New Caledonia
New Caledonia

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  • Day38

    Ausflug nach Phare Amédée

    February 2 in New Caledonia

    Bootsausflug auf die kleine Insel Phare Amédée ca. 25 km vor der Küste von Noumea. Mega Wetter, super Strand und ne tolle Aussicht nachdem wir ca. 200 Stufen hochgestiegen sind. Beim anschließenden Schorcheln dann noch ne Schildkröte gesehen - einfach traumhaft.

  • Day35

    Bootsausflug zur kleinen Haus-Insel

    January 30 in New Caledonia

    Nach einem Tag eher durchwachsenen Wetter mit Regen und Wind knallt die Sonne wieder. Somit haben wir nen kleinen Ausflug mit dem eigenen Boot gemacht. Ca. 20 Min. Fahrt auf die 3 km entfernte, einsame Insel. Dort relaxed, gegessen und gespielt...einfach traumhaft.
    Bisschen Action gab es mit dem Surfbrett, welches hinter das Boot gespannt wurde und jeder ne Runde Surfen, Knien oder drauf Liegen konnte.Read more

  • Day47

    Ausflug zur Insel Redika

    February 11 in New Caledonia

    Heute war das Wetter besser und wir sind in gut 50 Minuten die 27 km zur Insel Redika gefahren. Wirklich sehr schön dort. Beim Schnorcheln sind und Schildkröten und ein Hai begegnet. Beim Rundgang um die Insel haben wir dann ca. 15 kleine Haie gesehen, die genau am Strand ihr Bahnen gezogen haben. Sehr cool. Die Krönung waren jedoch die Delfine auf der Rückfahrt.

  • Day49

    Tour über die Insel

    February 13 in New Caledonia

    Zuerst ging es zum südlichsten Punkt, dann über die Brücke mit atemberaubendem Blick und kurzem Badestopp weiter in den Norden. Sagenhafte Strände, türkisfarbendes Wasser und dann im Norden ein riesiges Loch in dem Schildkröten leben und die Einheimischen ihres Spaß haben.

  • Day48

    Vorbereitung auf die nächste Bootstour

    February 12 in New Caledonia

    Zur Vorbereitung auf die anstehende Tour nach Phare Amedee gab's nen Eis als kleine Stärkung. Dann haben unterwegs nen Stopp zum Schnorcheln auf offener See eingelegt. Traumhafter Blick zurück auf Mont Dore und Noumea. Unter Wasser gab's auch wieder ne Menge Korallen und Fische inkl. Hai zu sehen.

  • Day4

    Poé to Ile des Pins

    April 30 in New Caledonia

    Left the Sheraton at Poé and headed south, towards Magenta Airport, for our flight to Ile des Pins. We had a few slight see spots along the way, but at lunch, we stopped near Tontouna, the International airport, at a wonderful family restaurant. Our maitre d’hotel was a wonderfully engaging young lady, and her madman was the cook. Madman was from Bordeaux, so everything was cooked Nouvelle Caledonie, but in the French style. We started with a curried shellfish pate, on baguettes, followed by abalone in garlic butter. I had a local fish, grilled in a garlic sauce (not to my taste, but it was ok). Paul had seafood au gratinoise...looked fab! The best bit though was the home grown mango juice with fresh passionfruit, picked off the vine growing beside our table! Yum!

    We arrived at the airport, and dropped off the rental car(“just park it anywhere”), and checked in for our Air Caledonie flight. It was a 60 person plane, and pick any seat.... Flight time was only 25 mins, so very nice. The Isle of Pines from the air is divine...surrounded by reef, and crystal clear bright blue water...

    We were collected at the airport, and arrived at the dodgiest lodging...haha, can’t win em all...We are here for two nights, and then move to a beautiful (and suitably expensive) resort, where we will spend 36 hours chilling...

    We did a 5km hike around our area, found a gorgeous beach, and got some gorgeous sunset pics...

    We walked through a woodland between two beaches where the most amazing trees grew.

    We found a very nice restaurant for dinner...I had seafood ravioli in a divine creamy sauce. Paul had stuffed chicken in a cream sauce which was equally lovely.

    We had a little hike back to our lodging, and finally slept like rocks...
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  • Day2


    April 28 in New Caledonia

    A bit of a trek on treacherous roads (wild dogs, chickens, rats, kids, and sundowning Kanaks) and we have finally arrived on Cote Est at our resort village. A lovely room. Settling down to a bevvy (see pic!), and about to have dinner. The Pacific Ocean is lapping outside our window. Just here for a night, then heading to the Cote Oest to the Sheraton.

    Not impressed with QANTAS tonight. Our plane was late by an hour, as they loaded 9 clients on wheelchairs. The only reason I say that, is the scrubber gate clerk told us a dozen times, and (I feel) beached their privacy by saying, "and they all gave their own wheelchairs and they take so long to load!" Anyway, my main gripe, is that our bags were left on the tarmac. In the rain. My bag on top. Everything is wet! My leather hiking shoes are soaking. Not impressed. A letter to follow!

    I have a couple of pics from the plane congrats in to Noumea. The evening view from outside our room. I have some gorgeous sunset pics, will post from camera, later!
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  • Day3

    Koulnoue to Poé

    April 29 in New Caledonia

    I'd like to say we slept well, but reason, just a bit fitful. However, sleep we did, cos at 7am the resort wake up ass clocked on. Yes, it is not every holiday resort offers this service, but here is a picture of hours. He (let's call him Jack) was about 20 metres from our room, not that we saw him last night, but we sure heard him, bang on 7am...

    So, now we were awake, we decided it was time for a dip. We first jumped in the resort pool, but it was quite col so we walked the extra 5 metres to the beach. It is coarse grey sand, volcanic looking with pumice, coral and stones. The water was warmer and very nice. The beach is really steep, and drops off suddenly. I did see something long swimming underneath me, so I decided to hop out and get ready to move on!

    We drove a little north, into the town of Hienghené itself...being Sunday, there was not a thing open, but we did see lots of locals in colourful dresses heading off to church. The is something very abundant in this country - churches and schools. Hienghené has outcrops arising from the water like volcanic plugs. Reminiscent of those at Phi Phi Island in Thailand.

    From there, we headed back across the mountain range, the spine of the country.... Around 1pm, we found a petrol station that was finally open, and we were hungry. It was an awesome stop, as they had freshly baked crunchy husband-beater baguettes, and ham and cheese. Just what we wanted, so we found a picnic table, at the Province Nord Hotel de Ville - the local seat of government. Glorious! Armed with fresh juice, we were energized.

    The weather came in though, as you could see, and the temperature dropped markedly. We headed slowly to our resort, stopping here and there. Stopped at the Baie de Tortes - Turtle Bay. It also had a strong surf, and deep rock pools at the waters edge that folks were swimming at. There were two local women on watch, again in their colorful dresses, who were on watch - life guards. The beach did have big warning signs - understandably , but ignored.

    We then went to a point that overlooked the beach. Very pretty. Tired, cold and a little weary, we headed for our digs for the night - the Sheraton Resort Deva, at Poé. Huge, and we have an amazing room, with a bigger than king size bed. Haha.

    Waiting for our golf buggy to come collect us for dinner now. It’s cocktail time!
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Nouvelle-Calédonie, Nouvelle-Caledonie, Neukaledonien, New Caledonia, Nieu-Kaledonië, Kaledonia Foforo, ኒው ካሌዶኒያ, كاليدونيا الجديدة, Yeni Kaledoniya, Новая Каледонія, Нова Каледония, Kaledoni Koura, নিউ ক্যালেডোনিয়া, Kaledonia Nevez, Nova Kaledonija, Nova Caledònia, Nová Kaledonie, Caledonia Newydd, Ny Caledonien, New Kaledonia nutome, Νέα Καληδονία, Nov-Kaledonio, Nueva Caledonia, Uus-Kaledoonia, Kaledonia Berria, کالدونیای جدید, Nuwel Kaledonii, Uusi-Kaledonia, Ný-Kaledonia, An Nua-Chaladóin, Nova Caledonia, ન્યુ સેલેડોનિયા, Kaledoniya Sabuwa, קלדוניה החדשה, न्यू कैलेडोनिया, Új-Kaledónia, Nove Caledonia, Kaledonia Baru, Nýja-Kaledónía, Nuova Caledonia, ニューカレドニア, ახალი კალედონია, Nyukaledonia, Nutaaq Caledonia, ನ್ಯೂ ಕ್ಯಾಲಿಡೋನಿಯಾ, 뉴칼레도니아, Kaledonya mupya, Kaledoni ya sika, ນິວຄາລິໂຄເນຍ, Naujoji Kaledonija, Kaledoni wa mumu, Jaunkaledonija, Нова Каледонија, പുതിയ കാലിഡോണിയ, न्यू कॅलेडोनिया, နယူး ကယ်လီဒိုနီးယား, Ny-Caledonia, नयाँ कालेडोनिया, Nieuw-Caledonië, ନୂତନ କାଲେଡୋନିଆ, Nowa Kaledonia, Nova Caledônia, Niyukaledoniya, Noua Caledonie, Новая Каледония, Ođđa-Kaledonia, Finî Kaledonïi, නව කැලිඩෝනියාව, Nová Kaledónia, Nya Kaledonien, நியூ கேலிடோனியா, క్రొత్త కాలెడోనియా, นิวแคลิโดเนีย, Niu Kaletōnia, Yeni Kaledonya, Нова Каледонія, نیو کلیڈونیا, Orílẹ́ède Kaledonia Titun, 新喀里多尼亚, i-New Caledonia

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