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Curious what backpackers do in Nepal? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Today was my last day in Kathmandu. It's bittersweet to be leaving... I'm incredibly sad to be leaving all the wonderful people I've met behind, but I do know that I'll see them again one day! So it's only a temporary goodbye. And I am looking forward to seeing some new parts of Asia.

    I spent the morning finalizing my packing and then went to FedEx to ship some things home. So expensive! But less expensive and less of a hassle than paying for an extra checked bags on all my next flights. A big disappointment was that I wasn't able to ship everything I wanted to home.. Couldn't ship the teas or spices that I have with me :/ So now they're in my pack but that means that my half full bag is now completely full and I don't have room for any Souvenirs from the rest of Asia... Maybe I'll try to ship those things home again when I get to Singapore, could be just a FedEx requirement? I don't know. But because today is Saturday they were the only company open and I didn't have an alternative to check out. I also had to leave my sleeping matt behind because to ship that alone would have been $150! No thanks! I can buy a new one for that price. This way someone here can get good use out of it too. Or as Sudarsan said, it'll be waiting for me when I come back lol. I hope they use it :)

    When I was back from shipping my items I continued with the website for a while until the power decided to go out and I didn't have an internet connection anymore. I finished packing and am ready to leave at anytime! I also copied all of Sudarsan's Nepali Music onto my phone so now I have access to that! I'll share it with you all at home, it's definitely grown on me I quite like it :) When the power decided to turn back on I wrapped up the content that I was working on and went to have coffee with Sudarsan and Sarita in the shop one last time.. 7pm came far too quickly and the same taxi driver who took me to FedEx in the morning came to take me to the airport. But again, because I know they're temporary good byes they weren't as sad as they could have been!

    When I got to the airport I exchanged the last of my rupees into US dollars before heading to check in. In the check in line I made a friend! A fellow named Daniel from the UK. We became fast friends and it really helped the time pass by quickly. Especially because our flight was delayed an hour and half.. He's been in Nepal for 3 months and is heading to Perth, Australia to work for a year. A true nomad. We talked about random things in a very easy, natural conversation. It was great. We were even seated next to one another, I suppose because we checked in one after the other. I manged to catch a few hours of sleep on the flight and when we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for our 3+ hour layovers Daniel and I continued to visit and had coffee together before splitting up to our different gates. (The airport here is so nice! It's like a massive shopping mall, beautifully designed with a steel structure and wood ceiling, a very drastic change from Kathmandu. I definitely felt like a bit of a slob here even though I was wearing what I considered my nice clothing in Nepal haha) Anyway, Daniel is quite a nice guy, I'm sure we'll be in touch in the future!

    My second flight to Singapore was also delayed.. We ended up departing 20 minutes after we were originally scheduled to arrive. But oh well, not like I'm in a huge rush to be anywhere! I'll write about Singapore in a separate post because technically it's a separate day.. This overnight travel business isn't as bad as I thought it would be!

    I also think it's worth mentioning that the security screening is very different here than at home... There are separate lines for men and women because they physically pat you down in addition to going through the metal detector. Good thing I'm not a super sensitive person else I'd have felt quite violated. Full grabs of the breasts and even between the legs! To all the women! Thankfully by a woman at least... Sheesh. Anyway.. Another interesting observation was that when we arrived in Kuala Lumpur from Kathmandu a flight attendant went through the cabin twice spraying some sort of disinfectant. Apparently there's a law that requires this to prevent diseases spreading... Makes me wonder what kind of diseases they're worried about. Or do I really want to know?? Oh I love learning about new cultures <3
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  • Today was a good day and I feel like I accomplished a lot.

    First thing in the morning I met Ganesh for tea at a shop midway between where we're staying, conveniently only a 5-10 minute walk for each of us. We chatted about various things and I enjoyed watching the city start to wake up. He had to go back to the university to finish something with his Master's program and I went back to the house to eat breakfast and continue working on the website content. It's kind of fun this website business! I'm learning a lot about the different places in Nepal that I didn't get to, and now have a list of places I want to see next time I'm in Nepal. At some point Sudarsan brought me some noodles to eat as I managed to work for a fair number of hours solid without realizing it... I decided it was time for a break and went for a wander. Ended up running into my friend again and we had a snack together, some chick peas and an egg at a random shop in the area. Who knew such a big city could be so small at the same time.. Same as how the world is tiny sometimes I guess! It was a great impromptu meeting and I learned that my birthday in the Nepali calendar is Falgun 13th. Random facts :p

    I made my way back to the house and met Sudarsan in his shop. There I noticed that he had wine for sale! And wine that we know at home, not this whiskey type wine of the village. So I convinced him to share with me and we polished off the bottle. I had to laugh that the name was Napa Valley, like the California Winery. Definitely not the same though. It was a good wine though, on the sweet side, but delicious. We enjoyed it while eating spicy chips so that helped balance out the sweetness a bit. It would seem that here in Nepal they don't have the same categories of wine as we do - Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, etc - it's just a wine. Fine by me! I was happy. While socializing Sudarsan told me of two new project sites that he'd visited today. Project sites in need of help improving the school quality. They require materials and labour.. For one school they need windows and repairs to the structure from the earthquake. The other needs a proper toilet facility. More projects for him to find volunteers for!

    Again we ate a late dinner and then worked late into the evening on the website content. Trying to get everything done before I leave! I know I can always help remotely too, but I prefer to do it now while I'm here. The next portion of my trip is likely to be very very busy...
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  • After 24 hours on the road we finally arrived to the chaos of Kathmandu.
    The visa cost £22 each and the application was disorganised but we eventually made it out of the airport.
    Local currency was impossible to order outside of Nepal and there were no cash machines at the airport, yet everyone wanted tipping just for touching your case. We found our driver (like a scene out of Life Of Brian, everyone claimed to be our driver) and the ride to our hotel was just 20 minutes.Read more

  • Driving is chaos every dude for himself. Stopped at a cash machine and felt like I'd done bank robbery with a huge wad of notes.
    Made it to the hotel in the heart of Kathmandu and revised with an everest beer. When in Rome...
    The room was spacious overlooking the courtyard, they insisted some elderly sherpas would deliver cases to the room.

  • We made it!
    It was a gruelling day, buffeted by icy winds so strong they blew you over. 8 hours of walking time so we are all feeling rather pooped.
    Everest is the little brown triangle above my head in the last photo.

  • I've been between 4000 and 5100 meters today and up here, you do things slowly: eating, hiking, laundry, reading, thinking, .....

    We started early and caught a beautiful sunrise. From here, the landscape changed drastically - no more trees and eventually barely any bushes, but glaciers and 8000m peaks wherever you look. And it's cold in the morning, my drinking bottle valve froze every 15-20 minutes :)

    It was a steep incline and we did another 200m incline (to 5100m) after getting to our tea house to acclimatize. The trick is to sleep lower than your highest elevation of the day. I'm feeling completely exhausted and am looking forward to some slow motion sleep soon.
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    250000 steps
    2 sore feet
    We started the day with beautiful weather and ended walking the last 3 hours in the snow.

    I couldn't have done it without the support of lots of people, so here is a shoutout of thanks to my family, my walking buddies, the child minders, house sitters, taxi drivers and all those who offered support.

  • I'm too tired to write a long post. Most challenging day. We got close to the bottom of Mount Everest. Here, the altitude was getting to me. 5300m today. Sleeping at 4900m. Hiking was strenuous, every step takes all of your concentration. Now I'm ready for a long long sleep.

  • Apparently I did not do enough squats or lunges in my preparation. Today was gruelling, over our last 3 kms we climbed 800m altitude! Consequently I am feeling tired and sore.
    Plenty of stunning scenery and some crossings of massive suspension bridges.

  • An early morning flight out of Pokhara with amazing views over all the mountains we have been walking around. Love the 24 seater aircraft as you really get a feeling of flying. Back to civilisation and time to fill up on food, rest and re-pack before moving on again.

You might also know this place by the following names:

Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, Nepal, Nɛpɔl, ኔፓል, نيبال, Непал, नेपाल, Nepali, নেপাল, བར་ཡུལ་, Nepál, ނޭޕާލް, བལ་ཡུལ, Nepal nutome, Νεπάλ, Nepalo, Nepaal, نپال, Népal, Nèpal, Neipeal, નેપાળ, Nefal, נפאל, Նեպալ, ネパール王国, nepal, ნეპალი, នេប៉ាល់, ನೇಪಾಳ, 네팔, نیپال, Nepalia, Nepálɛ, ເນປານ, Nepalas, Nepāla, Nepala, നേപ്പാൾ, नेपाळ, နီပေါ, Nephali, Sańghīya Loktāntrik Gaṇatantra Nepāl, ନେପାଳ, Nipal, नेपालदेशः, Nëpâli, නේපාලය, Nebaal, நேபாளம், నేపాల్, ประเทศเนปาล, نېپال, Nê-pan (Nepal), Nepalän, Orílẹ́ède Nepa, 尼泊尔, i-Nepal