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  • Day33

    Zurück in Leon. Im Hostel LazyBones haben wir uns für die nächsten 3 Nächte ein Zimmer reserviert. Leon ist die zweitgrößte Stadt in Nicaragua, trotzdem wirkt hier nicht alles so stressig, wie es häufig in großen Städten ist.

    Hier wird Maria Empfängnis richtig gefeiert, in ganz Nicaragua. Mit mega Feuerwerk, traditionellen Tänzen, Theater... und das alles vor und auf der größten Kathedrale von Zentralamerika.Read more

  • Day36

    Schwarzer Hügel, so schaut er auch aus der schwarze Vulkan inmitten einer grünen Landschaft.

    Wir waren heute Sandboarden. Ähnlich wie Bobfahren nur ohne Schnee☺
    Um 8 gings schon los mit dem Jeep zum Fuße des Cerro Negro. 45 Minuten Aufstieg, ausgerüstet mit Schutzbekleidung und dem Sandboard. Die Aussicht vom Kraterrand - ein Traum.
    Und dann rein in die Schutzkleidung und los gehts, sitzend auf dem Sandboard hinunter. Hatte anfangs richtig Angst, schaut verdammt steil aus. Aber die 25$ haben sich gelohnt, war wirklich lustig.Read more

  • Day86

    We had an early morning departure time of 6am. I got to see the Macaw birds in the trees at one of our coffee stops. We travelled to the boarder crossing into Nicaragua!! It took a little bit of time but we made it through. After another bus we made it to the boat terminal and had a few beers waiting for the boat. We travelled to Ometepe island which is two volcanos in the middle of a lake. We had a few drinks while we watched the sunset on the island. We met the family who were were staying with for the homestay, Walter and his wife, who made us a yummy chicken, rice and beans for dinner. It was quite awkward as they couldn't speak English and Reena and my Spanish was very limited. The room we slept in had a mosquito net over the bed and only cold showers but I had a great night sleep as my ears blocked out any noise as they were still infected.Read more

  • Day87

    Breakfast with the family was of scrambled eggs, rice, beans and grilled banana with good strong coffee. I then had a full body massage from one of the ladies in town. Was better than I thought! I'd signed up to the half day tour which went to the beach at the lake. Wasn't too great, we had lunch there and a beer on the beach. After we went to a nearby springs which looked like a big pool. I had a coco loco (rum in a fresh coconut) and we watched the howler monkeys screaming and jumping from tree to tree. It started raining but was no problem as we were already in the water. Dinner tonight was at the community centre with chicken, rice, beans with a guava juice.Read more

  • Day88

    Breakfast was with the family and we ate fried cheese similar to haloumi, rice and beans. We left early then to travel from Ometepe Island by boat then in a bus. One of the girls had a frog in her luggage which provided much entertainment on the boat! We stopped for some delicious coffee on the way which was a highlight for me. We arrived at Granada around lunch time and our place had a nice pool. It was a very hot
    lazy arvo for everyone. After we walked into town and had dinner at a Taco Tuesday place. They had $1 tacos and tequila. On the street we saw incredible local break dancing which was very impressive. We then all went to an Irish place for some dancing and more rum drinks.
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  • Day89

    We went to the chocolate museum for an all you can eat breakfast. Had yummy chocolate tea, omelette and crepes with chocolate sauce and cacao nibs.
    Louisa and I then checked out the Cathedral and did some photo shoots in the streets with the very colourful buildings. We checked out the lake where there were cows swimming them with kids riding them. It was very hot walking around town so we went back for a swim at the pool. We then joined in a tour to the handicraft markets which were not great, lots of mass produced items. We then headed to the Masa Volcano. It was a very odd waiting process to get up and then you were only allowed 15mins at the top and you could only see maybe a tiny glow of lava, very far away so the whole experience was very underwhelming. Back in Granada I had a chat with mum before meeting the other for Pizza for dinner.Read more

  • Day90

    We were up early and departed Granada in a bus. We stopped at Leon very quickly to get some food. After we travelled to Poneloya which was on the coast. We had to get a boat across then our bags were loaded on a horse and cart to travel 1.2km to the hostel. There was a big dorm for us all to sleep in with ocean views. We had a relaxed afternoon on the beach, swam in the warm water, started reading a new book called the Room and played a bit of volleyball. The sunset was incredible, the colours in the sky and water were so bright and beautiful!
    We then had dinner, followed by tequila shots at the bar which had swings for seats, there was a Bon fire and lots of moihitois. There was a turtle egg hatchery and some poachers came to sell turtle eggs to the hostel. They try to buy 4 bags of them per night. We all had fun dancing and playing ping pong.
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  • Day91

    I got up super early at 6am as I was leaving the group to go 'rogue' and leave the tour to do Volcano Boarding!! I had to get a boat then found my way to the Big Foot hostel in the next town on the coast. From there I got the shuttle into Leon, had breakfast before about 25 of us piled into a big open bus all wearing new shirts. We had a walk up the volcano that wasn't too hard and I carried my board up which was pretty light. Up the top we could see the smoke coming from the crater and stunning views with volcanos dotting the skyline. There were many groups up there and most looked to be going quite slowing and carefully down. I went down in what I thought was the medium speed but think it was actually fast! There were rocks flying everywhere but I kept it under control and came in with a speed of 55km/hr so very quick! There was a mix up on the scores and some other Aussie girl got noted down as the fast speed which was actually the fastest girl so she won a tshirt. Should have been me and she mentioned she went so slow but once I questioned her about it she said yeah think so...not a nice person in the end. But I prob didn't need another tshirt anyhow. I had lunch after with a lovely Canadian girl at the market in Leon. I tired a local dish which had been cooking in a pot all day of yucca, plantain, pork and tomatoes. Didn't taste great it was good to try it!
    I caught the shuttle back to the Big Foot hostel and walked along the beach to the surfing turtle resort. I had a swim in the warm water, watched the sunset and had some dinner. We all went to bed quite early for the early wake up the next day.
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  • Day263

    After almost 9 months of traveling down all the way from Mexico to Chile and Bolivia all by bus, car or boat I took my first flight to get back to Central America. I flew from Lima to Bogota where I had a 7 hour stopover over night to sleep on a bench in the airport. From here I first went to Costa Rica for another quick stopover before finally getting to my beloved Nicaragua.
    I had never been to the airport in Managua but I felt confident being here just knowing this is Nica. I ignored most of the taxi drivers offering me rides to wherever I wanted to go and just asked one where the bus to the market leaves from where I could catch a bus to Rivas. Obviously he first wanted to take me there but when I insisted on the bus he pointed across the street and a few minutes later I was sitting in one of the familiar old American school busses cruising through Managua.
    It felt so good to be back! I took the bus to Rivas where the people tried to fool me like usual saying there are no busses to San Juan that day. But I just laughed and told them it's not my first time here. So I made my way from Managua to San Juan in about 5 hours paying less than $3,-!
    Johannes picked me up in San Juan del Sur and I was back to paradise ☺
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  • Day35

    ...Und frieren in der lateinamerikanischen Mittagssonne. Wie das geht? Dank einer neuen Art von Wasserwanderung.

    Vor etwa 15 Jahren entdeckten 2 tschechische Wissenschaftler zufällig ein wildes und schönes Tal, durch welchen sich mit über 700 km der Río Coco seinen Weg bis an die Karibikküste kämpft.

    Gut, war heißt "entdeckten"? Die Bewohner Somoto's lebten hier schon seit Generationen und begründeten ihre Lebensgrundlage in diesem fruchtbaren Tal.
    Doch wären sie sicher nie darauf gekommen, dieses kleine Paradies in einer entlegenen Ecke des Landes so publik zu machen und Heerscharen von Ausländern mit Schwimmwesten und Wasserschuhen auszustatten und diese mal laufend, mal im Wasser treibend, mal von bis zu 20m hohen Felsen ins Wasser springend (keine Sorge,Omi, DAS habe ich nicht gemacht) die 8km hier zurücklegen zu lassen.

    Und genau das war unser Tagesziel für heute 🐳
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Republic of Nicaragua, Nikaragua, ኒካራጓ, 니카라과, ニカラグア, ନିକାରାଗୁଆ, นิการากัว, นิคารากัว, ນິຄາລາກົວ, នីការ៉ាហ្គ័រ, ประเทศนิการากัว, สาธารณรัฐนิการากัว, i-Nicaragua, Nekaraguwa, Nicanahuac, Nicaragoa, Ni-ca-ra-goa, Ni-ca-ra-goa (Nicaragua), Nicaragua, Nicarágua, Nicaraguadukɔ, Nicaragwa, Nicearagua, Nikalakua, Nikaraagua, Nikaraaguwa, Nikaragoà, Nikāraguvā, Nikaraguvän, Nikaraguwa, Nikaraguwaa, Nikaragva, Níkaragva, Nikaragvo, Nikaragwa, Nikaraqua, Orílẹ́ède NIkaragua, República de Nicaragua, نیکاراگوآ, نیکاراگوا, نکاراگووا, نیکاراگوئه, نکاراګوا, نيكاراجوا, نيكاراغوا, ניקאראגואה, ניקרגואה, Νικαράγουα, Никарагва, Никарагуа, Никараква, Нікарагуа, Нікараґуа, ནི་ཀ་ར་གུ་ཨ།, Նիկարագուա, ნიკარაგუა, निकारगुवा, निकारागुआ, निकारागुवा, निकाराग्वे, નિકારાગુઆ, నికరాగువా, ನಿಕಾರಾಗುವಾ, நிகாரகுவா, നിക്കാരഗ്വ, নিকারাগুয়া, নিকারাগোয়া, နီကာရာဂွာ, නිකරගුවාව, ニカラグア共和国, 尼加拉瓜

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