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New Caledonia

New Caledonia

Curious what backpackers do in New Caledonia? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.

Most traveled places in New Caledonia:

  • Day105

    Today was our first day in port! We stopped at New Caledonia, a French Colony. Mom and I had picked some excursions prior to departure, so we woke up early to go to a beach resort for lunch and a hang out. Apparently, James Cook discovered this island and named it Isle of Pines without ever actually visiting the land. And it's pretty evident why the name stuck, there are pine trees popping up through the vegetation everywhere, it's quite distinct! To get to the island we took a smaller boat from the cruise ship, a tender boat, which took about 15 minutes to get ashore. From shore we took a bus for about 30 minutes to the resort. The resort was lovely! I could see myself staying there for an extended period. It was expensive though... About $20 for a drink! Ridiculous. So of course I didn't drink aside from the free beer than came with lunch. We tried to go snorkeling while there but because it was low tide it was hard to get out deep enough so we decided to pass. Instead we sat by the pool, swam, and had a good time just relaxing. Mom even went for a massage! She says it was great. I didn't feel the desire and spent some time writing instead. We had lunch there, did some more swimming, and then went back to the ship.

    I went back to my usual afternoon spot, the Crown and Kettle Tavern, where I'm becoming quite familiar with the staff. There's one bartender in particular remembers how I like my Bloody Mary's and makes them perfectly every time. Today he gave me a little heart in my straw wrapper ;) They really do go out of their way here to make sure that you're having a good time! I go to this spot with the intention of getting my blog posts done for the day but didn't have much success this time around. People kept coming by and asking what I was doing, being social and all of that jazz when I just wanted to do my writing in peace. But, I will take the compliments when they ask if I'm a professional photographer ;) Obviously I'm not, but I guess some of my photos have turned out all right! Even on the crappy camera that comes with the S3.

    After trying to write, Mom and I decided to go and catch a show at 7 pm, the Circus Firemen they called themselves. Basically two brothers dressed as firemen preforming circus acts. They were quite funny! The comedy was almost better than the circus act to be honest. But, in any case it was well worth the time :) We had dinner afterwards and I went out for a drink following dinner but called it an early night and was in bed by 11.
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  • Day106

    Today was another day in port, and was so fantastic. We did some snorkeling and it was definitely the best that I've ever done. This port was right at the land so we hopped on a bus to our meeting spot, only about 5 minutes. And then hopped onto a boat to go out to a Marine reserve. We snorkeled from the back of the boat for about an hour and just had a blast. The water was so clear, so blue, and so warm that an hour flew by. We saw turtles, reef sharks, and octopus! Not to mention hundreds of fish including rainbow coloured ones and some that looked similar to sharks. There were also sea snakes and sea slugs, pretty cool! I was itching for more than snorkeling so I dove down to the bottom a few times to look around, probably about 8 or 9 metres? I really want to get back out scuba diving!! I absolutely love being under the water. Anyway, I can't say enough about how great this excursion was. Sharks and turtles and octopus and snakes and giant rainbow fish?! Fantastic.

    After our snorkeling adventure we returned to the ship for some lunch and then I went back to the room to clean up my stuff and properly unpack all of my clothing. And take a glorious nap. I was tired!! I went back to my pub and visited with my bar tender friends for a while as well as a few others I've met previously throughout the cruise. There are so many people who talk to me that I don't recall meeting but obviously I have... I'm just so bad with names and faces! I kind of wish I didn't look so approachable sometimes because sometimes I just want my peace and quiet haha.

    Mom and I went to catch the 7 pm show again which was some guy who was "praised" by Queen as being a great artist. We were thoroughly unimpressed though and left early to go get dinner instead. We asked for a private table this time around because we were both sick of the small talk. I swear I've told the same stories about 10 times already... And will probably have to do it each night for the remainder of the cruise. Lovely. I think I'm going to start making up wild stories and see what happens haha. We've decided that we need the boys to join us for dinner one night to make things entertaining.

    On our walk back from dinner we ran into the boys and stopped to chat for a while. Eventually I walked Mom home and then returned to have another drink with them. We watched Karaoke again for a while and saw the same people from the previous night returning to the stage. There's this one fellow named Mark who really loves to sing ;) He's not half bad either! From the Karaoke bar we went to the Ice Rink which had been turned into a stage for a country themed music night.... Needless to say we didn't participate in the dancing but observed from the bar area. When that finally wound down we went up to Dizzy's to end the evening. We ran into our other young friends, and had a blast just chatting. The bartenders there are also great and remember us as well, I love it :) When we finally called it a night and I got to bed it was about 3 am... Oops.
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  • Day5

    Second visit here, no better than the first. Next time we find ourselves in Noumea I think we have to take an excursion and go to the beaches maybe snorkelling. That said...we arrived late so those who'd booked snorkelling had it cancelled.

    Other part of the challenge, arriving 3.30pm everything shuts at 4pm. Hmmm...not even sure why cruises stop here...

    For all that we enjoyed a short walk in the park with new friends Jim & Lydia...Read more

  • Day14

    Ufem Weg vo Kone nach Hienghiene
    Mir sind a villne chline Ständli mit Frücht/Blueme z verchaufe verbii cho und am "Kaledonische" Maggiatal 😅

    On our way from Kone to Hienghiène we saw a lot of beautifull little farm "shops".

  • Day5

    Am erste Morge in Neu Kaledonie hemmer vo de Brigitte no en Zmorge "becho" und sind denn mit ihre in Carrefour go poste dasmer denn au selber chönd choche :). S'esse da isch priislich sogar no türer als i de Schwiz aber es hett halt au en lange weg hinder sich bises da isch...
    I de nechste paar Täg simmer immer wider id Stadt, an Strand und vill umegloffe. Jez froiener ois uf de VW Bus wommer morn derfed entgegenäh 😊 mir vermissed s Umenandfahre (au wenn autostöpple und ÖV da ganz spannend sind 😉 - Taxis sind vill z tür da... Sogar oisi Host verlangt ca 45chf für 2x 20min fahre..)


    After our breakfast we went to carrefour tho buy food for ourselves. The food here is even more expensive than in Switzerland, but then again it comes a long way.
    The next few days here we often went to the city (Noumea), to the beaches and walked a lot. Now we're looking forward to get the VW- camper tomorrow 😊 - we miss the road!
    (even if hitchhiking and public bus driving is very interesting here 😉 - taxis are too expensive!)
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  • Day9

    Am Morge am 5i simmer los richtig Hafe und hend nachere 3- stündige schiffsfahrt d Insle vo de Pinie erreicht.
    Fasch echli kitschig gsehts uus a dene wunderschöne, flache, fiine Sandstränd! Und s Schnorchle isch natürli au spannend gsii :) (au wenn die Koralle da au chli mitgnoh sind...)
    Zum abschluss vo demm schöne Tag simmer denn na so schön verrägnet worde 😅 aber das isch ja halb so schlimm bi dene Temperature ☀ 🏝 😊


    We started our day at 5am, went to the Ferry who took us to Il des pins. After our 3hour boatride, we arrived at this wonderful place.
    All these beautiful flat and bright beaches with some palms 😍 snorkelling was great as well (even if the corals here are a bit damaged as well)
    It's truly a paradise!
    To finish the day, we got a natural rain-shower before boarding the ferry 😅
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  • Day1

    Am Samstig 29. Oktober 2016 am 15:00 hemmer Australie nach 4 Mönet wieder verlah 😮. Und eus schomal chli us französisch probiert izstelle. Sind denn aber schnell überforderet gsi wo plötzlich all französisch gredet hend z Neukaledonie 😅
    D'brigitte oisi Air BnB Host het ois am Flughafe abgholt, ois s Zimmer zeigt, chli mit ois gredet und denn sind mir scho gli mal is Bett.

    Our flight from melbourne took off at 15:00 und we arrived in Noumea roughly 3h later.
    Our air BnB host Brigitte came to the airport to pick us up :). After we arrived she showed us our room and we had a chat before we went to bed.
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  • Day6

    Mir hend hüt Morge oise VW T5 entgäge gnoh - s lüchtende Airbag Zeiche im Cockpit isch ois scho sehr bekannt vor cho 😅

    Denn simmer is Centre Culturel Tjibaou, was sehr spannend gsii isch.

    Nachher simmer richtig Süde gfahre, bis mer zunnere unteerete Strass cho sind und wider kehrt händ... D Suechi nacheme Camping het sich leider als nideso eifach erwiese. (wie erstuhnlich ^^)

    Schlussendli hemmer bimene grosse Platz nebet de Strass Parkiert und welle schlafe. Wil d Sandra es Grüsch ghört het und denn bizli fest Panik gschobe het, das irgendöpper um s Auto schliicht, het de Jan müesse as Stür chrüüche und losfahre 😅
    De Jan isch biz en arme gsii jaa... 😅


    This morning we got our rental car. A Volkswagen camlpervan. We then drove to the Tjibaou Cultural Center north, where we learnd about the nativ "Kanaks".

    We got some supplies in a supermarket along the way and them drove south to find a campspot. All we found was an unsealed road, so we had to turn around. It was already dark when we found a little gravel patch whrer we parked and made our camp for the night.

    About 2 hours later when i (jan) was already asleep, Sandra panicked because she heard something or someone sneaking around our car. So i jumped up and we drove of in the dark. Then after another 40 minutes we found an actual campground and parked outside of it (because it was obviously already closed).
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Nouvelle-Calédonie, Nouvelle-Caledonie, Neukaledonien, New Caledonia, Nieu-Kaledonië, Kaledonia Foforo, ኒው ካሌዶኒያ, كاليدونيا الجديدة, Yeni Kaledoniya, Новая Каледонія, Нова Каледония, Kaledoni Koura, নিউ ক্যালেডোনিয়া, Kaledonia Nevez, Nova Kaledonija, Nova Caledònia, Nová Kaledonie, Caledonia Newydd, Ny Caledonien, New Kaledonia nutome, Νέα Καληδονία, Nov-Kaledonio, Nueva Caledonia, Uus-Kaledoonia, Kaledonia Berria, کالدونیای جدید, Nuwel Kaledonii, Uusi-Kaledonia, Ný-Kaledonia, An Nua-Chaladóin, Nova Caledonia, ન્યુ સેલેડોનિયા, Kaledoniya Sabuwa, קלדוניה החדשה, न्यू कैलेडोनिया, Új-Kaledónia, Nove Caledonia, Kaledonia Baru, Nýja-Kaledónía, Nuova Caledonia, ニューカレドニア, ახალი კალედონია, Nyukaledonia, Nutaaq Caledonia, ನ್ಯೂ ಕ್ಯಾಲಿಡೋನಿಯಾ, 뉴칼레도니아, Kaledonya mupya, Kaledoni ya sika, ນິວຄາລິໂຄເນຍ, Naujoji Kaledonija, Kaledoni wa mumu, Jaunkaledonija, Нова Каледонија, പുതിയ കാലിഡോണിയ, न्यू कॅलेडोनिया, နယူး ကယ်လီဒိုနီးယား, Ny-Caledonia, नयाँ कालेडोनिया, Nieuw-Caledonië, ନୂତନ କାଲେଡୋନିଆ, Nowa Kaledonia, Nova Caledônia, Niyukaledoniya, Noua Caledonie, Новая Каледония, Ođđa-Kaledonia, Finî Kaledonïi, නව කැලිඩෝනියාව, Nová Kaledónia, Nya Kaledonien, நியூ கேலிடோனியா, క్రొత్త కాలెడోనియా, นิวแคลิโดเนีย, Niu Kaletōnia, Yeni Kaledonya, Нова Каледонія, نیو کلیڈونیا, Orílẹ́ède Kaledonia Titun, 新喀里多尼亚, i-New Caledonia

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