New Zealand

New Zealand

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  • Day70

    Today it was it was awesome...🤣 I flew with a helicopter (the first time in my life) to the glacier of franz josef and there I had a walk. And it was so sad...we have to say goodbye to Kerrin and Marie Ange...they leave us tomorrow morning with the stray bus...we have to stay longer because the bus is full...😯

  • Day69

    It was a nice day...first we were at the pounamu pancake rocks...after this we had a break in greymouth with nice shops...and then we were in hokitika for a short, today we saw few towns...and in the evening we arrived in franz josef and it was cocktailtime in the bar with live music...

  • Day18

    Today was a day we needed to get up a little earlier, because we needed to drive a longer way than what was average till now.
    The distance between our hotel in Invercargill and Dunedin wasn't a big issue, but we wanted to stop along the way at several waterfalls and viewpoints.

    Before we were arriving at our first point, we were distracted by a little sign, telling us to go to an easy to reach viewpoint nearby our starting point... OK, check...
    We walked a little bit on the beach, and ran into some Sea Lions... (from a distance they looked like big rocks, as they were lying still, sleeping...) so I nearly stumbled upon them when I didn't pay attention as we were closing in on them. Man, they're huge! :-O

    So this took some time, but then it was time to leave them be and go on..
    Starting at our first point, Slope Point, this began nicely... Road Closed, only after we had to drive for about 30km over unsealed gravel roads... Nice!
    Slope Point, is the furthest south you can get on the South Island. We managed to get 1.6km
    away from the point, when we ran into the road closure...
    Knowing that we also had to walk another 20min from the point, to the very coast where the sign was planted, we decided not to park the car and walk on but to go onto our next planned destination (not knowing why the road was closed, and what we would find on our way...).

    So, going on to Curio Bay, we found out there was another road closure... One we weren't very happy with, as this one would let us take a detour of 60+ km...(!) and we were only off our destination by 2km... So... since it was Sunday, we took the gamble, moved the pilon, and drove on...
    We found that they were cleaning the road sides with big machines, and there probably was some kind of danger that trees from higher up the slope were coming down, but no one was working right now, so we proceeded with caution, came at the other end, again moved around some pilons, and there we were, at Curio Bay ;-)

    Now at Curio Bay there is a petrified forest. A forest that was covered with ashes from volcanoe eruptions in the Jurassic age, some 170-190 million years ago, was petrified (like what happened at Pompeii) and then hidden by the sea and other landmass over the years...
    Now, only quite recently, the bashing of the tide of the sea on this now coastal area, uncovered this fossilised forest and it is now both being investigated, as open to the public as long as you don't take fossils away from the area.

    From here we went on to our next stop, McLean Falls. A nice staircased waterfall, ideal for photographers (with tripods) ;-) Lucky me I had Rineke, who could carry the tripod for me...

    After the McLean Falls we had lunch at..........
    The Niagara Falls Café, and we also visited the actual Niagara Falls here in NZ.
    After all, it is our honeymoon... so this place is a must-do for us.

    Final stop after Niagara was Purakaunui Falls.
    After this short walk, and some photos we finished our tour along the South coast with a 2 hour stretch to Dunedin. Here we checked out the Railway Station and went to our overnight resting place.

    We had dinner at the Dunedin Brewery... this was actually a very good place to eat. The NZ lamb was great. You can't go to NZ and not eating lamb...
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  • Day7

    The day did not start well. The fire alarm in the hotel sounded and the building was evacuated. I was dressed but not packed. I had to leave the room and we was not allowed entry for nearly an hour. This put me behind schedule, the clock was ticking for my flight to Auckland. The hotel is based next to the train station, I managed to get a train almost straight away (they run every 15 minutes). I got to the airport still in a rush. I managed to make up time at checkin and security - extremely efficient

    Off I go to Auckland

    Checked in to my apartment, really good view of the harbour from the balcony. Just going to plan what to do tomorrow
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  • Day8

    Done a lot of sightseeing today. Started off by going to Bastion point and mission bay, one of the many fabulous beaches within the city

    I then went onto the Auckland Museum, I know what you are going to say - boring, but actually there was some excellent exhibitions (permanent and temporary) including the Maori culture, volcanoes just to name a couple. The highlight of the visit was the cultural performance which went through the culture of the Maori using songs (Waiata) and dance. The performance come to a conclusion with the Hakka

    I went round a district called Parnell which as a village vibe with loads of shops and boutiques. With my reputation as a dedicated follower of fashion, I obviously loved it. Seriously it was good, with some nice bars and restaurants. I had a couple of stubby’s

    I then finished the day by going to the top of mount Eden and then back into the city to go to the sky tower, on the viewing deck it is over 1000 feet. If you don’t like heights then it is not for you
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  • Day9

    Today I went to davenport, a small village just 15 minutes outside central Auckland on the Ferry

    Davenport Is a great little village on the seaside with loads of shopping and trails. The village was home to one of the coastline defences and as lots of old armoury and lookout points

    I enjoyed some very nice fish and chips, can’t beat it at the seaside

  • Day11

    Early start to get the Northern Explorer Train. It was extremely comfortable and the views were amazing. The first day I haven’t done any walking

    The train journey was even longer than expected -12 hours. Leaves on the lines, no a tree had fallen on the lines and had to be removed

    The journey was fantastic with loads of mountains, volcanoes, countryside and of course sheep

    Probably the beach tomorrow depending on the weatherRead more

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