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  • Day111

    Drive around Kathmandu

    September 8, 2017 in Nepal

    Hari brought us to Patan Durbar square, Baktapur Durbar square and his hometown Nagarkot (nearly saw the Everest, but it was a bit cloudy) today. Allthough the earthquake in 2015 has ruined quite a lot, the old buildings, tempels and stupas are beautiful. Downside is that everyone tries to sell you stuff or tours, which distracts a little. Moreover the poverty is striking (people living in huts without water, sorounded by trash, dirt and dust), feeling very priviledged as a German.Read more

  • Day115

    Lumbini - short stopover

    September 12, 2017 in Nepal

    After yet another tiring 7 hour car ride (for 200 Km) we arrived in Lumbini - where Buddha was born. Only a few Km from the indian boarder, this place is poorer, than all the others, we've stayed in so far. After checking out the most important sights (Birthplace tempel, stone, baby buddha and the eternal peace flame) we took an early night and saw the international tempels today. Even visited the german buddhist tempel! After a 4 hour drive to Chitwan, already saw 3 elephants today...Read more

  • Day109

    Nepal - just... wow

    September 6, 2017 in Nepal

    Flight from KL to Nepal with a lot of people, that have apparently never used an aircraft before. We left late, because 80% of the other guests needed to take selfies with the plane! Kathmandu is crazy. Our host, Damodar, is very hospitable and takes good care of us. First walk was to Pashupatinath-tempel - we watched three burning bodies, a lot of holy people, monkeys, holy cows and street dogs. Also just walking in the streets is an interesting task - what a different world... btw: the time difference to Germany is 3:45 hoursRead more

  • Day112

    Pokhara - what a ride

    September 9, 2017 in Nepal

    7 hours for 200 Km, the plan for yesterday was an adventures car ride, we sure got that. Today we enjoyed a beautiful sunset close to the 8000-meter high mountains, visited lake Phewa and some sights. After helping some TV Stars from Bangladesh with our ideas for tourism in their country, we earned some relaxing time

  • Day3

    I love the mornings with yoga. It's so powerful and also on the top of the monastery, magical. This day should be a relaxing. We received the invitation from monks to eat with them and visit puja! Such honor! So we spent morning with sitting around main hall and talking with monks and Sun above us. I don't have enough beautiful words for this...
    In the afternoon we should were with monks again but there was a change a plan, as always. So we went to Pashupatinath. It's a place in Kathmandu where dead people are burned with whole ceremony. It's hard to talk about it, on one side of the bridge you can see a couple of fires and you realize there are bodies inside and on the other side you see ceremony where family is saying goodbye. Very powerful.
    Well after kind of difficult afternoon was time for excellent dinner! And also our rooftop session.
    These days are like... dreams...
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  • Day2

    Time to practice...and drink

    February 15 in Nepal

    Mmm the first yoga lecture, 18 unknown people where some of them never practice yoga and some of them are also yoga instructors - difficult to set some middle level. But apparently it was good, everybody was happy so... And straight to the restaurant for breakfast! Well... It's terrible to go to small restaurant with huge group. We were eating for 2 hours! We had to wait so long! But as a reward - banana pancakes and masala tea, love it!
    After breakfast it was time to visit the local holy place Swayambhunath stupa. It's amazing place on the top of the hill, just check the pictures. I also refreshed my bargain skills and we had for 7 people from our group free entrance. bargaining is perfect sport for me!
    Aand we're hungry, again. So now to the city centre with line of 5 small cabs and directly to the garden restaurant. Such an amazing place! The only disadvantage is, again, the size of our group. We were waiting for the food for 3,5 hours.But nobody cares.
    We went to the city centre to do some shopping and it's time for welcome drink. I have to say, Budha bar in Kathmandu is one of the best bar I've ever been. Amazing mood, food, drinks, music, everything! What nobody expected was that we stay there for 5 hours and everybody will be dancing! And drinking so much. Actually we had to stop the party and take the people home because of tomorrow schedule. Such a big party Never happened before, my friend said...
    And as the perfect point in the end. We stopped 5 small cabs, took it and they were riding in one line on some secret road to our monastery and stopped perfectly on the point where we needed to - magical.
    So perfect day. But I'm quite getting worried if we'll be able to handle drinking every evening and waking up for a yoga lectures.
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  • Day4

    It's not so good to wake up after evening with Slivovice, Merunkovice, wine and rum and go to practice yoga. At least according to my friend. I didn't have such a big problem but many people had. It's weird yoga retreat, whatever.
    In the morning we went to Buddha stupa in Tibetan quarter. It's Mekka for Budhist. A huge stupa in the centre of the quarter. Walking around you're sending away all bad so we were walking, shopping and walking. Also we had amazing lunch in the rooftop restaurant. Aand we received the message from our monastery. The famous young boy invites us for a dinner and evening games with lamas from monastery.
    So after a small nap (everybody needs to, alcohol is taking his price) we went to monastery and all children were there preparing games. It was just wooow, we were just laughing and cheering.
    The main part of the evening was before us. The dinner with all members of the monastery and also some people whose came before celebration of new year. And with him, the famous 13 years old boy who is reincarnated rinpoche. You can feel his energy when he's walking around you. When you look at him you can feel peace, knowledge but also he is still child it's so strange.
    So we end up with photos and the best part is, tomorrow again! For example our group leader is visiting this monastery for five years. She has met him one time before this occasion and according to her we're probably the last group which had such a big luck.
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  • Day5

    Just... not enough words

    February 18 in Nepal

    Noo I don't wanna wake up. 6am and no yoga class today. Everything because of amazing trip to the mountains. Finally! Outside of the city.
    We went to saint place of Buddhism to the monastery where Buddha lived one of his lifes. Here he sacrificed himself to mother lion so she can feed her babies and these ones become his followers.
    It's amazing place on the top of the mountain where people are going to visit, meditate in same cave as Buddha and hang the flags with prayers. We also bought some flags and we wanted to hang them. We wrote our wishes and went to the special place. There we met two young boys and they helped us with hanging. But it was amazing. They were climbing on the trees barefoot like a monkeys. So in the end we merged 7 flags together and we also have our footprints on this place.
    After than we had lunch in small village, finally, home cooked food!
    When we get home some of the people still have energy for yoga! So why not, with Sun set, wow...
    And again dinner with monks and the famous rinpoche as yesterday. But this day we had presents for them and also ice cream! You should see their eyes and pure happiness, that's so awesome.
    We finished our evening with one of our rooftop sessions and also rum with honey, mnam!
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  • Day6

    Back to nature

    February 19 in Nepal

    It's here, we are leaving Kathmandu straight to the nature, actually back to nature, that's the name of the camp.
    The journey wasn't so interesting 8 hours in bus. We survived, that's only important.
    Finally, Pokhara is waiting for us. In the end of the road we met Dambar, amazing person, camp owner and went up to the hill where the camp is. So surrounded by nature in "back to nature" the second part of our trip is beginning. It's just... just tents, trees, nature woooow. Also cold water because the water is heated during cooking. I love it!
    And in the evening we needed some relax. Well... We went to bed around 1 am. Quite a big party with dance, talking about the nature...
    Here you can feel that you're alive.
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  • Day7

    Meditation in the jungle

    February 20 in Nepal

    Just imagine the feelings when you open your eyes and you're looking directly to Sun rise. I'm sleeping outside! It's just....
    So morning yoga session with Dambar, it's nice I have free time to practice.
    After amazing breakfast we were ready for trekking. We went through the jungle to waterfall, barefoot! And the water was really cold! But, the energy in water, really powerful. And in combination with singing bowls meditation... We were speechless...
    In the afternoon we were supposed to stay in camp but someone wants to go for more hiking, well why not! So one more trip with 4 friends through the jungle.
    When the evening came we were waiting for shaman. Real shaman respected in whole area! He blessed us so now we are protected.
    As yesterday we spent the rest of the evening with laughing, drinking and talking...
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Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, Nepal, Nɛpɔl, ኔፓል, نيبال, Непал, नेपाल, Nepali, নেপাল, བར་ཡུལ་, Nepál, ނޭޕާލް, བལ་ཡུལ, Nepal nutome, Νεπάλ, Nepalo, Nepaal, نپال, Népal, Nèpal, Neipeal, નેપાળ, Nefal, נפאל, Նեպալ, ネパール王国, nepal, ნეპალი, នេប៉ាល់, ನೇಪಾಳ, 네팔, نیپال, Nepalia, Nepálɛ, ເນປານ, Nepalas, Nepāla, Nepala, നേപ്പാൾ, नेपाळ, နီပေါ, Nephali, Sańghīya Loktāntrik Gaṇatantra Nepāl, ନେପାଳ, Nipal, नेपालदेशः, Nëpâli, නේපාලය, Nebaal, நேபாளம், నేపాల్, ประเทศเนปาล, نېپال, Nê-pan (Nepal), Nepalän, Orílẹ́ède Nepa, 尼泊尔, i-Nepal

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