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Myanmar [Burma]

Curious what backpackers do in Myanmar? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Bagan is een magische plek: een groene vlakte met duizenden tempels die tussen de 11de en de 13de eeuw werden gebouwd ter ere van het boeddhisme. We cruisden twee dagen rond met ons scooterke om ze te verkennen!

    We hebben nu even wel genoeg tempels/ Boeddha's gezien en vertrekken morgen op een driedaagse trekking richting Inle Lake!

  • Voor we naar de hoofdattractie van Myanmar - Bagan - gingen, maakten we een tussenstop in Monywa. Daar staat het grootste standbeeld ter wereld, een 129m hoge buddha die je vanbinnen kan beklimmen! Wat verderop vonden we ook de grootste liggende buddha van Myanmar (zoek Laura om de verhouding te zien). Als kers op de taart waren deze standbeelden omgeven door tuinen vol met buddhabeelden onder bodhi's. Verder bezochten we ook nog een tempel die meer dan 500.000 buddha beelden bevat. Van religieuze overdaad gesproken!Read more

  • Hüt bin ich mit 2 Franzose, eim Belgier und ämnä Holländer mit em Zug rund um Yangon gfahre. Iheimischi händ im Zug Sache verchauft. Was ich gseh han während em fahre han ich krass gfunnde. Überall isch Abfall umenand glägä und chind händ sogar drine gschpillt. Mir händ zwüsched inne en Stopp gmacht und sind zumene Märt! Idrücklich!

  • Das Elefantencamp liegt in den Bergen , wo noch nicht alle Bäume abgeholzt sind. Seit 2011 leben hier 7 Elefanten und die Touristen können Sie füttern und mit ihnen baden. Gleichzeitig betreiben Sie hier auch eine kleine Schule im angrenzenden Dorf. Es werden neue Bäume gepflanzt und die Abholzung wurde von der Regierung verboten, aber die Menschen kochen nur mit offenem Feuer und einige haben noch keinen Strom. Die Touristen Pflanzen kleine Bäume und helfen so bei der Aufforstung. So nahe der riesigen Tieren zu sein war spektakulär.Read more

  • Totaaale Kulturschock! Das chönd ihr eu gar nöd vorstelle. D Autos uf de Strass fahred efach irgendwie 🤔
    Naja, ich fühl mich no sehr unwohl im Moment und cha mich mit de neue Situation noni so guet afründä. Ich mues mich extrem selber organisierä. Die öffentliche Verchersmittel sind au nöd grad de Hit. Nach villne Träne und de Sehnsucht nach em dehei, bin ich am luege, wie ich die Reis chönnt agnehm mache. Mal luege was sich ergeh wird :) gnüsse chan ichs leider noni so...Read more

  • Our second day in Bagan was another fun day of riding scooters through the ancient temples, racing on the gravel roads and playing with the kids that try to sell postcards by the touristy areas.

    Since we wouldn't buy anything from the kids, as they should be in school, we just hang out, play games, talk or buy them food. They taught Merten a local song and Bibi, a 6 year old boy, gave me a pen tattoo (=drew a joker on my arm) :)

    For dinner, we brought some of the food ourselves and had the restaurant prepare an appetizer with the vegetables I had picked on my hike. They were a bit surprised but loved our story and made delicious fresh vegetables tempura!
    Read more

  • After 10 hours in an amazingly comfortable night bus and at least 5 hours of sleep, I found my trekking group at Sam's Trekking Services with our guide Momo. Momo was born in the area and knows the places, plants, history and best trails by heart. He showed us all the plants being grown here, visits the local tribes and farmers on the way and interprets with the locals. We saw and trief green tea, papayas, tumeric, ginger, herbs and rice that the tribes grow here.

    The group is an interesting mix of French, Spanish and Israeli fellow hikers and we get along perfectly!

    After a short night and 24km of hiking, I'm in bed (=a blanket on the wooden floor of a family house) already before 9pm today ;)
    Read more

  • Waterbuffalos have been a big theme of this trip! Back in California, I sing the waterbuffalo song with my friends Logan and Aria (5 and 7 years old :) ) all the time. In Cambodia, we saw many and here in Myanmar, there are even more waterbuffalos. Yesterday I saw so many, I asked our guide Momo if I could ride one. He said yes, but only a friendly one with its owner. So obviously, that was my prayer when I went to bed ;)

    I woke up at 6am and in front of our guest house was an extra friendly huge water buffalo, and the owner laughed at me - but let me ride it anyways. Yippee, what a moment!!!

    The hike today was absolutely beautiful! I picked pees, chilies, egg plant, ginger, citronella, tomatoes and elderflower on the side of the road. I'm also adopting to the culture and bought a bamboo rice picker's hat and tried their famous chewing tabacco, chili and a sauce rolled up in a betel leaf (which I spit out after 3 seconds, but at least I tried).
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  • Bagan is a mind blowing place! Founded in the 9th century, the ancient city left behind over 2000 temples, small and big, shiny and simple, there are more temples than you could ever visit.

    To explore, we rented electro scooters and are driving from one temple to the next. People here, as pretty much all people we've meet in Myanmar so far, are extremely friendly. The temples are beautiful, ancient adult playgrounds and I'm having such a good time. When we got on top of a few temples with roofs to give a good view, I just couldn't believe my eyes!!!

    Another highlight of the day was meeting little Charlie (pic 4) and his siblings. I fell in love instantly and now can't help thinking I should take him with me on my travels :)
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  • What a day! I joined a snorkeling trip to three islands off the Myanmar cost, where I spent most time under the surface in awe of the beauty of the fantastic fish and the coral reefs. Corals (some of which is damaged unfortunately), small and big fish in all colors of the rainbow, sea snakes, and crabs live here, ready to be observed by snorkelers like me :)

    Actually, part of the beauty is the fact that the islands are mostly unexplored. Only 3 of the 800 islands are inhabited and very few tourists make their way to this yet un-commercialized pearl in the Andaman Sea (/Indian Ocean).

    The funnest was an area where a new friend from France and I dove 5-6 meters deep beside a cliff full of corals and fantastic fish, exploring the wildlife from above and below. After so much swimming and diving, I'm off to bed early. Work is awaiting me all day tomorrow :)
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Union of Burma, Birma (Myanmar), Myanmar [Burma], Mianmar, Miyanma, ማያንማር, Myanmar, ميانمار -بورما, М'янма, Мианмар [Бирма], Myanimari, মায়নমার, འབར་མ།, Myanmar [Birmania], Mijanmar, Myanmar [Birmània], ބަރުމާ, མེ་མར, Myanmar [Burma] nutome, Μιανμάρ, Birmo, Birma, Birmania, مایانمار, Miyamaar, Burma, Birmanie, Maenmar, મ્યાંમાર, Miyamar, מיינמר, म्याँमार, Bimani, Մյանմա, Birmania/Myanmar, Mjanmar, ミャンマー連邦, მიანმარი, Myama, មីយ៉ាន់ម៉ា, ಮಯನ್ಮಾರ್, 미얀마, म्‍यन्मार, میانمار, Byrmani, Мьянма, Myanima, Börma, Mozambiki, ສະຫະພາບພະມ້າ, Mianmaras, Myamare, Mjanma [Birma], Мјанмар [Бурма], മ്യാന്‍മാര്‍, म्यानमार [ब्रह्मदेश], မြန်မာ, म्यान्मार, ମିୟାମାର୍, Mianmar [Birmânia], Birimaniya, ब्रह्मदेश, Myämâra, මියන්මාරය, Mjanmar [Burma], Мијанмар [Бурма], மியான்மார் [பர்மா], మ్యాన్మార్, Birmánia, Мянма, เมียนม่าร์ [พม่า], Pema, Birmanya, بىرما, Мʼянма [Бірма], میانمار [برما], Miến Điện (Myanmar), Mianmarän, Orílẹ́ède Manamari, 缅甸, e-Myanmar [Burma]