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  • Johannes Quick
    ... in Casablanca 3h
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  • Constance
    Hunger... Durst..... und Ka... 22h
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  • J H-W
    Oct. 26, 2016 - Rabat 1d
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    Marrakesch 1d
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  • Got up at 6am to wash up. Left our hotel at 7am and walked in the dark quiet streets to bus station.
    Had cafe con leche and jambon y queso pan para llevar.

    Had front seats again on bus. The ride took one hour to Tarifa. Power walked through the Town to towards the ferry port. Found taxi closeby to take us to port to buy tickets and leave on time.

    Many cruise passengers on board. Had to line up with our passports when we boarded. Pleasant ride of 45 minutes. We see Spain one side and Morocco on other. Cruise passengers had priority to get off.

    We were approached by taxi drivers and hostal vendors. Politely ignored them. Hiked up the steep streets to the market with Vince carrying my knapsack. First taxi wanted $35 dollars...outrageous. We got second driver who used meter costing us only $1.00 plus.

    Caught the train leaving in 15 minutes. We ran to the platform. Second class seats was comfortable and large picture windows with shades that could open. Sat with 4 friendly women. I napped half the time listening to music downloaded from Spotify. Our train journey was 4 hours.

    Got taxi who dropped us off at closest street. Vince used his tablet GPS to get to our hostal.
    Our room could sleep 4 to 5 people. It's large and decorated nicely with Middle Eastern decor. We were given tea soon after our arrival. Our worker host brought us to someone's restaurant house for a meal. It was really good. Chicken steamed with prunes and vegetables soup. Got olives and mint tea.

    We wandered the market and also found open air square. Saw roasted chicken food stalls. Looked at jewelry as usual. Along the small winding streets were vendors with own small space.
    Most men were sewing...Another section was twisting areas of shops. Tons of shopping.
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  • Had a really good sleep last night. Maybe it was the mint tea or heavy blanket and atmospheric room we

    We had free breakfast of coffee, tea, OJ, fried thin pancakes and doughy croissant. We ate in the main room decorated in Moroccan furnishings just like our room.

    We hired a driver to take us to Roman Ruins in Volubilis and mausoleum of Moulay Idriss.
    The great-grandson of the prophet Mohammed.
    Our driver was with us for 4.5 hours for $55 Cdn.

    We met our driver at 9am and we walked to his car parked closeby. The drive to the ruins took 30 minutes along winding highway. He waited 2 hours for us while we explored this great site. Some major structures were still standing. Great site for taking photos.

    Next was Moulay Idriss which was short drive.
    We hired local guide for an one hour tour for $7.50
    He took us up into steep winding streets of the town of 12,000 population. Told us the history of it.

    Returned to Meknes for lunch. Took us a while to find the El Hedim Square. When we ask for directions, the people want to sell us something.
    Ordered my roast chicken lunch and Vince ordered meat tajine. My chicken was dry and chewy. Even the stray cats took awhile to chew it. Vince's barely had any meat. Our mint tea was lukewarm. My salad and fries were good.

    On way back we were lost again. On detour, ended up buying more Tibetan jewelry. The vendor took time showing us an original product he makes.
    Wanted a sale of something from us.

    Our host is a very nice man. Very helpful and asking us how things are and caring. He gave us tea upon our return. He helped us book scrubs and massage at Hamman for tomorrow. Walked us to restaurant again. This time we had chicken cous cous and oxtail tanjine. Piping hot mint tea too.

    We nearly got lost getting back again! Vince notes helped find our way. Saw poor baby kitten on street. It's raining since our dinner time.
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  • Last night it rained hard. We could hear it coming down. We were warm and cozy in our heavy blanketed bed.

    We had breakfast of fried eggs, sweet bread, crusty bread, olives, mint tea and coffee. Ahkmed our host made eggs upon my request. He's always looking out for our comfort and needs.

    We had our first Moroccan hammam experience.
    Public bath houses. Men and women have separate bath houses. Ahmed brought each of us this morning. I wore my one piece bathing suit but had to pull it down to my waist. My personal masseuse had only her panties on while exfoliating me and scrubbing/shampooing me. There were two rubenesque naked women sweating it out there.

    I sat on this vinyl mat on the heated tile floors and followed my masseuse's gestures to lie flat or sideways. She didn't speak English or French. I didn't speak Arabic. We understood each other.
    I was squeaky clean after 30 minutes.

    Met Vince back in our room after his scrub.
    We got ready and left to exchange my earrings and look at more attractions. The store owner wanted more money because new earrings were 5 grams heavier. Of course..he would want that....

    It was showery and we got lost few times. Looked at a run down religious school. Other buildings closed. In the Medina (Old town) most were tailors and all men! They were hand sewing, using sewing machines for dresses and cross stitching table clothes and placemats and napkins. There is a covered market which sold mostly modern sport clothes and footwear.

    We had lunch of lamb tajine and moroccan soup at same restaurant we had dinner. Very good. This time there were other guests. One family from Portugal and a couple from UK.

    I got sleepy from the mint tea and maybe massage.
    Returned to our rooms to relax and nap. It was raining all afternoon. We went to new place for dinner. Another home based restaurant. There was a couple from China who rented a car. A man from Switzerland and is a journalist writing for German newspaper. And an Israeli couple. A few of us are heading to Fez tomorrow.

    Salad was very good. The veal was tasty but we guessed it was pressure cooked. We heard the hissing of the pot.

    We found our way back okay. Finally on third day.
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  • We had our last breakfast at our hostal. There were new guests. Yogurt, fried egg, fried pancake, bread and mint tea and coffee. Akmed made the fried eggs especially upon my request.

    He made our stay the best in Meknes. to a good restaurant and bringing us to hammams.
    Always asking if we're happy and anything we needed, he had it done.

    We walked outside of the Medina gates to flag down a taxi. Vince decided on splurge on first class train tickets. Met a man while waiting for train who recommended a for walking tour in the Medina for Fez. The guide met us at Fez.train station after our 40 minutes train ride.

    We caught taxi together and the guide found our hostal for us. It was run by young couple with children. Seems Moroccans have large families.
    We had to walk up 3 flights of stairs to our room.
    There was nice sitting area outside our room and roof top terrace.

    Our guide is Berber and about 67 years old.
    He has 1 daughter who is a Doctor educated in Belgium and 4 sons.
    Told us he only sleeps 4 hours a night and drinks
    Strong tea and has lots of stamina. He knows several languages and is a Chef part time.

    We had nice kebab lunch together. Started our walking tour. It's Friday and day of rest and many places closed. He showed us his restaurant where he works, religion school, many mosques and brought us to 5 stores. One store sold aragan oil and essential oils. Bought 10 ml 100% concentrated musk oil for $14.00.

    Went to a leather tannery factory. That was very interesting. Didn't have styles I liked. Went to carpet factory. Beautiful carpets we didn't need.
    Tried selling us a cashmere one to us for $850.
    There was a fabric factory but I have lots of scarves. Took taxi to ceramic factory. Watched man create a tajine pot within a few minutes.
    Didn't need any fragile stuff to carry. Our tour ended after 4.5 hours.

    We went for dinner closeby and sat on restaurant terrace overlooking Bab Bougelou. Ate lamb chops and roast chicken. Pretty calico cat was begging.
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  • Didn't sleep well last night. The room was half the size of Meznes and didn't have an overnight light. So it was very dark. I listened to my music on my phone to help.

    We had good included breakfast of omelette, fried pancake, bread, OJ, tea and breakfast. There was another family who joined the table later. Older French couple traveling their daughter lives in Barcelona with her Husband and son.

    We wanted to book a 3 day desert tour but the price quotes were exorbitant...600 to 900 euros! That's price of 7 day AI beach vacation. Decided to walk to bus station to buy tickets for next town and find a Sahara Desert camel tour there.

    We visited the Museo de Bathe and gardens. Nice and peaceful. There was a pomegranate tree. Found good price on leather purses but did not buy since tour guide grumbles on all my purchases.

    Had lunch of grilled chicken and skewered meat at tiny place close to our room. Same as yesterday. The couple had televised prayer on TV. Think because they couldn't make it out to pray.

    Bought 'silver' earrings for 40 dh from asking price of 250.

    Dinner at same terraced restaurant. Friendly calico cat sat beside me waiting for my lamb chop bone.
    She took it off my plate when I finished my meal.

    We walked to the bus station to board the 8:30 pm bus. It was a nice comfortable one. Will listen to my music and sleep.
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  • The ride to this desert town was along a winding.road. The journey was brightly lit by a full moon. It was good for the driver. There were.5 stops. I listened to 3 albums: Meghan Trainor, Bruno Mars and Lukas Graham to help me sleep.
    Arrived at 7am and approached by man trying to sell a desert tour and stay at his place. He was getting pushy. Vince told him we already paid for place and guy insisted we'll get money back if we don't show. Don't think so.
    Found place for tea while waiting for shared taxi.
    Sun was rising.

    Big taxis are old Mercedes and they have squeeze 2 passengers in front and 4 in back. The driver gave us the large back bench seat to ourselves.
    The 30 minute ride along dusty road. Dropped off at intersection and we walked with our heavy bags to find Chez Youssef.

    Our host Youssef was very welcoming. We got to rest in warm lodge before our room was ready.
    Ordered full breakfast for 40 dh. Omelette, boiled egg, cheese, coffee, tea, 3 types of bread and.3 fruits. We had fresh juice. The best I've tasted.

    Decided to go on the overnight Sahara Desert trek.
    It was only 45 euros each. We showered, rested a bit and packed a bag.

    For the trek, there were 3 Canadians including us, Brazilian couple on 16 month travel around the World and German couple. We met John who lives in Yukon and works in Haines as tour travel educator and does archaeology research off season.

    The carmel ride was 1.5 hours to our camp situated in the middle of huge surrounding sand dunes. We could see Algeria in the distance. There was 4 tents with separate toilets, kitchen tent and tables with tablecloths.

    We had tajine chicken and cous cous soup by lantern light. Then our camel guides played drums and sang. It was hypnotic and I was dozy. We all tried playing the drums with laughs.
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  • After a good night sleep with 3X leg cramps, we got up at 6:45 am to see the sunrise for 7:15am. We were first to get up. Climbed to the nearest ridge of the sand dune for some photos. One side of the sky was the moon and opposite side was the rising sun.

    Our camp cook made us all tea. We mounted our camels and rode back to town. Ride was peaceful and took 1 hour and 20 minutes. The cinnamon coloured sand against the blue sky of the morning light was gorgeous.

    We had another full breakfast. My stomach started acting up. Had semolina soup for lunch. Will be a rest day. Very hot outside. Our place is made from straw and mud. Has running water, AC, hot shower, wifi and good food. Birds chirping in large palm tree in courtyard of our breakfast area.

    There are 2 Chinese girls from Shenzhen and Hunnan. They had booked 4 day trek but returned by 4 wheel drive when one got stomach problems.

    Our 44 year old host lives here with his Brother.
    Has 3 children: 10 yrs and 7 yrs old sons and 17 day old daughter who lives in another town with their Mom because of better school.
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  • Barely slept last night in our straw mud room.
    It was hot and stuffy. Didn't turn on AC because it was too cold and didn't want to aggravate my tummy. Opened window but didn't help.

    We had our last breakfast outside in garden as usual. We were served full breakfast again. Found out the girl from Shenzhen is attending school in UK and is taking media and is a photographer.

    Walked the short distance along the dusty road to the bus depot stop. Was there at 7:30am for 8am departure. My back was really bothering me during the ride. Maybe it was from lack of sleep or camel ride.

    Arrived in Tinghir after 4 hours. Had help from local men finding bus ticket office and our Auberge.
    Chez Aissa was really nice. Peaceful with fountain in inner garden eating area. Two Brothers run it and they were expanding it. We saw the nice plans in progress. We wanted to stay another night but couldn't change our bus tickets.

    Had a delicious tajine and soup lunch at local restaurant. I think it was the best. There were vendors selling goods across street. One was selling baby chicks.

    We shared a Mercedes Benz taxi to a Gorge.
    I liked how it was not crowded. Shopped while VInce took photos of Gorge.

    Had delicious beef tajine back at our auberge.
    It was relaxing eating by the fountain. Most expensive meal....19 dirhir. At least it was good.

    Think we're the only guests.
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  • Had a good sleep in our villa last night. Very quiet because I think we were only guest. Enjoyed our short time here. The brothers who own it were very nice and easy on my

    Got up at 4:30am because we had to be at bus station office by 5:30am. Walked in the dark with our head lamps to light up the path.

    Ride was very interesting with changing landscapes. From developing subdivisions to very steep mountains. Bus driver was swerving a few times on the narrow curving mountain roads.

    There was a lunch stop in village of Tartar. We had soup with added oil and mint tea. It was good. Felt like I had gone back in time in this eat stop. The man brought us over to his shop. He had nice jewelry and I bought another Berber ring.

    Arrived in Marrakech by 1pm. Was hot because AC was turned off in bus by time we got here. We found taxi about 2 blocks from bus station only charging 10 drhs opposed to 50 drhs at station.
    Then we needed instructions to our homestay. This guy walked us there in few minutes. He wanted 20 drhs after he did that! Gave him 10 drhs and said our taxi ride cost that much. They try to trick people from their money.

    Homestay run by Arab young woman and her Father. She recently got divorced. She was using crutches. Didn't ask her condition. She had pretty cat named Mimi. Very affectionate and cute.

    We showered and walked through the market.
    Vendors trying to sell us stuff and lying that their store opens only that day.

    Rested back at room before finding little bbq place closeby. Had chicken and ground beef skewers.
    Always served with olives.

    Walked slowly to the main square of Marrakech through the local streets and all these vendors selling souvenirs.

    The square was HUGE. Many food and juice stalls.
    Ladies trying to sell henna. One grabbed my hand trying to put henna on it for 'free'. Colleague warned me about this. I pulled my hand back and said no thanks. Many other street entertainment.
    It was too busy and overwhelming. We left shortly and headed back. One young guy wanted to cut Vince hair for 100 drhs. Probably too much and so we left. Nearly got lost trying to find our homestay.

    Cars don't stop for pedestrians. We just keep moving slowly along the road or cross with locals.
    Noticed the carcass of animals being sold have their genitals still attached. Guess they eat that?
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  • Went to sleep late last night. Our homestay room has inner wooden frame windows that are not soundproof and opens onto a terrace. A bit noisy.

    We got up at 8ish and left the Medina and adventured across the busy road. It's crazy to cross the road. All vehicles do not stop, they keep moving to avoid you. In the Medina, the lanes are narrow and shared by people, scooters, bicycles, donkeys and service vehicles. It's crazy but works for them.

    We found cafe whose owner gave us direction yesterday. Had breakfast of tea and fried dough with cheese. Watched the heavy traffic go by.
    An old orange cat with stubby tail was begging.

    Caught taxi to see Bahia Palace. When we got out of taxi, a man from herbal store told us all about his products and just wanted to practice his English.
    Also the street was formerly Jewish occupied. He showed us similar stuff like yesterday's herbal guy except prices were minimum 3X more!

    We enjoyed the Bahia Palace. Nice size rooms with beautiful ceilings, carvings and garden. Couldn't believe the group tours going through. At least 4 groups in an hour.

    We walked through the Souks. Tons of shopping. Ended up seeing 2 tanneries. A guy who gave us directions called ahead to another guy located at tannery. It was another factory shopping tour we didn't buy anything. Tour guy said he will give Vince 5000 camels for me. After that things went awry, the guy wanted money for his time. Said it was for the women's cooperative. There was no price mentioned at beginning. We refused his demands. He asked for the bunch of mint leaves back. Those leaves helped with the ammonia smell coming from the pigeon poop the leather is soaked in. Read later in Trip advisor these men were scammers who took money from many tourists. So glad Vince adamantly refused to pay the aggressive guy.

    Tired from Marrakech people wanting our money.
    Found nice classy restaurant for chicken tajine lunch. Next door was Photography Museum of Marrakech. It had photos from 1880s and documentary of European man visiting Moroccan Berbers first time in Atlas Mountains. Good exhibit. Found fair price leather souvenirs.

    Vince now has cough with phlegm and I'm getting a cough. Think it's the pollution. We had good nap and rest.

    Our hostess had 3 operations on her hip and back because of infection. As a result, her legs were paralyzed initially. But she could now slowly get around with crutches. She's very helpful. Our room's lock wasn't working properly. Upon our return, she had the lock replaced. Then our AC was leaking. She found the problem herself.

    Had dinner back at same charcoal Bbq place.
    We had bbq chicken breast meal. Came with salad, olives, tomato and onions. Two Men who was also eating there, came and asked us about Canada.

    Went back to yesterday's herbal place and bought Berber tea mix and patchouli incense.

    Mimi, the Hostess's kitten is sooo affectionate.
    Comes when we call her and loves to be petted and cuddles against us. She visits us in our room.
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