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New Zealand

Curious what backpackers do in New Zealand? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Darn it. I caught a cold...😷 I'm sure it's those Germans we were following the other day that I kept telling myself that he should watch where he sneezes and touching everything. Oh well, It's part of the trip now; I have my Kleenex and drugs to keep the runny nose down to a minimum. I'm also lucky that it's happening while we are in town and not on one of the treks. Hope it's gone in a couple of days.

    So we are in Wellington and doing a couple of the tourist things.

    We go to the Wellington Botanic Garden, on the way there we see kids practice playing cricket. We quickly visit the park and then the cable car museum.

    At 11am we take a tour of the Beehive which is home to the NZ executive branch of government where the prime minister and ministers have their offices. We also visit the legislative section where the House of Commons sits. There is no Senate in NZ since 1951. NZ is also the first country to allow women to vote in 1893.

    After the visit we head to Lambton Quay for some shopping where we find some nice looking shoes :)

    We finish the day visiting Weta Workshop which is the design studio that helped make many films such as: Lord of the Rings, Mad Max, District 9, Chapie, King Kong and others
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  • Only a 35min ferry ride from Auckland is the secluded Waiheke Island that basically has a bunch of vineyards and wineries and beaches.

    We rented peddle bikes and cycled about 15km. On the way we tasted wine at the Goldies Estate and had a late lunch at Cable Bay Vineyard. For lunch we enjoyed a "Mezze Platter" with cured meat, cheese, hummus, olives and pita bread and don't forget the bottle of 2014 Cable Bay Pinot noir.

    Another highlight on our final day in NZ.

    Looking back on the past 31 days, NZ really treated us well and we enjoyed our time here. This country has such a rich abundance of natural beauty for outdoors lovers like us to enjoy. Traveling here is absolutely a must do for anyone who loves nature.

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  • Today we flew from Wellington to Queenstown. We are surrounded by mountains and crystal blue water that I would never have thought to be in this type of landscape.

    We get up early, return the car and get to the airport. While checking in and getting to the gate I start looking for the security check. To my surprise there is no security screening done for domestic flights. Nice.

    Once arrived in Queenstown we get our gear to the lodge and head out for adventure as tomorrow will possibly be a rainy day. Ben books us a Skyline adventure which includes a Gondola trip up the mountain, 5 luge rides and a lunch.

    The views at the top of the mountain are magnificent. We get our helmets on a do the 5 luge rides. Now that I am a crazy NZ driver I do great on these courses. Lots of fun :)

    After a great lunch we head back down and go do some shopping for food as we will be out of town in nature for 7 days.

    We are told to expect rain on the tramp. Let's just hope that we get a couple of non rainy days.
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  • A last day to relax before our 2 bigger treks. We head into the woods for the next week.

    To start the day, we head over to the Department of Conservation as we've been told that they sometimes have semi used gas canisters that we could re-use. They did not have any today. When we explain that we are doing both treks the Milford and the Routeburn back to back, both girls look at us with big eyes. They tell us to expect to be wet the whole time. We told them that we are ready and have the necessary gear. We will be fine... I hope...

    We then go to walk around Queenstown Gardens. We have a somewhat nice view as the sky is very cloudy but at least it's not raining as what was originally forecasted :)

    We have lunch and then go buy our last food items. We then head back to the lodge, split and sort everything to pack our bags. I hope I did not forget anything.

    We leave very early tomorrow morning to catch a shuttle and boat that will take us to the trail head. We might not have any access to internet for some time.
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  • I never thought I would see the day that Isabel would walk a dog.

    Now that I see thats she's willing to walk a dog I think we should get a big dog that she can take out running.

    Isabel pretended she's 3 years old and joined the the playground kids on a hamster wheel, this was hilarious as she almost lost her top when the wheel turned quicker than anticipated.


  • Lessons learned
    1) don't drink beer if you don't drink beer
    2) don't play beer pong if you don't drink beer
    3) don't then switch to passion fruit and vodka kiwi pong
    4) don't have a partner that makes you drink even if its her turn to drink

    Me and Esteé had fun getting ready, she curled my hair. Then made braai broodjies and went down the street to join the boys and the rest of the crowd. It was all very tamed till we started a beer pong tournament and the competitiveness took over. Great to celebrate this tradition with the Kiwi's. But they clearly have a much higher tolerance for booze than the average Jo.

    Let's just say It was fun till it wasn't fun anymore...

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  • Spur of the moment awesome day in Aukland, we planned to take the ferry to Waiheke island for the day and miss the 11:10am ferry due to traffic. Instead of waiting at Devonport ferry terminal till 13:10pm for the next one we took the ferry to Aukland CBD.

    We walked along the waterfront and enjoyed the atmosphere of the city as we passed several restaurants and bars.

    We decided to get something to drink at the Conservatory which turned into lunch and more drinks.

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  • The only NZ city we really spend time in. Nice city on the water with beautiful surroundings. The vibe in the city is not quite the hustle and bustle you get in other big city's around the world, very laid back as you would expect from the kiwis.

    I really like it here, but the traffic will drive me insane!


  • De Morge hemmer demit verbracht Rotorua z erkunde und de Märt z bsueche. Wiiter isches gange zumene Maori Dorf, mir hend annere Kulturelle Tour teilgnoh und sind denn i oisi schöni Unterkunft am See.
    Det het de Jan glernt Wäbe, s Haka uuffüere (Chriegstanz) und Aal fische - was d Sandra au gmacht het 😂.
    Da mir gfunde hend mer welled nid z vill fange, hets de Jan de Sandra überlah würklich eine z fange ;)
    (de Zweiti, !riesigi! Aal wo d Sandra gfange het, hemmer leider nid so liecht in Chübel ie braacht und somit het er chönne flüchte... Buää)

    D Aal, wie au Fleisch und Gmües wird denn im Hangi (Steiofe im Bode) kochet und verspiese.

    D Sandra het zudem na derfe lerne wie mer frittierts Brot macht (ähnlich wie Berliner) yammii!!


    We spent the morning in Rotorua, went to the markets and sent a package back home😃.

    We then drove to a Maori village where we were part of a traditional welcoming ceremony.
    For the rest of the day we had a couple of activities to choose.
    I weaved a bracelet out flex(native plant) for Sandra.
    While she was learning how to make fried bread.
    And i also learned how to do a Haka 😎😋.

    Then dinner came out of the ground (where it was steaming in for 3h) and was served. We had pork, chicken, veggies, eel, salad and couple other things. IT WAS AMAZING! Plus we were allowed to eat with our hands😂.

    The last activity for the day was eeling. Were we went down to the lake in the dark and caught some eels.
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You might also know this place by the following names:

New Zealand, Neuseeland, Seulandia Barô, Nieu-Seeland, Ziland Foforo, ኒው ዚላንድ, Nueva Zelanda, Nīwe Sǣland, نيوزيلاندا, ܢܝܘ ܙܝܠܢܕ, নিউজিলেণ্ড, Yeni Zelandiya, Яңы Зеландия, Neiseeland, Новая Зеландыя, Нова Зеландия, न्यूजीलैंड, Niusilan, Zelandi Koura, নিউজিল্যাণ্ড, ནིའུ་ཛི་ལན྄ཌ།, নিউজিল্যান্ড, Zeland-Nevez, Novi Zeland, Шэнэ Зеланд, Nova Zelanda, Sĭng-să̤-làng, Керла Зеланди, نیوزیلاند, Nova Zilanda, Yañı Zelandiya, Nový Zéland, Nowô Zelandzkô, Çĕнĕ Зеланди, Seland Newydd, Ny Zeeland, Zelandaya Newiye, 10.1073/pnas.0801507105, Nowoseelandska, ނިއުޒިލޭންޑު, ནིའུ་ཛི་ལེནཌ, New Zealand nutome, Νέα Ζηλανδία, Nov-Zelando, Uus Meremaa, Zeelanda Berria, زیلاند جدید, Nuwel Selannda, Uusi-Seelanti, Nýsæland, Nouvelle-Zélande, Novèla-Zèlande, Nei-Sialun, Nij-Seelân, An Nua-Shéalainn, Eni Zelandiya, Sealainn Nuadh, Nova Celandia, न्यूझीलंड, 𐌽𐌹𐌿𐌾𐌹𐍃 𐍃𐌰𐌹𐍅𐌰𐌻𐌰𐌽𐌳, ન્યુઝીલેન્ડ, Yn Teelynn Noa, Nuzilan, Néu Sî-làn, ניו זילנד, न्यूज़ीलैंड, Nouvèl Zelann, Új-Zéland, Նոր Զելանդիա, Nove Zelanda, Selandia Baru, Nov-Zeland, Baro a Selanda, Nova-Zelando, Nýja-Sjáland, Nuova Zelanda, ニュージーランド, zis. poi cnino, Selandia Anyar, ახალი ზელანდია, Jana Zelandiya, Ziland Tamaynut, ЩIэ Зилэнд, Nyuzilandi, Жаңа Зеландия, Nutaaq Zeeland, នូវែលហ្សេឡង់, ನ್ಯೂಜಿಲೆಂಡ್, 뉴질랜드, Джангы Зеландия, Выль Зеландия, Mordir Nowydh, Жаңы Зеландия, Nova Zelandia, Mueva Zelanda, Neiséiland, ЦӀийи Зеландия, Niyuziirandi, Nui-Zieland, Neuva Selanda, Növa Zelanda, Zelandɛ ya sika, ປະເທດນູແວນເຊລັງ, Naujoji Zelandija, Zelanda wa mumu, Jaunzēlande, 紐西蘭, Aotearoa, Нов Зеланд, ന്യൂസിലാന്‍റ്, Шинэ Зеланд, У Зеланди, နယူးဇီလန်, نیوزلند, Niu Djiran, Yancuīc Zetlālpan, Sin Jia̍t-lân-jia, Nòva Zëlanna, Niegseeland, न्युजिल्याण्ड, न्यु जिल्यान्द, Nieuw-Zeeland, Novi Selande, Nouvelle Zélande, Nòva Zelanda, ନ୍ୟୁଜିଲାଣ୍ଡ, Ног Зеланди, ਨਿਊਜ਼ੀਲੈਂਡ, Novèle-Zilinde, Nyuu Ziilan, Nowa Zelandia, Neuva Zelanda, نیوزی لینڈ, نیوزیلنډ, Nova Zelândia, Musuq Silanda, Nuvelizelandi, Noua Zeelandă, Новая Зеландия, Новый Зеланд, Nuveli Zelande, न्यूजिलैण्ड्, Саҥа Зеландия, Noa Zelanda, Nova Zilanna, Ođđa-Selánda, Finî Zelânde, Naujuojė Zelandėjė, නවසීලන්තය, Nova Zelandija, Niu Sila, Neyuusilaand, Zelanda e Re, Нови Зеланд, Nya Zeeland, Nowo Zylandyjo, நியூசிலாந்து, న్యుజిలేండ్, Зеландияи Нав, นิวซีแลนด์, Täze Zelandiýa, Nuʻusila, Niu Silan, Yeni Zelanda, Яңа Зеландия, يېڭى زېلاندىيە, Нова Зеландія, نیوزی ینڈ, Yangi Zelandiya, Nova Zełanda, Uz Zelandii, Nieuw-Zêeland, Nula-Seleäns, Nouve Zelande, Bag-o nga Zelanda, Seland-Gu-Bees, 新西兰, Шинзелендин Орн, ניו זילאנד, Orílẹ́ède ṣilandi Titun, Saen Saelanz, Nieuw-Zeêland, i-New Zealand