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  • Day49

    I haven't been this sick in a very long time.
    Sweated through the night again. The pharmacies are open today so hopefully on the mend.
    No more tour, no more people I don't want to be around.
    Appetite is slightly missing. But working on it.
    Tried some Dutch nibbles, delicious.
    Amsterdam in like a Bogan version of Copenhagen.
    Bikes and canals rule, but very few parks to relax in. Anyone can be on any type of drug, it's not even actually legal here, just very highly tolerated.

    Checked into a new hostel.
    I'm slightly better to actually be able to enjoy this city now.

    So it turns out that even though it is a Monday a bar across the road from the hostel had a live band playing into the wee hours of the morning. No sleep for us.
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  • Day50

    Was not in a good state this morning.
    Called insurance and started a claim so I'd be covered for a doctor visit. Got some antibiotics and pain meds so I should be in the mend soon, YAY!
    Poor Ally, she has seen me at my worst. Thank goodness I had her with me to help me out.

    I need to remember to eat and something soft on my throat. Pancakes and chocolate milk it is!

    Visited Anne Frank's house. It was really cool. Actually is the whole house with great audio guide to explain the house, diary and war history along with it.

    I'm looking forward to leaving this city. I don't know if it's my sickness, the constant rain, lack of parks and greenery not found in coffee shops or something else. This city just hasn't sit well with me.
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  • Day48

    Found the avacado show restaurant for a fix.
    Been very sick, was shivering through a fever all last night. Spent all day in bed.
    Made it up for food for lunch and dinner.
    Dinner was atrocious. For our final night we had a dinner river cruise.
    People were greening out so much they were unresponsive. A few more people started throwing up. The cruise got cancelled only half way through.
    The worst part, it was Ali our tour leaders birthday.
    Should of just stayed in bed and gotten Chinese food.

    Luckily, my room did not have a bed bug or rodent problem like some of the others.

    So happy to not put up with that again.
    All it takes is a few to ruin it for everyone.
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  • Day47

    A visit to learn the traditional way to make clog's and cheese at Clara Maria Kaasboerderij- & Clog.
    Tried lots of gouda Cheese, including taco, whisky, the usual natural, mature and smoked.
    Yummy but not quite packable. Settled for a cheese slicer and grater instead

  • Day5

    Home of the famous Texel sheep.

    Early start and a smooth ride to Den Helder with mostly tail winds.

    Ferry busy with walkers and cyclists - there is a whole deck for bicycles.
    Warm and dry.

    Texel sheep are very close until you try to take their photo when shyness kicks in.

  • Day165

    From Poland to Netherlands, I was picked up by my friend from Africa Lisanne. We lived together with Jacinta in Nanyuki and it was really great when she said I could come and stay at hers for a few days. Werkendem is located an hour south of Amsterdam so again I was treated to Dutch life outside of the main tourist hub. We spent the day at Kinderjilk ???, a UNESCO site where the first windmills were built in the 17th century. I never knew that the millers actually lived inside the windmills but we were able to walk through one in its original state which was very cool to see. A lot of the windmills have even been renovated and modernized for people to live in now! I enjoyed a delicious home cooked meal of chicken and loads of veges which was amazing and spent some time talking with Lisanne’s family, who speak very very little English. I had a day on my own in Werkendem which was really nice as I’ve been feeling exhausted from the constant movement, backpacking and touring. I know it’ll be different when I get to America as I’ll have Nick to share the share journey with but for now, I’m looking forward to finishing this leg of my travels. There’s still a couple of weeks to go and I’m excited to see friends in Belgium and London so plenty to do and I know I’ll be looked after by everyone I’m meeting!Read more

  • Day38

    Casa Batllo is one of three unusual buildings along Passaig del Gracia, together with Casa Amatller and Casa Lleo-Morera which makes up the Block of Discord. The house was originally built for a middle class family and in 1904 Gaudi was commissioned by the owners to refurbish the building. Casa Batllo reflects Gaudi's playful side and the strange and fantastic style he is known for.

    Gaudi replaced the original facade with a work in glass and stone. The facade was made to curve and bend like a wave, this was then plastered and covered in a mosaic of colored glass and ceramic fragments. The top of the building appears to look like the back of a dragon with a spine and scales.

    The interior of the house is just as remarkable. There is a staircase banister which looks like the spine of an animal; a room which is decorated to look like it is under water; glazed tiles; a wooden elevator and a huge central skylight. In all the structure is 5000 sq m

    The outside view with before and after
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  • Day38

    The Cathedral of the Holy Cross is the church of Barcelona's Archbishop. It sits on an elevated piece of land in the Berri Gothic district. The sìte where the church sits now was also the location of a Roman temple, a mosque and later a 1st century church destroyed by the Moors. Constuction of the present church began in 1298 under King Jaume II. War and plagues slowed construction and the main building was only completed in 1460. Work continued with the gothic facade being completed in 1889. The architecture has touches of gothic, medieval and renaissance.

    The church is 93m long, 40m wide and 28m high in the central nave. Within the Cathedral there is one nave and behind the alter there are 15th century stained glass windows, the adjoining church cloister dates back to the 14th century. I have several pics for you to enjoy including the pipe organ, (one of my fav things) the magnificent ceilings and the 15th century stained glass
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  • Day1

    We finally made it.. some hours later than originally planned we arrived at our hotel for this night.. Park Inn by Radisson Amsterdam Schiphol 😎

    Some hours of sleep and tomorrow it's time for adventure 🇨🇦😍

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Kingdom of the Netherlands, Niederlande, Netherlands, Nederland, Nɛdɛland, ኔዘርላንድ, Países Baixos, Niðerland, هولندا, ܗܘܠܢܕܐ, Países Baxos, Hollandiya, Нідэрланды, Холандия, Peyiba, হল্যাণ্ড, ཧའོ་ལན།, Izelvroioù, Holandija, Països Baixos, Nizozemsko, Yr Iseldiroedd, Holland, ནེ་དར་ལེནཌསི, Nedalands nutome, Ολλανδία, Nederlando, Holanda, Madalmaad, Herbehereak, هلند, Nederlannda, Alankomaat, Niðurlond, Pays-Bas, Payis-Bâs, Nederlân, An Ísiltír, નેધરલેન્ડ, Holan, Nizozemska, הולנד, नीदरलैण्ड, Nižozemska, Hollandia, Նիդերլանդեր, Nederlandia, Belanda, Olanda, Niðurlönd, Paesi Bassi, オランダ王国, ნიდერლანდი, Uholanzi, Голландия, Hollandi, ហូល្លង់, ನೆದರ್‌ಲ್ಯಾಂಡ್ಸ್, 네덜란드, Nederläng, ھۆڵەندا, Holandi, Olandɛ, ເນເທີແລນ, Nyderlandai, Nīderlande, Холандија, നെതര്‍ലന്‍ഡ്സ്, नेदरलँड, နယ်သာလန်, Niterand, Tlanitlalpan, Nedderlannen, नेदरल्यान्ड्स, Pays Bas, Païses Basses, Gollandii, ନେଦରଲ୍ୟାଣ୍ଡ, Paises Bahes, Hulanda, Holandia, Pais Bass, هالېنډ, Uray Llaqta Suyu, Pajais Bass, Ubuholandi, Țările de Jos, Нидерланды, Paisi Vasci, Vuolleeatnamat, Holände, නෙදර්ලන්තය, Holandsko, Vendet e Ulëta, Hôlanê, Nederländerna, நெதர்லாந்து, నేదర్లాండ్స్, Нидерланд, เนเธอร์แลนด์, Hōlani, Ol Nitelan, Hollanda, گوللاندىيە, Нідерланди, نیدر لینڈز, Hà Lan, Olland, Nedän, Bas Payis, Nederlandes, ENetherlands, Orílẹ́ède Nedalandi, 荷兰, i-Netherlands

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