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  • Day37

    hitting the road

    September 26, 2016 in the Netherlands

    Chilly morning spent riding on the Rijn kanal...
    My morning highlight was thinking that there was a weird duck in a field next to us and instead turning to see a sheep sneezing (well in a sneezing frenzy)

  • Day39

    The end!

    September 28, 2016 in the Netherlands

    So we battled the craziest headwinds today- it felt like you were not moving forward in parts... Character building is a nice way to describe it!
    We all made it (I just don't have a selfie with Dave cause he didn't come down to waters edge)
    So we did 40km (plus a little bit back to train) today
    My trip total is 1478km.

    We caught trains back to Rotterdam and then on to Amsterdam, where we will be for a couple days...

    So that's me done 😀
    See you in sunny Queensland in a few days!!
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  • Day3

    Dubai to Amsterdam

    December 17, 2016 in the Netherlands

    Had a great flight to Amsterdam. A few photos of what you could see out the window.
    Amsterdam cold and overcast but made pretty by all the Christmas lights. It got dark about 4.30pm which was hard for us when we just wanted to go to bed. I don't think we will see blue sky for awhile.

  • Day4


    December 18, 2016 in the Netherlands

    Well its 5.30 in the morning and we are up having a coffee.
    After a 5hr car trip from Whyalla to Adelaide (for Debbie a 45min plane trip, I think I had the better deal working and then flying) 13hr flight from Adelaide to Dubai 3hr stopover and lastly 7hr flight from Dubai to Amsterdam.
    We went through customs very quickly all bags arrive with us which is always a good feeling. Easily bought our metro pass and found the train into Amsterdam Central. Always a interesting ride on trains and trams with your luggage.
    After a few extra steps we found our apartment and had a warm welcome from Paul our host. He took one look at us and thought he had better turn the heating down. Only people walking around with t-shirts! When he left we turn the heating off.
    We did rug up to go looking for a supermarket.
    If we survive Amsterdam it may be a miracle, I'm sure it will be death by a cyclist or dodging one.
    Really didn't find what we were looking for but picked some essentials from an organic supermarket. I did see a lot of street vendors selling ollie bollies as we call them in Whyalla. So will have to try them and see how Whyalla's compares.
    Tea wasn't much success so it was showers and into bed by 7.30pm.
    We are just waiting for the rest of Amsterdam to wake up and go and explore.
    If all else fails we have one of Amsterdam famous coffee shops across the road if we need to chill out. Which reminds me Kellie got her first wiff of cannabis walking the streets last night.
    Photo of view from our apartment window.
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  • Day5

    Foodie day in Amsterdam

    December 19, 2016 in the Netherlands

    It was nice to see blue sky today but it wasn't any warmer. Today we visited the Anne Frank Huis, which was a very somber experience.
    Then we went and found Winkel 43 that is famous for it's apple pie. The line was out the door but I was determined to have this pie. We lined up not knowing if we would have a table to eat at. Well, I must say it is the best apple pie I have ever tasted and we did have a table to eat it at. When we left the line was out the door and down the street.
    In the afternoon we did a food tour for 4hrs trying different types of dutch food. Kids did really well trying different things. The Herring was probably the only thing we couldn't eat. Dave had a piece, Brodie & I touched it with our teeth and Kellie couldn't come at it. Learnt a lot of interesting things about Amsterdam on the way. A very tiring day and it will be sad to leave tomorrow.

    Photo 1 - Winkel 43 Apple Pie
    Photo 2 - Canal
    Photo 3 - Frites
    Photo 4 - Herring
    Photo 5 - Canal
    Photo 6 - Lights of Amsterdam
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  • Day4

    Day out in Amsterdam

    December 18, 2016 in the Netherlands

    It's hard to get used to the late sunrise and early sunset if there is even a sun out there.
    Kellie is struggling as she is like a rooster, gets up with the sun and goes to bed when the sun goes down.
    We caught the tram and headed back to the zoo where you could see Flamingos from the road. A wander and a few photos then continued walking to where the kids had put a padlock on a bridge the last time we were here, only to find it had been cut off.
    After being disappointed we decided to find a place famous for their apple pie. After a bit of a walk and not really knowing where we were going the 'hangry's' set in. We walked past a pancake shop and decided to stop there. It was a good choice yum yum. Then we set off to Madame Tussauds as Brodie has wanted to do this every holiday. As by the photo you can see my favourite. Brodie loved the Marvel comic characters. It was very good and interactive. We decided to hop on a tram and see where it would take us. Ended up at the Museumplien where the "I am Amsterdam" sign is. There was markets set up here and we had a wander and a snack. Time to head back to the apartment. Lost Dave on the way, we got off the tram but he got stuck behind someone and the tram went off. He eventually walked back to us. Our joke for the trip now. We cooked tea which was a bit more of a success than last night. Then we went for a walk, except Brodie who fell asleep again.
    All in all, a good day.
    Photo 1- Ice rink at the 'I am Amsterdam'
    Photo 2 - Just getting light at 8.30am
    Photo3 - Flamingos at the zoo
    Photo 4 - Brodie's pancake: banana, strawberry sauce and whipped cream
    Photo 5 - My new screen saver Chris Hemsworth/Thor
    Photo 6 - Frites at the markets
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  • Day245

    Utrecht, The Netherlands

    January 13 in the Netherlands

    We spent a week with our friend Judith in her hometown of Utrecht. Utrecht is a beautiful city full of old townhouses built around canals - think Amsterdam without the tourists. The main mode of transport in the Netherlands is cycling and we quickly followed suit spending our days riding around the city. It was fun seeing how tall the Dutch are (especially coming from South East Asia) and our bikes on the lowest setting were too tall for me and Andreas. We had fun cooking dinner at Judith’s house, meeting up with our friend Tjarda from NZ who cooked us a wonderful Dutch meal, ice skating, and meeting Judith’s friends. One day we rode into a local forest and ate lunch at a famous pancake restaurant (very Dutch). We even gave andreas his first IKEA experience including the hotdogs. What a treat!Read more

  • Day246

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    January 14 in the Netherlands

    We took a thirty minute train ride from Utrecht to Amsterdam to meet up with our friends from New Zealand, Joon and Trixie, who are currently traveling around Europe. We wandered the city during the day (mostly dodging the masses of tourists) and toured the Heineken brewery. We learned all about the Heineken brand and how beer is made. In the evening we took a boat tour through the canals to see the Festival of Lights. It was fantastic spending time with Joon and Trixie, especially because the last time we saw them was at their wedding in New Zealand.Read more

  • Day26

    Wallibi World - Niederlande

    August 10, 2017 in the Netherlands

    Nach einem kurzen Zwischenstop im wunderschönen Detern, an dieser Stelle schöne Grüße Kicki, Robert und euren zwei Begleitern. Danke für das Bier und den netten Abend. Am nächsten Tag Zwischenstation im Freizeitpark. 👍. Freitag bis Samstag in Amsterdam. Freuen uns sehr.

  • Day6


    May 4, 2017 in the Netherlands

    Nachdem wir uns also zwei Tage wegen Dauerregens mit unseren Büchern verkrochen hatten, lockte heute wieder die Sonne mit milden Temperaturen, und zwar nach Middelburg.

    Da kann man gemütlich durch die Felder fahren und ist in 30 Minuten mitten im Trubel, denn Donnertags ist hier großer Markttag.

    Im Internet hatte ich einen Tipp zu einem Laden gefunden, der aus altem Industriekram nette Sachen bastelt. Den wollte ich gern mal anschauen, und er war auch gar nicht schwer zu finden. Leider ... ich hab mir eine Tasche gekauft, und dann war da noch diese Lampe ... nein, wir gingen lieber weiter bummeln, über den Markt, vorbei an Straßencafes, in denen die Menschen den schönen Tag genossen, bis zum Langen Jan, den wir bei unseren bisherigen Besuchen immer ausgelassen haben. Ich weiß nun auch warum, und beim nächsten Besuch von Middelburg ignoriere ich ihn wieder.

    205 Stufen führen schmal gewendelt nach oben, und wenn man dann oben ist, hat frau kaum noch Kraft, die Aussicht zu genießen. Aber ich war oben!

    Danach das Pflichtprogramm, die Frietboutique mit Fritten und Frikandel Spezial. Das hatte ich mir verdient, denn meine Oberschenkel fühlten sich wie Pudding an. ZWEIHUNDERTUNDFÜNF STUFEN! Ich werd alt ...

    Und als wir da so saßen, dachten wir ... an die Lampe und dass sie doch sehr schön war ... und auch passend ... liegt ja auf dem Rückweg, und wenn der Laden noch geöffnet hat, dann ist dies das Zeichen.

    Gesagt, getan, es ging zurück, unterwegs noch am Markt Matjes für's Abendbrot gekauft, und der Laden empfing uns mit offener Tür, wir zur Lampe, die Verkäuferin kennt uns wieder, grinst mit “Daumen hoch“ und 5 Minuten später sind wir im Besitz einer Lampe, die unseren Eßtisch beleuchten soll.

    Regentage sind auf alle Fälle günstiger.
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