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Curious what backpackers do in the Netherlands? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Had a great flight to Amsterdam. A few photos of what you could see out the window.
    Amsterdam cold and overcast but made pretty by all the Christmas lights. It got dark about 4.30pm which was hard for us when we just wanted to go to bed. I don't think we will see blue sky for awhile.

  • Well its 5.30 in the morning and we are up having a coffee.
    After a 5hr car trip from Whyalla to Adelaide (for Debbie a 45min plane trip, I think I had the better deal working and then flying) 13hr flight from Adelaide to Dubai 3hr stopover and lastly 7hr flight from Dubai to Amsterdam.
    We went through customs very quickly all bags arrive with us which is always a good feeling. Easily bought our metro pass and found the train into Amsterdam Central. Always a interesting ride on trains and trams with your luggage.
    After a few extra steps we found our apartment and had a warm welcome from Paul our host. He took one look at us and thought he had better turn the heating down. Only people walking around with t-shirts! When he left we turn the heating off.
    We did rug up to go looking for a supermarket.
    If we survive Amsterdam it may be a miracle, I'm sure it will be death by a cyclist or dodging one.
    Really didn't find what we were looking for but picked some essentials from an organic supermarket. I did see a lot of street vendors selling ollie bollies as we call them in Whyalla. So will have to try them and see how Whyalla's compares.
    Tea wasn't much success so it was showers and into bed by 7.30pm.
    We are just waiting for the rest of Amsterdam to wake up and go and explore.
    If all else fails we have one of Amsterdam famous coffee shops across the road if we need to chill out. Which reminds me Kellie got her first wiff of cannabis walking the streets last night.
    Photo of view from our apartment window.
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  • It was nice to see blue sky today but it wasn't any warmer. Today we visited the Anne Frank Huis, which was a very somber experience.
    Then we went and found Winkel 43 that is famous for it's apple pie. The line was out the door but I was determined to have this pie. We lined up not knowing if we would have a table to eat at. Well, I must say it is the best apple pie I have ever tasted and we did have a table to eat it at. When we left the line was out the door and down the street.
    In the afternoon we did a food tour for 4hrs trying different types of dutch food. Kids did really well trying different things. The Herring was probably the only thing we couldn't eat. Dave had a piece, Brodie & I touched it with our teeth and Kellie couldn't come at it. Learnt a lot of interesting things about Amsterdam on the way. A very tiring day and it will be sad to leave tomorrow.

    Photo 1 - Winkel 43 Apple Pie
    Photo 2 - Canal
    Photo 3 - Frites
    Photo 4 - Herring
    Photo 5 - Canal
    Photo 6 - Lights of Amsterdam
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  • It's hard to get used to the late sunrise and early sunset if there is even a sun out there.
    Kellie is struggling as she is like a rooster, gets up with the sun and goes to bed when the sun goes down.
    We caught the tram and headed back to the zoo where you could see Flamingos from the road. A wander and a few photos then continued walking to where the kids had put a padlock on a bridge the last time we were here, only to find it had been cut off.
    After being disappointed we decided to find a place famous for their apple pie. After a bit of a walk and not really knowing where we were going the 'hangry's' set in. We walked past a pancake shop and decided to stop there. It was a good choice yum yum. Then we set off to Madame Tussauds as Brodie has wanted to do this every holiday. As by the photo you can see my favourite. Brodie loved the Marvel comic characters. It was very good and interactive. We decided to hop on a tram and see where it would take us. Ended up at the Museumplien where the "I am Amsterdam" sign is. There was markets set up here and we had a wander and a snack. Time to head back to the apartment. Lost Dave on the way, we got off the tram but he got stuck behind someone and the tram went off. He eventually walked back to us. Our joke for the trip now. We cooked tea which was a bit more of a success than last night. Then we went for a walk, except Brodie who fell asleep again.
    All in all, a good day.
    Photo 1- Just getting light at 8.30am
    Photo 2 - Flamingos at the zoo
    Photo 3 - Brodie's pancake: banana, strawberry sauce and whipped cream
    Photo 4 - My new screen saver Chris Hemsworth/Thor
    Photo 5 - Frites at the markets
    Photo 6 - Ice rink at the 'I am Amsterdam'
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  • This was one of our favorite trips so far! The weather was amazing and the trees were the perfect picture of fall. We rode our bikes all over the city. My trusty tour guide, Ross, is very comfortable on a bike, so it made it easy and relaxing for me! We saw the Anne Frank house, ate lots of great food, and biked our hearts out!

  • The end: this part is for all the followers especially non dutch, I want to show you a little bit of what I call home ;-).
    For me home is where my family and friends are and since most of them are in the Netherlands it's obvious that coming back from a long journey and seeing that a lot of them are waiting for me at the airport already made me feel very happy and emotional. I didn't expect them at all since I was focused on seeing Mariska which I knew would be there. So when my dad said to wait for them to come I was like.... why should I wait here and not with her? It raised the question but when I saw them all even with welcome home signs I was sort off speechless. Everything went quite fast from here and I couldn't remember saying goodbye to everyone but apparently we were heading straight to my home (the place I normally should sleep ;-) . In the car I was thinking about some reasons why we did some things differently than normal, to Maris I said that it also would be nice to have the house for the 2 off us. Somewhere I expected more welcomes somewhere but at my doorstep I checked the street for familiar cars and when I couldn't find them I was already somewhere else with my thought and didn't expect anyone any more. It was also nice and quiet and I was already thinking of what to do next... but when I opened the door to the living room and saw food standing. Suddenly the whole room came alive and confetti popped through the air. Even more people were here than at the airport, actually I asked a few minutes ago if some were at work because they would have been at the airport if they had known ;-). So all the pieces fell in place and so did I. Back in my place and time to party haha. Thanks everybody for the good time.
    Now about the Netherlands being home. It started Friday already with going to familiar places where family worked or lived. Some arrangements for Sinterklaas which is not Santa Claus but a Dutch festivity about a Saint who gives presents to little children. A lot of things go hand in hand with this, especially black Pete which is not allowed to be black by some people :p. But almost everybody helps Sinterklaas by buying presents and making poems for each other which are given around the 5th of December. So that is what we did on Saturday after I tried to settle my stuff at home. The evening was very amusing with even more family around. Sunday it was time for more nice and funny family business and buying a Christmas tree. Decorating this together with Mariska is a good way to spend time together, as was it to go out for diner and to the cinema in Amsterdam next to the Arena were a soccer game just finished haha very busy suddenly. In a very long time I had not visited a cinema, it's not something you do while you travel I guess ;-). Inferno was very good as a movie but better as a book which I read on my trip ;-). Monday normally everybody goes to work but I first have to arrange my stuff and find some work. On my first day off at home I tried to collect all my photo's and movies. I needed tuesday for this as well because I wanted to meet and be with my best friends, so meeting up with them and exchanging stories to get everybody more up to date haha. On monday evening I went back to my rhythm off sports and tried to wield my favourite weapons again: Swords. A thing I missed for 5 months and thankfully still handled quite well. I took it easy to avoid injuries and safe my energy that I needed to not get sick of the cold weather in the Netherlands ;-). After some drinks in the bar I noticed that it doesn't matter how long you go away only a few things change and a lot will stay the same because the concept is just to good to change :D. Tuesday also was a busy day with looking back at the photo's of my trip and looking forward to see my girl again in Apeldoorn. Driving through half of the country to get to her seems for all non Dutchies like a long distance. But this country is only 300k long by 200k wide. 41528 square km with 1700000 people. So when I drove off I made sure that I passed Amsterdam before 17:00 since traffic jams will be a big problem and doubles your time to get somewhere easily. My trip took me only 1 our and 20 minutes and I could be with Mariska again who was so sweet to make diner. I actually had not made diner for a long time, maybe once or twice in New Zealand in the Britz Lightning? I should pick that up soon enough, so far I was lucky with Mariska and my friends wanting to cook for me ;-). I like cooking, I just need time to do it :D. So the evening with my girlfriend is off course non off all your businesses ;-). So Wednesday morning was a morning on the couch watching TV series until the traffic jams dissolved. At home I could finally have an overview off all my photo's and movies. I went through my mail paid some overdue bills and looked a little for work, friend Tedson who took care of my house came by to fill me in on all that happened and with beers and pizza we had a great time also.
    That brings us to today and the end of blogging my world trip.
    You can follow me on Facebook if you're not already doing that. I will come back to you with some nice stories of my world trip and if you were there with me... you will be in the stories :D. This blog will go from public to private very soon because it actually is ;-). So for the non facebookers mail me on to stay in touch :D. Thanks for everything I had a wonderful world trip :D
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  • “Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”
    ― Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

  • Deze trip via een nieuw medium, omdat de andere site toch wel erg prijzig werd..
    Mini instructie: Log in via Facebook of je email en dan kan je mij volgen!

    Nog een paar laatste daagjes in het koude en regenachtige Nederland en dan gaat het weer beginnen. Backpack op en met het vliegtuig naar Indonesië.

    Hier heb ik eerst drie weken om Java en Bali te verkennen en dan vlieg ik alweer door naar Nieuw Zeeland waar ik op 6 december zal gaan landen.

    Vind het leuk als jullie een reactie achterlaten als je het gelezen hebt,schrijf ik het in ieder geval niet voor niks ;-)
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Kingdom of the Netherlands, Niederlande, Netherlands, Nederland, Nɛdɛland, ኔዘርላንድ, Países Baixos, Niðerland, هولندا, ܗܘܠܢܕܐ, Países Baxos, Hollandiya, Нідэрланды, Холандия, Peyiba, হল্যাণ্ড, ཧའོ་ལན།, Izelvroioù, Holandija, Països Baixos, Nizozemsko, Yr Iseldiroedd, Holland, ནེ་དར་ལེནཌསི, Nedalands nutome, Ολλανδία, Nederlando, Holanda, Madalmaad, Herbehereak, هلند, Nederlannda, Alankomaat, Niðurlond, Pays-Bas, Payis-Bâs, Nederlân, An Ísiltír, નેધરલેન્ડ, Holan, Nizozemska, הולנד, नीदरलैण्ड, Nižozemska, Hollandia, Նիդերլանդեր, Nederlandia, Belanda, Olanda, Niðurlönd, Paesi Bassi, オランダ王国, ნიდერლანდი, Uholanzi, Голландия, Hollandi, ហូល្លង់, ನೆದರ್‌ಲ್ಯಾಂಡ್ಸ್, 네덜란드, Nederläng, ھۆڵەندا, Holandi, Olandɛ, ເນເທີແລນ, Nyderlandai, Nīderlande, Холандија, നെതര്‍ലന്‍ഡ്സ്, नेदरलँड, နယ်သာလန်, Niterand, Tlanitlalpan, Nedderlannen, नेदरल्यान्ड्स, Pays Bas, Païses Basses, Gollandii, ନେଦରଲ୍ୟାଣ୍ଡ, Paises Bahes, Hulanda, Holandia, Pais Bass, هالېنډ, Uray Llaqta Suyu, Pajais Bass, Ubuholandi, Țările de Jos, Нидерланды, Paisi Vasci, Vuolleeatnamat, Holände, නෙදර්ලන්තය, Holandsko, Vendet e Ulëta, Hôlanê, Nederländerna, நெதர்லாந்து, నేదర్లాండ్స్, Нидерланд, เนเธอร์แลนด์, Hōlani, Ol Nitelan, Hollanda, گوللاندىيە, Нідерланди, نیدر لینڈز, Hà Lan, Olland, Nedän, Bas Payis, Nederlandes, ENetherlands, Orílẹ́ède Nedalandi, 荷兰, i-Netherlands