAIN. 😭😭😭

    I am so itchy! More bites are appearing by the hour. I emailed the hostel dude to let him know.

    We dumped our stuff and went to the supermarket to buy soap and tooth paste and also in vain, we looked for tacos. Still nope 😔

    We showered - such a stupid set up. It's just a curtain with nowhere private to get dressed. Sigh. Will saturated his pants because his didn't have hooks lol

    It gender separated here which only a few hostels have been.
    There is a funny rules sign. Rule 3 gave me a good laugh. the proficiency point hahahah (see photo)

    We went to the old town for dinner. It was really quite and dark so we will explore properly tomorrow. Lots of cats :) We had a pretty cheap feed considering they use the euro - boo hiss.
    We had to use Wills normal card - Aagain 😭😭

    Also the euro conversion is a dead set killer. We went to get out 150€ and then the atm was like that will be $254 is this conversion ok.
    We said no lol. We opted for commbanks conversion which we don't know if it is any better but fingers crossed.
    But seriously that conversion is ridiculous.

    I fell asleep at 7 but people in the dorm woke me up at 12 then I had trouble going back down because I was so damn itchy!!

    I have nearly finished my new book too - miss peregrines school for peculiar children. It's significantly darker than I expected. I had to have a break because the monsters where scaring me lol
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  • Day223

    Turns out Will got bitten too. We weren't sure but he has woken up with his leaky boils. 😷
    Lucky we still had cream from Morocco. We put that on and got ready for the day.
    The port is quite nice but I still think some of the spots we passed yesterday on the bus were better. Lake Ohrid is still my favourite bag overall I think. It has at least made the longer lasting impression.
    We went to old town for breakfast.
    So the official symbol of Kotor is a cat. There are so bloody many! But they are a symbol of luck for the city! There are so many cat stores and food everywhere. We went into a cats of kotor shop and I left with a mug 😏😏 it has all the different ways to say cat in other languages. The store also sold bags of food.
    We passed another store with 10 lingering around a food bowl. One orange heffa was guarding it.
    They are all so cute 😭
    Will wanted juice so we stopped at a place that advertised it - we had such lovely tomato soup there I want to go back again. Lol
    We just walked around the old streets. I like that it's practically empty. It adds a nice feel. EXCEPT TO MY COMPLETE HORROR- the cat museum was also closed. disappointed is an understatement. It is suppose to be 1€ entry and the money goes towards stray cat food. But we did read some of the signs and I'm gonna sign Thad up to be a friend online to the cats of kotor lol.
    Outside was a funny sight but.
    One cat had 2 kittens and some other adult cat came over and started suckling too 😂😂😂 it pushed the kittens out of the way.
    Maybe a previous kitten because that's the only reason I can think of such a tolerant mother lol
    We then went and sat by the bay for ages. It's really not that wow. This is the it place of Montenegro and I'm not overwhelmed lol.
    LOVED BOSNIA. But so far this is eh. Keen for the capital because everyone has said don't bother going. That normally means I'm going to like it haha

    We are now back home and enjoying some tea :)

    We went out for dinner and were super cheap and shared a pizza. Good pineapple ratio today 👌🏻

    When we got back I finished my book and have made the realization it's a series -.- which is bad cause I'm hooked and the books aren't cheap because they are new and recently made a movie 😐😐😐😐

    We have had a few teas today in the foyer which has been quite nice.
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  • Day224

    Horrid sleep.
    Was still wide awake at 4am 😪
    Luckily Will slept through his alarm so we didn't get up until around 1 😏😏
    It's shit weather today so our plans to climb up the mountain got canned. Not that disappointed to be honest.. it's really high 😂
    Went down to the bus stop to buy tickets for tomorrow but for whatever reason you can't pre buy them. Lucky there is like 20 options throughout the day so we will definitely get on one.
    We went to old town for breakfast which was ok. The place is deserted. Everything is shut so It took a while to find food.

    FUCK THE EURO 😭😭😭😭😭😭 its at 0.61 cents atm. We can't afford to lose half our money 😭😭😭😭😭. WAHHHH.
    Cat museum still closed 😔
    It has started to rain so we have taken refuge in a cafe.
    The heater is great.
    I ordered my first ever coffee. I'm a little let down. I will force myself to finish it though.

    It then started to proper storm so we were stuck at the cafe so we got a lemonade - everywhere sells fresh lemonade, its the best.
    It bucketed for ages but we finally made a run for the hostel.

    I read my book and Will watched videos until it was time for dinner.

    We tried 3 places but they were all shut because 1. Kotor is a ghost town and 2. Probably the storm didn't help.

    We found a grill and it was delixiousssssss.
    There was a black cat sitting at the door in the rain looking in through which reminded me of my baby boy so I cut my chicken up, went outside and gave him so much 😂
    He would have been a happy boy. Good gracious I miss my cat.

    Home now - Will stayed in the room on his convenient bottom bunk but I went to the foyer to keep reading and watch the thunder storm.
    Bnb tomorrow and boy am I keen.

    We also booked a Bnb for Albania tonight so glad that's sorted 🙂

    Oh and important info I forgot to add. The place we ate this morning had a picture of a mans crotch frozen on the screen.

    We are both just really worn out. We have 5 nights in Podgorica to recoup but I've decided that when we enter back into the Schengen zone we will go do the big exciting stuff first to try get the bedazzle back.
    We are thinking Paris.

    The supermarkets are really getting to us. I honestly dont know what everyone eats.
    They must have hidden shops everywhere cause their supermarkets only sell snacks. No meats no edible vegetables. Nada.
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  • Day225

    We had to check out by 10 even though the hostel is practically empty so we just waited in reception for an hour before going to the station.
    Bought our tickets and on we got the bus but first Will went and got a bottle of water - he came back laughing. As he was walking past the shop a man came out of one of the offices to go somewhere and he beckoned .... suddenly 3 cats waltz out :) they had a box and chair to sleep in for the mean time until he came back hah
    It was a 2 hour ride and I slept the entire way. I don't know at what time I go to bed last night but I know at 5:38 I was still wide awake lol.
    Arrived at Podgorica and luckily we walked the way we did because the plan was to meet the Bnb owners dad at the house. As we were walking a man approached us and said hi are you looking for bojana. Firstly, lucky we didn't brush him off because it's normally annoying taxi driers who approach you at stations and secondly luckily i knew our hosts name cause Will didn't have a clue. Yes, we wanted bojana 👍🏼
    He drove us to the house.
    The outside of the building is so ugly. The corridors smell like bubblegum.
    The lift to get up to the 5th level is so dodgy lol hopefully
    It doesn't break during our stay.

    We just chilled

    It's a cozy little apartment.
    We went to the shops to buy some basics then came back and both had a 5 hour sleep lol oops.
    I've wipped out my sleeping bag because it's cold.
    I cooked us hotdogs for dinner which would have been lovely if the bread wasn't stale 😒
    We both showered and then watched Big Bang for hours on the laptop. Unfortunately the Tvs sound isn't working for some reason so the dad is gonna drop by tomorrow to have a look.
    It's 3:30am and now it's finally time for bed. ☺️
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  • Day226

    Goood sleep :)

    So we did nothing all day😂😂
    I looked at work aways and that was the only thing I'd consider productive.

    Our tv doesn't work so the dad came and took it to get fixed.
    We were like it's fine don't woryy about and he just kept saying "no I MUST fix it" - he was very cute.
    Off he went to get it fixed. How very efficient lol.
    Within 30 minutes he was back. He fiddled with it for 30 minutes and made 2 phones calls and hey presto - the sound came on 🎉 off he went lol.

    We went out for dinner - we put a Chinese place into our map but along the way we came across a Hard Rock Cafe so we popped in there. We didn't spend a cent today so the prices evened out to be ok lol.
    The mango berry cooler was there 🎉🎉🎉 (had it in Poland)
    We had chicken wings and I had bruschetta. Food I actually wanted 😭😭
    The waiter was unfortunately very good so we felt obligated to tip because he was going out of his way.
    Damn lol
    Walked home and I fell asleep on the couch. William the complete dickhead woke me up at 1am by tickling my face so I opened my eyes and he was standing over me and I screamed.
    Heart rate was through the roof.

    Thanks to the big idiot I was then wide awake and watched pride and prejudice. I liked it much more than when I saw it with mothers group lol
    If I hadn't made myself read the book I probably still wouldnt have got it.
    Just proud of myself cause it proved I understood the book correctly haha

    We Skyped Jess and Jaxon kept trying to hug the phone 😭❤️
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  • Day227

    I had an hour long bath/shower this morning trying to sort out my birds nest which is getting worse and worse by the day. My hair has actually died. I want to buy treatment stuff but it's like 10€ 😑boo.
    We went to the shopping center down the road and fun fact - Montenegro does not have a single fast food chain which is outrageous because Iraq had McDonalds and Afghanistan has KFC.
    Only option was some cafe thing. Eh.
    Didn't really want fast food but I'm more pointing out the chance of them having a food court is laughable.
    I found a random souvenir store and took my chance and bought a magnet because it's unlikely I'll find another place to get it.
    I got a cat bottle opener. We have literally done nothing in this country so it's the only relevant thing I could get.

    We bought pasta and sauce for us to make ourselves dinner with tonight and went home.

    1 season of Big Bang was watched today 😂

    We cooked the pasta but the stove is really bad so the water never reached boiling? Sections were overcooked and others were not cooked enough. It was pretty crap, but cheap so whatever.

    We did another load of washing and hung them up outside. Will is out of long pants so he has put on my track pants but they are too short so he looks like a dill.

    Another beautifully lazy day.
    As tomorrow will be 😂
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  • Day228

    It's 2:47pm and thus far we have had breakfast and done the dishes. That's it.

    Watched Big Bang.

    Went to dinner at hard rock again. Service was shit so we didn't tip 🤗
    Walked past the American embassy- it is once again ridiculous. A Fort Knox.

    Commbank down for the 72 time - 2nd time in Montenegro alone. We had to use our other card. Loving the extra costs 😑😑😑😑😑😑

    I wanted a cup of tea so bad I boiled water on the stove.
    This house would be perfect if it had a kettle and a drying rack. Oh and tongs.

    The air here is really making my chest feel tight.

    I couldn't sleep again.
    So I got up and I watched 50 shades darker on the laptop - I then went back to the bedroom to try sleep again but got kicked out because I was being too loud with all my tossing at turning hahah
    I don't know what time I fell asleep but I know at 6:03 I was awake.

    We have also been spending time trying to figure out our route when we go back to the Schengen. Can't wait to go back lol

    They play a lot of Michael Jackson around the place.
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