Myanmar [Burma]

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  • Day21

    Gisteren aangekomen in Myanmar. Wat mij direct opvalt is dat er veel minder toeristen rondlopen in vergelijking met Thailand. De lokale bevolking gaat ook veel traditioneler gekleed. Vrouwen dragen een rok tot de grond en de schouders zijn steeds bedekt. De mannen dragen ook een soort rok/doek rond hun middel, en dat ziet er eigenlijk echt super uit! Mode-ideetje voor thuis?😊
    Aangezien 1 euro ongeveer gelijkstaat aan 1500 Kath, voel ik me een halve miljonair wanneer ik de lokale munt afhaal. De taxi vraagt 2500 Kath, ik schrik van het hoge bedrag, maar als de currency app op mijn IPhone het bedrag in Euro aangeeft, ben ik gerustgesteld: 1,56 EUR 😌
    We lopen wat rond door de stad, bezochten de gigantische tempelsite Shwendagon Pagoda en bezochten een overdekte markt die voornamelijk blinkende juwelen verkocht, met voorkeur voor diamant en jade. Om de dag af te sluiten gingen we naar Kadawgi park. Prachtig groen park, omgeven door houten peilers om langs het imposante meer te lopen: aanrader!
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  • Day20

    Heute waren wir shoppen in der Einkaufszone von Ngapali Beach 😂😂
    Morgen früh heißt es mal wieder packen. Um 9:30 werden wir zum Flieger nach Yangon gebracht.
    Und dann müssen wir uns wohl langsam auf Schnee ❄️❄️ einstellen! Heute waren wir davon mindestens 30 Grad entfernt🌴🌴

  • Day96

    The rest of the walk from Kalaw to Inle Lake was great! We were completely compensated for that terrible night, not only with a 2h nanny nap but also with 2 more spectacular walking days and a night at a beautiful bamboo style guesthouse. Our guide was terrific, very knowledgeable on herbal medicine, politics and Myanmar’s history. We walked along rice and chillie fields, watched water buffaloes hard at work, walked through little tribal villages and along railway tracks. Whenever kids spotted us, they practised their few English phrases on us, waved and finger pointed at Myriam’s short hair and big earrings! Every lunch and dinner our guide didn’t relax, but used a kitchen in a village to prepare the most amazing food for us. “Oh my Buddha” - he can cook!Read more

  • Day88

    In a way it’s difficult to realise that we are actually here... Bagan is such an extraordinary place for Buddhists and Archaeologists alike and we are allowed to scooter around theses 3140 (+/- 50) pagodas, temples and monasteries as if they were ordinary sightseeing objects. Some you are even allowed to climb, which is somewhat dangerous and unfortunately not always good for the pagoda’s condition.

    Anyhow, the experience is fantastic and after almost a week we managed to get a good overview of the area and we feel a little ‘templed out’ as they say here.

    Watching a sunrises or a sunset in Bagan truely is just stunning!
    Anywhere we go (even at nighttime) we feel protected by Buddha! No, we are not converting to Buddhism, what we mean is the rules of Buddhism protect all life and people here are practicing the principals of karma! Doing bad things will come back to you, anger is a red hot stone that burns your hands before you can pass it on, greed is fire in your soul,...
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  • Day1

    KooHotel • Botataung Pagode • Kandawgyi Lake • Chaukhtatgyi Paya • getting a Longyi • Shwedagon Pagode

    Words to remember:

    Hallo: Mingalarbar!
    Danke: Kyei zu tin ba de (ausgesprochen: dschäsubadé)

  • Day81

    3 days in Yangon were a roller coaster in more than one regards. Sad and happy, down and up, stressed and relaxed ...
    The former capital with 5 million people distinguishes itself through a mixture of run down colonial era buildings from the 19th century, empty luxury malls, an almost open sewerage system running underneath a freshly tiled Samsung store, pig snouts next to Buddha images. Yangon is clearly trying to find its path after colonialism and dictatorship.
    A mind boggling experience is the Shwedagon Pagoda, the most important Buddhist pilgrimage site in Myanmar. Historians and archaeologists maintain that the pagoda was built by the Mon people between the 6th and 10th centuries AD, however, according to legend, the Shwedagon Pagoda was constructed more than 2,600 years ago. As if this whole area wasn’t impressive enough, we waited to dawn and when thousands of candles were lit there was definitely something very special in the air.
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  • Day92

    Kalaw is a town high up in the mountains of the Shan State and a gate for travelers to the Inle Lake region as well as a busy market town for the region. Temperatures here are awesome!
    For us it was also something else as Roland insisted on getting close to Asian Elephants outside the usual tourist traps offering riding an Elephant or a zoo. Only 30km away from Kalaw we found ‘Green Hill Valley’. A place that is a home for disabled, old or orphaned Elephants that also educates Elephant owners, offers free veterinary service for all Elephants, runs a nursery for native trees free for anyone to pick up, ...
    Simply a great project that is fully self funded by visitors. They take part in the camps daily routine of feeding and washing the Elephants before they are released into 200ha of native bush to roam free until next morning. A vet gives a short introduction into the animals health and volunteer shows visitors how they make paper from Elephant-poo! The visitors can then help either plant natives trees or (if the season is not for planting) help in the nursery.
    In summary: Roland got more than he bargained for... one of the most amazing experiences!
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  • Day46

    We were all pagoda 'ed out today so kept it simple and walked up a hill to view the city. Looking forward to getting back to the countryside tomorrow.

    Fact of the day
    Did you know that the cars here are right hand drive and they also drive on the right hand side of the road. It makes overtaking interesting!

You might also know this place by the following names:

Union of Burma, Birma (Myanmar), Myanmar [Burma], Mianmar, Miyanma, ማያንማር, Myanmar, ميانمار -بورما, М'янма, Мианмар [Бирма], Myanimari, মায়নমার, འབར་མ།, Myanmar [Birmania], Mijanmar, Myanmar [Birmània], ބަރުމާ, མེ་མར, Myanmar [Burma] nutome, Μιανμάρ, Birmo, Birma, Birmania, مایانمار, Miyamaar, Burma, Birmanie, Maenmar, મ્યાંમાર, Miyamar, מיינמר, म्याँमार, Bimani, Մյանմա, Birmania/Myanmar, Mjanmar, ミャンマー連邦, მიანმარი, Myama, មីយ៉ាន់ម៉ា, ಮಯನ್ಮಾರ್, 미얀마, म्‍यन्मार, میانمار, Byrmani, Мьянма, Myanima, Börma, Mozambiki, ສະຫະພາບພະມ້າ, Mianmaras, Myamare, Mjanma [Birma], Мјанмар [Бурма], മ്യാന്‍മാര്‍, म्यानमार [ब्रह्मदेश], မြန်မာ, म्यान्मार, ମିୟାମାର୍, Mianmar [Birmânia], Birimaniya, ब्रह्मदेश, Myämâra, මියන්මාරය, Mjanmar [Burma], Мијанмар [Бурма], மியான்மார் [பர்மா], మ్యాన్మార్, Birmánia, Мянма, เมียนม่าร์ [พม่า], Pema, Birmanya, بىرما, Мʼянма [Бірма], میانمار [برما], Miến Điện (Myanmar), Mianmarän, Orílẹ́ède Manamari, 缅甸, e-Myanmar [Burma]

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