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Curious what backpackers do in the Netherlands? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day77

    Viewers discretion advised.
    Though not nearly as bad as yesterday hahah.

    Gooooood sleep hahahah
    We both had showers and are now doing washing. Unfortunately we are wasting half the day with it. Our washing was an hour and now we are waiting another hour for the dryer -.- I thought it would have been more industrial strength and been quicker like the one at the laundromat :( we will have to do Anne Franks house tomorrow but we will still definitely doing 'body works'
    We ate our soup for brunch and had to get help with the dryer. At first I thought we were retarded but it was the machine not us - 😏

    We took our clothes out early - they were steaming hot, literally. We had to fan each item for a long while. They came out wetter than they went in once the steam turned back to water.
    We have layed them out every where over our section of the room.
    We bought our body works ticket at reception then FINALLY were on our way.
    Our ticket read it's best to visit after 4pm - so it turned out it didn't matter that we wasted half the day doing washing. Woot. We decided to eat first - well Will did. He eats so much more than me. Lol
    His burger was expensive as all hell. He hadn't told me the actual price yet. He said 31€, I lost my shit and now he suddenly can't remember.
    I think to make me less cross he let me look at shirts in a shop we walked ages to find.
    I can't decide if I want a jumper or a shirt.
    And which shirt? There are 3 I love.
    Also cannibus socks as a novelty.
    I also need to buy a hat - but not an Amsterdam one - That seems excessive haha I'll wait for the next city so it says something different.
    We walked in the 30 degree weather to the palace.
    Turns out we had already walked past it serval time but didn't realize because its dirty building that looks like a crappy Gringotts bank.

    Went to body world.
    It was a 6 level exhibition starting from the top.

    body world - the happy project - is an museum that uses real corpses that have been donated, to demonstrate how things affect the body and what happiness can do for your body. It uses layman terms to show a healthy and unhealthy body and how it works.
    The aim is for more happy, healthy bodies.

    The top floor started with the brain and is the organ that freaks me out the most. We understand so little about it and it looks like cat food. How can my whole person be contained in that little pile of rubber mush.
    Hearts freak me out too. It alone decides if we are considered dead or alive.

    Of all 6 levels one of the first displays I found to be the most confronting.
    It was a mans head completely cut in half.
    I wasn't confronted by the gore but because I can see his identity. Someone could recognize him. I can see him as the person he was.
    He was the only exhibit where I thought I was intruding on him.
    The other fleshy muscular ones were less personal but still really cool! We are so intricately designed.
    The blood vessels were great too.
    The museum has displays where you could participate so I rode on a bike where it talked about chemical endorphins when you exercise, a swing set, we took our blood pressure and a digital reader studies our faces to determine our emotions. - both have good blood pressure.
    The reproductive section was interesting too. It had a big sign reminding guests that the models pre consented to their intimate positioning.
    The fetus developments were really sad. I think you can abort up into you are 20 weeks pregnant. The size the baby was at that stage was so clear; It's a person by then.
    What staggered me is when you are presented with facts about how many sperms in a mans ejaculation and the frequency of other things yada yada.
    The chance of my specific sperm and egg to be the ones that meet are just so so so damn small it's amazing and blows my brains off.
    One small insignificant change and I wouldn't be here.
    At the end there were tips from people over 100 on how to have a good life and cards that you got from a small side room with a suggestion on adding happiness to your life such as take a different route to work or cook a recipe you have never tried before. It was great.
    We then went and bought a brownie each and ate it by the canal. We got swooped by this phyco albatross bird thing. It also kept attacking it's reflection on an expensive car haha.
    We then spontaneously went to the prostitution museum which was surprisingly good to the point I'd recommend it.
    Inside was how it was when it was a working place wth all the girls private rooms and sections. It also had up honest facts people have about prostitutes such as how many men a night/week. How much does it cost, can you say No etc etc which was interesting.
    It also had the laws explain in basic terms which was easy to understand.
    The rent of the room is very expensive and they work very hard in the red light districts to ensure people are there by choice and not by force.
    They have interviews and checks to monitor this as best they can.
    It also highlighted the dangers of prostitution and had a memorial for the murdered girls.
    It had a section of items left behind -SOMEONE LEFT THEIR DENTURES HAHAHAH

    All round - an engaging museum.
    We then went to eat Chinese for dinner - we both were thinking our brownies must have been very weak but then after we both had a few spring rolls, it came into effect.
    The oyster sauce on the chicken cashew was so gross.
    I enjoyed the fried rice only because I was craving it snd not because it was very good :( the service was so quick it was almost too quick for comfort.
    Like, are you sure that was enough time to cook my food?
    We were both a little tied so we headed home - an uneventful journey - we have spent the last few hours happily lying down in bed a bit buzzed. I've written in my book journal and done my fb photo upload.
    Our dorm mates just came home - poo.
    I feel I am going to sleep so well.
    Keen for tomorrow! So many more things to do but we are smashing through them pretty well!!
    Again, sorry mum. Hahahahah ❤️😘

    I still can't decide if I want an Amsterdam shirt or jumper.
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  • Day78

    We are quite honestly considering not answering the phone to the Pickering's anymore.
    Helen called this morning to tell us Grandad has had a stroke.
    We are the only grandchildren to be told until they know more facts. Jess obviously doesn't need the stress and Alecia is due in 3 weeks.
    From what we have been told though - he is conscious, just very confused.
    We will know more soon.
    We are both very anxious to hear news but are hopeful because at this point; he is alive 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
    We went to the cafe across form our hostel hotel and had a decent meal.
    Because it was around midday we had burgers - it not only came with chips BUT ALSO WITH SALAD 😍😍😍I miss vitamins.
    The daily William poo meant we went back into the hostel for about an hour before he decided "it's just not ready" and we finally left.
    We bought Van Gogh museum tickets at reception because Anne Frank apparently has a big line and it's best to book online. It I just wanted to leave the damn hostel already so that has been postponed again lol.
    We had to pick a time to go to the museum- 4pm was the earliest time available.
    We went to central. I really wanted to use the train tickets we bought yesterday but never scanned but the honest citizens that we are - we just bought new one. Barriers were again open today -.-
    We would save 12€ a day if we just didn't buy them. I'm sure a lot of people probably don't lol.
    We walked and walked and walked and are now siting in a park - it's 3:20pm it's beautiful here. I really like Willow trees.

    We went over early and walked past the I AMSTERDAM sign and through their main museum - have to leave something uncompleted for next time haha.

    They let us in early and we went straight to the gift show. You could tell the intended market was for 50+ lol I do think they have missed a real money making opportunity by not selling ears. it could be a cute little stress ball?
    It had 4 floors all up I think.
    I was actually surprised by how many of his paintings I actually liked and would put in my house. Fame doesn't always mean talent.
    I liked his bold colours and strong lines.
    The main famous ones we saw were his self portrait, the potato eaters, the bedroom, and he blossom tree one - find real name. But obviously many more were also recognizable.
    It had a lot of details about the man himself and time lines relating to his life.
    I got in trouble for taking photos but there was no signs and I didn't have flash on so no dramas.
    I liked his drawings too. I don't know, I just really liked the artworks.
    The places downfall was the amount of people and layout. I feel there was an unnecessary amount of space between artworks.
    Wills input " it wasn't the best but I'm glad we saw it"
    We got Will some food and now we are back in the park doing nothing.
    We had a snooze and then walked back.
    Will had a quick out loud worry about money.
    I think we are doing ok, we just need to not eat so much. Specifically, William needs to cut down 5 meals to 3. Lol
    It will be so good once we get back to the balkans.
    But as I said from the beginning, I'd rather come home early because we ran out of money than not see or do anything but stay here the full year.

    I was scouted potential magnet/shirt shops. Tomorrow Will is meeting up with his friend, Tom. When we part ways I'm thinking that's when I'll go get my souvenirs so I'm not pressured to rush the decision lol.

    Will had another poo saga so we waited at reception because he would prefer to poo there rather than our room because the toilet echoes. He is still waiting for the one from this morning to come... honestly he is ridiculous.

    We played a game of Jenga and Will one by one tile. If I had gotten it out successfully it would have been a perfect game. - meaning the game cannot continue without failure. It reached its end potential.

    We went out and had Italian nearish to the hotel.
    It was cheap.
    Walked home and played another game of Jenga. I won this time :)
    We watched a Eddie Griffin comedy show on the computer and are just relaxing. 👍🏼

    Sleeeeeep 😍😍
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  • Day79

    9:45 wake up 😒
    I cleaned the room a little cause our stuff had started to spread.
    We went to central station - we bought new tickets again and again, the gates were all open -.-
    I was staring to have hunger pains so we went to a cafe for brunch. I had a club sandwich and it was truly horrendous. Worst I have even had. No sauce, dead egg... well dead everything really 😒
    At least we got a decent sized juice today.
    Getting quickly over the 200ml Coke bottles and no tap water 😞😞😞😞😞 all I wanted was water this morning but nooooo tap water is an impossible task...
    We then went to meet up with Wills tafe friend, Tom to watch State of Origin in a pub.
    The atmosphere was awesome! It was full to bursting with Aussies haha.
    It also was selling VB and XXXX Gold.
    The game was good. At half time I went out and bought, 2 magnets, a shirt and socks and still came in well under budget.
    I bought a men's shirt because the cut on the woman's was so stupid. As the sizes went up only the head and shoulders got bigger.
    Nobody has such broad shoulders with such a flat stomach.
    A "Netherlands" magnet simply does not exist. You can only get Holland.
    I'm annoyed.
    After I got back the game got crap and we ended up losing :( hopefully we win game 3 and get the series. Im not hopeful though lol.
    We then went walking to Anne Franks house - the line was outrageous. We forgot to book tickets - we left and hopefully we remember to pre book for another day.
    We didn't want to wait 3 hours just to get into a cramped room.

    We both needed to pee - Will used a public urinal next to a canal - they are so bizarre and then we went to a cafe for me to use the toilet there. Will got a cappuccino just so I could.

    We then asked for directions on where to buy stamps - bought them and FINALLY posted the postcards to baba Penka and Nana.

    We walked home, caught train and are now lying down in our room.
    I was sweating so much my armpits were saturated haha.

    Eventually Will went out to meet up with Tom for a pub crawl.
    And least he can reuse the train ticket because it's the same day 👊🏽

    So strange thing happened..
    I decided to go get something from the vending machine.
    When I came back up I couldn't get in the door. At first i thought I got the room wrong but no, after checking each detail and scenario 10 times I accepted the fact I was locked out 😒

    I went back down to reception and told them my story and said the key didn't work then told them my room number.
    Reception dude was pretty confused by the situation because my key wasn't for my room.
    Hence why is wasn't working......
    He then made it my room and the problem was solved.

    The only explanation I can think of is that I was using a cleaners key they left in the light switch thing and then they got muddled.

    It was odd and greatly annoying though. Going to reception is actually quite the journey. We are at the very end of a tremendously long corridor on the fifth floor.

    I looked up Anne frank tickets.... yeah it's not gonna happen lol.
    All booked out and only other option is waiting in a 2hour line Will is unwilling to do.

    We bought inappropriate postcards for Ashley and Tom Carnell today. We have leftover stamps too. Woot.

    Forgot to add earlier.. I had this conversation today at the supermarket
    Me: " hi, do you sell stamps for like letters and postcards?"
    Worker: " yes... for a cat? *points at cat food*

    .... 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

    I have watched Snow White the cartoon and Ben Hur tonight.

    No news of grandad. I had anxiety coming back to the hostel today because without wifi we are blissful ignorant.
    I was scared of the message that might be waiting for us.
    There was nothing.
    No news is good news for now.
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  • Day80

    We got woken up to the roaring building alarm telling everyone to evacuate the building.
    *grumble grumble*
    After the fire in London recently I was anxious to get out straight away but classic William DORDLED out of bed and into the toilet while the whole building is screaming NEE NOR NEE NOR.
    I stood by the door stuck between 2 impulses. One to run and one to wait for my idiot.
    Our room mates had long gone by now.
    He finally finished his 30 second wee and I went into the corridor which was packed.
    Story goes it was a false alarm but still, could not believe his lack of urgency. Especially after last week. I have no desire to die in a building fire.

    I snoozed for another 20 before starting to pack.
    I think I need a new toothbrush. My teeth still feel furry after brushing.
    Will has a very sad tummy :( has done for days. it's really awkward listening in to such private business but the toilet echoes 🤣
    We checked out with 3 keys - either our room mates left one of theres behind or my theory about be cleaner from last night is spot on.
    We went to central, Wills tummy needed food so we stopped in at the first thing we saw - Burger King because Will was getting pretty desperate for pain relief.
    He slowly nibbled on a cheese burger and I tried their big mac version, King Mac lol.
    Doesn't even come close.
    We then walked the terribly long 1.7km journey to our house boat.
    Ok so it's not that far but with my big bags, 100m is too far lol.
    We found the boat relatively easily.
    Our front door is so tiny!!! Because it leads to the bottom of the boat. Watching Will get in was quite funny.
    I went first, then the bags then him.
    It only came up to my hips so he had to practically fold in half hahah
    The inside is awesome though!!! Love it! We have aircon and a tv so we are set for our planned lazy day.👍🏼
    Nap time ✌🏼

    Woke up to the sound of rain 😍
    A massive storm soon came though. I loved it! I sat on a fluffy mat and looked out the little circle window. If Amsterdam floods the best place to be is on a boat 💪🏻
    It went for ages and the lightning from outside lit up our little space.
    So cozy :)

    In our welcome booklet thing it says there is a mini fridge and all drinks are free... we can't seem to find it though 🤔🤔

    We have no intentions of going out into the storm so we have decided to try using deliveroo.

    We have order pasta and pizza. I've put in the instructions to not enter the boat and I'll go upstairs when the app tells me they are on their way. 👍🏼
    We are watching the soccer at the moment.
    Cameroon Vs Australia. It took me a good solid 15 minutes to realize it wasn't in English.

    Our food was eh really hahah we are having such bad luck.
    At least it didn't break the bank.

    We went out to the supermarket. On the way I pet a cat 😍😍😍😍😍 beautiful baby rubbed up against my leg.
    I liked the walk to the supermarket. It was more suburban and you got to see where people who live in Amsterdam actually live.
    They have this big beautiful weed growing everywhere up their houses. It's actually quite a large flower.
    We bought bread and filling to make sandwiches to have for lunch tomorrow. We might go see some windmills. You shouldn't go to Holland and not see a windmill.

    Walked back. I've had a bowl of coco oops and we are watching the Telly.
    The room temperature is just right 👌🏻
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  • Day81

    Thus far this has been a wasteful and yet wonderful day. It's 6pm and we haven't left the boat yet.

    Woke up around noon. Went to organised a bowl of cereal for some coco pops for us both but when I took the bowl off the rack it's unbalanced the cutlery which then fell off, slid down the curvature of the boat and I got stabbed in the foot. Lucky it was butter knife or it would have pierced me for sure. This version of events just hurt a lot!
    No cut so happy with that.
    The coco pops were so good. Didn't realize how much i like coco pops until be had then at the hostel in Bruges.
    I had a mid afternoon nap which took me all the way through until 5pm hahaha.
    I think Will was on his phone the whole time.
    Before my nap we tried to make sandwiches but the bread was some multigrain vegan free rubbish. Will finished his first sandwich but couldn't finish mine for me. He touched the meat and was horrified by its texture because it was raw. We had a heated discussion over how I had just poisoned him 😂😂😂😂 then I googled the name on the wrapper - it's meant to be raw- which was my assumption - and apparently it's traditionally ox meat. Not sure if our batch was though.
    The second sandwich was put in the bin.

    Now after my nap, I'm writing this while sitting on the deck of the boat waiting for our Indian deliveroo person.
    Yesterday just went so well we thought we would do it again.

    The Indian was good. We got some share deal which ended up working out well.
    I'm trying to organize Denmark and Norway it's so stressful because I'm waiting for people to reply. We have finalized meeting dates with both danish groups and Randi has offer accommodation in Norway woohoo!
    Julie is also trying to get us free ferry tickets to get from the top of Denmark to Norway but and while that is great I still don't yet know what ports I also need to get to and from.

    Found out Laura is in Amsterdam lol so we are going to meet her tomorrow before getting on the train.
    It's going to be a massive Ukutula reunion week lol.
    I feel like we haven't properly done Holland having not seen a windmill lol. Except the boring white ones we saw which we also have so it's not as exciting.
    On our final night we celebrated with a final joint hehe sorry mum.
    I don't want to pack. Our stuff is everywhere lol
    Should shower... won't have opportunity for 2 days but i really cbf right now lol
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  • Day82

    Did not want to pack.
    Was so toasty In my bed.
    Will showered first so I got an extra 10 minutes until it was my turn.
    We have run out of soap again. At least we finished it this time rather than lost it
    Packed. I should put my sleeping bag 'away away' into my bag but naaaa so it's hanging off the side still and people will just have to deal with getting knocked with it all day haha.
    We walked to the McDonalds at central to meet Laura. Our little reunion started at 11:30 and we split around 3.
    It was so good to see her
    Background info: I met Laura at Ukutula in South Africa. She is In her 30's from Ireland, so naturally likes a drink.
    We had such a tight cuddle.

    I've just realized I never got a photo of me wearing big clogs. They have a few random sets in the street for people to stand in.

    We went to the terrible place that sold me my club sandwich because f walking around the city with our bags.
    I got the tomato soup this time and it was so good. Adding cheese to it takes it up a notch.
    We chatted about everything and anything really. The streets were really loud so sometimes it was hard to hear her but I had a great time and it was a great way to kill 3 hours. She said we can stay with her in Ireland too 💪🏻woo!

    We then just went straight to the station and thought we would be productive and find out what platform we needed to be at even though we were 1.5 hours early.
    The lady told us 11b but also said that our tickets must be printed out and sent us to the service desk section. They have a free printing book that prints your ticket when you enter your reservation number - FREE - how strange and wonderful 🤔
    We then went and sat on the platform. I then went down and bought Will a small sandwich.
    30 mins til our first train comes. This is going to be quite the journey. 😓
    3 hours on, half hour off, 2 hours on, 2 hours off 7 hours on and then a 5 hour wait for our Bnb to be ready. Fml.
    I'm pleased to report we did see some windmills. 🕺🏿💃🏻
    I feel more accomplished now. And we did see the front of Anne Franks house... when we visit castles we don't go inside and still consider that as being 'done' ...
    I'll give myself a half point. I still saw the house. It counts for something; though, I'm sure it looks very different now with all the renovations.
    We didn't know if we had assigned seats or not so we sat where we felt like it. No one has said anything.
    The 5 windmills were cute. 2 loner ones and a group of 3 later on :)
    The country side is nice.
    I would like to do the Netherlands again, but in a car.
    There is a lot of beauty here.
    I checked my maps every 30 seconds waiting to cross the border into Germany.
    MADE IT 🇩🇪!!
    I went to the loo and we shouldn't be worried about being In the wrong seat - this man was on the floor sculling beers 🤙🏿
    If he gets approved, we will.
    The toilets smell like piss.
    At one stop we had a 10 minute delay. I thought I was so smart and hopped of the train for 5 seconds so that i could say I had properly set foot in Germany.
    I went back and bragged to a Will and he laughed at me for being a retard.
    He reminded me we were getting out at Hamburg.....
    shut up will.
    Made it to our changeover.
    There was an American dad on the platform in the most stereotypical 45-60 year old man clothing.
    He had the full get-up.
    It started with the brown shoes with pull up socks.
    3/4 jeans held up by a belt with a striped pattern polo.
    Every father owns this outfit. Trevor Dowse included.
    It was splendid 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
    Our train was 15 mins late and I was so cold.
    I was doing my leg shake thing and the man next to me asked if I could stop wiggling hahahah

    It took so much concentration not to do it.
    We are on the train now.
    2 hours to go until Hamburg 👍🏼
    I saw a wild deer and I'm pretty excited about it. It was leaping 😍
    We are really hungry so we bought a baguette from the shop.
    There is a dog on the train. 😍😍😍😍

    Got off at Hamburg. We managed to find the only McDonald on earth without free wifi -.- I wanted to upload my Snapchat story. It's a good one today lol.

    At McDonald's the best thing happened and had brought light to my life......

    A random Asian decent man, 20's walked up to 2 ladies and pointed at their food and then walked off... he walked past another guy eating and said something to him and began pointing at his food too. I don't know what was said but if I could guess it was something like
    " are you going to eat that"
    "Can I have it?"

    Repeat several times..

    The man just stood there for a solid 2 minutes just pointing at the food in silence. He then started the back and forth response thing again.


    The guys face was the most taken aback, confronted and confused I have ever seen.

    He was like what the crap just happened.

    Just before, you could sense the asians end game so I set up my camera and got a photo of him mid- pinching it. Hahahahaha it was honestly so funny.
    The guy sat their for a few minutes in shock.

    We think it's possible the Asian might have a mental disability. He just seemed odd and so were his actions lol.

    Will tried a German McDonald's burger. He is more adventurous that me and tries a different one each country.
    The view of the station from Maccas was pretty nice- lots of neon signs glowing in the dark.
    We went to our platform early to be safe and then got on the train when it turned up.
    We have designated seats this time. We got a 4 seater to ourself so we are pretty happy.
    Not happy about being in a sitting position but we will push through.
    Wills patience has been extra good today. No complaints or huffing and puffing haha.
    My phone died which was going to cause us real problems when trying to find our Bnb but the lady across from us plugged hers in on the ceiling. Silly me didn't look there. Crisis averted ✌🏼
    Some annoying humans on our train are already asleep. WE HAVE BEEN ON FOR ALL OF 20 MINUTES.
    I hate the Trevor Dowse sleepers of the world. Of all skills to pass down genetically, that would have been a good one.
    I'm currently listening to Harry Potter through my headphone so fingers crossed I get some sleep if only a little bit.
    I need enough to get me through a 3km walk and until check in at 12.
    I'm excited for Denmark. What a random place to go. 🇩🇰
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  • Day25

    24 Tage unterwegs. Durch die Nadelwälder Brandenburgs. An der Elbe entlang. Zur Saale. Über die Berge des Harzes. An der Weser entlang sowie das Weserbergland. Durch den Teutoburger Wald. An der Ems entlang. Durch die Fahrradstadt Münster und das Münsterland. Gegenwind, Regen, Dauersonnenschein und schlechten Wegen getrotzt. Viele Städte gesehen und Landschaften bewundert. Bis hierher und noch weiter muss es gehen. Ich bin noch lange nicht am Ziel. Morgen ist die letzte Etappe Richtung West. Nach Arnheim. Dann gehts nach Süden.Read more

  • Day3

    Kata kijött értem a reptérre, aztán egyenesen haza. Ejtőzöm kicsit a teraszon, aztán irany a napközibe a gyerekekért! :-)
    Hazafelé pedig útba ejtünk egy közérzet hogy legyenek finomságok reggelire.
    Aztán kezdődik a készülődés....
    Közben Iriszhez fodrász érkezik szépül a kiscsaj, persze eddig is az volt! 😘

  • Day3

    Nagyon izgatottak voltunk már mindketten hogy este végre láthatjuk a Celine-t, a dívát aki annyit jelentett számunkra kamaszkorunkban.
    A stadion kb 1 órára volt Hilversumtol. Hollandokra jellemzően minden korrektül meg volt szervezve. Parkoló a város szélén, ahonnan buszokkal vittek be minket a stadionhoz.
    Már a buszon pattant a buli, a sofőr híres slágereket játszott, és közben diszkó fényekkel fokozta a hangulatot. Nincs mese a hollandok tényleg tudnak bulizni.
    A koncertnek helyet adó stadion óriási, 34e főt képes befogadni. Amerre csak láttál ülőhelyek, melyek zsufolasig tele izgatott rajongókkal.
    Az előzenekar egy amerikai énekesnő volt aki olyan híres előadók számait játszott, mint Adele, Shakhira, Whitney Houston. Isteni hangja volt. A közönség meg imádta.
    Végül kb 45 perc késéssel de megérkezett Celine is a szinpadra, és kezdetét vette a két órás megashow.
    Mert az volt. Nem csak a fenomenális hangja van, de a humora is a helyén van. Kiderült hogy szeret beszélni, és néha figyelmeztetni kell magát hogy koncerten van, és énekelnie is kell.
    Kb 20 szám volt, közöttük egy francia amit kb csak mi ketten üvöltöttünk végig Katával a mi szektorubkban ( a többiek úgy látszik helyiek voltak).
    A másik nagy kedvenc az Its all comming back to me volt!!! Ajjjjj most is libabőrös vagyok tőle!!!
    A végén több olyan, már elhunyt előadó számát játszotta, mint Michael Jakson, Whitney Houston vagy Freddie Mercury, amit elsőre nem értettem mikor annyir szép száma van...
    Búcsúzóul pedig a Titanic betét dalát hallhattuk amit alapvetően nem szeretek, de itt, a sötétben felvillanó sok-sok telefonkijelzők varázslatos hangulaltot hozott a jellegzetes kűrtszó mellett.
    Felejthetetlen este volt, köszönjük.
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  • Day4

    Reggel ébredés után hirtelen jött ötlet eredményeképp csatlakoztam Katahoz aki épp flow joga órára sietett. Sajnos nem ő tartotta, de így is magyon élveztem hogy volt egy kis mozgás. :-)
    És végre láthattam a stúdiót! :-)

You might also know this place by the following names:

Kingdom of the Netherlands, Niederlande, Netherlands, Nederland, Nɛdɛland, ኔዘርላንድ, Países Baixos, Niðerland, هولندا, ܗܘܠܢܕܐ, Países Baxos, Hollandiya, Нідэрланды, Холандия, Peyiba, হল্যাণ্ড, ཧའོ་ལན།, Izelvroioù, Holandija, Països Baixos, Nizozemsko, Yr Iseldiroedd, Holland, ནེ་དར་ལེནཌསི, Nedalands nutome, Ολλανδία, Nederlando, Holanda, Madalmaad, Herbehereak, هلند, Nederlannda, Alankomaat, Niðurlond, Pays-Bas, Payis-Bâs, Nederlân, An Ísiltír, નેધરલેન્ડ, Holan, Nizozemska, הולנד, नीदरलैण्ड, Nižozemska, Hollandia, Նիդերլանդեր, Nederlandia, Belanda, Olanda, Niðurlönd, Paesi Bassi, オランダ王国, ნიდერლანდი, Uholanzi, Голландия, Hollandi, ហូល្លង់, ನೆದರ್‌ಲ್ಯಾಂಡ್ಸ್, 네덜란드, Nederläng, ھۆڵەندا, Holandi, Olandɛ, ເນເທີແລນ, Nyderlandai, Nīderlande, Холандија, നെതര്‍ലന്‍ഡ്സ്, नेदरलँड, နယ်သာလန်, Niterand, Tlanitlalpan, Nedderlannen, नेदरल्यान्ड्स, Pays Bas, Païses Basses, Gollandii, ନେଦରଲ୍ୟାଣ୍ଡ, Paises Bahes, Hulanda, Holandia, Pais Bass, هالېنډ, Uray Llaqta Suyu, Pajais Bass, Ubuholandi, Țările de Jos, Нидерланды, Paisi Vasci, Vuolleeatnamat, Holände, නෙදර්ලන්තය, Holandsko, Vendet e Ulëta, Hôlanê, Nederländerna, நெதர்லாந்து, నేదర్లాండ్స్, Нидерланд, เนเธอร์แลนด์, Hōlani, Ol Nitelan, Hollanda, گوللاندىيە, Нідерланди, نیدر لینڈز, Hà Lan, Olland, Nedän, Bas Payis, Nederlandes, ENetherlands, Orílẹ́ède Nedalandi, 荷兰, i-Netherlands

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